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Brandi Baksic's Fundraising Page
Paddle for the Battle
Hello! Thanks for finding your way to this page. This means you, like me, have or do know someone who has fought the battle against cancer. For me, it was my mother, Gayle, who died from peritoneal cancer 3 years ago. While the internet can be a great resource of knowledge about the different types of cancers, there is still so much left unsaid. My mom,family and I were still left with thousands of questions that couldn't be answered by words on a screen. Ocean of Hope along with the Sarcoma Alliance aim to connect cancer patients with experts, options and answers. I have joined up with Ocean of Hope to help provide hope to current and future cancer patients. The reality is, You and I both may need our own doses of Hope in the future. I will be competing in several Outrigger and SUP races this year and will be donating 25% of my prize monies. Please join me in donating what you think is fitting, little or small, anything is better than nothing. It's super easy, and will make you feel warm and fuzzy!

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Total Donations: $400.00
Goal: $3,000

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