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Marathon for Machik
Sonia Jarrett's Run for Education

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Total Donations: $5,131

Goal: $6,000

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In the summer of 2006, I volunteered for the first time as an English teacher at the Chungba Primary School. What struck me immediately about the Chungba students was their work ethic. For them, receiving an education was a priceless opportunity and they cherished being at school. After each class, the students would surround me, keeping me in the classroom too. They would ask, “How do you say this in English? What about this? And this…?” After I left Chungba in 2006, there was rarely a week that went by when I did not think of the village or the students. So, in the summer of 2007, I returned to Chungba to teach again. I went back because I wanted to continue supporting the school and its amazing students (not to mention that I had missed them terribly). In 2009, I returned again to help run the first formalized Summer Enrichment Program (SEP). After spending three months with the Chungba students over the course of three years, they are no longer just my students, but also my close friends. This summer, some of these students will be part of the first-ever graduating class from the Chungba Middle School. However, there is no high school in Chungba, or all of Litang County. Machik is currently at a critical juncture to find a way to put these more-than deserving students through their final years of secondary education. Since I was unable to teach at SEP this past summer, I have decided to run the ING Hartford Marathon on October 9th, 2010, to raise money for this cause. For one student to complete three years of secondary education, it costs $2,000. This includes all tuition and board. Support me in the marathon and make a difference by sponsoring these amazing students through high school!
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