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Team OBA - Outward Bound Adventures
"The Outdoors is our Classroom"
We are running for our youth! The urban youth that need our programs, that is!

Join TEAM OBA's fundraising effort as we train and run a Half-Marathon with the youth in our programs in the 2010 Long Beach Marathon & Half-Marathon on October 17th!

At Outward Bound Adventures we know that the most important lessons - like purpose, compassion and stewardship - are not always learned in the classroom. That's why we use the great outdoors to teach urban youth something about themselves - show them their untapped potential, while at the same time, they learn a little something about the environment - like eco-literacy and environmental stewardship. Through challenging outdoor learning experiences, our programs promote positive self-development, while teaching environmental responsibility.

Since 1963, we've helped over 40,000 urban youth discover their potential and gain personal confidence through challenging outdoor trips in environments most of them have never been exposed to in their lifetimes. And we don't just help youth to become literate, we help them to become eco-literate. Now that's a winning combination for all of our futures!

Thousands of urban youth are waiting for the opportunity to take their own Outward Bound Adventures Trip. We need your help!

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Total Donations: $8,693

Goal: $25,000

$0 35% $25,000

Contributor Amount Comment
Karen Maish $50.00 "Wow Otis -- I'm impressed. Great cause!"
Gwendolyn Smith $100.00 "Go, Ace go! And thanks for your support! "
derrick dardy $100.00 "I hope you make, good luck!"
Robert Glass $100.00 "Go Gwenn!!!"
Jim Ballard $100.00 "Gwenn, this is awesome, you go girl! "
Joyce Foster $100.00 "This is a start!"
Ron Binkowski $100.00 "Gwenny-Gwenn, pretend there's a bigazz double cadillac margarita...rocks, no salt...made with Centenario Plata...at the finish line!"
Kealohi Lee $100.00 "here's to adventures Gwenn!"
Patrick J. Barry $50.00 "Good Luck Gwenn !!!! "
Jan Clark $25.00 "Go Hilary! I'm proud of you!! Love, Jan"
Michael Alexander $100.00 "Good Luck Gwenn!"
Arthur Cuyugan $50.00 "Good luck Otis! -Arthur & Kristie"
Kristie & Arty Cuyugan $50.00 "Good luck with the run!"
Nick Sotirakos $100.00 "Run like the wind!"
fabrice colin Hidden "Have a great run Hilary. Good luck!"
Wendy Bergquist $50.00 "Go Hilary Go!"
Lainie Gallers $50.00 "You are amazing, Go Gwenn!"
Cleveland ONeal $1,000.00 "Congratulations Gwenn & Best of Luck in meeting your goal! -Cleveland"
CHRISTINE HOLMES $50.00 "Good Luck!"
CHRISTINE HOLMES $50.00 "Go, Hilary Go!!!!"
Bettina Chandler Hidden "I am happy you have found this wonderful avenue to contribute. Congratulations, Bettina"
Greg Allen $50.00 "Charles, go for it! I'll call the peremedics, cause I get tired just thinkin about it!-Greg"
Carolyn Chandler $250.00 "Awesome cause! Kick butt!"
Jeffrey Weitzel $250.00 "Chuck - can I pay you to take it easy? i know it is about as likely as me staying out of the office after back surgery, but it was worth a try. Wishing you and OBA the sweetest success."
Greg Wolley $50.00 "Chuck, don't forget your respirator! (just kiddin'). Pound the pavement for Old OBA and New OBA! Greg"
Rodney D. Walker $50.00 "Go OBA!! Keep up the great work. You guys are making a difference in many young lives!"
Jack Shu $100.00 "Go OBA Go!"
Glenn Hinkel $50.00 "Good luck!"
Sharon Sand $20.00 "Chuck - I'm so proud of you, baby! Sharon Go Team OBA (bring my husband back in one piece!)"
Doug and Susanna Griffith $50.00 "Good luck!"
Gretchen Harrison Hidden "What a good cause.....go Lessie! oxxogretchen"
Jock & Barbara Kimberley $250.00 "Way to go, Lessie! You are a star!"
Brian LaChapelle $50.00 "Great Job Jess. Keep up the good work!!"
Ronald and Paula Thomas $50.00 "Good luck Jess. I just did a 1/2 marathon 2 weeks ago and I just can imagine what it would be like to turn around and do it all over again! Go Ben and Jess!"
Bobby Hansen $50.00 "Good luck!"
Michele Smith $30.00 "I so admire all your dedication. Have a great run!"
Nasim Yalpani $25.00 "Where is Mr. Thomas in this picture?"
Jeffery Salazar $30.00 "Paul, I want proof you completed it all! Anything to see "Slickness" sweat. -Saldbar"
Jennifer Gabay $20.00 "Good Luck Paul!!"
LeAnna Vickers Hidden "In honor of my Aunt Toodlum, who taught me to always finish the race."
jonathan budner Hidden "Where's Paul? How do I know he wasn't just watching cartoons?"
Bruce Thompson Hidden "Way to go my best friend in the universe as we know it!"
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