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Liberty Youth Football League
Restoring Youth 5K/10K
Liberty Youth Football League (LYFL) believes sports are a necessity for our youth. Keeping our youth physically fit prevents childhood obesity and diabetes among other diseases. Sports offer much more than physical fitness, it teaches lifetime skills, such as the ability to listen, follow directions, memorization, and how to work as a team. On behalf of LYFL and their upcoming 1st Annual Restoring Youth 5K/10K, we are seeking sponsors/donations. The League caters to children in Pre-k through 6th grade at Liberty and other schools throughout the county that do not have their own league. It’s well established and the facility continues grow. Most of the equipment and facility has been used for several years, and must be updated. Several items for the new Concession/Bathrooms still need to be purchased. We will be adding trash receptacles, picnic tables, and a Logo to our field, among other small items. In order to keep the cost from increasing for the players, we are reaching out for your support in both the season and the 1st Annual Restoring Youth 5K/10K fundraiser for the needed items and the expense of the race. Gaining your support will benefit you or your company as well by giving it the recognition that it deserves for supporting our youth at Liberty and Schools throughout the county. Your or your company, with higher level sponsorship, will be recognized by nearly 1000 other spectators and players in neighboring counties at football games during the 2013 season. All individual or company sponsorship levels will be recognized by runners/walkers of surrounding counties that enter the Restoring Youth 5K/10K. All individual or company sponsorship levels will also be recognized through advertisements displayed throughout Bedford County, neighboring counties, and people at greater distance through brochures and internet publications at various websites including Facebook. I hope that you individually or your company finds one of the levels comfortable because LYFL could really use your support for their 2013 season and their 1st Annual Restoring Youth 5K/10K. The children involved in the league constantly ask when football is starting because they are so eager to participate. With your company’s help, it will allow participation costs to remain unchanged, help complete the facility, and allow these children to see the kindness, products, and services that your company offers. Thank you for your time and consideration.

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