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Lorie Vos's Ocean of Hope Fundraising Page
Dedicated to the Sea of people fighting cancer
This year I will be dedicating my training and races to raise money through the Ocean of Hope (O2H) for the Sarcoma Alliance, a non-profit whose sole purpose is to empower and educate those who suffer from sarcoma, a rare form of cancer. With help from the money O2H members raise, cancer patients and their families are provided access to doctors and hospitals who specialize in treating sarcoma, as well as providing a means for cancer sufferers and survivors to connect with one another. The money you donate will fund second-opinion grants, one of the most crucial parts of saving a sarcoma cancer patient's life. I am proud to be a member of the Ocean of Hope campaign. Thank you so much for supporting myfundraising efforts! It means a lot to me and to every cancer patient who gets a second chance at life.

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Total Donations: $650.00
Goal: $1,000

$0 65% $1,000

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