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Dedicated to the Sea of People Affected by Cancer
I'm back at it again paddling for a "cure". My goal is to help Ocean of Hope by raising money and awareness and to play a small part in helping those affected by cancer. I need your help and support- It is that time of year again! The Ocean of Hope campaign is on for the 13th year and I’d like to thank you all for your continued support of O2H and the Sarcoma Alliance! It has been an amazing road from when O2H started in 1999 with only one paddler… and a vision. Though this is my second year of dedication to this cause with Ocean of Hope, I have learned many things, but one of the most concerning is that even though this form of cancer is considered somewhat “rare”…it is not that “rare.” I have recently met and learned of many more cases of sarcoma cancers way too close to home…a few of which are directly linked to members of the Ocean of Hope. It is very scary. Every story reinforces our cause; that it is greatly needed…and that we are truly making a difference. This campaign is not about my paddling but about the people that rely on the services and support provided by your donations. Please support our mission of being “dedicated to the sea of people affected by cancer.” If you’d like more information about the Ocean of Hope campaign, the Sarcoma Alliance, or learn about any of the awesome paddlers, please view our website at www.sarcomaalliance.org. Thank you for your help & support!

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