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TRI-ing to Cure Multiple Myeloma:
843.6 miles for Poppy Tony
One sister, one brother, and a million training miles between them. In November, 2011, again in May, 2012, and finally in August, 2012, Kendra Goffredo, and her brother-in-law, David Robles, will each attempt the greatest challenge of their lives: finishing three full-length Ironman Triathlons.* In doing so, they honor Poppy Tony (father and father-in-law, respectively) who is facing his life's fiercest battle--defeating multiple myeloma, a bone cancer without a cure. Although progress has been made in treating multiple myeloma, the five-year average survival rate remains one of the lowest of all cancers. It is also one that Poppy Tony has well outlived. Inspired by his ability to outperform all odds, we too will cover distances we never thought possible...three times. Join Poppy Tony's fight! Your donation will benefit the Multiple Myeloma Research Foundation, a fantastic organization that supports the development of Poppy Tony's most successful treatments. One brother. One sister. And 843.6 miles for Poppy Tony! (*For those of you doing the math, a full Ironman competition spans 2.4 miles of open water swimming, 112 miles of road biking, and 26.2 miles of running, or 140.6 total miles. Kendra and David will do that first in Arizona, next in Utah, and for a third time in New York/New Jersey.)
Total Donations Collected:$22,456.00
Goal: $30,000
$0 75% $30,000
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Contributor Amount Comment
Loren Lasher $250.00 "Thank you for your care, love and inspiration."
Ron Cobb $100.00 "You two are amazing - I will carry you in my heart as make this tribute to Tony"
Meg Goffredo $166.00 " We will all be together soon, in Tempe! Love you, and your efforts toward "team Poppy Tony" Moo - head cheerleader!"
Mike & Tish Burnett $200.00 "Our prayers are with you each stroke, pedal rotation and stride!...as they have been and continue to be with M & T. Love, Mike & Tish"
charles signorino $50.00 "Go team poppy! We love you! God bless! Cousins Charles,Brenda,CJ,NICK and Alexa Signorino"
Ann Ku $50.00 "Best of luck, Kendra! I've been following your amazing journey online for awhile now. Know that your RPCV friends are all rooting for you and your father. Suerte y abrazos!"
Sally Kidd $50.00 "Kendra, I've enjoyed your Poppy Tony fun facts on Facebook. You look just like your dad :) I know you will kick serious butt at IRONMAN! Go get 'em, KGO! Cheers, Sally"
Becky Fulkerson $50.00 "Love the stories of you and your father...reminds me of the wonderful times I shared with mine."
Stacy Cail Hidden "Go Team Poppy! Best of luck to you both, and keep fighting Poppy Tony."
Gina Jackson $50.00 "We love you Uncle Tony! May God bless you and Kendra and David! Charlie and Gina Jackson"
Erica Motley $15.00 "GO GO KENDRA!! I'm rooting for you chica. Hugs, Erica M."
Elizabeth Wolkomir $30.00 "Kendra, We met a couple years back at the Georgetown MFI Open House. I ended up at SAIS and you at Georgetown. I hope you had a wonderful experience. Best of luck to you and your brother-in-law and the warmest wishes for a full recovery for your father. Kick Ass! Liz"
stephe krill $15.00 "Good luck!"
Cynthia Purmort $100.00 "Your East Coast cousins are with you and Team Poppy Tony in spirit! The Purmort-LaBue's will all be following the updates! Love to you and the whole family....Mary Ann, Cynthia, Jackie, and Anna."
Matthew Hall $140.60 "Have a great race and thank you for doing it for a cause. It adds a little extra motivation as the course unfolds under your feet, and bike tire on Sunday."
Kirk Leach $100.00 "Good luck this weekend, Kendra!"
Millennium NW Region Sales Team $700.00 "David- The NW Regional Sales Team is behind you all the way cheering you on! "
Mary Krainock Davis $25.00 "Wow way to go! Keep up the great work! So glad that Tony is doing better. God Bless all of you & Best Wishes, Mary Krainock Davis"
Diane & Rick Brandt Hidden "The Goffredo family is a real inspiration to all."
Kris and Hank Acquarelli $50.00 "In support of Poppy Tony et al."
David Wild $150.00 "Happy to support the challenge!"
Kelley Lueke $100.00 "What a Great Family!! Love Kelley & Kendra"
Patricia Branstetter $100.00 "We love you, Tony! Wayne and Patty Branstetter"
Nita Wardlaw $50.00 "I'm so impressed by your family. You're all an inspiration!"
Susan O'Shaughnessy $50.00 "Inspired by Kendra's blog and in honor of the birthday of my favorite teacher ever. Rock on, Mr. Goffredo!!"
Nicholas Chan $20.00 "Congrats on your new PR, KGo!"
Lauren Glickman $50.00 "You and Poppy Tony are an inspiration to us all!"
Erica Pacheco $50.00 "Good Luck Kendra and David on this incredible journey. You are such an inspiration to us all!!"
Shanna Batten $50.00 "We are cheering for you today!!!! Go Kendra!"
Linda and Ed Scheck $50.00 "Go Team Poppy! We are praying for you and your fantastic courage!!"
Betty Jo Nash $100.00 "So proud of the efforts of Team Poppy Tony! Believing for miracles every day!"
Robert Bjorkquist $50.00 "Very proud of your accomplishments, Kendra.. Best to you and your family"
Daniel Kosoy $140.60 "From one IronMan to another! What a blessing you are to your dad!! Luck to have you all as neighbors."
Creighton Casper $150.00 "What a wonderful tribute to Tony. He is truly blessed. Creighton"
Ryan Calderon $266.00 "Paige emptied out her piggy bank to get to$18,000! Go Team Poppy!!!"
Onyx PI Franchise SW Region Team $725.00 "The Onyx PI Franchise SW Region is so proud of you, David!"
Amy Cavers $100.00 "Great job - I am inspired! You have set a new bar to reach for raising funds next time!"
Sally Conrad $100.00 "We agree with Luekes...What a wonderful family Love, Jim & Sally (Simons) Conrad"
Kimberly and Eric Tatman $100.00 "Good luck this weekend!"
Brad Runge $100.00 "Finish strong David! We will be pulling for you! "
Maureen Newell $100.00 "You all inspire me. Congratulations on setting such ambitious goals, and achieving them! Love to you all."
Melissa Smith $250.00 "Keep motivating us, Kendra and David! We love you AND Poppy Tony! Love, Tim, Melissa and Addison Smith"
Larry & Connie Goudie $150.00 "We love Team Poppy Tony. You are an inspiration to us all. The Goudie/Goffredo friendship goes back so many years...we are still there for each. Hope to all....in all we hope for. Hugs to Meg & Tony and family"
Larry, Pam, and Travis Higgins $100.00 "The Goffredo family is a genuine inspiration and blessing to the Higgins family."
Maja Frigelj Hidden "KGo- Amazed by your strength and hope it follows you to Kona and back, and back around, and wherever you go. "
Charlie, Kiki and Kati Dulaney Hidden "Kendra, we are so proud of your accomplishments. Your determination and fortitude as well as your family's determination and fortitude are a role model for all of us. We will be tracking you today at Kona and sending love along your route. We love you, Orange Glen Elementary supports you! Go Team Poppy Tony!"
katherine hahn $100.00 "To honor your father, and my best friend Tim, who also suffers from multiple myeloma. Both men are true warriors and ironmen in my book."
Janet Depew $100.00 "Kendra and Jenna, this is for your Dad who was not only a true inspiration to all who knew him but fought longer than most which is a huge testament to his perseverance to be here with all of you. Meg, this is also for the love of your life who is always with you!! "

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