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Racing for a better life
I’ve been a runner since seventh grade cross country. Twenty six years. After high school, I ran without purpose: a few days when I was feeling fat or lazy here, a 5k with no training there. In 2002, I became more serious than ever, running nine marathons and many shorter races since. Until last year, the competition with myself was motivation enough to put in the hours and miles of training each week, year round, in New England’s predictably lovely weather. But training for Boston this year, I realized it could be about more than the run. Most events provide an opportunity to raise money for charities, and I decided, whenever possible, that I would make that the focus of my efforts.

I am racing in the New York City Triathlon to raise awareness and funds for A Running Start Foundation. A Running Start uses sport to improve the lives of young east Africans. East Africa is home to some of the world’s greatest running talent, but it is also stricken by poverty and war. The Foundation’s mission is to harness this talent to allow more east Africans to earn a U.S. university education from their athletic gift, to leverage sports to inspire local children to stay in school, and to enable more talented young athletes to earn a living from the sport.

Your generous support would make a real difference in many young lives.

Thank you,
Rob Campbll

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