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Mindy Goldstein's NYC Marathon Fundraising Effort
Please support me in my effort to raise money on behalf of the Triple Negative Breast Cancer Foundation
On August 5th 2007, Nancy Block-Zenna - a young mother in my community passed away after battling triple negative breast cancer for two and a half years. I met Nancy about 5 years ago at Hayley Dinerman's house for a playgroup with our 1 year old children. I remember how comfortable I felt talking to her - she was telling me about her experiences as a teacher, asking me lots of questions about myself as she was making periodic checks on her daughter Jolie playing in the next room. Later that night I recall telling Hayley how lucky she is to have made such amazing friends especially that cute girl from Edgewater in the black jumpsuit so full of life. One year later Hayley called me & told me of Nancy's shocking diagnosis. I couldn't believe it was true. However, over the next two years, the news only worsened. Without waivering, Hayley & her friends support only grew as Nancy became more & more ill. I'm so proud of what they are just beginning to accomplish with the TNBC foundation. On November 4th 2007, I will run my fifth marathon with one goal in mind - to raise money for the TNBC foundation and do all that I can do. Although Nancy was only an acquaintance of mine, she was any one of us; a devoted mother, a loving wife, a true friend, and a very special person. Please support me and the Triple Negative Breast Cancer Foundation. Thank You. Mindy Goldstein

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Total donations: $12,803

Goal: $5,000

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