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Natalie's Drop in The Ocean of Hope
Paddling to Save Lives
I have been given the great opportunity in 2013 to come together with a group of dedicated and talented athletes in helping to make a difference. I am dedicating my training and racing in honor of The Ocean of Hope Campaign (O2H). O2H is an amazing organization in union with the Sarcoma Alliance, dedicated to the sea of people affected by Sarcoma Cancer. It is an international organization founded by sarcoma survivors to guide, educate and support everyone affected by sarcoma – patients, caregivers, families, and friends. I will be training for and competing in several races over the up and coming months throughout the summer season. With your support and generous donations, together we can help make a difference. Any amount, no matter how small is greatly appreciated. Your support will mean a lot to me, but more importantly, it will mean the world to those affected by this devastating disease. Every drop in the ocean counts, as does any donation for this cause. You can make a donation online with this secure and fast payment method below. Or you can contact me to make other arrangements if you choose. A donation receipt or tax ID can be provided as proof for tax deductions. For more information please visit www.sarcomaalliance.org.

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Total Donations: $195.00
Goal: $1,500

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