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NorthStar Soccer Fundraising for PCA Training
Rasing funds for Coach training
Thank you for visiting the NorthStar Soccer fundraising website. We have a terrific opportunity to develop a partnership with Positive Coaching Alliance (PCA), a nationally recognized non-profit organization. PCA’s mission is to help youth organizations create a culture where all youth athletes have a positive, character-building experience.

Through this partnership, our organization will be able to train all of our coaches on PCA's Double-Goal Coach® method, where winning is important, but teaching LIFE LESSONS is most important. For an informative video on what PCA does, please click on the following link and play the video: www.positivecoach.org/partnership.aspx

Please forward this to others you feel would be interested in donating by clicking on the “Invite Others to Contribute” link at the top of this page. Thanks again for helping us create a positive culture with our youth.

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Total Donations: $100

Goal: $1,000

$0 10% $1,000

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