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Dedicated to the Sea of People Affected by Cancer
Please support my goal to raise funds for Ocean of Hope/Sarcoma Alliance. I have decided to represent O2H/Sarcoma Alliance in the 2013 Catalina Classic 32 Mile Paddleboard Race. This year marks a special anniversary for me as it has been 25 years since I did my first, and only, prone paddling of the Catalina Classic. I do not know what the conditions will be for this year's crossing, nor do I know how I will place, but I do know it will be a big challenge no matter what conditions Mother Nature deals us. My challenge, however, is in no way near the challenge of those diagnosed with sarcoma. Just as each race has its unique conditions, so too is each person's diagnosis and battle with this devastating form of cancer. That said, there is hope. Just as we have seen innovation and advancements in paddleboarding in the last 25 years through improved paddle board design (mainly those by Joe Bark), better training techniques, and smarter sports nutrition so too have we witnessed innovations and advancements in the fight against Sarcoma. For example, in my 1988 crossing, I placed 2nd in stock 12' class, and 10th overall with a time of 7 hours and 28 minutes. Today, the Top 10 finishers will likely reach Manhattan Beach pier well under 6 and half hours. Compare that to the innovations in cancer treatment, where in the last 25 years we have seen and increase in the five-year survival rate from 10% to 70% in many cases. The research, treatment, and support for patients today far exceed where we were back in 1988, but we need to do more. When I lost my mother, Lucy, to a seven-month battle with pancreatic cancer in 1993, I became painfully aware of how devastating cancer can be. Then, just last year my fiancé, Christi, was diagnosed with Leiomyosarcoma, and I again experienced firsthand the ups and downs and fears and hopes of cancer. And while my mother was not as fortunate, Christi's prognosis has been positive as all her cancer has proven to be benign to date, it just shows how cancer can tug on your emotions. As I push off the shores of the Isthmus of Catalina this August on my 32 mile journey to Manhattan Beach, I am sure my emotions will be tugged on again, but I am relieved to know that cancer research, like paddling research, has come a long way in last 25 years. I also know that the challenge is not over and the need for more research, funding, and awareness is vital to finding a cure. Please join me in this journey. Thank you for your support!!!
Total Donations Collected:$2,310.00
Goal: $3,000
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