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Mass Dash Relay

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Total Donations: $146,142

Goal: $135,000

$0 108% $135,000

Contributor Amount Comment
Michael Stone $100.00 "Good luck on the relay!"
Anonymous $30.00 "GO FISH!"
Shirley Chin $25.00 "We are cheering for you and your team! "
Mark Cobb $50.00 "Go LJC!"
Marilyn A. Armstrong Hidden "As ever, helping people.....good for you Deb"
Nancy Wentzell Hidden "Good luck Kevin!"
Heather Zeman $25.00 "Fish can run?"
Julie Athanasiadis $1.00 "Go Kevin! I love youuu!!"
Renee Tassone $25.00 "This is wonderful Deb. You rock!!!"
Anonymous $5.00 "Good Luck!"
Rob Lewis $50.00 "Go Taylor!!!!"
teresa marchbanks $100.00 "Good Luck"
Lauren Bale $25.00 "This is awesome Scott!! Good luck!"
Cecile Braun-Jones $40.00 "Great challenge for a great cause... "
Annette Jones $100.00 "Good Luck, Scott! Have fun. Love,Mom"
Ron Jones Hidden "You've pedalled across California and now you're going to run across Massachusetts! Run and have fun! Love Dad"
Mary Lambert $25.00 "Good luck Christina and Kevin! Thank you!! Love,Uncle Fred & Aunt Mary xo"
Kara Bowman $100.00 "I'm very impressed you're running across the whole state. I'm also glad you don't live in Texas! Thank you so much for what you are doing. I hope we can kick cancer so nobody has to go through this."
Diane King $100.00 "You go girl! So proud of you! Love DK"
Daniel Sheran $100.00 "A fabulous organization, thanks for what you're doing."
Dorothy Curtiss $25.00 "Good luck Deb!!"
David Macchiarolo $50.00 "Deb, good luck! David"
Marilyn Hickey $10.00 "Good Luck!"
Anonymous $20.00 "Ubuntu Buddy"
Jan Stebbins $50.00 "Good luck Hool! "
Maura Boucher $25.00 "Have fun Deb!"
Cheryl Gardner Hidden "Go John, go!"
Robert Sams Hidden "Good luck Deb"
Sue Wadlegger $10.00 "Good luck!"
Brianna Mirabile and Ryan Foley $10.00 "Good Luck Taylor!!"
Katharine Gladu-McClelland $25.00 "Way to go Lauren! "
Chloe Stroman $7.00 "So proud of you Taylor, Lauren, and Savannah! Thank you for running!"
Thomas Cloutier $20.00 "Good luck and God bless! "
Tara Manzi $100.00 "Good luck Tag's"
Tara Manzi $100.00 "Good luck Ashley P!"
rose gaudrault $100.00 "Good luck Seth, you can do it!!!!! mom"
Debbie Bartolucci $50.00 "Good Luck!"
Steven & Kathleen Sturm $20.00 "Great cause Deb...have fun !!"
Linda Gaff $50.00 "Have Fun! Love Gram"
Kim Denis $30.00 "Love Aunt Kim!"
John Wellspeak $20.00 "Good Luck Deb!"
Michael Metayer $15.00 "Go Katie !!!"
Gloria Gennari $20.00 "Good Luck!"
Tara Manzi $100.00 "Good luck Katie B."
Tara Manzi $100.00 "Good luck Katherine P."
Christine Cross $10.00 "Good Luck!"
Lois & Scott Anderson $20.00 "Good luck Mike!! great cause...proud of you!!"
Beverly Allen $50.00 "Have a great run for a great cause! Bev and Steve"
Doug Allen $40.00 ""To reap the rewards, you have to do the work" (Billy Starr)"
Amanda Persichetti $10.00 "Good Luck Torie! Love You!"
Maureen Phillips $100.00 "Good luck, Torie!"
joan imperati $100.00 "Devon, it's wonderful people like you who give us hope. Thank you Devon, I love you. Mom"
Shaune Berg $100.00 "Great job Torie! We're behind you all the way!"
Anne Cerveira $25.00 "Enjoy the beauty around you on your run . . . hoping for good weather! Good Luck!"
Jaclyn Dean $10.00 "Conquer that hill!!!! Good luck, love you!! :)"
Tammy Jones $25.00 "Good luck John!"
Thomas/Charlene Burwell $50.00 "Good Luck John!"
Karen Needham Hidden "Go John, Go! We're so proud of you! Love, Karen, Matt and erin"
Paula Needham $25.00 "John, thank you for doing this wonderful thing! I know my Katie would have been so very proud of you. Maybe because of what you're doing there will come a day when no other child will have to go through three or more years of chemo to fight and win the battle against childhood cancer. Go John!!"
Heather Burwell Hidden "Good luck!"
Russ and Becky Beeman $25.00 "Good luck, and thanks to your team for doing this act of kindness."
Kait DeGennaro $40.00 "You'll do great!"
Paul McGrath $20.00 "Good Luck Taylor!"
Lisa Demaine Hidden "Run Emily, Run!"
Cara Perkins $10.00 "Go get it, Torie!! Love you! :)"
Jay and Jeri Bottass $100.00 "Thank you for what you are doing, Tony and Prestige Worldwide, You all rock!"
John Condon $50.00 "Good luck from Jay & Brooke. We are pulling for you!"
Betty Pregent $10.00 "Good Luck Deb!"
Pat & Don Duda $40.00 "Good Luck Deb"
Sarah Beling Hidden "Go Amanda!"
Tiffany Neeb $50.00 "Here you go, John (: Not sure how much you need to get up there, but this should help a little (;"
Kimberly Serrano $20.00 "Good Luck, Ron!!!"
Anthony Nunes $50.00 "In memory of Leon Pistone"
Dave Gajda $10.00 "Good Luck Deb!"
Lisa Fuller $25.00 "Good luck and stay safe! Lisa & Steve Fuller"
Virginia Hulsey $50.00 "GO!GO!GO! Jeziel--We love you!"
Anne Simon $25.00 "What a wonderful way to honor your Grandmother's memory, Bob. Love, Anne, Bob, Nigel & Nellie Bly"
Melissa Hulsey $10.00 "Good Work Jessie- Maybe we can run Boston together next year?"
Jenny Flanagan $50.00 "Woohoo go Mass Confusion! Love you all! :)"
Gary Hebert $250.00 "Good luck to all again this year, outstanding job! Chief"
Jeffrey Davis $250.00 "Mike & Team: Good luck and thanks for running for a fantastic cause!"
James Hagan $200.00 "Best of luck Mike, I hope you reach your goal! Jim Hagan"
Dan Slear $100.00 "Good luck Dawg!"
Joe Zazzaro $100.00 "Mike, keep up the fight, we appreciate what you and your team do to help find a cure for cancer, it effects so many and with people like you and this event it shows your great dedication to help, we are with you!"
Charlene Nardi $20.00 "Thanks for all that you do! Run, man, run! with pride and luv AC & UD"
Thomas and Carla Chaput $50.00 "We are so proud of you Becky!"
Maria Valliere $300.00 " "Best of luck Mike, thanks for running" Bob & Maria "
Daniel Sullivaan $100.00 "We are happy to get the 'party' started. Great cause. We love you! M&D"
Susan & Rick Zucker Hidden "Have a great run Becky! This is a great cause. "
Elizabeth Mcglinn $25.00 "Good luck guys!!"
Darrell & Becky Stickley $50.00 "Run, Kerry, run! "
Coralee Gatto $100.00 "Umpy would be so proud of you, Kerry!"
Jim Freeley $25.00 "Run Forrest (a.k.a. Mike)! Run!"
Theresa Connolly $20.00 "Run, Miss Jennifer, Run - The Connolly Clan"
Jessica Towlen $40.00 "Good luck! Let's beat cancer! (Was I your 2nd sponsor?) "
Doreen Sheridan $25.00 "Best of luck."
Teresa Davis $25.00 "Thank you Linda! This is for my Dad, Edward Chrzanowski."
steve moore $50.00 "So proud of you! "
Anne Marie Moore $50.00 "In wonderful memory of your Umpy"
Barbara Perry Hidden "You go girl!"
Meredith Burke $100.00 "Good luck and great work cousin, Merry"
Pamela Murray $25.00 "What a great cause - good luck!"
Darren Koons $20.00 "Don't quit!"
June Hellyar $10.00 "Run Jennifer Run! "
Kathleen Doe $50.00 "Thanks for running and good luck!"
Marybeth DiNapoli Hidden "Jennifer --with all you do for our community I am happy to support you in such a great cause! Best of luck...hugs from the DiNapoli's"
Denise & Friends Salon $25.00 "Yay!! Mamoo... best wishes A.J.!!"
Sue & Dave Gilson $25.00 "Good luck!!!"
Laura Vachet $10.00 "it's a start!"
Geoffrey Friedman $10.00 "Run hard, Owen! Way to go!!"
Jennifer Welborn $20.00 "YOU ARE AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! May you have sunny days and a steady tail wind from the west. "
jodi stevens $15.00 "Go Owen! d = rt "
Alison Takacs Hidden "Keep up the good fight, Amanda!!!"
Chi-Yin Tse $50.00 "Thanks for your help and enjoy those long distance runs! "
Allyson Birchmeier $20.00 "Go Emily!"
Charles Mick $100.00 "Graylock to Boston. Its all downhill!"
Joseph Daigneault $50.00 "Good luck Mike. You are crazy! "
David and Peggy Doe $200.00 "Thank you for supporting the Jimmy Fund, Mike. We wish you well on your run!"
Kate Zalneraitis $10.00 "Good luck Robin!"
Barbara K Greenfeld $36.00 "You go girl !! Darn proud of you.."
Mary T. Kelly $30.00 "Run... Walk... it all counts. Thank you for doing it!!!!!"
Lois Cooper $25.00 "Have a blast! Run like the wind for the Jimmy Fund!!"
Phyllis & Bill Stefan $400.00 "Linda You do your mother proud. Lots of love. Phyl & Bill"
Mark Dittelman Hidden "Run, Amanda, Run! :) - Mark & Hilary"
Edward Kerwood $100.00 "Good Job Matt and Jenn Love DAD"
Greg Soutiea $15.00 "Good luck! "
Rick and Cynthia Ravosa $100.00 "Thank you for taking time out of your super busy schedule to raise awareness for cancer and to raise money for the Jimmy Fund, it is a great cause. Good luck with your run. Love Cindy, Rick, Ricky & Christopher "
Evan Mattson $50.00 "Good luck Mike!"
Lisa Hammerle $20.00 "Betty, good luck and have fun. Be safe and may God watch over you always!! It is such a great thing to do to raise money for a good cause. Thank you for doing this!! Love ya, Lisa"
stan strzempko $100.00 "McCabe, Bacon and's a running world "dream team". Go get 'em boys! Stan"
Robert Goyette, Sr. $50.00 " "Mike, best of luck in achieving your goal""
Daniel Williams $20.00 "Don't run as fast as you can because the others won't stand a chance. Good luck and have fun."
stan strzempko $100.00 "Volar como el viento."
James Hagan $200.00 "Brian, best of luck in the dash! "
Mom and Dad Reilly $100.00 "Have a great run!!!! Mom and Dad."
Lee Mollison $100.00 "Rock it babe ! "
Lee Zerrilla $10.00 "Go for it!"
Evan Mattson $50.00 "Good luck Brian"
Jon Christenson $50.00 "Good Luck! You got this!"
irene phelps $100.00 "proud of you and love you"
irene phelps $100.00 "very proud of the man you have become and we love you"
Stephanie Page $20.00 "Go Robin! You are my inspiration! Love you muchly!!"
Lynne Lemanski $20.00 "Such an Amazing Fundraiser! Enjoy and have a Great Run Deb! "
Debbie and tim Papageorge $100.00 "You are one special person! Love you always, mom and dad"
Kristin Melendez $25.00 "Therefore encourage one another and build each other up, just as in fact you are doing. 1 Thessalonians 5:11"
Melissa LaFever $10.00 "Run, Jennifer, Run!! Sara & Melissa"
Jamie Morrow $50.00 "A cause which is near and dear to my heart!"
Megan Doe $50.00 "Good luck, Mike!"
Al & Sandra Chamnerlain $50.00 "Good Luck, Mike and happy riding!"
Sherrilyn Avery $50.00 "GO TEAM"
Sherrilyn Avery $50.00 "GO TEAM PRESTIGE"
Kellie Pearson $25.00 "You go girl!!"
Thomas Maddern $100.00 "Good Luck Lindy! You can doo it!!"
Brian Leduc $100.00 "Run! Forest Run!"
john furman $50.00 "Good Luck, Linda"
Nicole Parker $25.00 "You go girl!!!! "
Nicholas Ruggiere $40.00 "I know this run is for charity BUT you better finish first. Good Luck!!"
Cate and Tim Dewar $20.00 "Good luck with the race! Your cousins Tim and Cate Dewar"
Nick Pasquali $25.00 "Run like a lion is chasing you! Good luck Lara! - Nick and Jenna"
Micha 17 Parkman Street $25.00 "good luuuuuuuuuck"
Mary Ellen Baron $25.00 "Best of luck. Thanks for your hard work."
Christopher Ryan $25.00 "Good luck buddy!"
SCOTT SARAT $25.00 "Safe Ride and Best of Luck."
Lisa Vibert $50.00 ""Run Steph Run" "
Dorothy Papageorge $20.00 "Grandma & Grandpa are routing for you!!!"
Brian Anderson $50.00 "Go Jess Go!!"
Sandy Hornick $25.00 "You go Lara!! In memory of my Mom and Grandmom and Mom-in-law and Dad-in-law."
Suzanne Tiranno $15.00 "Run Melissa Run! Good Luck!"
David Charbonneau $20.00 "Gotta get it started!"
Sarah Wheeler $25.00 "Kick butt, Kerry Sully Mo!"
Christine Halloran $50.00 "Run, Brian, Run!!!"
David D. Adams $50.00 "My Dear Betty, I am so proud of you for doing this, but I do worry about your health in this endeavor. Your Memere Adams would also be proud of you. I don't know if you remember but she also passed away from this awful disease. I will pray that all who will run this race will do so in the best of health and safety. LOVE YOU VERY MUCH Dad."
Gerry DeRoche $100.00 "Good Luck. Run like the wind!"
Julie Barden $50.00 "Caroline says: Run My Kerry! Run My Kerry!"
Amanda Mulharin $25.00 "Go Graham!! "
Juliane Scrivens $25.00 "Wonderful cause - best of luck on the race and say hi to Williamstown for me when you start off on Mt. Greylock!"
Anne Nugent $100.00 "I'm so impressed --a great run for a great cause."
Melissa Begolli $60.00 "Best of luck!!!!"
Margaret Jones $20.00 "Good luck Melissa, now make sure you have plenty of sunscreen, water, snacks and extra running shoes in case it rains. "
isa terzi $25.00 "good luck Dave"
Mark Logan $200.00 "Good luck Mike. It's a great thing you and all the others are doing. "
Bob and Stephanie DeVasto $25.00 "Best of luck to you, Judy! What a great cause! Much Love, Bob and Stephanie"
Carl Metzger Hidden "Way to go DC! Thanks for doing this!"
Youngmi Choi $25.00 "Go, DC!"
Ankush Sachdeva $50.00 "you go DC. wish i could run with ya."
Keely McCarthy $10.00 "Kick some asphalt! "
Lacy Stoneburner $25.00 "So proud of you!"
Lacy Stoneburner $25.00 "A 200 mile race? You've got this!"
Lisa Walters-Zucco $50.00 "Run Melissa, Run! The Walters-Zucco's"
Guylaine Robidoux $20.00 "200 miles!! Yikes!! But if anyone can do it, its you!!"
lisa levchuk $50.00 "GO BEN GO!"
Julie Rivers $50.00 "Good luck, Tara! xoxo Julie & Bill"
Mike Damon $10.00 "You go Robin! Best of luck at the race"
Ronald Robidoux $85.00 "Great charity!!! Thanks for taking up the cause!! We love you!!"
Kathryn Karrasch $20.00 "Hope the weather is good to you!"
Matthew Kane $100.00 "Hope you can at least come close to finishing this!!"
michelle colina $20.00 "You are all amazing! Good luck this year! We will be thinking of you! Love you Tony!!!"
The Betsons $50.00 "Can you do the leg that goes thru Natick???"
Renika Montgomery $20.00 "Go, Steph! "
Renika Montgomery $20.00 "Go, Betty!"
william oconnor $25.00 "Great cause! Thank you Taylor, bill and Kim OConnor"
Candi Hitchcock Hidden ""The answer to the big questions in running is the same as the answer to the big questions in life: do the best with what you've got." "
Harry Melendez $10.00 "Go Paula!!"
Ben May $25.00 "good luck DC"
Jeremy/Tanisha Guz $40.00 "Best of Luck!"
Ronald Trask $50.00 "Good Luck Ken, enjoy the Dash as much as you do RTB! Have fun."
Katie Kearns $25.00 "Good luck, Kevin!! "
John Skinner $50.00 ""
Kevin Mason $50.00 "Great work Seth!!"
Dena Hall $50.00 "Good Luck Mike!"
Stanley H Konefal $100.00 "Best Wishes from the Konefal Family"
Anonymous $100.00 ""Fish" is faster Good Luck"
Anonymous $100.00 "Good Luck Doc!!!!!!!!!"
Julie Holt $25.00 "Run Ian, run! Thank you for doing this!"
Tara Henrichon $25.00 "Proud of you and your team for running to raise money to beat cancer! Every little bit helps. Good luck (and NO getting lost this year! :)"
Nieves Romero Diaz $100.00 "Muy impresionados! This is a great. Our best wishes. "
Geoff Spofford $50.00 "Run, Kelly, run!! "
Denise Anghilante $50.00 "You are an amazing and inspiring woman! I love you! "
Peggy Williams $25.00 "Good Luck"
kevin biermann Hidden "Run hard, Love Ya"
Daniel Charbonneau $50.00 "Go Dave, go!"
Deanna Lander $20.00 "Go Go Go!!!!"
Karen and Larry Gannon $100.00 "Happy Birthday Josh!"
Ellen Waks Hidden "You go girl!"
Mike Golenski $25.00 "Left right, left right, left right, left!!"
kimberly carriveau $25.00 "Good luck on this run sweetie! xo Mum."
Shirley Coviello $25.00 "Betty, Good Luck in reaching your goal for such a great cause!"
Susan Joinson $50.00 "Happy Birthday Josh! Proud to have such a giving nephew! ??"
Carol and Scott Parker $50.00 "We are so proud of all the good deeds that you do! Thank you ! Go, girl!!!! Love, Carol & Scott"
Lynda Gage $50.00 "Great job Mike, thank you for all you do!!"
Anonymous $25.00 "Good luck! "
Brian Pearl $75.00 "Good luck Will!"
Tracey Sullivan $40.00 "Have fun Laura! We love you!"
Shawn LeBlanc $25.00 "Good Luck Will, Break a leg!"
Lisa Chasan-Taber $25.00 "Good luck Noah! The Chasan-Tabers"
Sandy Botka $25.00 "Good luck Dave - you make us proud!"
Allynn Swensen $20.00 ":) Run Robin Run! "
Liz O'Dair $100.00 "Good luck, Vanessa!"
Rebekah Weininger $50.00 "my song picks for you: rednex - cotton eyed joe meatloaf - paradise by the dashboard lights"
Daniel Estes $50.00 "I choose that you play "Rick Astly - Never Gonna Give You Up" for the entire duration that my donation allows. <3"
Rob & Rebeccah Wilson $50.00 "'atta girl! "
Robert and Jennifer Levesque $200.00 "Thanks for running! Good luck!"
Jaime Farnan $30.00 "Thrice - "Of Dust and Nations" and Daft Punk - "Doin' it Right". Way to go and good luck, Angela!"
Kevin Murray $200.00 "Have fun and raise alot of money!"
Kevin Murray $25.00 "Good luck Lynds. "
Bill Weininger $25.00 "Play Master of Puppets...........Live. It will get you racing!!"
Susan Donley $10.00 "My song pick is "Amazing" by One eskimO. Good luck!"
Danny Malhotra $25.00 "Make It Count!"
Eric Kerwood $50.00 "Good luck, Matt!"
Marcia and Bob Estes $50.00 "Great Cause, Good Luck! We relinquish our song picks to Dan (that may or may not be a good thing). Marcia & Bob"
sara close $10.00 "enjoy "
Ernie Kibble Murphy-Gelinas $20.00 "Rerro Robin! Rye Miss Roo! Rood Ruck on ror run! Ruv, Ernie ( *Licks)"
karen pugh $35.00 "Enjoy your run Ang listening to Cyndi Lauper's Girls Just Wanna Have fun!!"
Andrew Marley $25.00 "Good Luck E. Pinkham! While running, always remember..."If you come to a fork in the road...Take it!""
Mike Barrett $25.00 "The Norman Smiley fan club supports you and everything you do. "
Kate, Jack, & Madeline Medina $100.00 "We love you & are so proud of you!"
Joann Bousquet $20.00 "Go team Train For Life!"
Bryan Grabowski $25.00 "Good luck!"
Debbie Giniewicz $50.00 "Go Patty!"
Erin Fowler $25.00 "Good Luck!!"
Jillian Preman $100.00 "Good Luck Jillian and the Tidy Twelve! You Rock!! Love, Mom and Dad"
John & Keri Regnier Hidden "GOOD LUCK & GOD BLESS! "
Jacqui Andrews $20.00 "Tara, Tristan, & Jude will be cheering you on in their hearts! Thank you for all you do for the kids in our community, Miss Jennifer! Love, The Andrews Family"
Chris Heymanns $25.00 "Good luck buddy. I expect a first place finish and/or vomiting at the finish line."
Kari Dunlop $10.00 "Way to go Lynds!!"
John Muscaro $100.00 "Run fast Sarah. "
Gail Nunes $150.00 "In memory of Adam Carter"
Gail Nunes $150.00 "In memory of Uwe neue"
Valorie Kopp-Aharonov $25.00 "Go, Dog, Go! (oops, I mean Sebastian)"
Sheila Hokanson $25.00 "Wishing you the best Jess on your run! Hope Team Y does great. Let me know if you are coming through Charlton and I'll go out and cheer for you."
Thomas Ollari $20.00 "Good Luck"
Jane & Philip Ingersoll-Mahoney $100.00 "For all those precious kids! God bless them and for all those who are making a difference in their lives."
John Kuhn $85.00 "John Kuhn $50, Andrea and Jim $20, Kendra Kuhn $15"
Frederick Pinkham $25.00 "Good Luck Eric!"
Christine Luiggi $20.00 "Go, Angela! Spence and I request Ways to Go by Group Love for you. Woo!"
Allison Wiswell $50.00 "Good Luck, Amanda! We'll be there in spirit! Love, Allison and Dan"
Gary Pinkham $25.00 "Run Forest run!"
Brenda Bianculli Hidden "Heidi, Good luck at the Mass Dash!! Brenda and Dave"
Joelle Sobin $25.00 "Runnnnn FAST"
Debra Sobin $25.00 "Good Luck Eric!"
Wilbrod Adams $50.00 "Betty, This is such a great cause thank you Love Uncle Wil & Aunt Jeanne"
Ed Medina $450.00 "Semper Fi"
David Lindberg $100.00 "So proud."
Denise Spina $25.00 "You go Lindsay!!! Have fun at the dash! "
Danielle Latorre $20.00 "Go Natalie! You are amazing! "
Lynn Plakias $50.00 "You go girl!!!"
Scott Jones $5.00 "Like a boss!"
DIANE PROVENCAL $25.00 "A special thanks to Jennifer and everyone else who will be involved in this endeavor, for caring enough to sacrifice your time and energy, to help raise money to hopefully soon find a cure for cancer! Love Mom & Danny"
Brian Stokes $25.00 "Wooot! Get it GUUUUUrl! Go Natalie!"
Michael Como $30.00 "Mary,Best of luck. We saw a group of runners last year in the Hadley/Amherst/UMASS area. It was extremely hot, and we were so impressed with their dedication to the cause!!! Impressive! "
David Pinkham $25.00 "Good Luck Eric!! "
Lisa Elias $25.00 "Great endeavor, Ian! Have a good run! All the Best, Lisa & John"
Matt OConnor $50.00 "Go Allie & Team! I'm supporting you in memory of my father."
Erin MacDonald $20.00 "Good Luck Lyndsey!!! You are the best sister!"
james rocha $200.00 "Go get um tiger "
Kathryn Pisano $100.00 "Good luck running Daniel ! mom"
Michael OBrien $100.00 "Go Allie!!!!"
Melinda Loftin $25.00 "Good luck! It's a great thing your doing :-)!"
Pete Laurent $20.00 "Good luck Ian!"
Ethan and Nichole Slavin $40.00 "Good luck!"
MARIANNE DEMARCO $100.00 "Go get 'em killer."
Scott Young $50.00 "Good Luck - Great Cause!"
Michael Marciniec $50.00 " compete is to fast!"
Kevin Ro $50.00 "I was moved, and I hope to hear about your run. Good luck! "
Charlene Angelo $20.00 "Go Natalie!!"
Joann Farrell $30.00 "I suggest you do 50 burpies a day to train for this event! Good Luck Ry! Your bootcamp buddy!"
Andrew Wood $40.00 "Semper fi!"
katherine lynch $25.00 "GO KATHRYN! I will do my sunshine dance for good weather! LOVE ak"
Linda and Pat Costello $100.00 "Have fun! I am very proud of all of you every step of the way and I know Mom would be too. Such a test of endurance that you all pass with flying colors. Go Jan's Clan!"
Anne Marie Bisner $25.00 "Best of luck to all the runners! What a wonderful tribute indeed."
Elaine Fromer $50.00 "Best of luck, Nick and fellow runners!--Elaine & Howie"
Paul Raffa $50.00 "Dedicated to my dad, Paul L. Raffa 10-8-46 to 11-6-07"
Jeff Konowitch $25.00 "Good luck on your run. Jeff and Wendy"
The Cox Family $20.00 "Thursdays are awesome!!! :D"
Aryn Lockhart $20.00 "A fantastic cause! Glad to contribute! Aryn Lockhart and Matthias Martin"
Linda Castronovo $25.00 "This is a great cause, Anna! Good luck with your fund-raising, and have a great time with your team! Linda"
Louise Nunn $20.00 "Hi Anna, Clyde and the kids helped with this a few years ago. I hope it goes well and there's some in fun in there as well as the work."
Michelle & Bobby Dolin $100.00 "The Strollin Dolins are proud supporters! Love you E-Diz! "
Scott Boulay $25.00 "Have a blast!"
Lorrie McCreary Hidden "Good luck Robin!"
Anonymous $20.00 "Good luck running!"
John Bosse $25.00 "Looking forward to running a total of 18 miles on my way to Boston with Sofia's Cancer Crushers. "
Jeffrey Morgan $10.00 "Good luck."
DCF Springfield $30.00 "Run girl Run!"
Joshua Gannon $50.00 "Let's go Rogue Islanders! Even though I live in Mass."
Jennifer Miarecki $20.00 "Run, Natalie, Run!!!!"
Rhonda Donahue $100.00 "Good Luck Heidi!! You ROCK!!!!"
Donald Dupree $25.00 "The Dupree family are behind you 100% Jennifer. "
Susan Beauchemin $50.00 "Thank you Linda! This is for my Mom xoxo"
Brittany & Rob Littleton $25.00 "Linda, you are such an inspiration! xoxo"
Sandra & Alex Vyce $25.00 "We will be thinking of you and the reason you are running....."
Michelle Wassell $50.00 "Thanks for running for such a great cause Jen!! I feel the same way you do - can't count the number of people I love who have either lost their battle to this horrible disease or have gone through or are going through treatment to hopefully win their battle. "
Robert Valois $30.00 "Thank you, Jen, for thinking of all of us cancer survivors, especially all of us in the family who have battled cancer! So glad for early detection methods that help save lives! Love, Dad"
Joyce Valois $30.00 "Thank you, Jen, for running in honor of your family and all the other survivors/fighters out there! Dedicated to all those who have lost the fight and to those who will not quit the fight! Best of luck in the run! Love, Joyce Valois"
Paula Johnson $25.00 "Thank you so much Linda!!! :) "
Matt Ichton $100.00 "Mike, we are proud of you! We are so happy to have Sofia as our friend! Oh.. we cashed in our dad's empties! Love Melina & Andrew. H.G.G. for life!!!!"
David Kaprosch $25.00 "Jen,your efforts of you and others to help Beat Cancer does not go unnoticed out here in "The Buff"..Run Jenny Run!"
Chris Nolan $30.00 "Run Forest Run......"
judy lombardo $50.00 "Gissy was a wonderful mother, wife, friend.....she had a wonderful attitude , even with her illness she was always smiling....thank you for remembering her in this wayl."
Gerry LaPorte $25.00 "Thanks Maine Neighbor, the Puffins will be waiving you in at the finish line."
Roland Archambault $50.00 "Go AJ and wear the shirt with pride. I'll be thinking of my wife Geri during the entire race. Not a day goes by that she is not on my mind and in my prayers."
Elizabeth Marshall $25.00 "Good luck Johnny :)"
Joseph DeAngelis Hidden "Hope you have a fantastic run! You'll do great!"
Marian and Tony Bruzzese $100.00 "Have a great run!! Good luck to everyone!!"
Heather Mangelinkx $100.00 "Have a good run, love Mom & Dad"
Patricia Rescigno $100.00 "Good Luck. Hope it's a nice cool day."
Linda Bosse $30.00 "Good Luck, John! ~ LOVE You, Mom, Dad and Jake"
LeeAnn Horner $25.00 "Cancer touches far too many lives. Thank you for raising funds for such a worthy cause!"
Anderson Donascimento $25.00 "Good luck on MA Dash, Jess!!! Running for a great cause! :)"
Carla Mullen $100.00 "Good Luck...Finish the Fight!"
Cindy BERNARDO $25.00 "Best of luck Sharon!"
Martha Core $25.00 "Good luck John to you and your team! Go Sofia's Cancer Crushers! Love, Auntie Martha & Jerry"
Donna Liszka $50.00 "Blanchette, Wishing your team good luck! So proud of all of you! One day I will be back on the team. xoxo Liszka"
elizabeth DeSantis Hidden "Be safe, Liz "
Angela Consalvo Hidden "Good Luck and God Bless!"
John Cowan $25.00 "Run Natalie Run!!!!"
Craig Valois $50.00 "Thank you Jen! Love, Craig, Sonia, Kaylie & Elle"
Teresina Cardamone $20.00 "Go girl!"
Diane Heim $50.00 "Good luck! Very proud of you! "
Amanda Hornick $10.00 "Best of luck, Lara!!!"
Mario Medeiros $200.00 "Great that you are doing this Run strong! Forca Amigo!!!!"
Koko Tjin Hidden "Good Luck ,"
Natalie Hopwood $20.00 "Have Fun!!!"
Christine Kimmel $20.00 "I had something witty to say but now I m entering the security text for the third time ..."
Jane M Motley $25.00 "Good luck Anna!!! Run like the wind and have a great time! Love you! The Motley Clan (hugs & kisses)"
Joe, Tara & Ella VanDette $25.00 "Hooray for running (for a cause)!"
Mike Mazzarella $50.00 "Thank you for doing this Chris! Good Luck...."
Judith Belanger $100.00 "Heidi, I am so proud of like the wind Love, Aunt Judy"
Debra Seymour $50.00 "Go Andy!! Great guy, great cause!"
Tomas Lund $45.00 "Good job Isak"
shirley nutter $50.00 "Good Luck!"
Robert Peters $50.00 "Thanks to the following folks from Liverpool Transportation Center: Lucy Reynolds, Jean Deep, Linda Troendle, Carl Ciaramella, Linda Lane, Colleen Procopio, Yolanda Redden, Shellie W, Lori Hayden, Joyce Peta, Colleen Wallace, Deb Cheevers, Kim Chaphe, Audra Harmon, Dane Dudley, Tracy Bovalino, Vickey Burns, Diane Casale, John Capozzi and Jim Ianuzzo"
Vanessa Quick $50.00 "MATT!!!"
Shannon Cafaro $50.00 "Good Luck Erin! :)"
Robin Collins $30.00 "Good luck Erin!! :)"
Donna Griffith $30.00 "Run, Jans Clan, Run"
Matt Lawless $15.00 "Good Luck Chris!"
John Davies $200.00 "Go Brian!"
Bernice Romanowski $25.00 "Good luck Anna! I know you'll do a great job! Mom-Mom"
Jeffrey Lawrence $30.00 "Because I still believe. Bonne chance, mon amie."
lorraine laws $25.00 "Good running, Dominque!"
Alexandra McNitt $25.00 "Way to go, Jennifer! I lost my maternal grandmother, paternal grandfather, mother and one of my sisters to cancer. May they all look over you as you run and keep the wind at your back."
Bonnie Bastien $20.00 "Go Lara!! "
Michael Murphy $100.00 "I'm happy to support suck a great cause Tags!"
Sarah Gregor $25.00 "Run, Lair, run! "There is no passion to be found playing small - in settling for a life that is less than the one you are capable of living." Nelson Mandela "
Kate Laliberte $50.00 "Good luck!"
John & Mary Cahaly Hidden "Have a safe and successful run! Love Mom & Dad"
Richard Roy $70.00 "Fort Meadow Early Childhood Staff Westfield"
Valerie Joyce $20.00 "Ian..go for it and do your best, have fun too...thanks for taking the time to give of yourself. It's a good thing! Valerie Joyce 'Cheshire, CT"
Richard Roy $100.00 "Way to go guys! Rich, Tricia, Faith, Jessica, & Gracie Hope to see you in Amherst with pizza!"
Robyn Laga $100.00 "Thanks again Pam for contributing your time and energy for a great cause. Best of Luck!"
Lawrence Anderson $100.00 "Go Kelsi !"
deborah hicks $100.00 "good luck honey love you Auntie Deb"
Bud Shannon $50.00 "Thanks to you and your team, Mike....Good Luck!"
Jen Banks-Rocha Hidden "You are amazing! Go get 'em!"
Mary Ellen Baron $25.00 "Good luck. Good cause. Thanks for the huge effort. Hope the weather cooperates. Let me know if I can be of transportation assistance."
Chuck Cavas $50.00 "Good luck're a better man than me!"
Jessica Weglarz Hidden "Good Luck! Jess, Clay, Jake & Ben"
Ted Zafiris $100.00 "Run Harrrrrddddd!"
David & Kristi Crews $25.00 "Good luck with the run!"
David & Kristi Crews $25.00 "Good luck on the run!"
Katie Luce $20.00 "Gooo Kels!!"
Teresa Constante $50.00 "Together we can beat cancer!!!!!!! Maybe someday I will be able to join you and run for thi great cause!!!"
Robyn Keegan $20.00 "Thank you for raising money & running for a great cause!"
Paul Asselin $250.00 "Thank you Bob for your efforts as Sheila and I have lost family and friends to cancer"
Alan & Tracey Dzialo $125.00 "Good Luck Bob, Thanks for your efforts. I lost my dad, several uncles and friends to cancer. "
T.P. Daley $100.00 "Good Luck Bob"
Anonymous $100.00 "Tata & Howard Philanthropy Committee is proud to support Heidi! Good Luck!"
Les Gardner $30.00 "Thanks Jen for being such a good friend and so dedicated to the cause. WE miss John everyday!"
Kathy Castle $30.00 "Go Jess!"
Kayla Clark $30.00 "WOHOOOO! Go Team Lin(d)s(e)(a)y squared!!!"
Jarret Fiumano $50.00 "Go Danielle!"
Rebecca Kroll $35.00 "YOU GUYS ARE GONNA ROCK IT!!"
Veronica Cook $25.00 "Proud of you for continuing to do this run. Good luck and have fun."
Marco Liquori $250.00 "I hope you reach your goal! Good luck with the event and god willing someday with continued efforts from people like you we will find a cure. "
Robert Perry $100.00 "Keep on truckin Bob. Be well. "
Zach Davis $10.00 "Run hard Lara!"
Kevin Queenin $100.00 "Thank you and the team for your commitment to this great cause."
Jerri Custer $50.00 "For a great cause...proud of you Domi! Love, Aunt Jer & Kathy"
Jaclyn Frenette $25.00 "Good luck to the team. Thank you for raising money for such an amazing cause. "
Simi Landau $10.00 "Have fun, you ridiculous KFish, you!"
Brian Boldini $25.00 "Happy to support you and your cause. Brian & Lorraine"
Eugene Tikh $30.00 "Go Joe!!!"
Susan Phillips $100.00 "Thanks for this effort Mike. "
Ann and Bill Harding $100.00 "We can see the mischief in Uncle Pete's eye, even then! Go get 'em Cuz!"
Anonymous $20.00 "Stu says I can bitch about how slow he's going to run if I contribute!"
Joe Cahill $50.00 "GOOD LUCK JEFF!!!"
Jackie DePaulis $50.00 "Proud of you Danielle!"
Tracy Ploof $50.00 "Thanks for running for a good cause."
Anonymous $60.00 "Just don't get any debilitating paper cuts."
Brian McGrath $50.00 "Mike, Great job again. May God bless your efforts. May God lift to eternal life all those we miss so much. Fr. b."
RoAnn Wendling $100.00 "Dave and I wish you the best - enjoy the DASH - let us know if you need something :-)"
Alan Engler $50.00 "I think you can run a little faster than that...;)"
Daryl Garner $100.00 "Linda, I appreciate you and where you heart is. Thank you."
Adreana Duchesne $10.00 "Keep up the good work!"
Joseph Strzegowski $100.00 "Go team!!"
Joe Rainis $50.00 "Run Ryan Run , Love Uncle Joe, Aunt Jen, Sydney and Joey"
Alfonso Chang $25.00 "have a great run! thanks for fighting cancer!"
Shirley Blanchette Hidden "Go team!! So proud of you all. Thank you for taking the time out of your lives to run for this special cause on behalf of Sofia and all those that now have cancer and those who are now cancer-free. "
Chris & Sharon Dunphy $50.00 "May the wind be at your back. Good Luck! Chris & Share"
Sandy Gonzalez Hidden "Go Stu!"
John Coughlin $200.00 "Good Luck Manny. Manny, will you be running on Dunkin'!!!!!!!"
Victoria Hallal $25.00 "Good Luck and we are very proud of you!!!"
Hung Pham $25.00 "Run Heidi, Run!"
Marcella O' Connor $25.00 "Good luck Allie, I hope you have great running weather. Great Aunt Marcella."
Anonymous $30.00 "Make sure you don't trip on any ghosts!"
Lacey McIntosh $25.00 "Congrats Joe!!"
Peter Ouellette $50.00 "Dave once raced a cougar and won!"
Dana Litturi, DMD, LLC $50.00 "Good luck Steph!"
Ed & Ellen Batchelder $40.00 "A great cause!"
Parks Strobridge $50.00 "Good Luck, Parks"
Conexo Incorporated $20.00 "Good luck! From the Heins :)"
Ralph Cahaly Hidden "Good Luck!"
Matthew Tivnan $25.00 "Good Luck!"
Robert Greenlaw $100.00 "Harley, you make us proud! Be Careful, Be Safe, Have Fun! :)"
Lynn &Dave welbourn $50.00 "Have fun, run safely."
Jeffrey Lyons $25.00 "Rock On!!!!"
David Scanlon $100.00 "Good luck, Matt!"
Eva Zygmuntowicz $50.00 "Good Luck Jen!!!! And the whole Mash Dash Team!!!"
Danielle Hildebrand $50.00 "Now that I have a stake in this, I can tell you to run fast!"
Debra Brush $30.00 "Great cause! Good luck!"
Jon Gebarowski $50.00 "Good Luck Linda!"
Peter Steffens $50.00 "Go bird-DAWWWWWWG"
Brookfield Farm $50.00 "Good Luck Anna. We are proud to sponsor your team for such a great cause! "
Sara Wutzke $50.00 "Have a great time, Erin!"
Linda Van Deusen $333.33 "Thank you for participating. I am very proud !!"
Linda Van deusen $333.33 "Am very proud of you Mike. Thank you for participating."
Beverly Dillaway $30.00 "You've got a big heart & strong legs - thanks"
Chris Gresham $50.00 "Good luck Stu! - Andy & Chris"
Melissa Lesley $20.00 "Go Leslie! Go!!!"
Melissa Brewer $100.00 "Good luck Annie and everyone else!!! -Dan+Melissa"
Lisa Smith $25.00 "Good Luck!! I am sure you will do great"
Aimee Cleary $50.00 "Good Luck Kerin!!!"
Beth & Gary Mangelinkx $50.00 "Good Luck! ~The Mangelinkx Family"
Carinne Park $10.00 "I pick "blister in the sun" by the violent femmes. Tough stuff lady! <>"
Amy Hanson $75.00 "Thirty-one Gifts Fundraiser by "
Amy Hanson $35.00 "Amherst Middle School Donations"
Karen Vachon Hidden "Best wishes for a successful weekend!"
Merri Seidl $25.00 "Thanks, Matt & Good Luck!"
Judy Wong Hidden "Tony, thank you for training, running, and fundraising in support of such an important cause. Good luck on the relay!"
Deborah Lang $50.00 "Go Jess Go!"
Kathleen Mortimer $100.00 "What a great cause Tony. Good luck with the run!"
Belinda Santana $50.00 "Coach Robinator- Robin the Motivator: Thank you for all your support and guidance! "
Matthew Waugh $100.00 "Good luck! "
Business Council of NYS $265.00 "Thanks to the following folks at The Business Council of NYS, Inc.: Dee Lewis, Jean Backstrom, Anna DeLisle, Theresa Stewart, Suzanne Jensen, Pam Barlow, Tory Carman, Colleen DeMichele, Liz Mancini, Joanne Cholakis, Lorie Stager, Frances Church, Ellen Clickner, Sue Mateja, Marybelle Hansen, Jamila Belton, Keri Walsh, Mark Navin, Teri Wilson, LaTaunya French, Lin Mastroianni, Howard Becker, Heather Briccetti, Mark Amodeo, Darren Suarez, Ken Pokalsky, Tom Minnick, Kristin Legere, Michelle Barson, and Heather Jung"
Joan Reicherter $25.00 "Good Luck Allie, we love you and miss you. This is a great thing for you to do, but then you are the greatest."
Kathy Hunter $20.00 "Good luck!"
Douglas Woodhouse $25.00 "Go get 'em!"
Douglas Woodhouse $25.00 "Good luck!"
TeenLife Media $100.00 "Good luck Ben, from your team at TeenLife!"
Sue Diehl $30.00 "What a wonderful cause to be part of. Go Haley!"
Angela C K Allen $25.00 "LYLAFKLC!!!"
Maria & Pat DeAngelis $100.00 "Make it a good run!"
Jared and Amie Tivnan $25.00 "Good luck!!"
Kate Ryan $50.00 "Way to go Crew from the Woo!!! Have fun and run strong as I know you will."
Steve & Katherine Cummings $100.00 "Everyone is touched by cancer in some way. We applaud your efforts and that of the rest of the team."
Jennifer Gariepy $50.00 ""Run Johnny Run""
Suzanne Avery $50.00 "So many good friend are running for TFL! Wish you all well and a really great run! Suzanne and Jim"
Taylor Nunez $25.00 "Good luck, my dear! xx"
Sara Durand $100.00 "You will rock this just like you rock everything you do. I admire you for taking this on! Keep challenging yourself, you make us all want to work harder! Love you!"
Cacilda Amaral $25.00 "So proud of you Jennifer!"
Maryellen Fraser $25.00 "Good Luck Daniel! The Frasers"
Lori Ingraham $25.00 "Have fun!!"
Robert Tivnan $150.00 "Good Luck We are very proud of you Much Love Dad and Sarah"
Nicole Solari $50.00 "Good luck Jess! I know that you and the Crew will do great."
Mary Hiser $50.00 "Good luck Jeff and entire team!"
Mary Hiser $50.00 "Good luck Sophia's Cancer Crushers! Keep up the fight!"
William Pinkham $25.00 "Good Luck Eric"
Aaron Judge $15.00 "Best of luck John!"
Steven Copeland $25.00 "Run, leslie, Run"
jeffrey cardoso $250.00 "Good luck Kylie!"
Janice Immerman $25.00 "Good luck Judy!!! From the Immerman family"
Sharon Duquette $25.00 "I am in awe of all you do!!!! Have fun with this one!!!! Be safe!!! "
Diane Cummins $10.00 "Good Luck Domi!"
Amy Sciannameo Hidden "Good Luck!"
Amy Sciannameo $30.00 "GO IRISH!"
Steve Ezzy $20.00 "Good for you, Tony! Run the good race!"
Ryan McGuire $50.00 "Chris - Great cause and best of luck on the run !"
Maria & Dave Ziomek $25.00 "Sounds exciting, Anna! Looks like you will be running through some beautiful places in MA. Good luck and have fun! The Ziomeks"
Jennifer Murphy $100.00 "Good luck Tommy"
Michael Benham $25.00 "Good Luck"
Jamie Magarian $75.00 "Will, "You've go to hate to lose, more than you love to win!" Jamie "
The Grasso's $25.00 "Good Luck Chris!"
Virginio Sardinha Jr. $200.00 "Manny, Honorable achievements...Proud to be your cousin!! Go Get Em!"
Steven Fessenden $40.00 "You've been Training HARD! I know it will pay off big! Best of Luck! Steve"
Bob Brisbin $50.00 "You go, Girl!!"
Sarah Reichle $10.00 "Good luck! Buena suerte!"
Tim Cronin $25.00 "Good Luck! "
Katherine Sharry $50.00 "AWESOME JOB, ANA!!"
Joseph Alexander $100.00 "Yay!"
Kate Sharry $50.00 "Good luck with the race!"
Eli Scheer $25.00 "Huzzah! Go Lara! xo C+E"
Janet Greene $50.00 "Good Luck!"
James Wright $50.00 "Thanks Drew!! Good luck on your leg! May God bless you abundantly for your selfless gift."
Kimberly Bean $200.00 "You go girl!! With love ~ Ama and Grumpa"
Kimberly Bean $30.00 "with love ~ Nana, Grampie, Kevin, and Garrett!!"
Kimberly Bean $10.00 "with love ~ Uncle Chris, Auntie Laurie, Alex, and Sydney"
Milissa Gravois $50.00 "So proud of you - have a great time! XO"
Kimberly Bean $200.00 "Run fast, run well, meet you at the finish line. Love~ Ama and Grumpa"
Kimberly Bean $30.00 "with love~ Nana, Grampie, Kevin, and Garrett"
Kimberly Bean $10.00 "with love~ Uncle Chris, Auntie Laurie, Alex, and Sydney"
tina longo $100.00 "This is truely a twilight zone experience"
Briana Pivirotto $10.00 "RUN BROTHER BEAR RUN. Love you."
Mary Chartier $50.00 "Good luck on your run. Be safe"
Leanne Brisbin $50.00 "Have fun! Happy to cheer from the sidelines!"
Dawn Keefer $25.00 "Way to go Drew & Team Marla!!"
Edward Nowak $25.00 "Go Jen Go! - Ed Nowak"
Jennifer Kuhn $50.00 "Love you Mom..."
David Funk $25.00 "Run fast, far, and safely, Drew! "
Gary&Tina Gorman $100.00 "Good Luck Barb from Tina, Grace and me. Remember you will always be a Lady Gael on Team Gael Force and are on loan this year. I know you will make us proud. Have a blast for a great cause!!!!"
Erin McDonald $5.00 "Have fun! :)"
Elaine and Bill Army $25.00 "Go, Stu!!!!!"
Lisa Tressel $10.00 "Good luck, Stu!!"
Tyrone Hester $50.00 ""have a great run! KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!!! Babs "
Karin Boyle $10.00 "Good luck!"
Ge 1166 avenue of the americas $20.00 "Awesome event. Awesome Cause. You can do it Damien! Thank YOU"
Sam Wright $50.00 "Drew hope that you and Team Marla have good weather and a safe run. This is a very important and effective charity that always is there for people that need them. A great choice to run for and to help. Have a fun day!"
Paik-Kee Low $50.00 "Go for it!!"
Christine George $25.00 "Andrew, Good Luck to you and your team! The Georges"
Heidi Wheatley $50.00 "Goooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo SIS!"
Randy & Melanie Lindsay-Brisbin $100.00 "Very proud of you and Jacob and the whole team! Good Luck!"
paula ribeiro $20.00 "Go Mom! RUN MOM RUN!!!"
Laura Anderson $10.00 "Ana - Thanks for running for a great cause! Good Luck! xoxo"
Therese Hough $25.00 "Good luck, run fast Laura! I have confidence in you! Love Grandma"
Elizabeth Rennard $20.00 "Good Luck!!"
Jason & Sandra Williams $25.00 "Go Drew & Team Marla!"
Margaret Slade $50.00 "Run Strong, baby! "
Sarwat Hussain $100.00 "Joe, More power to you!"
Laura Vachet Hidden "Think about Denise Dineen while you run. She is a cancer survivor and our very own Belchertown superhero! I'll send you her story. Really encouraging!! "
Rick and Stephanie Fennelly $50.00 "Best of Luck Heidi! Steph and Rick"
Robin Shirley-Granville $25.00 "Thanks for running Jen. My father who is battling esophageal cancer right now thanks you as well."
douglas hough $20.00 "laura, have a great time. uncle jeff"
Sean Belcher $99.00 "buy some sunscreen!"
Stuart Wilson $120.00 "I'm donating $60 for every mile I can currently run consecutively."
Meghan Fresta $50.00 "Have fun!"
Mary Kaye $30.00 "Run Haley, Run!!!"
Karen Fairchild $100.00 "Have fun and stay cool!"
karen Fairchild $50.00 "Have fun and stay cool. "
Pam Suprenant $200.00 "I couldn't decide WHO to donate to - I LOVE YOU ALL!!! Don't have too much fun without me... and I'm sure I'll pop up somewhere and surprise you. xoxo"
karen fairchild $50.00 "To a strong little girl and her fast running Daddy. "
Janice BUCK $50.00 "Good Luck"
Joseph Zapasnik $220.00 "Donating $20 for each member of team Awesome aka Rogue Islanders. Sorry I am once again a human pile of crap and cant run but i can at least help you guys make your goal a little. Good luck."
Jeff Sarat $100.00 "Good luck Mike!"
Annalisa Walker $25.00 "You go girl!!"
jennifer Smith $20.00 "You are all awesome!!"
Lerryn Godden $50.00 "Good Luck Mike!"
Bill & Mary Anne Coveney $50.00 "Good for you for doing this!"
Lenore Flanagan $100.00 "Go Jilly! Love Gramma"
Candybar Sales GDAIS $250.00 "Good Luck!"
Allen Mathews Hidden "Run, Lawyer, Run!!! Very Proud of you and Jenna!"
Paul-Michael Quintin $50.00 "Manny - Good Luck with the run. Great cause! "
Cafua Management $500.00 "Good Luck on your run! "
Mike & Lynette Knapp $20.00 "Run, Jennifer, run!"
Karl & Gay Strattman $25.00 "Happy retirement Bob..... As you are aware, my wife has Lymphoma that we've been fighting for over 6 years, and thanks to you I have been able to accompany her on all her doctor and chemo visits. Your understanding allowing me to take time off without any hassle has been very comforting to both of us. Thanks again, and you have out wish for a wonderful and fulfilling retirement, we will miss you at T.C. "
Liz Modafferi $30.00 "Hi Domi, Good luck, very worthy cause."
Beverly Baker $51.00 "Good luck!"
Joseph Grzymski $100.00 "Go Dave!"
Anonymous $20.00 "Drew, A worthy cause. We wish you all the best and hope you enjoy your runs. Larry and Vivian"
Beth-Ann Jacobs Goff $50.00 "My donation is in honor of my sister Linda, who is a cancer survivor!!! Thank you for running and raising funds to help cure this devastating disease."
Patricia Connors $100.00 "Have fun, Dave!"
Kirby Ward $100.00 "Good luck on your run!!"
Sonia Weinhaus Hidden "Go Wedge!"
Nicole Wetmore $50.00 "Good luck Annie!"
Stacy Clark $20.00 "Thanks Ladies- you're running for a great cause !! "
Lydia Carlson $25.00 "Run like the wind - and please keep 5-year-old Calle Cronk on your mind. She is fighting brain cancer with all her might!"
Karen Horak $50.00 "Run Jennifer run!"
Veronica Wyllie $50.00 "Kick some butt , girls!!! "
Veronica Wyllie $50.00 "Kick some butt, girls!"
Janet O'Neil $25.00 "Good Luck Linda! You are running for a good cause and it is nice to do things in memory of our parents. "
Mary Chiecko $50.00 "Good luck & HIT IT HARD!!!!! Love, Mary Margaret & Jill"
Stephen Bean $50.00 "Good luck Joe - great cause!"
MaryBeth Holmes $25.00 "So proud of you!"
Kate Woytowicz $50.00 "Good luck, Christa! Have a great time!!"
Ellsworth Towlen $40.00 "This donation is in memory of my parents and your grandparents, Ellsworth and Daisy Towlen who both died from a different form of cancer. Dad"
Gail & Ed LaLiberte $50.00 "Good luck, Kelly! Stay hydrated!! Love, Gail & Beaver"
Gail & Ed LaLiberte $50.00 "Good luck, Joe! Slow and steady wins the race! Love Gail & Beaver"
Bob Connors $50.00 "Ken, have fun but watch out for those old man injuries. Make sure you stretch!! Good Luck!"
Linda Hoyt-Russell $15.00 "Meredith, Thanks to you and your team for your efforts in raising funds for cancer."
Linda Hoyt-Russell $15.00 "Jenn, Thanks for your continued commitment to this race and raising money for cancer. Linda"
Susan Scanlon $100.00 "Ma-a-a-a-a-t! Run Matty run! "
Susan Williamson $25.00 "Good luck Eric running for a good cause!"
Roxanne Latimer $100.00 "I really admire you guys!"
George Carpenter Hidden "Good luck! Although I don't think luck is a factor as much as stamina."
Kathleen Glynn $100.00 "Good luck UMPD and friends! I will miss running with you this year. "
Helen and Chuck Kusek $100.00 "Helen and Chuck"
Daniel Burdulis $25.00 "Good luck and have fun!"
John Goetcheus $50.00 "Great cause! Safe journey! Sabra & John "
Cynthia Smith $100.00 "Go Mat, To the best "son & brother - in -law" Craig, Cindy & Lindsay"
Andrea Poulin $150.00 "Best of luck to the team ! It is a very worthy cause. I look forward to the day when it is no longer necessary for you to run......Hey Jim, beat my pledge !!"
beth and karl stinehart $35.00 "mike , good cause and inspirational god speed and good luck beth and karl"
Maureen Saksa $25.00 "Go get em Jen!"
Audrey Fisher $25.00 "Erin - You are truly amazing! Can't wait to hear all about it. So proud of you. Audrey"
Sharon Wilcox $100.00 "Each and every day you make a difference in the lives you touch!"
Jonathan Towlen Hidden "I have donated to The Jimmy Fund multiple times and this seems like a great way to do it this year."
paige goodlett $10.00 "GOO WEDGELETTTTTTTTTT"
Paul Cavanagh $30.00 "Go Matt"
Nancy Kellliher $50.00 "Tara - you are an awesome person with a big heart!! You go girl!! We love you!"
Patricia O'Connell $25.00 "Good luck, stay hydrated. Pat/Viv"
Nina Pillard $100.00 "Go, Emma, go! Good luck to the whole Amherst Regional High School Team. Your hard Vermont training will stand you in good stead on the Dash. Nina, David, Aidan (& Sarah by proxy)"
Nick Pirog $75.00 "Paul, CPU Automation is pleased to support you in such a worthy cause!"
Rick Rolocut $125.00 "Keep on running for a great cause!"
Deanna Strout $25.00 "Good luck ryan!!! "
Alison Coleman $10.00 "Run fast, Wedge!"
Kerin Gregory $80.00 "Go Rick's Rebels! We'll be cheering for you!"
Davida Freeman $50.00 "Good luck and have fun! V-"
Jeffrey Ristaino $50.00 ""Insane, you're insane!""
Sha Lindholm $75.00 "Thank you to Lew and Nana Linda!"
EDWARD CZEREMCHA $100.00 "Good Luck!"
Laura Slowick $50.00 "Way to go Brian......"
Gina & Andy O'Neil Hidden "Good luck, Jackie! Run like the wind - we're proud of you! Love, Gina and Andy!"
DOREEN CRAWFORD $15.00 "Leslie, adding a little more to this great cause. In memory of 3 dear friends who passed away from this insidious disease - Sue, Liz, and Elaine."
Mike Halpin $50.00 "Good Luck Sister. There's probably not enough room in the van for the amount of FEBREEZE you will need to keep it smelling tolerable."
Joseph Berkel $100.00 "Run, Sparky, run..."
Teri McMahon $40.00 "Good luck to you all and yay for Sophia!"
Erin Shupenis $25.00 "Good Luck Jason!"
Adib Karam $50.00 "GO JOE!"
Beth Burdick $25.00 "Love you!!!"
Lisa Straus $20.00 "My prayers go with you! -Lisa"
Courtney Ruggles $25.00 "Good luck Jess and crew! Happy to support you all! :)"
Laura D'Arcangelis $50.00 "Run hard. Run Fast. Have FUN!"
Robert Peters $30.00 "Thank you Darlene Bessette and John Capozzi"
ginni cardoso $100.00 "Good luck Patty!"
Jeffrey Glaze $500.00 "Good luck Bob!!! "
Katherine Piedra $100.00 "For Biz"
Eileen Lynskey $50.00 "Great cause honey, good luck and have fun........"
Cara Valeri $50.00 "You rock! "
Rick and Lisa Sullivan $50.00 "Good Luck!"
Patrick & Heidi Johnstone $40.00 "Good Luck on the run! "
Melanie Bisson $25.00 "You ladies are inspiring! Best wishes for an awesome race!"
Brian Sutton $100.00 "I think this puts you over your goal, sir"
Danielle Briden $10.00 "Have a great race!"
Deborah White $25.00 "Thinking of you!"
Marisa Berenbaum $36.00 "Thank you for doing this great event!!!!"
Michael Carreira Hidden "May your endurance be fully tested!!! Best of luck Bob. -- The Carreiras"
Jeffrey Doe $50.00 "Thank you for supporting such a worthy cause! Good Luck..."
Jenna Dee $10.00 "Love Today by MIKA"
Sammy Woogerd $50.00 "Good times, Good luck! "
Deepak Takhtani $100.00 "May you success in your endeavor. "
Marleen Billings $50.00 "Good Luck Sarah!"
Karen Herzig $25.00 "Good luck, Eric, to you and your team. I'm glad to donate to such a worthy cause and to the memory of your mom. She was an awesome person and is truly missed."
Shannon Terry $200.00 "Go, Jan's Clan, Go! Listen" Keep Your Head Up" Love, Shannon "
Leslie Carl $100.00 "You go girl!!!!"
Meridith and Gretchen Milesi $50.00 "You guys are amazing, have fun! "
Carolyn Sonnekalb $50.00 "Run with JOY!"
The Loughlins $25.00 "Good luck AJ! We will be thinking if all if your team!"
Shawn Lindholm Hidden "Thank you Aunt Nan!"
Matthew Wally $30.00 "good luck!"
Nichole Desclos $10.00 "You've got this in the bag girl! if you need a donut sandwhich waiting for you at the finish line, you just say the word. best wishes for a strong finish. : ) Nichole"
Mary Lynne Smith $25.00 "I am so proud of you for participating in this run. I hope you have good weather and a slight breeze that day to make the running a lot easier - Mary Lynne & Jack"
Emily Tier Hidden "<3"
Melissa Collins $5.00 "Go get em!"
Anne Wehry $50.00 "Be safe. Have fun!!"
Anonymous $50.00 "Thinking of you beautiful Sofia ... The Dziedzics "
Bob and Mommy Pond $100.00 "Run like someone is chasing you!!!!"
Matthew Kilkelly $50.00 "Happy to support a great cause. Good luck to Drew and all runners!"
Shari Kaplan $10.00 "I'll only be impressed if you all rob a casino while running. Have a blast!"
Kurt Legner $25.00 "Run Johnny Run !! :-)"
Robert McBride $100.00 "Taylor, You are an amzaing young woman. Thank you so very much for remembering our Marla. She loved spending time with you when camping. Good Luck with the race. Love, Bob and Annette"
Anon E. Mouse $43.00 "Good luck"
Mary Jeanne Giannoccari $25.00 "Good luck John - to you and your team! Enjoy the event and views! Love, Aunt Mary Jeanne"
Alex Puntin $20.00 "Good luck Uncle Frank! Love, Alex "
Eric Puntin $20.00 "You can do it! Have fun! Love, Eric"
M. Rita Giannoccari $25.00 "Good Bless you John! Enjoy the run! Love, Nonna"
Ryan Puntin $20.00 "Way to go Uncle Frank! Great Job! Love, Ryan"
Anonymous $25.00 "Have fun! Don't do anything that you wouldn't consider during your Polar Bear Days"
Aaron Oldenburg $40.00 "You got this!!!"
Crystal Kerfoot $25.00 "Good Luck Kevin!"
Kathleen Robinson $50.00 "Good luck, Jess!"
Luke Lindsay-Brisbin $20.00 "I can buy you and Jenna a neck pillow for the van too, just let me know! "
Michele Snizek $25.00 "You go Lauren!"
Brette Petty $20.00 "Good luck Lindsay! I'm so proud of the amazing things that you do, and proud to know you because of it!!! "
Gary & Maryann Buma $25.00 "Thank you for running! Your tribute is very touching! We love you and wish you well on this venture!"
Lori Conroy $25.00 "Way to go Lauren - good luck!! xo"
Sonya Retallic $25.00 "Good Luck Heidi! "
Andrew Karellas $75.00 "Joe, have a good run ... and for a great cause."
John Bosse $100.00 "Thank you for the generous donation from my friend Rachel Eramo, in memory of her Father. Sofia's Cancer Crushers appreciates your support!!!"
Thomas Jackson $30.00 "Good luck, Haley - What a worthwhile run!!"
Carolyn Palmer $50.00 "YOU GO GIRL! "
Russell Jackson $100.00 "Good luck Paul from everyone at Invensys!"
Gloria Rodhouse Hidden "Great run for a great cause! Proud of you Franklin."
Brooke Fleming $50.00 "Just keep running!"
Betsy Sheppard $25.00 "Go Claire, Go! What a great way to honor your grandmother! Keep running!"
Mike Henry Hidden "Run Phil Run!"
Sofia, Benjamin & Brady Blanchette $250.00 "Go Daddy Go!!! We are so proud of you and love you very much!! We will be waiting for you at the finish line cheering on the team as always. You're the best Dad ever!!! (and husband too!!)"
Kimberly Dionne $20.00 "Good Luck Taylor!! "
JoAnne Smith $50.00 "You're AWESOME Kayla!! "
Allyson Rottman $25.00 "Good luck and have fun, Kerin! :-)"
Jim Albert $50.00 "Good luck!!!"
Tracie Hammond $50.00 "Have fun! :)"
Chia & Michael Collins & Cohen $250.00 "Go Bob Go! Thanks for all you do!"
Claire Minerly $10.00 "Any Crazy Frog song is okay with me! Have fun!!!!"
Stephen Longo $25.00 "If you don't make it, I want my money back."
Joanne Casali-Yusko $25.00 "Thank you for supporting such a worthy cause. God bless you as you run, Joanne"
Family Spitaels $50.00 "GGGGGOOOOO. Erin & team !!!!"
Anthony Pepin $75.00 "Good Luck Ana and Team!"
Victoria Corbo $30.00 "Love you, ziz. "
Lori Grazio $25.00 "Good luck and have fun!"
Lori Grazio $25.00 "Good luck and I hope you have a great time! "
Patricia Zavras $50.00 "Wishing you great weather! - Laurie and Trish"
Rachel Aubin $50.00 "Woo! Woo! Woo!"
Jim Duprey $50.00 "Good Luck Jan's Clan. Go get'm. Jim & Giselle"
Adrienne Tavelinsky $50.00 "Have a great run for a great cause"
Amy Parent Hidden "Go Christa & Team!!"
Gordon Wilson $50.00 "God bless the cause, the race, you (& your team) and your pace..yeaaaaah John!"
Jaimie Freeman Hidden "Good luck, I'm proud of you and will be cheering for you in spirit :)"
Ann Kerouac $200.00 "Hope you have perfect weather for running!!"
Mary Ellen Woods $10.00 "Hey Ben! Good luck with the down hill!"
Roy Beals $20.00 "Sam, This is great that you're running for such a good cause! We hope that the heat wave breaks and you'll all have comfortable weather. Wishing you the best, Roy & Evelyn"
Michael Pereira $500.00 ""Good luck Manny""
Nancy Oettlin-Piela Hidden "Good Luck & Be Safe."
Karen Martindell $20.00 "Good Luck Grandpop!"
Donna and Gene Olafsen Hidden "Good luck to you and your team! the Olafsens"
Anonymous $50.00 "Go Erin. Have a wonderful time with your team kicking cancer's butt."
Lori Howard $25.00 "Bob, Best of luck on your leg f the run! - Lori Howard"
Kara Baker $20.00 "You are an inspiration to me!! "
Peggy Hool Hidden "Grandma and Mom say, "Go, Kev!""
Will Baker $10.00 "Sam, you're the man and I know your team will do well! Fighting cancer is a very noble cause and I'm proud of you bud"
Your friends at Train for Life $625.00 "Good luck to all of the amazing runners and representing TFL with pride! :)"
William & Jean Thompson $50.00 "Good luck, Matt"
Tiffany Geisler $50.00 "We love you! Wish we could be there! The Geislers"
Bill and Lori Staigar $100.00 "Jan's Clan...You got this, Mom would be proud."
Nancy D'Auria $25.00 "Great looking team! Best of luck"
carla sullivan $100.00 "Go Mass Confusion- good luck, have fun. Thanks for your dedication, your steps bring us all closer to the day Cancer is behind us THANKS "
Alex Jzyk $50.00 "Come (sp?) on Ally!!!!!!!"
Hayley Chestnut $10.00 "YOU GO GIRL"
Katie Howell $50.00 "Always doing great things for others, happy to call you my friend! "
jill battista $25.00 "good luck & have fun :)"
susan marsh $100.00 "Run, Run, Run and have Fun!"
Diane Cunningham $50.00 "Go Kevin!"
Shirley & Dick Klett $40.00 "Good luck to AJ and the "Geri's Kids" team... hopefully, a cure for this horrible disease will be found."
Marty Torrey $50.00 "Ferd, Watch out for fast moving traffic. "
Helen Wright $25.00 "Good Luck, Biney!4"
Samantha Dominik $25.00 "Good luck and make it back West!"
Kathleen Hendrickson $25.00 "THANK YOU Sharon ,Mike and the rest of the team, for all you do! Keep safe"
Laurie Canning $125.00 "Joann- You are simply amazing. Here's to a fabulous relay for a great cause! Love you!"
Scott Hansen $50.00 "Good luck Paul to you and your team mates."
Nancy Resteghini $25.00 "Good luck!! I'm sure you'll do great! :)"
Nancy Resteghini $25.00 "Good luck, Joe! Take that run down."
David LeBreton $25.00 "Run fast!"
Joyce Rosen $25.00 "May your efforts help those still struggling with cancer."
Camey and Kevin Trujillo $20.00 "No place is to far one step at a time. Have the time of your life as you run to give to others. "
Stephanie Begen $20.00 "You go Savannah!!!"
Rosemary Spina $25.00 "Good luck team Marla and Danielle!"
Jacqueline Scheib $250.00 "Go Mass Dash! Thanks for being part of the effort to fight cancer! "
Helen van Riel $20.00 "To the best running buddy!! Kick some cancer butt this weekend! "
Sarah Coffin $25.00 "Good Luck, Ben! "
Anonymous Hidden "Good luck and have fun!! :) T.S."
Barbara Powell $300.00 "A full donation from Skechers -- Thank you!"
Chad Carl $100.00 "Contributing today not only to cheer you and your bad self onward, but in honor of my friend Clay who found out today, that he is cancer-free!"
michael weininger $50.00 "We love you! Mom & Dad. :)"
Tim Londo $100.00 "Good Luck Beasts! I'll see you at Goshen Park."
Allan Byam $100.00 "Pat and Team good luck and keep up the excellent work!!"
Edward Blaguszewski $25.00 "Go, Pat! Lead us to glory again this year."
Colleen Flanagan $100.00 "Go Mass Confusion!! Wish I could be there!!!!"
Ashley Robinson $50.00 "Good Luck Lyndsey Nunes and Jeff Haymond! It's a great thing you are doing! Best wishes, Mark, Ashley, Kadyn and Colton Robinson"
Sherri Koski $50.00 "Claire & Family, I wish you the very best of luck and send encouragement for you during your run! Your Grandmother was and amazing woman and always an inspiration to you. She left her mark Claire because YOU also are an inspiration to those you touch. I love you and miss you tons! Sherri"
Lauren Anderson $20.00 "You guys have trained so hard! Best of luck! Have a blast :-)"
Frank Begen $30.00 "GO TO IT SAVANNAH!!!"
Steve & Laurie Charon $50.00 "You're amazing and such an inspiration! "
Upstate Transit of Saratoga $200.00 "Go get them Bob"
Myriam Bermudez $30.00 "Good luck Joe!!"
Ann Kuchieski $10.00 "Good luck!!"
Keith Armstrong $100.00 "Good luck babe!!"
Louise Krieger Hidden "Go, Pat! Once and always our "best man"! L&BK"
Daniel Sullivan $20.00 "Good Luck!"
Peggy Mulvihill $25.00 "Good luck Katie! "
Joanne Skiffington $50.00 "Good luck Natalie. You couldn't be running for a better cause. Enjoy!!!"
Maria Sparks $50.00 "Good luck, Nick and the rest of the clan! "
Sean Wandrei Hidden "Tear that Sh!t up!"
Kyle Mardeuse $25.00 "Good luck!! "
Pat Graves $30.00 "Good luck - thank you for doing this! So many of our family touched by cancer."
Sajen Plevyak $300.00 "¡Bueno suerte mi padre! Love you. Padre, Good luck!Have fun! Rains + Sajen"
Stephanie Joyce $20.00 "See ya at UMASS:)"
Vivian & Donald Gladu $20.00 "Give it your all, Lauren!"
Joan Guerin $10.00 "Good Luck "
Lois Luczynski $100.00 "You go girlfriend! Sooo very proud of you!"
Marie Valentin $20.00 "Good Luck to You Andy Sharry, and Be Safe!"
Louise Rainis $50.00 "Good Luck Ryan! Love Grandma Cookie"
Ann & Jeff Hamlin $25.00 "Best of luck Bob and Jans clan. Have a safe race."
Jerome Norton $50.00 "Good Luck Katie - Thank you for doing this run !!"
Sheila Miehm $25.00 "Good Luck, Katie!"
Frank Sorrentino $50.00 "Thanks for doing this for everyone...... Frank & Pattie Sorrentino"
Bill Leslie $25.00 "Good luck Rick, and thank you for doing this!"
Max Rosen $200.00 "Go for it Joe !"
Ana Snow $100.00 "Good Luck and Have Fun! From everyone at Black & White Grille! :)"
Thomas Guggina $50.00 "Good luck Joe! Have fun!"
Jeanette Chun $50.00 "Go! Go! Go!"
Alejandro Esparza $100.00 "Good luck Vanessa!!"
Ann Marie Mulvihill $50.00 "Good Luck Katie!"
Zita Boscher $20.00 "Good luck!!!"
Pamela Guggina $25.00 "Have a great run!!! "
Meda Sutton $20.00 "Continue Making a Difference, Jacob !! Run On ! Al, Meda & Taylor"
Anna-Maria Cay $50.00 " Team Woo -Good luck and have fun!! You guys are awesome!!"
Matthew Olds $25.00 "Good Luck from Team #2"
Cynthia Gray $65.00 "Hey Jess! One year I will do this with you. I am so proud of you and the rest of the runners - what a great cause. I wish you all the best and run safe and have fun! Let's get together afterwards."
Preben Christensen $50.00 "Very impressive! Good luck, hope it's not too hot!"
Bill Richardson, Jr. $25.00 "Good luck Kenner. Remember the corn starch!"
Anna Marques $25.00 "Thanks you, Jennifer, for all that you do...always!"
Sara Wutzke $50.00 "Good luck, and have a fantastic time!"
Jaye Jillson Hidden "Enjoy the run and have fun! Save some of you legs for the Tri!"
Kimberly Bean $25.00 "Good Luck from S3Oncology~ Israel, Janine, Megan"
Kimberly Bean $20.00 "with love~ Nana, Auntie Sherri and Uncle Randy"
Kimberly Bean $10.00 "Good Luck~ Lori Belhumeur"
Kimberly Bean $25.00 "Good Luck from S3Oncology~ Israel, Janine, Megan"
Kimberly Bean $20.00 "with love~ Nana, Auntie Sherri and Uncle Randy"
Kimberly Bean $10.00 "Good Luck~ Lori Belhumeur"
Brendan OToole $50.00 "Good luck Brendan and Day and Family."
Kevin Gray $25.00 "Good luck! You will kill it!!"
Robert Bernarduci $200.00 "Good Luck Manny. "Do or do not. There is no try." ~Yoda"
James Paixao $75.00 "Good luck Meg!! :)"
Michael Solomon $35.00 "Don't listen to Stephen."
Diane Martinez $20.00 "May the wind be at your back! One step at a time!!"
Patty Hentz $25.00 "Good Luck Rick.. You are running for a great cause!!! Stay hydrated! Best, Patty"
Chelaine Athas $25.00 "Good luck Lynz!!! ?"
Joshua Squire $20.00 "Good Luck!!"
Michelle Stone Hidden "Good luck and run safely!"
Stacy Monette $25.00 "Have a great run and thank you for doing it!"
Robert Rubin $40.00 "Good luck my brother, I couldn't even drive that far"
Chris Hull $25.00 "Good luck Jenny!"
Lois Bartolini Hidden "Good Luck Kerin!"
Daniel Reigner $30.00 "Go Devin! Jen, Dan, Jackson & Copper."
Anne & Barry Metayer $60.00 "Go Tidy Twelve!!!"
Kate Sliwoski $20.00 "Have fun!!"
Joanne Kayser $25.00 "Best of Luck, Noah"
Maggie Gaffney $100.00 "Kick butt!"
Maria P. Fitzgibbons $50.00 "GO KP GO!!!!!!!!!!!"
Michael Vancini $20.00 "Go Tara Go !!! Good luck Partner..."
Liz Maddern DeHoyos $20.00 "Run forest run!!"
Paul Bonavita $20.00 "Good luck Rick, call me at mile # 60 if you need a ride"
Alaine Doolan $100.00 "Thank you for what you do! "
Amy Sady $25.00 "Good luck!!"
GDAIS Candybar Sales $40.00 "Thank you to the chocolate lovers at GD! 700+ candy bars in 4 months."
Tricia Silva $50.00 "Good Luck! Amazed, as always, by you. "
Robert McNamara $100.00 "Good luck Lynz "
Jessica Gonzalez $50.00 "Run Jesse run!!!!"
Michelle Pard Hidden "Be safe and drink plenty of water. I am so proud of you my little sister. Continue to be strong... "
Dawn Lapierre $100.00 "Love You More!!!! So proud of you! Mom, Dad, Josh, Papa, and Grandma. xoxo"
Corey Taulton $50.00 "Go team go! The Taulton's"
Lorraine Pard $10.00 "Good Luck Annie...................."
Mary Indomenico $20.00 "Good luck Rick .... are you bringing vodka on your run???????? Hahah ... like I said recently, you've never looked better .. keep up the good health!!!! "
Ursula Anwer $100.00 "Great job, Stu! Keep running, esp. for the Dana Faber"
val soldo $25.00 "Thanks for running in memory of so many beautiful souls."
Michael Andrukonis $61.00 "Good Luck Rick! This is quite a feat. Call me if you can't finish the race - I'll come by in my comfy air - conditioned SUV for moral support."
Franklin Krol $20.00 "OK Frankie, here's the deal ( as always) : $20 if you stay in Boston, $.20 if you come back ! Ken Egnaczak"
Franklin Krol $31.00 "From my friends at the MA Department of Revenue/CSE. Thank you!"
Sherry Hannan $100.00 "I'm so excited for you guys to be doing this again for such a worthy cause. Have an absolute ball!!"
kathleen geary $50.00 "Best of luck Katie....Such a great cause to run for!! The Geary Family"
Franklin Krol $231.00 "From my friends and colleagues at General Dynamics, Pittsfield “downstairs” in the LCS area. Thank you so much!"
Daniel Fulk $50.00 "Go get 'em Joe!"
Michelle Weilding $20.00 "Go Auntie! Love you - Gaby & Ian"
Kelly Leslie $30.00 "run like the wind...or, at the very least let the wind push you along!"
Sally Waisbrot $100.00 "In honor of my son Orion's 2nd cancerversary."
Mia Alves $20.00 "Robin Koons Marin and Paula Teixeira---Ready, set, go!!! Good luck!!! "
Danielle DePalo $25.00 "Run Jenny Runnnnn!!"
Sharon Shivick $25.00 "Gooooooo Jen! Love, Tommy & Grace"
Amy Parsekian Hidden "Thank you for running and raising money ! I hope you have a great day :)"
Amanda Moser $25.00 "Keep on running, friend! To the beer!"
Franklin Krol $118.00 "From my friends and colleagues at General Dynamics, Pittsfield in Mechanical Engineering Design - Thank you so much!"
David Bloomberg $100.00 "Good Luck Bob!"
Bob and Chris Martin $100.00 "Congrats Heidi!!! You ROCK! Best of luck. Hi to Nikki. Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate!!! :)"
Jim & Roxie McKeever $50.00 "Good luck, Capt. McCabe!"
Melanie LaRocco $110.00 "Good luck!"
Sheila McCormick $20.00 "Go Jennifer!"
Mary Ellen Casey $100.00 "GO HANNAH!"
MONICA GHEORGHE $50.00 "Good luck and have fun!! You guys are awesome!!"
Benjamin Willard $150.00 "Good luck and have fun!"
Jen Belanger $30.00 "You rock, Cuz!"
Meredyth Ward $250.00 "Love you! Mom"
Christopher & Laura Cerniglia $100.00 "Good luck! ... and don't hurt yourself!"
Franklin Krol $71.00 "From my friends and colleagues at General Dynamics, Pittsfield “upstairs” in the LCS area - Thank you so much!"
Edward Chaves $250.00 "Manny what your doing is great! Cancer has touched is all in different ways. We will all be running with you by your side to help in this great cause Good luck and God bless"
Alicia Merritt $50.00 "You are amazing Heidi! Rock on ??"
Stephen Macary $25.00 "Best of luck!"
Andrea Mawson $20.00 "Good luck!!"
Brian Wagner $50.00 "Enjoy supporting such a great cause! Enjoy the run!"
Sue Collette $50.00 "Good luck, we love you!! Sue and Rob"
Beverly Krol $50.00 "Run like the wind, Franklin!! God bless you for all this hard work for a very worthy cause! Have fun. We love you!!!"
James DeAngelis $25.00 "Good luck Heidi!"
Sheela Pradhan Hidden "Good Luck Guys!"
Caitlin Theodorou $20.00 "Stay on course! Thanks for doing for raising money for such a great cause! I know you will run with heart and soul! Xoxo"
nanci weinberger Hidden "Go Jess, Go! "
Dirk Diggler $100.00 "Good luck"
Michael Quesnel $50.00 "Run Damien Run!!!"
Aaron Boesch $20.00 "You guys take Route 9 through Worcester? If so, stop by my place for chips and beer to fill you up for the final push."
Anonymous $20.00 "Have fun!"
Bob Gabellieri $200.00 "Manny....I think it's awesome for you to be doing this. Good Luck and Run Strong!!!"
Jennie Whitman $20.00 "Good Luck Eric and Team! Love, Jennie and Mark"
Judith Kirk $50.00 "Sounding like you might get some beautiful weather to run in. Stay Safe and wear bright colors:-)"
Richard Holland $100.00 "Good cause - good luck"
Franklin Krol $50.00 "This donation is from my Aunt Clem and Uncle Larry Brothers - Thank you for contributing to this cause! "
Anonymous Hidden "Mass Dash !"
Franklin Krol $87.00 "From my friends and colleagues at General Dynamics, Pittsfield in Mechanical Design and Analysis - Thank you for donating to this cause!"
Robert Archbald $100.00 "Run, Forrest, run! "
Alexis Reid Hidden "Proud of you guys! - Lex & Jer"
Mike Lewandowski $150.00 "Big Mike says "Run Team Marla Run".......Pick em up and put em down!!"
John & Christine Tivnan $50.00 "Good job Jenn, have a good run!"
joyce begen $20.00 "Good luck Savannah!!!"
Nancy Lin $50.00 "Good luck this weekend!"
Kenneth Dion $100.00 "The Dion's are with you and your team Erin"
Jess Morales Ruan $50.00 "Remember...put one foot in front of the other and you'll do just fine. Love. Dad"
Nikki Snizek $25.00 "Good luck!"
Eileen Jackson $20.00 "Sorry this is last minute but I wish you well tomorrow. Aunt Eileen"
Karen Gagliastre $100.00 "In memory of my Dad."
Thomas Sweeney $100.00 "have a few after on me !!!!!!!!"
James Counter $50.00 "Good luck Brian!"
Elysa Aswad Hidden "Good Luck and have fun!!!"
Christine Salois $30.00 "Go Erin - Go Team !"
Patty Foley $50.00 "What an awesome cause rock!!"
Michael Manferdini $50.00 "Good luck have fun,the Manfo's"
Carol Schuster $100.00 "Good Luck John. I love you! And very proud of you! Carol "
Julie & Chester Watson $50.00 "Run well son."
Fiona Hoare $20.00 "Good luck "Crew from the Woo" you're all CRAZY!!"
Nicole Ryan $25.00 "Good luck, Erin! We are so proud of you! Tim, Nicole and Jax"
Denise Egan Stack $50.00 ""One person can make a difference, and everyone should try." JFK Good Luck to you and your teammates, AJ."
Patriicia Masterson-Race $30.00 "Go Domi!!! Have fun! Pad, Rick & Patrick"
Tamera Sullivan-Daley $20.00 "For all you do and for all you exemplify for our Community, a HUGE thank you! "
christine nuzzolillo $20.00 "Have fun Bryan."
Anonymous $120.00 "You make us all want to be better people! You are an inspiration. Love you and kick butt. And don't worry about getting lost :)"
Dianne Baron $50.00 "Good luck! sorry im late on this :)"
Kellie Ferguson $50.00 "Go Jenn!"
Katie Zobel $25.00 "Go team go!!!!"
Susan Herrmann $25.00 "Have a great run!"
Clifford Martin $50.00 "July 13th - Hope your team is off to a good start. Looks like it will be a wet run. Good luck!"
Anonymous $200.00 "Words can not express how proud I am of you!!"
Mary MajKowski $25.00 "Good luck anf have fun, its for a good cause. Be safe."
Martha and Joe Lellman $100.00 "Hope you had a great time!"
Ellen Tierney $15.00 "Good luck Ela!!! You're the best! "
Gary & Margaret Dayharsh $100.00 "Good Luck!!!"
Carl Jasmin $250.00 "Your a good man Manny!"
Aimee Alsterda $15.00 "Good luck El!!! "
morgan marx $25.00 "GO EL-TOT GO!!!!!"
Angelica Francescucci $25.00 "Yay Ela! You go girl! : ) "
Christina Rheaume $25.00 "Go Ela!! "
Nancy Boren Hidden "Have fun!! I'm proud of all of you! "
Brian Jaquith $50.00 "S/F"
justin clark $50.00 "Get it done Big Bro!! Mom is smiling down on you :)"
Michael Freitas $25.00 "Ken, Good luck, my bet is that the end of the Dash is what you will excel at! Have fun."
Gretchen Williams $50.00 "Good luck Tara!!! Love, Gretchen "
Terrie deLiefde $25.00 "Good luck honey!"
Erin Cooper $180.00 "Have a great run! Love, Erin, David, Isaac, and Simine."
Joseph Larkin $20.00 "Go get 'em, Sam!"
Steve Feathers $20.00 "Good luck Frank"
James Foley $50.00 "Tidy Twelve nice job!!"
Samantha Bang $15.00 "Great job Morgan!!!"
Samantha Bang $15.00 "Great job Morgan and Kyle!!!"
Maureen and Vin Burdulis $50.00 "Hi Patty, awesome work (fun?). Love you, Mom And Dad"
Sue Higgins Hidden "Good luck, Brian!"
E Lary Grossman $25.00 "Biney, you're a beautiful person, always thinking of others!"
Susan Forrest $50.00 "Good Luck Russell and the Tidy Twelve team"
Gene Gebarowski $50.00 "Your training dog is still tuckered out !"
joyce nolan $25.00 "Hope you drank plenty of fluids because it was blazin' out there. So proud of you and all you do! With Love, Aunt J"
Kathleen Zieja $25.00 "Rick, I was impressed that you were doing this - and read about it while I was away - thanks for participating in such a worthy event! Kathy"
Matthew Rutter $10.00 "Tots."
Lucy Leyland $50.00 "Thanks for running Haley!"
Maura Devlin $1,350.00 "Happily donated to a terrific team by Freaks in Sneaks 1 and 2 of Longmeadow, MA."
Tim Ayers $25.00 "Lots of water,some salt tabs and motrin will be in order!!!!"
jason rendall $30.00 "Sorrry it's late Phil ! , but bloody well done young fella."
Salema Management $500.00 "We all wish you luck. Have a great race!"
Delia Rissmiller Hidden "GO WEDGE GO!!!!"
Maureen Burdulis $50.00 "Hi Patty, thank you for all your good works. Ralph V."
Adrienne Hassan $25.00 "Great Job Ladies!!!!!"
Laura Chapman $25.00 "Hope you had a great time!"
Beth Woelflein $50.00 "Congrats to Team Mass Confusion!!!"
Ann Finley $25.00 "Better late than never, I hear you did great!"
Stephanie Medoff Hidden "Good Luck Hannah!!!"
Ann Hanlon $30.00 "Congratulations, Sierra and to your whole team. You are amazing!"
Gorkem Cilam Hidden "Congrats Drew on a great run!"
Russell Kosuda $20.00 "Great cause...good luck..."
Zachary Heiden $100.00 "Nice running!"
Paulomi Kanzaria $100.00 "Way to go!"
Sally Loomis $30.00 "Nice work Sierra!"
Josh & Pam Mark $20.00 "Julia, I've witnessed this type of race coming thru my area north of Chicago, from Madison. It looks fun, crazy, and and you said - exhausting. You guys rocked it! Nice going for you and your team. "
Linda Oniki $20.00 "Julia, I am proud of your team effort for a worthy cause. Coming in first is just icing on the cake. The Mom "
Jan Cutler $25.00 "So proud of you & miss seeing you! love, Jan"
Jean D'Amico $20.00 "Julia, Kudos! Fabulous team work. Exhausting but sure it was exhilarating and fun as well. Great cause. Your dad called during the event. We were excited to know that the runners were on the move across our beloved state.. Looking forward to your move to the Boston area. Love, Aunt Jean and Uncle David"
Kathleen Abood $50.00 "Go John go ! Get up that mountain ! We are so proud of you !"
Molly Robinson $50.00 "You are terrific, Sierra. Grampy Don and I are so very proud of you."
Greg Morin $100.00 "Run like the wind Bob!"
Deborah Kellogg-Van Orden $15.00 "that's a heck of a long way to run. great job to your team!"
Deborah Kellogg-Van Orden $15.00 "keep on runnin! great job to your team, that's a long way to run!"
The best neighbor in the world $25.00 "Good job! Impressive, especially in this heat!"
Donna LoConte $100.00 "Good luck Patty!!"
Nicolas Boillot $50.00 "Well done, Sierra, from Nicolas, Jennifer, Sam, Bean and Sleepy"
Shiela Miller $50.00 "Keep Cool!!!"
Harry Sienkiewicz $25.00 "Go Captain McCabe and Crew!!! The Bushey (Audrey) and Sienkiewicz families have both been deeply affected by cancer! So with Sophia in mind and all our families .....GO CRUSH IT!!!!"
Mena DeCarvalho Hidden "Dear Jack, Thank you for your tremendous zeal and dedication! What stamina! I join all those thanking you with admiration! God bless you!"
Brian Olsen $100.00 "Pat Wish I could've been there! Hope all is well. Brian"
Suzanne Foley $50.00 "Congrats, Hannah! Well done to you and your team."
Alfred Eville $50.00 "Congratulations!"
David Tanaka $15.00 "Boom Shakalaka!a"
Sarah Russell-Smith Hidden "You're amazing Becks!"
william duggan $25.00 "Good Luch "
Cathlin Baker $25.00 "Go, Ceili!"
Lynne Lemanski $20.00 "Congratulations on the finish ! Your Team is Amazing!"
Emanuel Pinheiro $200.00 "Manny Thank You for doing this "
Karen Davis $250.00 "Good job son!! Karen and Taylor"
Sara Wein $25.00 "Great Job Sierra! Sara, Neal and Katherine"
Jane Oniki Boas $25.00 "Love the team photo. So wonderful to come in first!!!! Congratulation sweetie! Aunt Jane and Uncle Steve"
Daniel Sheran $100.00 "A great cause...thanks."
Anonymous $25.00 "go Deb!!"
Joe Johnson $25.00 "Good Luck Guys!"
Kevin Nicoll $25.00 "Good luck Deb."
Charlene Storey $50.00 "Good luck!"
James Leahy $20.00 "Go Tiffany Go!!!!! So proud of you!!"
kathryn kardinal $20.00 "Go Tiffany! "
Anne Wehry $25.00 "Have fun!"
Brooke & Jay Condon Hidden "Good luck! We are cheering for you!"
Tina Mole $5.00 "Go Mark Rumbutis!!!"
Gregg Stefanik $25.00 "Good luck Team!"
Paul Dalton $25.00 "Good luck Mark and Deb!"
Cara Perkins $20.00 "Have fun Torie and Drew! You guys are going to rock! Love, Cara and Kyle"
Jacob Belanger $20.00 "I am really happy you're doing this Tiffany and Mark! I love you!"
Anonymous $25.00 "Good luck guys - Don Sterling"
Mark Rumbutis $50.00 "Good luck Mark and Tiffany! Lynne & Jim"
Dee Zimmer $25.00 "Kim and Mark, Have a great run!"
Rich and Karen Rowe $75.00 "Great work for a great cause!"
Debra Miersma and David Russell $65.00 "Go Kim!! Keep up the good work for the cause!"
Loreen Creamer $50.00 "Have a great run team! Thank you for doing this for such an important cause :)"
LAURIE KOHLENBERGER $25.00 "Kim and Mark, Have a safe fun run!"
Paul Swint $25.00 "Go for it Mark..."
Ryan Killeen $25.00 "Good luck team!!"
Caitlin Dolan Hidden "Drew & Torie - good luck!! Maybe I'll join you next year!!"
Mary Condon Hidden "Good luck! You guys are awesome! "
Linda Garner $25.00 "Go team, have a great time!!!"
Judy Sayers $15.00 "Awesome job guys! Woohoo! "
Candybar Sales GDAIS $350.00 "Good Luck!"
Ellen Clickner $50.00 "Good Luck! Ellen & Walter Clickner"
dan sheehan $100.00 "LETS GO STARK STRONG!!!"
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