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Mikayla's Grace
Changing the lives of bereaved and NICU parents one family at a time...
Mikayla’s Grace is a nonprofit organization that supports support families with a baby in the NICU (neonatal ICU) and those who experience the death of an infant at hospitals in Wisconsin. We provide NICU care packages and angel memory boxes that offer both practical and emotional support for the parents. We also provide Baby Loss Comfort Packages for women who experience a miscarriage at the hospital. We strive to help parents find support groups, online support resources, books, counseling, or any other type of support they need after the loss of their baby or stay in the NICU. One in four women will lose a baby to miscarriage, stillbirth, SIDS, pregnancy complications or early infant death. It is estimated that 5,500 babies die each day due to pregnancy and infant loss. In 2013, 10.5% of babies born in Wisconsin were premature — that is, born before 37 weeks' gestation. Donations are used to: * Purchase angel memory boxes, so families can have something to hold in their empty arms. The only keepsake we will have of our baby is the box we receive in the hospital. * Purchase NICU care packages to be given to families who have a baby admitted prior to 32 weeks gestation. These include items that encourage bonding between the parent and baby and also promote memory making during what might be a very stressful time while the baby is in the hospital. * Purchase Baby Loss Comfort Packages are to support families who experience an early pregnancy loss prior to 16 weeks gestation. The bring comfort, acknowledgement, and hope to families who experience a miscarriage. * Provide nurses with bereavement training so at any time a nurse will be on-site at the hospital to help families through their loss. * Purchase books for local hospitals and public libraries * Print informational brochures, so families have immediate access to particular resources while in the hospital. * Provide cameras to local hospitals so parents will forever have photos of their babies. *Every donation helps. Thank you for your support*

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