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Penny Sprague's 2011 Carlsbad Half Marathon Fundraising Page for Labrador Rescuers
Another year, another half in Carlsbad for my charity, Labrador Rescuers
How lucky am I? I get to raise money for a cause that I truly believe in while running-animals and running, two of my core loves! This will be my third year fundraising for Labrador Rescuers. I've been so very lucky to have met and surpassed my goal each year. I've upped the ante this year to $3000-please help me reach this goal! Help me help these fantastic dogs! **I know I am passed my fund raising goal, but remember, each $$$ directly impacts the lives of Labradors. The money is NOT WASTED! Please donate and help these dogs have a forever home!!

Run with the Pack to Save the Labs!

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Fundraising has ended.

Total Donations: $3,646.00
Goal: $3,000

$0 122% $3,000

Contributor Amount Comment
Patrice Malloy $10.00 "Woof! (Thanks!)"
Keith H. Moore Hidden "Go get Penny!"
Irene Morton $50.00 "Woof woof! From my lab Logan. :)"
kenneth kenny nishino $25.00 "Good Luck , Penny, have fun on your run and for a awesome cause, U Rock !!!!!!!!"
David Sammons $25.00 "Woof Woof Woof. Have a great run Pen."
Anonymous $25.00 "Woof! Run swift and well for the Labrador furbabies!"
Gabrielle Peoples $50.00 "Penny, you are so awesome! Glad to help out"
Alett Mekler $25.00 "Woof! Toffee & Riley"
Fern Oliner $15.00 "See you in Carlsbad! Hope to meet some of the doggies."
Beth Pladson $25.00 "On behalf of my two labs, we thank you for doing this!"
Eva LaBonte $25.00 "Go Penny!"
Eva LaBonte $25.00 "Go Penny! Hetta says "Woof!""
Roxanne Stiles $25.00 "In Memory of our Labs"
Allison Burbage $50.00 "Way to go, Penny!!! You are the best!!"
Debbie Zoller $25.00 "Good Luck Penny!!!!!! I know this is dear to your heart! Xox Debz"
Kelly Glynn $25.00 "WOOF! Go Penny, Go!"
Naomi Villanueva-Brunner $40.00 "Go Penny!! Have fun!!! Thanks for raising money for those wonderful Labs. Will always remember Payton!!!"
Stacie Hummel $150.00 "Penny, from 200 miles away you came to the rescue of little Chanel. Thank you for your continued dedication to saving lives."
Pamela Kuri $75.00 "Wag More. Bark Less! Have fun on the run! Thank you for your dedication. PK1AD"
Terri Gallego-Orourke $40.00 "Thanks, Penny! High Five Paw! from Ruthie :-)"
Jennifer & Jeff Zenuch $25.00 "Penny you are amazing and such an advocate for all animals. Thank you for all that you do!"
Emily Conlon $25.00 "Go Penny! Looking forward to cheering you on at Carlsbad!"
Susan S Sehi-Smith $10.00 "To help those in need. From tThe White Dog Army www.whitedogblog.blogspot.com"
Tony & Georganne Asam $25.00 "Keep up the fund raising- Kimo & Reggie"
Sherry Hergott $25.00 "Run Penny Run! "
Simon Jarvis $25.00 "Good luck with your fundraising Penny!! xx"
Bonnie Blake Hidden "Have fun Penny! Bonnie Blake"
Randy Stone $50.00 "Claire made me do it P. She's such a girl! Do the dogs chase you when you run? Like that bulls thing in Spain? Cause that'd be awesome!"
Karen Penate $50.00 "This is from me and Daisy! Thank-you so much for being my friend and sharing my first half marathon with me! :o)"
Cindi Harris $50.00 "I'm with you Penny...even if I won't be there to run it with ya!"
Anonymous $5.00 "Wish we khould kikhk in more..."
Lulu Hoeller $5.00 "A little snackie from me and Bogart!"
Jean Brislance $25.00 "Good luck, Penny!"
Leslie Hays $25.00 "Gotta love Labs! "
Kirstin Corris $5.00 "It's just a little but every bit helps, right? Go Penny! @ultrarunnergirl"
Rhonda Judeich $25.00 "Good Luck from Joe Stains and the Doofus!"
Kristy Gomes $25.00 "Thanks for all you do for our furry friends!!"
Matthew Wilcoxen $25.00 "You and Velcro rock and I know you will do great on the run. Pics! Don't forget to post pics!"
Sarah Glidwell Hidden "Go Penny! Best wishes and great cause! "
Bob Frein $25.00 "Good Luck Penny!"
Michelle Kiser $25.00 "Go Penny Go! Tummy Rubs to all the puppies!"
Lance Fisher $20.00 "Penny, your commitment is immeasurable!"
Ellon St. Croix $10.00 "have a great race, penny!"
Annie Goodall $15.00 "Love From Ruger & Neve"
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