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Latinitas Scholarships
Helping Latina Youth Reach Their Educational Goals

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Total Donations: $187

Goal: $10,000

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Make an investment in our future and support Latinitas scholarship fund to assist Latina college students in reaching their higher education goals. Latinitas is dedicated to empowering the next generation of young Latina leaders to reach their fullest potential. As we meet thousands of young Latinas in our multimedia enrichment programs and through our digital magazine, our team has been struck by the daunting challenges many young Latinas face. The Latinitas Scholarship Fund was started to help young Latinas reach their educational goals by providing leadership and scholarship opportunities for Latina college students.

While Latina girls ages 12 to 17 are the largest group of minority girls in the country, they have the highest high school drop-out rate and the lowest college graduation rate.
*41% of Latinas in the U.S. do not graduate from high school on time with a diploma.
*Hispanic girls are the least likely to earn a college degree.
*Only 10% of Hispanic women completed four or more years of college.

LATINITAS COLLEGE LEADER PROGRAM In addition to our media enrichment programs for girls in middle and high school, Latinitas offers internship, leadership and scholarship opportunities for college students to help them develop as leaders and reach their educational goals. Through the Latinitas College Leader program, female college students gain leadership experience, develop communication skills, build media expertise, practice public speaking skills and learn about presentation and facilitation techniques. Our leaders share their talents and skills to serve as role models and mentors for pre-teen and teen girls enrolled in our after-school programs.

Karen Lopez
College: University of Texas at El Paso
Major: International Business
"Being a woman in the Hispanic community has always given me disadvantages when it comes to others viewing me as a leader...Latinas are known for dropping out of school at a young age, having kids while still being kids themselves. Those remarks give me the drive I need to do something with my life and prove those stereotypes wrong. I am attending both UTEP and EPCC in order to finish earning my BA of Sciences in international business at UTEP, go on to get my MBA and eventually finish with a PhD in marketing. As a young woman I am incredibly lucky to have the opportunity to attend a university that will be a stepping stone for the rest of my life. With both my parents being from Mexico and having the honor to be the first generation to study in the United States graduating college has a deeper meaning. Paying for college has been hard, especially when it has to come out of my parents’ pocket. Having not one, but two kids in college my parents often find it hard to come up with the money for our tuition. This scholarship will help unload some of the pressure we have when it comes to paying for tuition...This means the world to me."

Amanda Armendariz
College: El Paso Community College
Major: Education
"I attend El Paso Community College and plan to transfer to UTEP to complete my education. I love working with children and teaching them. I plan to graduate from UTEP with a Bachelor of Interdisciplinary Studies. My dream is to become an inspiring teacher and watching their astonished faces. I have always said that I want to make a difference in someone’s life. College is important to me. Having an education opens up more opportunities that will allow me to become a successful citizen and role model for my younger sisters. The opportunities that Latinitas has given me are unbelievable for me. It has made me a better person by teaching me what I have learned in my classes and sharing it with the members. Not only am I gaining the experience to compliment my field of study, but I am also getting rewarded with a scholarship to help me fulfill my goal in becoming a teacher. I have gained so much from the experience. Many thanks to all of the Latinitas staff for allowing me to be a part of this wonderful program. It takes a lot of work and dedication for a program to run smoothly, and Latinitas does.I would also like to say thank you to our sponsors for supporting this scholarship. Our community needs sponsors that will make future leaders successful."

Thanks to generous donors, Latinitas offers scholarships to continuing university students seeking to complete their degree. Invest in the life of a future leader by supporting the Latinitas Scholarship Fund. With the rising cost of higher education and federal cuts in financial aid, your donation is now more important than ever. Your donations enable us to deliver scholarships to the students who need it most. Donate now to help a college student achieve her goal of graduating from college.

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