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2014 Las Vegas Rock 'n' Roll Half Marathon - National Team

Team Challenge is the Crohn’s & Colitis Foundation's endurance training program. This exciting fundraising program trains you to run or walk a half marathon while helping the Foundation raise funds to find a cure for Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis.

When you train with Team Challenge you will receive everything you need to cross the finish line! In return, you will raise funds to help the Crohn’s & Colitis Foundation reach its mission: to cure Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis, and to improve the quality of life of children and adults affected by these digestive diseases.

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Total Donations: $88,721

Contributor Amount Comment
Leslie Moss $25.00 "Sparkle Princess. Good luck with your fundraising! "
Kathy Hammer $25.00 "Sparkle Princess"
Carrie Rivette $25.00 "Sparkle Princess. Good luck!"
Dawn Dixon $50.00 "Good Luck guys!!"
Susan Calfa $100.00 "Good luck Christie and Paul! Let's find a cure!"
Sal and Juanita Calfa $100.00 "Good luck to you both. A cause that needs a cure!!!"
Lauren Canova $50.00 "Good Luck!!!!"
Anne Canini $50.00 "Love you sunshine!!! "
Sheila & Justyn Cyr $25.00 "Good Luck Paul & Christie! "
Lauren Misko $30.00 "Good luck!!! "
Judi Marr $35.00 "Best wishes, Megan! Hugs to you and to Jen :) Love, Judi"
Robert Caron Hidden "Nice job Megan! I'll be thinking of you and Jenny as you tackle this challenge again this year! Love to you both!"
Jenny Davis $50.00 "Thanks for all you do for CCFA, Kiley! I'm excited to see you at Camp Oasis in a few weeks, and hopefully, we will get a chance to see each other in Vegas too. Good luck with your training and fundraising! "
Beverly McGrath $250.00 "This is so important Meg for Jenny, for you and for all those who struggle every day from this disease. So proud of who you both are and for your commitment to making a difference in the lives of others. I love you!! Mom"
Mark Tett $100.00 "Go Christie, Hope you achieve your goal. "
Nick Raad $250.00 "Best of Luck"
Cindie Barbera $15.00 "Here comes #10! You are such an inspiration! Go ROBIN!"
Nancy Hakel-Smith $200.00 "Good luck."
Robin Newberry $100.00 "So proud of my son for taking on this challenge and doing his part to help find a cure for Crohn's disease!"
Alan Kahn Hidden "Go Christie & Paul!!!! Good Luck with your Team!! Joyce and Alan Kahn"
Laura Steiner $21.00 "Happy 21st birthday Kayla!!! :) I am so proud of you for doing another half with Team Challenge, I can't wait to cheer you on at the race!!!"
Ondi Smith $25.00 "Good luck!!"
Kevin Lawrence $9.00 "Here is nine bucks: a dollar for how many more Stanley Cups the Detroit Red Wings have won compared to the Blackhawks (11 to 5) and a dollar for how many more Super Bowls the Green Bay Packers have won compared to the Bears (4 to 1)."
Andy and Angie Nagel $50.00 "Have fun! Thank you for running for a cure!!!!"
Karen Baudin $200.00 "Good Luck Meg! Love, Karen "
thomas tomek $100.00 "Go Kiley!!! Good Luck!"
Deborah Shub Hidden "Gina - your dedication is so inspiring! Thank you for continuing to run for a cure!"
Erica Tuper $50.00 "Good Luck Uncle Nick!!! Love Devin"
Aditi Kashyap $25.00 "Hi Gina, Glad to be part of this worthy cause. Hope you reach your goal and get closer to finding the cure. Best wishes from all of us Kashyaps."
Glenda Suber $100.00 "Go Nick! Our love to you and all the family. Glenda & Barry"
Nicole Mohamed Hidden "Good luck and God Bless! xoxo"
Valerie Vermeulen $100.00 "See you there, love Mom & Ken"
Kimberly Gilroy $25.00 "Always praying for a cure! Good luck April!"
kristen macove $15.00 "Go Team Challenge!!! <3 Kristen "
Tyler & Cortney Denker $50.00 "Good Luck Kiley!! You are such an inspiration! Can't wait to hear about this adventure!"
Cindy Kolsin Hidden "We're so proud of you. We love you. Cindy, Jeffrey and Sara"
Christina Anzilotti $25.00 "Good luck! Enjoy the race and love you all :)"
Alison Pires $100.00 "Danny, Jake and I are cheering you on! "
Kristy Dwyer $20.00 "You didn't ask me to dump ice water over my head, but I still support you. :-)"
Marilyn & Earl Lindquist $100.00 "Good luck, Kiley! You are a winner!"
Jean Cecchini $25.00 "Best wishes -- great cause!"
Kimberly Diedrich $10.00 "Run Gary Run! =) "
Jeanine Paxton $50.00 "Congratulation on your participation. Every bit helps. "
Scott Semester $100.00 "Go get 'em!"
Ashley Strohm $5.00 "Go get 'em, tiger! Rawr."
Kory Longfellow $25.00 "Go J-Mac!"
Kevin Dostalek $40.00 "Kill it"
Debbie Johnson $100.00 "In honor of my daughter-in-law who has Crohn's and had her first surgery at 26.."
Jennifer Innocenti $50.00 "Way to go!! We are so proud of you! Your continued strength and perseverance is inspiring. Keep up the great work and bringing awareness to this foundation!!"
Danielle Denigris $20.00 "Proud of you guys! Great cause!"
THERESA CASH $250.00 "Good luck! Paula and I (KeKe and Minnow too) are pleased to donate and help the cause. Love you both. xo"
Marion Paad $25.00 "Andrea, i hope this helps, can't afford much, but proud of you for doing such a great job with this cause. Pat Paad"
Nicole Winkle $25.00 "You're awesome, Jason! Best wishes for a cure, your own personal healing and ease and effort in your run! You are a wonderful example for everyone with how to handle a challenging situation and make it better for ALL! Thanks for all you do :-)"
Jessica Gober $100.00 "From the Gober Family!!! Lets raise some money!!! "
Gina Judith Palacios $50.00 "Best of luck!!!"
Donna Helt $100.00 "good luck Christie!!!! "
Debra Ott $100.00 "Good Luck, Gary - Wish you all the best!"
Jill Kramer $25.00 "Way to go !!"
Kathy Touek $100.00 "Greg you are awesome!!! I can't believe this is your 5th time participating in the C & C Las Vegas 1/2 marathon, wow! I enthusiastically support YOU, Emilia, your fundraising efforts, race efforts and the millions who suffer from this disease, what a great cause. Rock on brother!!! xoxo "
michele Roussel $50.00 "Love you cuz"
Ethan Tatum $50.00 "The Tatum's spirit is willing, but the flesh is kind of meh....Know our thoughts and imaginary leg strength will be with you! You rock! Jacqueline wanted to say "Go Team Poop" - but I thought that might be a little too descriptive..."
Lori & Jeff Denigris $25.00 "Here's to finding a cure!!"
Laura Winger $50.00 "You're awesome, Greg! Keep up the good work!"
Gregg Bonn $50.00 "Go Robin, go!!!"
Jessica Caforio $40.00 "Go Meg! I want to run with you too. Love you!"
Erin Hanna $25.00 "Happy birthday!!! Love you! "
Tammie Zainc Hidden "Good luck today!"
Ryan Leary $50.00 "This is from the Leary Family. Good luck in reaching your goal and completing the race."
Michelle Sigfridson $50.00 "Good luck to you both! "
Rita Ambrosi $50.00 "GOOD LUCK!!"
Patrick Friel $100.00 "Good luck! Hope you do that pull-up one day!"
Stephanie Fells $25.00 "I hope continuing research brings a cure."
Gregory Lind $140.00 "I am always happy to supprt/RUN for Team Challenge. I pray that a CURE will be discovered one day. Love you Emilia"
Allison Belanger $100.00 "Good luck uncle Nick, we love you. Kaycee and Korie "
Jane & John Farrell $250.00 "We are proud of you, Kiley!"
David Wikoff $15.00 "Good luck on the run!! Mr. Wikoff"
Trina Hucke $100.00 "Good Luck Kiley!"
Debbie Young $50.00 "Good Luck Greg!!!"
Zack Weber $20.00 "Good luck!"
Dana and Susan Paull $500.00 "We love you and support you every step of the way!!"
Abbe Feitelberg $36.00 "Go Mark go!!!"
David Drake $50.00 "Go Barbarann !!"
Brenda Jones Hidden "Best of Luck in your Run and many blessings on your goal! "
Jane Baldwin $50.00 "Go Girl !!!"
jennifer Silinsky $100.00 "Good LUCK!!!"
Elizabeth Lind $250.00 "Greg, We are happy to send a donation to find a cure for Crohn's Disease. We wish you luck in your fund raising for this great cause. Mom and Dad"
Michele Colchin $100.00 "Hi Angela - Congratulations on the marathon. You are running for all of us. Thank you for your courage and love."
Ron Woodyard $50.00 "Good Luck, Gina!"
Daniel Lanoue $20.00 "Here you go you crazy kids"
Robin Brody $30.00 "Happy Birthday my sweet warrior! You are an inspiration and pillar of strength ! Keep fighting & don't look back. Just like in training: chest up, head up, eyes up! I love you!!!"
Elyse Marshall $25.00 "Happy Birthday!"
Katie Hawkins $10.00 "I wasn't sure how to attach a dollar number to this as gal who got lucky and figured things out before it turned into Colitis. Run fast! Wish we could join you!"
Jillian Akers $50.00 "Kara and Matt, this means SO much to me that you're doing this!! I'm hoping to just come up for the day to support you both! Go team JAM!!! :)"
Amy Jonas $100.00 "Happy Birthday, Ba! We love you! May this year bring good health and happiness! Love, The Jonas Family"
Robin Akers $100.00 "kara and matt, you guys are the best!. …we appreciate so much your desire to help find a cure or cause of this horrible disease that affects more people every single day….we are hoping to be there to cheer on team "JAM" and the people you are representing. THank you so much for caring."
Mike & Debbie Cains $100.00 "Kara & Matt, Thanks for taking time out of your busy lives to do something so worth while. Good Luck and have a great time!"
Brent Scholar $18.00 "GO KAYLA!"
Barbarann Paull $50.00 "Keep up the great work. It gets hard sometimes, but I promise you are not alone!!!"
Stacy Chapman $50.00 "This is so awesome Kara and Matt! Since I can barely run to my refrigerator, so I am happy to donate money and let you do the running! We were in Las Vegas cheering a friend on during this race a few years ago, and it was awesome, you two will love it! And JILLIAN, I love you tons and tons! "
Susan Brew $25.00 "Proud to contribute to Jessica's team challenge and to support such an important cause and awesome young woman! Good luck meeting your challenge goals, Jessica!47"
Mathew Nagel $11.00 "Self donation for the day. 9/30/14. $5 each for each mile ran today plus $1 to put us at $500 total. Team JAM!"
Michael Haynes $50.00 "Matt & Kara, as someone that has dealt with the effects of Crohns Disease for the last 30 years, I want to thank you for running to find a cure for this disease. Also, I want to thank everyone that has donated to Team JAM. "
Jennifer Prochniewski $50.00 "Sorry I keep missing your fund raising activities and am a big flake but I am proud of all your efforts Barbara ann and proud of all the yucky stuff you have made it through!"
Ed Karesky $18.00 "How can one not donate something after reading the letter of a courageous young lady who took the time to thank you for your efforts? That letter brings the reality of an illness much closer than simply making a donation for what one knows is a good cause. It reminds the person making the donation like myself that these are real people struggling every minute of every day to overcome a disease as are their supportive families who live daily with the knowledge they could lose someone precious to them. "
Barbara Szmania Szmania $250.00 "Hoping for a cure for this debilitating disease..Keep running for the cure..This contribution is in memory of your Grandma and Grandpa McQuillin. We love you so much..Mom and Dave"
Amy Jackson $25.00 "Way to go Kara and Matt! We will be cheering you on! Love, Amy and Roger"
George Bynoe $100.00 "Friend of Kim B"
Anonymous $500.00 "Dean keep pushing you are making a difference."
Anonymous $1,000.00 "Good Luck"
Carol Callahan $50.00 "Keep it up Greg, you're a great dad!"
Jeff White $50.00 "Mathew and Kara..my second parents...my best friends.. I'm so proud of you guys and couldn't be happier to donate.." I hope everybody has a good time" I love you both and can't wait to come back to Phoenix to see you guys....and teach that Jimmy he is strutting on my turf :). Go hawks..boiler up..Rudy sucks! "I hope everybody has a good time" :)"
Jenn Bachour $50.00 "<3 love and miss Megan and Jenny <3"
Dana Jennings $50.00 "Gary, Scott and I so appreciate YOU...and we're so proud of what you are doing with the Crohn's & Colitis foundation. Keep on running!!"
Julie Hymovitch $100.00 "So proud of you Kayla!"
robin and jillian akers $15.00 "hey kara and mat... it was great seeing you at the fundraiser...this amount reflects the silent auction item we purchased and were asked to post it as a donation to your cause.... again...thanks so much for doing this...jill and i hope to be there at the finish line in vegas:) "
Brent Scholar $220.00 "Congratulations Matt and Kara for a great job at Boondocks!"
Brent Scholar $100.00 "Congratulations Daniel for a great job at Boondocks!"
Robert Lind $100.00 "Keep up the good work!!!"
Mathew Nagel $40.00 "Our massage gift cert donations"
Yvonne Ramsey $30.00 "My niece, Jillian, is one of the strongest and sweetest young women I know . . . thank you for loving her enough to run in her name."
Judith Egan Hidden "Thanks for doing this Mathew and Kara! Enjoy!"
Becky Johnson Rescola $25.00 "Good luck Angela! You are such an inspiration!"
Patrick Paul $400.00 "Sister has disease, and know what she goes through. Kudos to you two, and good luck on your first marathon."
Don and Ruth Kalen $20.00 "We'll be cheering for you!"
Cathy Hanna Hidden "Run fast! Thanks for doing this, Mat and Kara. Have fun and see you soon! Uncle Bob and Aunt Cathy"
kelsey muhonen $100.00 "I think this is so great for you guys to do! I had a little taste of what colitis is like from a bacterial infection, not fun. I hope they can find a cure for those who suffer from these illnesses. Go team JAM! Loves. "
Bob and Cheryl Kroyer $50.00 "Great couple, great cause...go get 'em!"
Abbe Feitelberg $60.00 "In honor of your birthday and to thank you for all that you do for all of us, here's a little birthday gift for you. You are incredible and an absolute inspiration each and every day. I feel so lucky to know you and to have walked beside you and to fight this fight with you. You do so much for so many and I know that when we find that cure that you and I am so many others need, it will be in large part because of all that you have done. I hope that you take time to celebrate you and know how much of a gift you are to so many people. I'm so sorry that I'll miss you in Vegas this year, but I'm closer to Indianan now and would love to come see you for one of your amazing events - I've been practicing my bad golfing and am a terrible bowler, but I do love to try! Happy birthday, Dean!!!"
Leslie Hirschman $50.00 "Always proud of you! Love, your Cousie"
Kenan Arkawi $50.00 "Just keep smiling :)"
Anne Tremain $75.00 "Good luck Matt and Kara!"
Anonymous $1,478.62 "Thanks St James Parish"
Shirley Puffer $50.00 "This is a great cause and hope you are able to meet your goal. Have a good run!"
Linda and Walt Stutz $100.00 "Proud of you guys. Have fun!"
Jamie Scallon $50.00 "Go Ellie, good luck in Vegas!! So proud of you."
Anonymous $35.00 "Go Megan! Wishing you.. And your sister all the best!"
Dick & Karin Jones $50.00 "What a neat way to experience Las Vegas, run, run, run! Best of luck to the two of you!"
Christine Szarzynski $100.00 "Good luck, Greg!!"
Friends of Dean $1,000.00 "Amazing Job Dean! A million thanks go out to all the generous strangers, friends and family members contributing to push Dean on step closer to his goal! We appreciate every single one of you wonderful supporters, donors and volunteers! We could have never done it without you! Congratulations to the winner of the Colts tickets - enjoy the game! Go Dean!!!"
Jamie Nagel $35.00 "Good luck and have fun! "
Paul Cains $100.00 "Kara, please beat Matt in the race!"
John Henderson $1,275.00 "I love you mom, hope you enjoy your run! you're doing an amazing thing."
Penny weinburger $25.00 "Good luck girl! ????"
Cindy Guenthner $25.00 "Thank you for your fundraising to fight colitis!"
TerryDensmoreConsulting Densmore $100.00 "You Go Girl"
Randy Ortiz $50.00 "This better not be on November 16th!!! "
Judith Tatton $50.00 "I'm so proud of both of you! I am honored to help support your efforts in your Crohn's and Colitis Race for a Cure! Good luck with your training and with the race. Keep in mind how many people love you and are cheering for you."
Andy & Angie Nagel $285.00 "Kara and Matt, thanks for running for a cure. Knowing two of the three whom you're running for makes it even more special. Angie and I really appreciate what you are doing. Dad"
Bobbi Brown $75.00 "We love you Blair!!!! So proud of you and for always keeping a positive attitude! You are an amazing example to all of us! Keep on fighting :)!! Love , Zach, Bobbi , Ava, Lyla, & Stella "
kathryn silvestri $20.00 "God speed. love you all."
Amber Elliott $10.00 "Good luck Holly and Blair. Thanks for all you do for CCFA! Rock the strip!!!! "
Jenn Atkin $25.00 "Run Holly run! So proud that you are still carrying on the Team Challenge spirit here in Salt Lake. Hugs to Blair and the whole family."
lacinda athen $50.00 "Rock On Miss Holly and Missy Blair! Go get em!"
Brandie Lyon $20.00 "You both amaze me with your dedication to Blair's health and to this cause. Good luck in Vegas."
Anonymous $1,000.00 "Go Blair! We will be excited to know how you do in your race. Good luck. We love you! Grandma Rene' and Grandpa Bruce"
Phyllis and Jim Athen $50.00 "Our best hopes and wishes to Blair and your family."
Katie Stringham Hidden "Good luck Blair! You are an inspiration to so many including me!"
michele budnik $50.00 "Christie & Paul....good luck to you this weekend! Running for a great cause....love to you both! Michele & Paul"
Tasha Wasden $100.00 "Go team challenge and go team Blair!"
Jennifer Folkerson $250.00 "Love Blair and Holly. Go get 'em!"
Judson Kassing $100.00 "Thanks Ryan ... you're right, Peter is amazing!"
Quinn and Megan Brown $40.00 "We love you Blair!! "
Edrick Jason $25.00 "Love you Samantha!"
Nalisa dunford $100.00 "Truly inspired and in awe of the commitment and dedication that Holly and Blair have to finding a cure! We love you! "
KATIE BERNACCHI $50.00 "Great job you two!!!!! We are so proud of you. Love you much. "
Margaret Leshinski $100.00 "Way to go guys!! Run, run, run for Jillian and all! Thanks for your commitment"
Robin Blitz $200.00 "Thank you for everything you do to help find a cure!"
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