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Miller Children's Hospital & Long Beach Memorial
Saving Lives One Step at a Time.......

The Long Beach Lifesavers mission is to give the gift of quality, compassionate health care to the patients served every day at Long Beach Memorial and Miller Children’s Hospital Long Beach. We will hit the pavement to participate in the 2010 Long Beach Marathon, Half Marathon, 5K and Bike Tour while raising money for the patients and families of our community. By signing up today, you can keep yourself fit and healthy while helping others in need. Or, just make a donation, there is no gift too small (or too large!) to help our cause!

Long Beach Memorial and Miller Children’s Hospital Long Beach provide health care for children and adults of the Greater Long Beach area, while leading as a regional destination for premier, specialized care, research and education through our Centers of Excellence at Long Beach Memorial and Miller Children’s Hospital Long Beach.

Don’t want to run but interested in supporting the Long Beach Lifesavers? Make an online contribution below. If you would like to donate to a personal page, input their first and last name at the top of the page.

Together we will save lives one step at a time!

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Fundraising has ended.

Total Donations: $24,401

Goal: $50,000

$0 49% $50,000

Contributor Amount Comment
Beryl Fogel $50.00 "I think it's fantastic that you're making this committment, Deanna. Kudos to you! I'm very glad to help! Beryl"
Ronald Lyse $50.00 "Hope this helps! I am very proud of you for doing this. Can't wait to be there at the finish line!"
Leo Longo Hidden "Proud of you!"
Leilani Webster $25.00 "You go girl.... You are doing a great thing !"
Mel Marks $50.00 "Go Marisol - thank you for helping"
donald lorack $100.00 "The Lorack Family is very proud of Jodi and her efforts for the MemorialCare Babies. "
Blake Rose $100.00 "Go Angie Go! "
Joey Tooker $25.00 "May the breeze be with you."
Pilates Joe $250.00 "We support you to the core, Angie! - Pilates Joe www.pilatesjoe.com"
Angelo Labausas $25.00 "Go Angie!"
Vanessa Boyle $25.00 "You go girl!"
Patti and Alan Strout $100.00 "Good luck, Matthew!"
Glena Cheng $50.00 "You go, Eric! Good luck with the training and the marathon!"
Tricia Cole $100.00 "Great cause! Good luck with the marathon!"
Gail Weaver $25.00 "Hooray for you!! Good luck on achieving your goal. Love and hugs"
Emily Chiu $25.00 "Eric, have fun with the run!!"
Christopher Weller Hidden "Run Julie Run!"
Mike Zambrano $10.00 "I wish you the best. I wish it could be more. Go get em!"
Tracy Pang $25.00 "I am so proud of you! I know you will make this marathon look like a piece of cake. Good luck my friend :)"
Andrew Lan $100.00 "Hope you're well, Eric! Always glad to support a worthy cause such as a children's hospital. Best of luck with training -- my running days I fear are long over..."
Jeffrey George $25.00 "So proud of you!"
Petra Gonzalez $10.00 "Good luck Alfred!! XOXO's"
Elaine Bernal $10.00 "Go on, girl! xox from your baby sis. ;-)"
Rick Taylor $25.00 "Good Luck Anthony"
Rebecca Mitchell $50.00 "I saw your post on Facebook and wanted to support. I ran my first half marathon last summer. Good luck!"
Jeremy Yu $50.00 "What a great cause to advocate, Eric! "
Diana Giannone $10.00 "What an awesome thing you are doing, Alfred! Thank you!"
Jen Shaw $25.00 "Good luck Jen!! Such a wonderful cause :)"
Mama & Daddy Moore $25.00 "You go girl! We are so proud of you. "
Mel Marks $25.00 "Thank you, Jen "
Jared Smith $25.00 "On behalf of Wombat lovers everywhere"
Daniel Shott $25.00 "if i know one thing about sona, it's that she loves her some kids."
Maura Shaughnessy $25.00 "Best of luck, Sonaface!"
LALITHA PERUVAMBA $101.00 "We know tha on october 17th, 2010, you'll run the best miles you ever have! We love you and are glad you've taken up the Children's cause - thank you for including us in your effort, Sonu! vyas, lali chitthi, kumar uncle "
Connie Morales $25.00 "have fun! "
melissa Arata $20.00 "Good Luck Aimee!"
natalee matalka $15.00 "Love you sissy! Cant wait to see you!"
Michael & Eula Harris $25.00 "Mom and Dad are very proud of you and your love for the babies and children at Miller Childrens Hospital. Good luck on the "Run"!"
Anonymous $10.00 "Go Laura!!!!"
mike miller $25.00 "run for the hills girl!!!"
George and Lynn Pardon $250.00 "Go Nicole. You're supporting a great cause. We're proud of you."
John and Chelsea Hopkins $50.00 "Way to go Ammie! We know that you will do great in your race! :)"
Fahria Qader Hidden "Good luck with the marathon and thank you for taking the initiative to help all those kids in need. "
Jill DePrizio $25.00 "So PROUD of you Stacie!"
Kristine Miller $25.00 "Amber: You are such a wonderful young women. Thank you for letting me help by donating to this cause. Kris"
paola chavez $10.00 "tnq, for doing this"
Sarah Prince $50.00 "Go Amber- you rock!!! (And I'm jealous!)"
Patricia Clemons $15.00 "Way to represent, you go Laura."
June Phillips $25.00 "Hi Sweetheart, No wonder I am so proud of you! You are YOU!!! I love you! Nana"
Carmelita Clark $25.00 "Have great time Angie! "
Denise Lodato $50.00 "Good Luck from the girls at National Escrow"
robert levin $250.00 "Go Dan Go!!!"
Krista Coriaty $25.00 "Only because I know what you cropped out of that picture... Besitos Boo Boo ;)"
Karen Hester $50.00 "Todd ... thanks for all you do."
Cheryl Fisher $100.00 "Have a great time doing a great deed...love you, Auntie Cheryl"
Bernie Marschall $50.00 "I have all the faith that you will finish ahead of the pack. Good Luck and Good Wishes....."
Amanda Phillips $25.00 "We are all so proud of you Amber. Thanks for all you do! Love, KC, Mandy, Katelynn, Tyler and Mason"
charles feder $50.00 "Great job, Brett. We have some special cookies that we make for the team. Please stop by. Charlie"
Nicholas and Pamela Beck $25.00 "A worthy cause from a worthy son."
Thais & Mike Johnson $100.00 "Thanks Brett for the opportunity to support Daniel & his family."
alex valles $25.00 "good luck!"
Carole Harris $100.00 "You're the best, Brett. You are the motivator, inspireror, the man of action! 4217"
Caroline Anderson $25.00 "You really are "Just trying to save the world""
Walt Florie $100.00 "Great job Brett !!!"
judith mcnulty black $50.00 "Brett--Happy to help. Judy McNulty Black"
Rick Savely $50.00 "Great cause Brett. Thank you for stepping up. Rick"
Michael Brinkenhoff $250.00 "You're running for a worthy cause and we're proud of you. Good job! Have a great run!"
CHERISSE ANEL Hidden "My daughter Chloe was also born at Long Beach Memorial and was in Miller Children's NICU for 3 1/2 months. Thanks to the skill and caring of the Doctors, Nurses, and Staff Chloe is alive and doing well. Thanks for runnig for such a good cause! Good luck and God bless!"
Robert Wnek $25.00 "My niece has been in and out of a Children's Hospital in San Diego for the last two years. I am amazed at the extra mile the hospital and staff go for her care. They need donations in order to provide this care. Good luck in the run. I admire what you are doing and wish there were more young men such as yourself. "
Virginia Sevilla $25.00 "Good luck on your marathon!!"
South Bay Midas $100.00 "Go, Angela, Go!"
Liset meruelo Hidden "Fantastic way to help.! God Bless, Liset Meruelo"
Steven Stasoiski $10.00 "Thanks for all you do Todd. Good luck!"
Todd Rose $40.00 "Half of this doantion is from my good friend Jill Unze. Thank you all for donating and supporting this great cause. I love you all!"
Mark Wille $50.00 "always glad to help ......"
Laya Dogmetchi $20.00 "GOOOOO DARREN!!!!!!! Good Luck, Buddy!!!! Laya and James"
Josepha Arietta $25.00 "Go Jodi Go!!!"
David Scott $100.00 "You go Darren! And, thank you for giving us the opportunity to contribute! XO The "Inlaws""
Susan Fisher $75.00 "Congratulations Valerie on your decision to run! We'll be cheering for you!"
Marc Booth $50.00 "Good luck in the run! "
Leila Iravani $50.00 "Eric, You Rock!!! Remember to hydrate, hydrate, hydrate!! :)"
Pamela Sit $10.00 "Yay for children! Back to being a student and living in the UK. Good luck on your marathon! You are going to kick some 26.2 mile booty! "
Christopher Rosario $25.00 "I hope that my donation helps reach your fundrasing goals. Thanks for your help to the running club and for running!"
Chris Chavez $50.00 "Go get em!"
FOMBE NDIFORCHU MD $100.00 "Good luck Brett. Fombe Ndiforchu MD"
Eric Book $55.00 "Great Job! I'm proud of you Jennifer!!!"
Allene Kearney $50.00 "Go Girl!"
Lia Thomas Hidden "I am very proud of your participation for such a good cause. Keep up the good work! MOM"
Aleks Figueroa Hidden "In advance, congratulations Rufus! Both your "
Lisa Beard $75.00 "Congratulations and best wishes in your first marathon! "
Penny Dobb $100.00 "Terolyn ROCKs! Go for it... "
Nancy Northern $15.00 "I know you will do great"
Harris Stutman $36.00 "We're all behind you, Terolyn!"
mark huang $100.00 "Peace!"
Tool Stop & Machinery Peter and Paula Ziller $50.00 "Run, Angie, Run!"
William McDougall Hidden "Great cause"
lettie burgett $100.00 "cheering you on for a great run lettie and ben"
Jerry, Kim & Mitch Norrell $200.00 "We are proud of you Val!!!!! One Marathon at a time...you go girl! Dad, Kim and Mitch"
Chris Izu $25.00 "Run Jill Run! See you at the finish line!"
Marc Albright $25.00 "Darren, "The Johnson Express" is a great name. Run like the wind. Marc"
Rachel Levi $100.00 "you guys are awsome!"
Lisa Brown $50.00 "Go Terolyn. Run, run, run!"
Angela Haskins $25.00 "It is wonderful that you are putting your insanity to a good cause. "
Amber Piercey $25.00 "Your the best Shannon! I know you can do it!!!"
Kayur Shah $50.00 "Good luck!"
SHARON BOLSAR $25.00 "GOOD LUCK TuRae! You trained hard for this!"
TJ Rutherford $25.00 "GOOOOOOOOO SHAAAAAANNON!!!!!!!!!!!!"
Scott & Barbara Pressler $25.00 "We're rooting for you!"
Marie DeCapua DePizzo $10.00 "Good Luck Christina and Zak. I am proud of both of you. Love, Mother"
Renee Florsheim $25.00 "Thanks to you and the rest of the team at LB Memorial's ER. I was there with my mom when she broke her hip and with my dad as he had each of his heart attacks. They both always received outstanding care."
Brad McGirr $100.00 "Way to go TuRae! I'm proud to call you my friend."
Timothy Reese $10.00 "Tramps like us Sona, baby we were born to run!"
Lars Johnson $25.00 "Hopefully you won't faint like last time you ran a race. Remember, no alcohol until AFTER the race! Good luck. "
Vanessa Voit $25.00 "Go Butts! I'm proud of you!"
Brian and Molly Phelps $25.00 "a marathon? isn't that like halfway to LA from here? "
Brian Botzman $25.00 "Good luck and hope to see you soon. We miss you so much! Brian & Karlyn"
Kevin Phillips $25.00 "Go Amber!"
Kelly Kingsfield $26.00 "Way to go Val! Though I wont be running next to you like I did the first 13miles last year, I will certainly be thinking of you! So proud of you Veezy! Love you"
Susan Beyer $26.00 "Wow you've exceeded your goal, good work! Can't wait for the big day! Love you."
Ray Hannon $50.00 "I glad to be able to donate to this worthy cause. "
Josh Brinkenhoff $20.00 "When you break 3 hours I'll donate another $20."
Charles Orinoco $10.00 "EWW CAHN DOOO EEET!!!"
Adrienne DeLeon $25.00 "Good luck to the both of you!! Thanks for running for a great cause - be proud of yourselves!"
Wendy Sui Hidden "Good luck, Care! Wishing you the best from SF! =) "
Joanne Patton $25.00 "Go Jill !!!"
Wendy Lau Hidden "Good luck Big Bro! Sorry we can't be there."
Charlene Jetmore $25.00 "Great job TuRae!!!"
Kathleen Dixon $25.00 "To the little lady with the BIG HEART - Thanks Emma for running for us."
Will Fisher $52.00 "Great job and good luck!"
Tobey Yoches $25.00 "You go girl!!!"
Popa Popa $53.00 "Put us on the board for $53. In case you didn't figure it out that's $1 for each mile you both run. Z That's 26.5 X 2...get it. I will expect a credit for each mile not completed. Please sign and return the contract that will be coming from my lawyer guy in the next few days. God Speed Popa and Yo Mama"
Mercedes Robbins $10.00 "I know its not alot brother, I would give more if I didnt have to squeeze every pennie. Love Ya Mercedes"
James and Theresa DeCapua $20.00 "Good Luck, Christina and Zak. Grandma and Grandpa DeCapua will be thinking of you! "
Debi and Amanda Evans $2.00 "Christina and Zak, Amanda and I support your efforts. We are proud of you for all of your dedication! Debi Evans"
Wendy Sui $25.00 "Good luck friend!! Sending you my support all the way from SF... =) "
Philip Towne $25.00 "Way to go Carolyn!! Good luck!! Phil Towne"
Philip Towne $25.00 "Way to go Allison!! Good luck with the run!! Phil Towne"
Ken Cocchi $50.00 "Good Luck, "
Jill Gainer $25.00 "This is great Heather! We miss you. -The Gainers"
Liz Wigmore Hidden "For Danny and all the children at Miller's Children Hospital, long may you run. Good Luck, Brett!"
Cheri and Matt Kinley $100.00 "Matt is running as well for Parent Project Muscular Dystrophy. We would be so proud to give to Miller's Children's Hospital. Miller's was the place Ryan was diagnosed. The hospital is very close to our hearts. Matt has joined the board. Danny, you inspire the best in people!"
Grandma Eggli $65.00 "For you and Jakey! Be careful. "
Eddie & Sheila Walters $50.00 "Hi Shannon. We're proud of you. Love Daddy & Sheila"
Patricia Strout $50.00 "Good luck, Katie! We love you. Mom and Dad"
Amy Pearson $25.00 "Good luck and have a great run. "
Melanie Cumbee $25.00 "Living The Good Life!"
Brigitte Motley $75.00 "You go girl! I'm your biggest fan. Love you, mom"
Becki Snellen $10.00 "Mahalos for running for Danny! He is an awesome kid from an awesome family! "
Jesse Anderson $25.00 "You can do it!!!"
Heather Contreras $20.00 "When you cross that finish line of your first 1/2 marathon event you are going to feel SO GREAT! It's a feeling you can't describe, it's such an accomplishment. I know you can do it, kick butt!!!"
Tina M. Vega $25.00 "My sister Monica suggested your page, keep up the good deed."
Monica Vega $50.00 "Good deed Uncle Erick!"
Monica Vega $30.00 "Let's keep the good cause going, "Uncle Eric""
Alana Clark $25.00 "You go girl!"
Alison Hunt $100.00 "Go Brando!!!"
Charlene Chandler Hidden "Good Luck JILL ~~~ love, chaR"
Rebecca Albert $15.00 "Go Amy!!! Great way to help the community!"
Karla Reiser $25.00 "Good luck April...we'll be cheering for you!"
Abigail Beniston Hidden "I'll be waiting at the finish line with shots for everyone!"
Lisa Papini Hidden "Go Chris! -The Papini Family"
ShelleY N=ielsen Hidden " APRIL, YOU GO GIRL!!"
Toni Galloro Hidden "Go April! Enjoy the pace (much nicer than running for 14 miles, isn't it?)"
Jon Massimo $115.00 "I'm proud of you baby."
Andy Calvario $25.00 " You guys have fun this Saturday! "
Susan Hardin $100.00 "*****Go APRIL!!!!!*****"
Johanna Ruste $25.00 "Woo woo :)"
Jaimelynn Shah $25.00 "Go Sheila!!! You can do it!!! You and Chris will have a great time!"
Jaimelynn Shah $15.00 "Go Chris!!!!! You guys will do great!!"
Anna DeSio $25.00 "Have a great race! Go Amber"
Jeff Hardin $50.00 "Good luck Ape! Hope your ankle doesn't give you problems."
marisela cazares $25.00 "im so happy you and jordan are doing this! i know you guys can do it! good luck! love you both! -marsee,alexis, miranda and nooks"
Roberto Trujillo $25.00 "Enjoy your walk!"
Irma Madrigal $25.00 "have fun !!!!"
Sherry Johnson Hidden "Blessings to you and all your teammates!"
Michael Szekely $25.00 "Go Johnson!!! Grant is so adorable. Congrats to you and Amy and GOOD LUCK on Sunday..."
Sara Marlatt $20.00 "Way to go Heather!"
Anonymous $70.00 "Thanks Danner!!!!! GO BEAVS!!!!"
Anonymous $70.00 "Thanks Danner!!! GO BEAVS!!!"
Andreea Greavu $25.00 "Have a great race tomorrow!"
Elisa Mendoza $20.00 "You guys are awesome for doing this, GO ROQUE'S!!!"
Diana Anaya $25.00 "The Anaya family wishes you luck."
Abe Hazbun $50.00 "Very nice Carol!!"
Maeve & Isabel Haven $10.00 "To the best PT! YOU ROCK!!! Have a great run tomorrow. Love, The Havens"
Kara Gonzales $25.00 "Run Banni, run!!!! :-)"
Brandon Sabado $25.00 "Good luck today Chino!"
Janet Fortune $100.00 "Way to go Katie. You got 100%. Love Janet, Mom"
mimi le $25.00 "run care run!!!!!"
devon dougherty Hidden "congratulations!"
devon dougherty Hidden "congratulations!"
Kathy Shaw Hidden " April, We are so proud of you and all of your hard work to make this happen. Kathy"
Mary Olson $20.00 "Hi Terolyn, I am a little late on the contribution for the run on the 17th but it looks like you can still collect. Thank you for volunteering and I pray the Lord increases you greatly for the glory of His kingdom! Be Blessed my friend! Mary"
Ralph Chavez $25.00 "Run Forest, Run!"
Andrea Witbeck Hidden "Many thanks for your contribution to saving kids lives. We love Miller's!"
Karen Muccino Hidden "Good Luck Love, Karen Muccino"
Kathleen Brunner $50.00 "Okay - I know the race is over but I only just saw the link. Figured it is never too late. :)"
Tara Cooper $25.00 "What a good cause! Sorry I discovered it after the fact..."
Dianne Petitt $100.00 "April Street, we were cheering you to victory in the Marathon. Sorry this donation is late. We are very proud of you. Les and Dianne"
Joselyn Harmon $25.00 "Love and Support to you, Chris and two such invaluable health and care giving groups as LBM and Miller! "
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