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Ocean of Hope 2012
Dedicated to the Sea of People Affected by Sarcoma
The Ocean of Hope campaign has focused on the Catalina Classic Paddleboard Marathon for the last 13 years. As we’ve grown, “The Classic” continues to be a major focus but it by no means is the sole event that O2H athletes are participating in. Ocean of Hope paddlers will race and represent the Sarcoma Alliance throughout the year in California, Hawaii, Australia… anywhere paddleboard races are happening. Over the last 12 years, O2H athletes have raised over half a $600,000 for the Sarcoma Alliance! This dedication honors those with this rare and deadly form of cancer and assists them to find the guidance, education, and support that they need. Every year the Ocean of Hope paddlers travel across the sea while navigating waves, wind, and unknown treachery; determined to succeed. Similarly, sarcoma patients navigate the unpredictable seas of diagnosis, treatments, and uncertainty. Helping patients to navigate this disease and reach their goals is the mission of the Ocean of Hope and we cannot do it without your support.Your tax-deductible (EIN# 68-0443045) donation will help maintain our services to those battling sarcoma. It is a battle. The services of the Sarcoma Alliance are free of charge and rely heavily on your generous contribution. Please join the Sarcoma Alliance on August 26, 2012 in celebrating the 13th annual Ocean of Hope campaign (O2H) as part of The Classic. This is a day dedicated to “the sea of people affected by cancer” and is filled with optimism and hope. It's a day where sarcoma patients, friends, families and their caregivers meet, share stories, and bond with supporters like you. It's a day when you know that "You are Not Alone."

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Goal: $50,000

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