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Racing to cure NF!

In 2004, at the age of 1, Connor was diagnosed with Neurofibromatosis (NF1). NF can cause benign tumors to grow on the nerves anywhere on or in the body. NF1 can also affect other tissues, including the bones, skin, blood vessels, and eyes. In addtion, nearly 50% of all people with NF1 have learning disabilities.

Connor currently has a benign plexiform tumor by the left side of his upper spine, that causes pain, and has NF related scoliosis. He participated in a trial study out at the National Institute of Health (NIH) this last year. The goal was to try and shrink his tumor. Although there was an 8% decrease, it wasn't enough to continue in the study.

Currently there are not any treatments for NF and there isn't a cure. Connor's future is in the hands of this disease. It will decide if he will be able to see, hear and run like other children. It is unpredictable.

Please join us this year in our fight to find a cure. Please consider joining our team by participating in an event and helping us raise money, or by making a donation to the Children's Tumor Foundation.

To learn more about NF at The Children's Tumor Foundation web site CLICK HERE.

To learn more about the Mighty NF Endurance Team and where we are funding research visit our endurance team page and click on the menu item on the left hand side "Team Fundraising Dollars at Work" CLICK HERE.

We can't fight this disease alone!

Meet Our Team

Team Connor has decided to put a stop to NF, to fight for Connor's future, a future that will be decided by Connor and NOT NF.

Kari and Scott Harrison - Connor's Parents

Lynne Miller - Kari's Sister

Shannon Brennan- Kari's Sister

John Brennan - Kari's Dad

Kimberly Marshall - Scott's Sister

Hilary Moorlach - A friend of Connor's Family. Also fundraising in memory of her cousin Carley who had NF.

Jim and Veronica Browning - Friends of Connor's Family

Liz Promer- College friend of Kari

Lisa Thorsell -High School Friend of Kari

Kelly Dougherty - Friend of Connor's Family

Here is a list of our 2009 Events.

April 25- Get in Gear

May 30 - Dam to Dam, (Des Moines, IA)

May 31 - MPLS Marathon/Half Marathon/5K

June 6- Celebration of Children 5K

June 20 - Grandma's Marathon and Half Marathon

July 11 - Lifetime Fitness Triathlon

August 16 - YWCA Womens Triathlon

October 4 - TC Marathon and 10 Mile

Thank you for supporting team Connor!

To check up on Connor's progress, click on this link: Connor's CaringBridge

Click Here for a recent news article of our success!

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Fundraising has ended.

Total Donations: $2,984.00
Goal: $25,000

$0 12% $25,000

Contributor Amount Comment
John Brennan $200.00
Brenda Kalscheuer $50.00
patricia strausbaugh $200.00
Diane Smith $100.00
Chris Manwarren $50.00 "We wish you all the best in your fundraising efforts. It is so wonderful that you are making a difference in the fight for a cure for NF. Thinking of you, Manwarren"
Marilyn Krasowski $100.00
Michael Carr $50.00
Juanita Backman $50.00
Bryan Smith $100.00
Mike Bateman $50.00
Kathy Ross $50.00
Jeremy Webber Hidden "Best wishes to Conner and his family."
Jackie Santa $50.00
Jerry & Mary Jo Boxsted $50.00
Cari Brennan Hidden
Tina & Nick Kreuser $25.00 "We are thinking of you and you are in our prayers!"
Hilary Moorlach $50.00 "You're great friends, and we're honored to be a part of the NF Endurance Team!"
Tim Dougherty $50.00 "Run Kelly Run! ..... just make sure you come back! Love Tim "
Rick & Sue Reichert $50.00 "Best O' Luck in the event- we are cheerin' for you, Kelly-----and thanks for making the commitment-----You Rock! The Reicherts"
Sally Smith $50.00 "Thank You to each of the 14 women racing in the YWCA Women's Sprint Triathlon! Kari our love to each of you"
Anonymous $100.00
Mary Coolidge $25.00
Lynne Miller $100.00 "Go Team Connor!!!!!"
Shannon Brennan $100.00
patricia strausbaugh $100.00 "Kimberly,Uncle Larry and I are proud to support you this weekend. Have fun. Love,Aunt Pat"
Keith Hittner $100.00 "Sink or swim but run to win."
Holly Speratos $50.00 "Proud to be part of the NF team!"
Sheri and Eric Speckan $20.00
John & Ann Barnes $20.00 "Good Luck this weekend. Make us proud on the swimming portion of it otherwise you might have to come for swim lessons."
Brennan Marshall $4.00 "I love you Connor and hope you get better soon."
Mark & Kimberly Marshall $50.00
Edwin Nduriri Hidden
Lynn Mitchell Hidden
Amy Cody $50.00 "Good luck with all your races! Good luck with upcoming doctor visits. We think about you guys all the time! Love-Amy, Pat, Leah & Zach Cody"
Larry & Kathleen Ehnstrom $100.00
Nick Thorsell $10.00 "TEAM CONNOR ROCKS!"
Tony Thorsell $10.00 "GO TEAM CONNOR!!!"
Cathy & Glenn Squillace $50.00
Sheri Squillace $20.00
Janell Gibson $20.00 "Good luck with the race, Lisa!"
Cathy Daley $50.00
Liz Promer $50.00 "Go Team Connor!"
Paul and Cheryl Krage $20.00 "Go Team Connor!"
Lisa Edge $30.00
Jill Swiontek $10.00
Kelly Promer $20.00
Cephalon Inc. $50.00
Margie Harvieux $50.00
Fran and Mike Blair $20.00 "We wish you the best Team Connor!"
Jean Klatte $25.00 "Praying for a cure"
Kathy Cleveland $25.00
Peg and Mark Challgren $20.00 "We wish Connor and his team the best of luck!"
Anonymous $25.00 "How blessed you are to have such a strong support team Connor. I am also praying for wisdom for a cure!"

Below is a video from the Children’s Tumor Foundation that demonstrates how your support benefits nearly 2 million people worldwide that are affected by Neurofibromatosis. I hope you’ll please take a few minutes to watch the video and perhaps be as motivated as we are to support The Children’s Tumor Foundation.

CTF Video Link

Adobe Flash Player is required to view video.