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LA's Prom Closet
Race to Empower Young Women & Celebrate Accomplishments!
LA’s Prom Closet, a non-profit organization that was established in 2008, began with the goal of celebrating the accomplishments of young women graduating from high school. The 100% volunteer based organization focuses on the act of empowering the young women who are referred to the organization’s “Dress to Remember” event. Attending the event is not only about receiving a free dress and accessories, but providing the opportunity for young women to go to workshops where each student can learn information on various topics such as: health & wellness, etiquette and establishing life-long goals while networking with other strong women in the community who are from various career fields.

In a matter of three years, the organization has tripled the number of students who were able to be served to over 200 students in our 2010 event. We expect with each year the referrals sent in could likely double or triple from year to year and we would love to serve as many students as possible. In preparation for the 2011 prom season we now face the challenge of finding the funding needed to hold larger events or multiple events. To be able to expand our event in the future LA’s Prom Closet is now in need of monetary donations.

Proceeds for the Race to Empower Young Women & Celebrate Accomplishments will help cover expenses such as event venue fees, rental truck fees for transporting dresses to events, purchasing racks and dressing room equipment for use in events, and purchasing additional formal attire that has not been donated by our generous dress donors. Join our team TODAY!!

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Total Donations: $1,228

Goal: $15,000

$0 8% $15,000

Contributor Amount Comment
Dean Kaeo $50.00 "I was thinking of donating my own prom dresses but they have such sentimental value that I cannot part with them so I'll just make a monatery donation. Aloha, Uncle Dean"
Susan Wells $100.00 "Very cool, Jennifer!"
Benjamin Mendez $25.00 "Jen, I'm also looking to run along side of you. I just need my knees to start cooperating. If I do run, I'll be sure to ask you how to create a donation page. You're the most amazingest tita I know, get it girl!!!"
Mary MacLaren $100.00 "Good luck with the fundraising and training for the marathon. Love, MP"
Jonathan Canan $100.00 "This is great Jen - we're so proud of you!! Love, Jon & Ramona"
Francis & Leilani Oliveira $25.00 "We're proud of the work you do, Jennifer. Keep up the good work! Aloha, Buddy and Lei"
Dick & Pat Schnetzer $100.00 "Wow! Another Marathon...just the thought of it makes us proud of you to run it for the Prom Closet and to dedicate another year to such a worthy cause! Aloha, Dick & Pat"
Robert & Debbie Reilly $50.00 "Good Luck Jen! Run well!! R & D Reilly"
Monica Perez Vega $25.00 "Good luck!"
Annie Adams $25.00 "Run Forrest Run!!!!!"
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