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Never Give Up Hope!

The Children's Tumor Foundation is a great cause which focuses on finding a cure for all 3 forms of Neurofibromatosis. I have NF2, which is a debilitating neurological disorder that causes brain and spine tumors to grow. My Grandma Norma, Mom, and Uncle Eric were all paralyzed and deaf before having their lives tragically taken by NF2. I was diagnosed as a baby and have had brain surgery, multiple spine surgeries, radiation therapy and am now deaf and suffer from chronic pain and disequilibrium. My son JT is only 6 years old and is already blind in one eye from NF2. At this point the only way I know how to fight, is to RUN. If we don't fight back we can't expect to win!

Last year I ran my first event in Long Beach, and finished the 1/2 marathon in 2:35. With the help of friends and family I raised just over $3000 for CTF! This year I am back for the full 26.2 mile marathon and am very excited to serve as CTF Team Captain for this event! When I take off at that start, I plan to keep running no matter what obstacles I face, and cross that finish line in the name of all those I have loved and lost to NF2.

So many clinical studies are going right now that are opening up new treatment options for NF2. The disease is in our DNA and the best we can hope for in the near future is a drug therapy that would control tumor growth. I am doing my part by running and raising funds for research. CTF has earmarked all funds raised in my name directly to NF2 specific research! Do your part today and donate! I am doing this not just for myself, or for all of my wonderful friends who also have this disease, but for my kids who deserve to grow up with a healthy Mommy.

The NF Marathon Team is one of the tools the CTF employs to raise money. There are hundreds of runners participating in races all over the country. There are people with NF as well as family and friends on our team. To see where the money our team raises is going check out our Team Fundraising Dollars at Work

As Team Captain I want to personally invite all of my friends and family to get up and run with me this year! CLICK HERE to sign up for the best team around! Make a difference and do something positive with your time! If you are unable to run or walk, then email me about volunteering!

To learn more about NF, a very common genetic disorder check out this link for information on Neurofibromatosis and current research CLICK HERE.

To follow my blog and get updates on my training as well as insight into my daily life with NF2 visit The Fabulous Running Mommy!

Cure NF2, Never Give Up Hope!!!

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Fundraising has ended.

Total Donations: $4,288.00
Goal: $5,000

$0 86% $5,000

Contributor Amount Comment
Steve Kendra $50.00 "Thanks Olivia for being our team captain and all you do for everyone who has NF!"
Suzanne Earle $50.00 "Thank you Olivia for fighting back and your support of NF2 research through the Children's Tumor Foundation."
Fred & Willie Mouat $50.00 "Good luck with your training for the full marathon and on marathon day, Olivia! Fred & Willie Mouat"
Paula Bogle $50.00 "Hi Olivia, this is Heather Bogle's Mom here in South Florida. Thanks for trying to make a difference for all that have NF. Paula and Doug"
Diana LaCross $100.00
Dirk Cannizzaro $100.00
Victoria Amador $30.00 "Good luck Olivia!! Love, Vicky, Michael and Jacob"
Bob Skold $100.00 "You are the best!!"
Tish and Tom Amador $100.00 "As always, we are so proud of you! Hope to be there for the run. Much love, Tish and Dad."
Estelle Amador $200.00
Mary Skold $1,000.00
Erica Golden $25.00 "You never cease to amaze me!!! Good luck girlie and thank you for all you do.... "
Dan, Rose and Brooklyn Trott $100.00 "Best of luck, Olivia, with your noble goal!"
John Risner Sharon Parente $100.00
Maha Abbani $40.00
Mark and Tracy Galloway $1,000.00 "You Go Girl!!!"
Patice Gore $50.00 "Olivia-- I am so proud to be your friend. Good luck on the marathon!"
Olivia Hernandez $211.00 "Proceeds from the Fabulous Costume Benefit!!"
Elizabeth Koch-Lichter $50.00 "Run Olivia! So proud of what you've achieved! Lots of love from Liz and Fred."
Fred & Willie Mouat $100.00 "This is race day! Best of luck from both of us. "
Cindy Henrion $26.20 "Great job Olivia!"
Rebecca Dufek $50.00 "Olivia, I am extremely proud of you and admire your perseverence! Sorry this has come so late! Keep up the great work! ;-) Beck"
AMY faruque $20.00 "Olivia! Olivia! Olivia! CONGRATULATIONS!!! We knew you could do it! So proud of you and to be your friend. lovelovelove, Amy, Faisal & Baba"
Mark Amador $126.20 "The entire family is so proud of you Olivia!"
Kohl's Care for Kids $500.00
Earl LaCross $60.00

Below is a video from the Children’s Tumor Foundation that demonstrates how your support benefits nearly 2 million people worldwide that are affected by Neurofibromatosis. I hope you’ll please take a few minutes to watch the video and perhaps be as motivated as we are to support The Children’s Tumor Foundation.

CTF Video Link

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