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Fighting for Susan
In December 2003, Susan Nelson was diagnosed with breast cancer. She had a mastectomy, went through chemo, and had a good prognosis for being rid of the cancer. For nearly three years, she thought she was.

But in April 2007, Susan and her family learned the cancer had metastasized into her bones, her spine, and her lungs. The tumors in her bones grew to the point that they ruined her hip, and in November 2007, she had her hip replaced at the Huntsman Cancer Institute.

Following the hip replacement and more treatment, her tumor markers were down and things were looking good. Unfortunately the cancer has now spread into her brain “like dandelion seeds.” The tumors are small, numerous, and inoperable. She’s currently having radiation to shrink the brain tumors, but eventually they’ll come back, at which point they can’t do radiation again.

Susan has two sons, six-year-old twin girls, and a loving husband, Elden. Elden is a fellow cyclist, a friend, and the author of the wonderful cycling blog fatcyclist.com. Nobody deserves cancer, but it seems a particular injustice for Susan and her family to suffer as they have.

The Huntsman Cancer Institute gives cancer patients a reason to hope and relieves the suffering of people like Susan as well as researches new treatments to minimize and prevent the ravages of this awful disease. In addition to the hard work required to train for Lotoja 2008, I will be working just as hard to raise money for the Huntsman Cancer Foundation in honor of Susan and in hopes that cancer can be defeated once and for all.

Please support me by making a generous, tax-deductible contribution to the Huntsman Cancer Foundation. Thank you for your support, and win, Susan, win!

Total Donations Collected:$1,470.00
Goal: $3,200
$0 46% $3,200

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