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Raising awareness and hope.
This will be my fifth time racing in the Catalina Classic 32 mile open ocean paddleboard race on August 2013 and once again I am racing to increase awareness of the Sarcoma Alliance/Ocean of Hope. This picture I chose this year is not of the smiles at the finish. This was taken mid channel on the way over for last years race. The course, across the Catalina Channel of the Pacific Ocean, is challenging but nothing like what one experiences getting diagnosed with Sarcoma Cancer. Help me raise awareness by either making a tax deductible donation, volunteering at an event, or just spreading the word that there is a group, the Sarcoma Alliance, who exist for the sole purpose of helping someone on one of their darkest days. The SA/Ocean of Hope is about as grass roots as it gets with little to no overhead where virtually every dollar goes towards the mission. Thanks for your consideration and please contact me if you have any questions about SA or O2H. Thanks also to those who help every year as my race and training crew. Phil
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