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Olivier Muller's Fundraising Page
Racing to save lives
I am training to run my first marathon, and doing it to benefit a great cause. You might not want to run with me, but your support will give me the energy for it, but (and) more important than that, it will help to save lives. Malaria is a disease of the blood that is caused by a parasite transmitted from person to person by certain types of mosquitoes Worldwide, malaria causes almost 250 million illnesses and more than one million deaths annually. Malaria is particularly devastating in Africa, where it kills an African child every 30 seconds. Malaria No More is determined to end malaria deaths. Its goal is bold but achievable: to cover everyone at risk of malaria in Africa with a mosquito net by the end of 2010 and to end malaria deaths by 2015. I hope to see you on November 1st, and thank you for your support!

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Total Donations: $13,749.00
Goal: $5,000

$0 275% $5,000

Help Malaria No More end malaria by running the New York Marathon!
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