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Lighthouse Foundation of Atascadero
The Lighthouse is about disaster, rescue, chaos and peace, and its purpose is to provide safety, protection, and recovery through support and services.
Addiction is a serious problem facing our community. It will take multiple agencies and the entire community to address this problem. Members of Lighthouse are will to recognize the problem, stand up against it, while also supporting those that are affected by it. The Lighthouse Foundation is a 501.3c Non-Profit organization dedicated to providing programs of awareness, prevention, and intervention in the areas of drug and alcohol abuse. Lighthouse provides education, mentoring, counseling, healthy activities, scholarships, and opportunities for our Atascadero school-age youth, as well as providing support for the families and friends of addicted and at-risk youth. Lighthouse is a partnership between the Atascadero Greyhound Foundation, Atascadero Unified School District, and the LINK.

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