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I'm racing for research!

I hadn't heard of NF, until I read facebook status updates that a friend from high school posted about her daughter Julia. Then I learned of other people in my community who also have NF. As a runner, I realized I have a way to help. I'll put in the miles. I'll raise funds. Which I hope will help research a cure for NF.

Thanks in advance for your support.

Here is Julia's story as told by her Mom ...

"Julia "ladybug" was born with a small cafe-au-lait on her arm. As she grew the number and size of the cafe-au-laits increased until they covered her stomach and arms. When we took her to our regular peditrician for another reason, he told us she had to see an NF specialist. We first began to learn about the devestating disorder Neurofibromatosis, NF, at that time. Julia has NF1 due to a spontaneous mutation at conception, for some reason the genes didn't "copy" correctly. There is no family history of NF. She has MRI's every six months to check for tumors in her brain and spinal cord. We are thankful everyday that Julia has only had to endure a lot of doctor appointments and a lot of tests. Julia is quite a trooper! She doesn't complain when she can't eat for up to 15 hours because we're waiting for an MRI. She doesn't even complain when the anesthesia makes her sick. Julia has had to miss parties, activities and play dates because of doctor appointments or tests. Julia has been and must continue to be a strong girl. We worry like every other parent does about our child's future.

"As Julia's parents we feel compelled to take positive action to fight this devastating disorder. We hope everyday that a cure or at least some treatments for NF will become available. We also pray she will never need them. This is a cause very close to our hearts and we are asking you to join with us and get involved in this fight. We must take action not just for our daughter but for all people and their families affected by NF."

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Total Donations: $2,870.00
Goal: $2,500

$0 115% $2,500

Contributor Amount Comment
Kathleen gross $25.00 "Hi, Molly! So proud of you- and happy to be the first (of many, I'm sure!) to support your run and wish you the best of luck! Love, Aunt Kathy"
amy gross Hidden "Good luck Molly! We can't wait to come cheer you on. xoxo, Amy & Tim"
Marcia Kadens $20.00
janice and jack rohan $50.00 "good luck molly!"
David Fitch $25.00
Maureen Rohan $25.00 "Hi Molly, I'm very proud of you! Love, Mom"
Sarah and Clay Nagel $25.00 "So proud of you Molly! We wish you all the best!! You go girl!"
Carey Lorraine $25.00 "Good luck Molly, what a great cause. Keep me in mind for your long training runs this summer. Best wishes, Carey"
Raymond Holt $25.00
Jill@Run for the Hills Hassen $50.00 "Good luck Molly! "
Pam French $5.00
Karen Credno Hidden "Best wishes Molly, have a wonderful run! Thank you for running for a cause."
jen small $10.00 "Run with a happy heart and fast feet! you are running for a wonderful cause!"
Daniela Sleeper $20.00
Paul Rohan $50.00
Stephanie Grigely $10.00
Erin Henderson $10.00
kara johnston $20.00
Jess Allen Hidden "Molly, you rock! "
Lauren Berkun Hidden "Molly, Thanks so much for running for NF! Good luck with your training! :)."
Katie Roche $25.00 "Good luck Molly! xo Katie, Tom and Little Molly"
Paula Powell $15.00
Alexandra Sleeper $50.00 "you're my hero! love you!"
Jennifer Caccamo $5.00 "Good luck and best wishes for an awesome event. Hugs and prayers to you and your family."
Lori Sheldon $20.00
Heather Gonzalez $20.00
AMANDA FARRAR $20.00 "Good luck fundraising Molly!!!"
Rita Schiavone $10.00
Colleen Kingery $10.00 "Best of luck Molly! :)"
Mary Fasang $50.00 "The Green Girl is so proud of you for doing this, girl!"
Anna Bees $25.00 "I love that you're doing this, and would like to donate in honor of my birthday on Tuesday. "
Catherine Lindberg $25.00
Adele Bolitho $35.00
Paul Mertz $50.00
Pam French $5.00
Kristen Barrett $50.00
Meagen Horton $20.00 "Good Luck Molly! We love you! xoxo"
Suzanne Pris $10.00
Lisa Bianchi $40.00
Patricia Gromann $10.00
Carol Rogers $150.00
Diane Lockwood $10.00
Christina and Gerald Phelps $50.00
Arthur Krisak $50.00
Jennifer Lombardo $50.00
Darlene Cardillo Hidden "Good Luck Molly"
jennifer villany $100.00 "Thank you for running for NF, and CTF! See you on the 6th!!!"
linda villany Hidden "A noble cause for sure, My son-in-law lost his hearing to NF2 and i applaud this effort to help fund treatment and a cure. "
Barbara Tindell $25.00 "Good luck Molly. I will be cheering for you and my niece Jennifer Villany on Nov 6th. God Bless."
Sandie Leach $25.00
Jeanne Norrie Hidden "Molly - Thanks to you for running to help fund research for a cure. Hope to catch a glimpse of you and my niece Jennifer on Nov 6th. "
Laura Buchanan $25.00 "i have been touched personally by this disease. thank you for helping fight for those affected by NF. keep up the good work!!!!"
Norine Iemma $25.00 "Good luck Molly!"
Kelly Covert $25.00
Heather McGowan $25.00
Jason Bahamundi $25.00 "Good luck with your fund raising."
Daniela Sleeper $15.00 "Go Molly!! love ya babe!"
Maureen Rohan $25.00 "Hi Molly, Now that it is coming down to the wire, here is some additional help. Loved, Mom"
Bo & Alissa Rinn $25.00 "Good luck Molly!!! "
Brian Rohan $20.00
Peter A. Guinta and Son $250.00
Sarah Nix $20.00 "Good Luck Molly!! "
Jennifer Clarson Hidden "You are an inspiration! "
Tara McLain $25.00 "You're a rock star Molly! So excited for you to run NY marathon!"
Russell Sleeper $50.00 "To my favorite runner, Have a great run....for a great cause. Love Dad ($25) and Donna ($25)"
Dawn Cronmiller $50.00 "Hi Molly, hope you are well and happy!!!! Can't wait to see you in a couple of weeks!!"
Edward Paciolla $25.00 "Good luck Molly"
Andrew and Gonca Schmitt $50.00 "Molly - Good Luck at the Marathon!"
Calsource Inc $100.00
Robert Baker $100.00 "Good Luck Molly! Rob, Jeannine, Alyse"
Michelle Cutie $5.00
Vicki Krisak $25.00
Diane M. Baker $150.00
Catherine Andrzejewski $10.00
Roger Marsh $100.00
Angelo Cutrone $25.00 "I bet you $25 I can eat more pasta than you"
Maryssa Miller $25.00 "Will be thinking of you tomorrow! Good luck!!!"
Andrew Schmitt $50.00

Below is a video from the Children’s Tumor Foundation that demonstrates how your support benefits nearly 2 million people worldwide that are affected by Neurofibromatosis. I hope you’ll please take a few minutes to watch the video and perhaps be as motivated as we are to support The Children’s Tumor Foundation.

CTF Video Link

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Inspired?!?! Click here for information on starting your own ACTIVE fundraising campaign!