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2013 Susan G. Komen Twin Cities Race for the Cure®
We Live here. We Race here. We Save Lives here!
The statistics are staggering. Every 74 seconds, breast cancer claims the life of someone in the world. More than nine Minnesota women per day hear the words, "You have breast cancer", and nearly two Minnesota women die from breast cancer each day. They are our mothers, sisters and daughters.

We are deeply committed to our mission to save lives and end breast cancer forever. To advance our mission and truly make an impact in the lives of those touched by breast cancer, we depend on generous donors and fundraisers like you.

By donating to the Susan G. Komen Twin Cities Race for the Cure, you'll make a difference in the lives of those with breast cancer and their families right here in Minnesota. With your support, we will continue our dedicated work towards eradicating breast cancer as a life-threatening disease, so that one day soon we will all live in a world without breast cancer.

Thank you for your life-saving support!

Total Donations: $311,615

Goal: $2,000,000

$0 16% $2,000,000

Contributor Amount Comment
Kristine Flavion $8.00 "Ornament"
krista tompson $10.00 "Ornament"
Rachael Lindberg $10.00 "Ornament"
Abbie Vicknair $25.00 "Ornaments"
Lola Walz $25.00 "Ornament Sales"
Amy Moore $25.00 "Ornaments "
Karla Tetrault $10.00 "Ornament"
Annie Hubert $10.00 "ornament"
Karen Watson $230.00 "This is a donation that was collected during the 2012 Amec Golf Tournament - thank you everyone!"
Amanda Kiel $25.00 "Good luck! "
Sandy Garbrecht $50.00 "Go, Team Rippers!"
Sherry Phillips $1.00 "Book"
Dawn Stranaghan $25.00 "Book"
Inesa Karalnik $25.00 "Book"
Alicia Hannah $10.00 "Book"
Derrick Sneed $25.00 "From Rheta and I "
Donna Davis $25.00 "Go Bria and Nathaniel! Thank you so much!!! <3 Auntie Donna & Uncle Porky"
Jonathan White Hidden "Nathaniel and Bria, thank you both for doing this and for being such inspirational people!"
ilesa white $5.00 "Hope you make your goal.... and then some!! Good Luck!"
ilesa white $5.00 "Good luck Nathaniel... i'm rooting for you!!"
Carolyn Kernkamp $25.00 "In memory of my sis on her birthday and your mom, a donation has been made to the Race for the Cure. Good luck to you and Jen. Your Uncle and I are doing the Walk for the Cure here at Solivita in early February."
Pam Kreager $100.00 "I am proud of your continued efforts to support breast cancer research and treatment! "
Theresa Tacheny $50.00 "Good Luck to you, Sandy, and your sister!"
Kristina Landers $10.00 "Book"
Jennifer Martinez Hidden "Mom I'm so proud of you. For what you have overcome. You are such a strong loving woman. I'm so lucky to have you as my second mom. Love you so much. "
Erica Bates $50.00 "We love you!! "
Kie Gouveia $20.00 "From me and Amber :)"
Kay and Gary Anderson $500.00 "Thank you all so much for doing this walk in honor of my sister, Lynn. She would LOVE this and will be will you all in spirit that day cheering you on! Love to you all!"
Dana Van Dellen $50.00 "Thanks for supporting such a worthy cause and Good luck!"
Eleonora Goldburt $25.00 "This is such a good cause. Great job"
Linda Born $50.00 "Hi! Joyce, Wishing you all the best! Linda"
Jessica Swanson $25.00 "Donation from Irene Crooks in Memory of my Grandma"
Mimi Scribner $25.00 "I will be thinking of Lynn and her wonderful spirit."
Diane Piri $25.00 "You were such a trooper through all of this and I admire you for being such a strong example for all not only myself...but everyone else!! "
Sheryl Peterson Hidden "Go Amy!"
Anonymous $75.00 "Thanks Maxine for the effort!"
Thomas Lehrer $100.00 "In Honor of my mother, Audrey Lehrer"
Alexis Hyder $50.00 "Good luck Madame Butterflies!"
Cindy Herrmann $25.00 "Joyce, You are an inspiration...never give up or slow down...keeping your positive attitude going. Cindy and Dave "
Michaela Dixon $20.00 "Melissa and Team, You are all so amazing! Lynn would be so proud of you all! I may still join you in the 5k. Good luck and have fun in Lynn's honor! Love, Michaela"
Joseph Heinrich $300.00 "Melissa, This is a fantastic way to remember Lynn and to raise money for fighting cancer. Thanks so much for organizing it and participating in it. We will be thinking of you and all the other butterflies as you make this special walk in memory of Lynn. We will be with you in spirit, along with your mom. Love Aunt Jane and Uncle Joe"
Heather Hackett $25.00 "I'm so happy you are doing well Amy! Good luck with the race, and I hope to see you this summer around the baseball fields."
Phil Sharkey $25.00 "Best of luck Bria! "
Teri Lynn Tingley $50.00 "Good Luck with your fundraising efforts!!! "
Sheryl Peterson Hidden "Just knowing you'll be running a 5K makes the donation even more meaningful! Good luck!!!"
Meryl McGauvran $25.00 "Melissa - your mom left an amazing impact on me - whether it was bringing grapes to the State Fair to keep the calories down! or her inspiration of working out with a trainer before I ever thought of it - I will never forget her and know she is smiling at you now. Walk proud baby girl!! "
Kelly Jones $35.00 "In memory of a special woman and in honor of a wonderful family! The butterflies will continue to soar! :)"
Erin Koch $30.00 "Breast start training!!! :D"
Barbara Lofts $50.00 "Keri and team members, I have completed 3 breast cancer walks and it is an amazing experience. I support you and will be cheering you on from afar. "
Kimberly Pavloff $100.00 "Here's to hoping you GET to RUN the whole race!!"
Sarah Gardner $25.00 "Great cause. Good luck Michele and have fun!"
Steve Peterson $25.00 "Always a supporter!"
Angie Coldren $25.00 "Great Cause!"
Joe Ferris $25.00 "I didn't know Lynn, but she must have been a wonderful person. I have only heard about her through Taryn as she gave her a home-away-from-home when Taryn couldn't get back to her family for holidays. Good luck with your fundraising and have fun at the race!!"
Mandy Peterson Hidden "What a great cause! I wish I could walk with you but I will be there in spirit!"
Heather DuCharme $25.00 "Michele, You are one person making a huge difference in the lives of many! Let me know if there is anything I can do to help you while you are training for this great cause. "
Brittanna Rogers $25.00 "Let me know if you need someone to hold the towel, water bottle, stop watch, LET'S GO MICHELE poster, inhaler, etc.. Happy Running! :) Proud of You."
Jennifer Morris $100.00 "Butterfly kisses to heaven!"
Kara Lunsmann Hidden "Have fun running!!! Glad I could be the one to put you over your goal. :)"
Nan Whaley $100.00 "Thanks Dublin (and Christine) for organizing this walk. "
Sandra Ohlsson $100.00 "Thanks for participating in this fabulous event Jess! Love ya, Sandy"
Mark Bongard $50.00 "Kari was my Favorite sister, LOL my only... I only needed one sister because she did such a good job at it for my entire life! I miss all of our talks on the phone sharing so many things going on in our lives. She was a trooper so I am going be one too. This walk and donation is for you and Natalie for organizing the Team Kari. "
Anonymous $100.00 "GO TEAM LOTTERY! "
Tracy Zach $50.00 "Go Amy! Ron, Tracy, Freddie & Joey Zach"
Rory Cooney $50.00 "Walk for us, too, Linda and Mike!"
Anonymous $100.00 "Have fun!"
Lana Freeman Hidden "So glad you are doing this! I am a two and a half year survivor and should be doing it too! - Lana"
Kristi Anderson-Hocamp $50.00 "Thank you Beth for your continued leadership and support of this cause, a cause very personal to you and so many who are impacted. "
neal johnson $25.00 "I will not be at the event but good luck with everything"
Bryna Krentz $25.00 "I'm so inspired by your pledge to honor Lynn with this walk! "
Karen Monk $25.00 "HI Renee, I am not able to join you on Mother's Day for the Race for the Cure, but I did want to HONOR you by making a contribution. I pray for you and your family daily and I am always in awe by your postitive attitude and toughness! You are such an incredible role model for your children! Blessings to you! Karen Monk"
Sarah Leaser $10.00 "Good luck Robyn and girls! "
Paulene Blake $15.00 "Hope you reach your goal!!"
Linda Petrie Davis $50.00 "You are in my heart. I will be thinking of you on the walk day. Best wishes. Hugs, Linda"
Cynthia Teal $75.00 "I'm sorry I can't be with you and your team for the walk but I will be there in spirit! Go Nana's Walkers!"
suzanne long $50.00 "Have a fun experience on the walk! Love, Suzanne Long"
Roger Green $100.00 "All the best to you in this effort! It's a most worthy cause. "
Maggie Blackwell $10.00 "Best of luck! "
Brad Pam Kelsey Courtney Johnson $100.00 "Barb, Wish we could be there to join "Nana's Walkers". We are so proud of you and admire your strength and faith. Everyone looks great in the pictures on your blog. GO PINK! Love, Brad, Pam, Kelsey, and Courtney"
Jennifer Matthews $100.00 "In Memory of Roslyn Matthews"
GARRY WOESSNER $25.00 "Good luck Jennifer! "
Lori O'Donnell Hidden "Way to go Shelly!"
Mary McGovern $50.00 "Hi girls, So sorry to miss the walk this year, but I'll be with you in spirit! Let's stamp this cancer out!! Mary"
Sabine Lugo $100.00 "happy to submit my annual contribution. you're a good man, your mom would be proud. (also, maybe this makes up for your xmas/birthday presents still lying around my office... maybe... poss) :)"
Sharon Zagaros $20.00 "We are proud of all 4 of you! Sharon and Tony"
Andrew Kivela Hidden "One of these days I'll actually run this with you. Hooah"
Rita Jay $25.00 "Hugs, Linda. Don't give up. You be the winner! With love, Rita Jay"
Kelley Erickson $50.00 "You are going to do great on the run this year- I just know it!!"
Jeremy Bodlovick $100.00 "Congrats Phuong on over 2 years cancer free! Roadhouse!!!"
Rob Franklin $50.00 "You are so awesome Sue! I hope you have a great time! Wish I was there to join your team!"
Tracy Mulholland $25.00 "Good Luck Michelle. I hope that you raise a lot of money for such a good cause."
Keith Gerchak $25.00 "I'll be walking next to you and your Mom in spirit."
J. Marie Fieger $25.00 "Michelle, Emmie and I wish we were able to join your team. Good luck! J. Marie & Emmie "
Dana Hochuli $50.00 "What a great way to honor Aunt Kathy. I think of her often and know she's looking over the three of you alway. Love you! "
Lisa Christian $40.00 "Lynn would be so proud and honored!!!God Bless!!!"
Sue & Carl Nelson $25.00 "Thanks for doing this every year! I'll be 10 years cancer-free in October!"
Sue & Carl Nelson $25.00 "So thankful that you are doing this, Emma!"
Sue & Carl Nelson $25.00 "So thankful that you are doing the Walk, Olivia!"
Anonymous $25.00 "Let's get started on raising lots of money for such a good cause!!"
Mary Carter $50.00 "In memory of Lois Milligan"
Amy Harings $100.00 "Mom, I admire your constant efforts to support this amazing cause! Love, Amy"
Penny Breedlove $50.00 "Good luck John"
Sarah Ham $50.00 "Sweet Kristen, You are an amazing person. Everything you do is so valuable for so many people. Your mother will be missed, but I know that we will eventually find a cure for cancer. I do this in her memory. Love You, Sarah"
Jen Bordsen $25.00 "Can't chose favorites, so the same amount goes to each. Good luck to all three of you!!! "
Jen Bordsen $25.00 "Keeping the cousins even - good luck with the race!"
Jen Bordsen $25.00 "Love you!! Good luck with the walk!"
Barbara Claseman Hidden "It is so awesome that you are doing the race. Congratulations! Bryan and Barb"
Kathy & Bill Wilson $75.00 "We are both so proud of you! This is a great way to honor you Mother. Have fun with your Dad and Sister at the race. Love, Aunt Kathy & Uncle Bill"
Tom Hengel $100.00 "For: memories... timeless love... family... faith... the future :)"
Tom Hengel $100.00 "For: your mother's love... hugs... spirit... faith... memories not yet made :)"
Tom Hengel $100.00 "For: your mother's love... bright smiles... enthusiasm... faith... a drink yet to share :)"
Jane Martin Hidden "Love the family picture."
Mary Gifford $100.00 "Thank you for fighting for a cure Hengel family. Kathy would be so very proud. Love you!!"
Mel Nelson $25.00 "Great cause"
Bonnie LaFrenier $25.00 "We are praying for you thru all of this Barb!! So happy to be able to contribute a little something. We love you!!"
Monica McKinney $25.00 "Great memories. Great Aunt. Great cause."
Donna Bergh $100.00 "Good luck in your fundraising efforts, Michelle! "
Dawn Montague $25.00 "Thanks for running rock star - you're amazing! xo"
Megan Dulgar $25.00 "Love to the strong and mighty Hengel family! Xo"
Megan Dulgar $25.00 "Love to the strong and mighty Hengel family! Xo"
Anonymous Hidden "So proud of you! You're making an amazing difference in the lives of many!"
Carolyn Kauppinen $50.00 "Melissa: What a wonderful tribute to your mother! Such a worthy cause. All the best to you and the rest of the Butterflies team. Carolyn Kauppinen"
Jerry and Becky Lien $50.00 "In honor of Survivor Connie, Go Dave and Allie!"
Nichole Ehlers $25.00 "Go Team Connie! Such a great cause for so many woman who have suffered. Good luck!"
Sharon McKusick $25.00 "Good Luck on your run Sherry it is a great cause."
Michael Schug $50.00 "Good luck on the run/walk - whichever you decided to do! "
Jacqueline Tucker $25.00 "Cheri, you are one of the strongest influences. You have taught me that having a positive outlook on life can do extraordinary things. I am so grateful for you and I can't wait to walk with you again this year and the next and the next! I love you, Cheri!"
Andrea Phillips $25.00 "Love and support to Barb and "Nana's Walkers". ~Andrea, Alan & Penelope"
Lisa Bernard $25.00 "Best wishes for a successful walk, Julie! You are a trooper...what a great way to celebrate YOU!"
Kristi Johnson $25.00 "I'll see you there!"
Eileen Espelien $100.00 "Amy- So proud of you and your family taking part in this cause! I support you all 100% Love you!"
Christine Kair Hidden "Way to Go!!!!!!"
Louis Orsini $25.00 "Good luck Denise on your fund raising!!!"
Kevin Knarr $100.00 "Go get 'em, Denise!!!"
Todd Rosenow $100.00 "For my Warrior!"
Peter & Lydia Laakman $50.00 "Best of Luck with the walk. Wishing we could be there to walk beside you. We are with you every step of the way!"
Derek Walling Hidden "Awesome!!! I'll be there..."sleeping in for the cure." "
Valerie Koller $20.00 "Hope you reach your goal, enjoy the run!"
PAMELA SCHMIDT-CAVALIERO Hidden "Thank you Denise for taking the lead. We all know too many women fighting the same battle as Gayle. Let's hope all their outcomes are positive!!!"
Todd & Suzie Weber $50.00 "Happy to support you Joyce!"
Colin Harvin Hidden "I was gonna buy video games and drugs with this, but I like titties more. :D"
Sharon Moss $50.00 "Thank you for supporting such a worthy cause and inviting your friends to support your efforts! Sharon"
Adam Hjerpe $100.00 "Thank you for your commitment to such a great cause. This is in memory of Dorothy Noel, all those that have passed on and those courageous survivors. "
Christy LaValle $50.00 "Barb, You are an amazing and strong woman I feel so blessed to know you! You and your family are always in my prayers. Kick some Cancer Butt!!!!! Christy LaValle "
Barbara Brandess $36.00 "Have fun Ellie! I'm so proud of you for doing this!"
Amy Moore $10.00 "Scarf - Hope this helps a little! :)"
Carie Heller $25.00 "Keep up the hard work Reid!"
Traci Kohn $30.00 "So proud of you JoJo! Have fun!"
Kristen Torrey $25.00 "Yea, Amy!! We are all so happy you get to do this as A SURVIVOR & WARRIOR! :) What a great cause! :) ~The Torrey's"
Yana Moser Hidden "Happy to contribute to such a great cause!"
Shari & Bob Crowther $75.00 "Bob and I are pleased to support your efforts. Congratulations to your mother on being one of the survivors. "
Alicia Cicalese-Douthitt Hidden "Good luck Dally!! Hope you reach your goal. You're a good egg, probably because your mom raised a good kid. Alicia "
Michelle Frokjer $50.00 "Evelyn and Henry wish they could participate to show their support (me too!)... good luck everyone! We'll see you soon :) Sending lots of hugs, Michelle"
Karen and Wendy Egeberg $50.00 "Go Ellie!"
Mary Street $50.00 "Thank you for sharing your journey on your blog! You are in my thoughts and prayers!"
Jill Lacher $50.00 "Thank you for being so supportive and such a wonderful friend!"
Sarah Rongstad $100.00 "Thanks for doing this! Love you!!"
Dave Lesch $50.00 "Hi Lynn, Good luck on the walk. : )"
Gail Bakko $25.00 "Your Mom was a special lady and so are you because of all your efforts here!!!"
Jose Rodriguez $50.00 "Tammy - we need to continue helping until a cure if found for this disease"
Shelly McCune $50.00 "Hey Debbie! Keep on truckin'. Congratulations on 9 cancer free years."
Larisa Riley $100.00 "Donation from Mackeyszar."
Holly McLelland $25.00 "Go Debbie! Celebrating you and your 9 years cancer free!! "
Pam Nelson $50.00 "Congrats Deb - I'll be sleeping in that day - keep on truckin"
Carol Tyler $25.00 "Great job Michelle taking action against breast cancer. Thank you for doing this!"
Arthur Pearson $25.00 "keep up the good work Becky"
Chris Johnson $100.00 "Barb, I wish we could be at the race to cheer you and your team on!! Please know we will be with you in spirit! Keep up the strong faith and we love you! Chris, Mason & Lilly Johnson"
Jeanine McGuire $25.00 "Go Denise! In honor of Myrna Ware, my mother-in-law and a survivor. "
Mary Jo Bishop $50.00 "Way to go Neel and your fellow Warriors!"
Karen (Sam) Schuring $25.00 "Of course we will support you in supporting your friend in crime at Glendale....we are pretty fond of her too!!!"
Rebecca Kress $50.00 "I am glad I am able to contribute and support. I am also donating in honor of my Aunt Lois who is at peace now, as well as my Grandma Margie, who has survived 2 rounds of breast cancer. She is 92 years old and still a go getter and I am thankful for that. "
Lorna Girard $25.00 "Good Luck with the run, Neel, and best thoughts to your mom. Lindy & Lorna"
Tera Rautio-Peckels $25.00 "Thanks again for supporting this cause against cancer."
Kim Kindler $100.00 "Sending thoughts of strength to Team Schmidt!"
Mary Junga $50.00 "Good luck April and Warriors for Team "D"."
Katie Keller $50.00 "What a sweetheart Kirby!!! You go girl!"
Laurel Seidl $25.00 "Cheering for you!"
Mary Heiss $25.00 "Have fun, Kirby! SO proud of you!"
Kelley Osowski $25.00 "Good job Neel... Great cause... Appreciate your efforts! Hugs,"
Jill Kalstabakken $25.00 "Happy to support both the cause and a great neighbor :) "
jennifer doll $50.00 "Good luck from Marty & Jennifer - we'll be picking up our camper that weekend!"
Bobbi Vosper $25.00 "You go girls!!!"
Lisa Margalli $35.00 "Count me in.... And give the girls big hugs from me! Lisa "
Claire Hebert $25.00 "Thinking of you all Jen!. "
Kirby Loahr $5.00 "Hello teammate! I have chosen to give up my beloved Starbucks for the month of April to help support you and the other ladies:) Happy collecting! Kirby"
Kirby Loahr $5.00 "Hello teammate! I have chosen to give up my beloved Starbucks for the month of April to help support you and the other ladies:) Happy collecting! Kirby"
Kelsey Scholz $10.00 "Go Ellie!!"
Tired Ol' Belts $25.00 "Great cause, thank you!"
Kirby Loahr $5.00 "Hello teammate! I have chosen to give up my beloved Starbucks for the month of April to help support you and the other ladies:) Happy collecting! Kirby"
Melissa Lockman $25.00 "What a great way to celebrate your mother!! "
Nicolle Martin $50.00 "Dear Otha, I am so sorry for your loss. My deepest sympathies go out to you and your family. I am glad you are joining the fight to end breast cancer. Your mom would be so proud. :-) I hope you reach your goal. Love, Nicolle"
Jill Quam $25.00 "Happy to support & celebrate your mom. We love you!"
Eva Adams $25.00 "O, I am so sorry to hear of your loss. You and your family have my sympathy."
Amy Winter $25.00 "Yay Judy! Congrats on 3.5 years! Wishing you health and happiness :) Love, Amy, Jake and Beck Winter :)"
Jennifer Coleson $75.00 "What a wonderful thing you're doing. Wish I could be there to cheer you on!"
Cynthia Elliott Hidden "You are awesome!!"
Debra Redman $50.00 "What a great way to honor your Mother...."
Christine Kair Hidden "Way to go Elaine!"
Dan McFadden $25.00 "Great work, Dan! It's amazing to see your passion and dedication to such a wonderful cause!"
Randy Kulzer $300.00 "Go Nora and Charlotte, Gramma Michelle would be proud"
Rebekah Saunders $25.00 "I'm sorry for your loss O. It's nice to see you support the cause with efforts such as this."
PATRICIA BREWIN $25.00 "Run the race Elaine! Love and Happiness from your Momma"
Alethia Gamez $25.00 "Nicole is really lucky to have a friend like you."
Anonymous $50.00 "I love that photo of Nicole with her mom and sister - I can only image how hard this journey must be for them. I think what you are doing is so sweet, Dan. You've always been a friend willing to help - one of the many things I admire about you."
Stephanie Hunter $128.50 "Thank you for everyone's contribution to the Mondelez International Women's Sales Council Bake Sale!"
Colleen Curley $50.00 "Thank you Otha"
Margot Kohl $20.00 "Woo Hoo"
Wayne & Kimberly Walker $300.00 "We all love you Joyce! Carry on girlfriend"
Lauren Baillargeon $50.00 "Happy Walking Cat."
Nicky Marschinke $25.00 "You are honestly one of the BEST humans I know. If my boys turn out HALF as good as you, I'll be more than happy. Madge, Bethany, and Nicole are an inspiring family (and a damn good time, to boot). How lucky are they to have such a wonderful friend? From experience, I'd say pretty lucky...since I have the same friend :) Ich liebe dich."
Jenni Chillstrom $25.00 "Dan, you are fundraising for a wonderful cause. I recently found out that a good friend that is only 34 years old is diagnosed with stage 2 breast cancer. She's too young for breast cancer and needs fundraisers like this to help families fight this disease. "
mike kapla $10.00 "Good luck Candi"
Lianne Harvey $50.00 "Your mothers passing sent a wake up call to me and I am passing it on to all of my friends. Women take a lot for granted while dealing with work and family issues but they should remember they are the crust of the family and should never neglect to take care of themselves. I love you 'O'"
jim foerster $100.00 "Go Becky!"
Rich Burton $50.00 "May this experience add even more to the fond memories you have of your mother."
Marcus and Nichole Watson $25.00 "Do it to it ladies!!"
Donald Runyon $300.00 "In Loving Memory of Karen, and for all those afflicted by this terrible disease. "
Judy Koehnke $25.00 "Way to go Becky, you have a big heart"
Taci Zahl Hidden "Go Go Pink Ranger Go!"
Denise Jones $50.00 "Nora and Charlotte, Grandma Shelly would be so proud of you. Could I walk with you? Love Auntie Denise"
Melissa Wilkinson $100.00 "Run, Dally! Run!!!"
Scott Hartley $75.00 "Thank you Denise for participating."
Lisa Needham $25.00 "Sorry can't join you that morning, but that doesn't mean I can't support this awesome cause, eslecially because it's unfortunately too real for us now. Fight on!"
Klea Ecker Hidden "I'm the luckiest Mom in the world!"
Pam Riordan $10.00 "Elaine - I'm cheering you on from Crescent Street! Go, go, GO!!!!! xoxo"
Dave Dickson $100.00 "So proud of what you do! Thanks for including me! Have a great walk!"
Chad Wendolek $100.00 "From our fight for freedom to the fight on cancer, one thing we have in common....we will never quit!! Always by your side. Chad, Jen, Chase, Cullen and Jori."
John Ward $100.00 "Go Catherine Go"
Grace Barse $25.00 " Will this stay in Sd or is it nationwide? Gooduck with this drive. grandma grace"
Karen/Bob Ringgenberg $50.00 "You go Girl!"
Cathy Boespflug $50.00 "Good Luck to you and Jen--in memory of Jerry's sister, in honor of my mom, and for all of the women I know personally that have been touched by this disease. Thank you for asking me for a donation--couldn't think of a better way to spend money!"
Anonymous $150.00 "I am so fortunate to be a part of Amy's life, she is one tough women! There are no better words that describe Amy but a "Rock-Star-Aunt"! Go Girls!!!"
Harold Schiferl $300.00 "Thinking of you and wishing you all the very best. My Jane is also one who dealt with breast cancer and survived. Harold "
Deb Cardinal $75.00 "God Bless, Amy!"
Amanda Voigt $25.00 "In honor of Sarah and Joan - two of the most beautiful women I know inside and out who have and are kicking cancer's ASS!"
Kimberly Purifoy Hidden "O, I'm sorry for the pain you must be experiencing now, but I'm also very proud of your you're honoring your sweet mother. Peace and blessings, my friend. KP"
Adrienne Porter $20.00 "Great thing you're doing !!!!"
carol brisson $50.00 "Dear Katie, Your Mom is so lucky to have you for a daughter! Love, Carol and Drew Brisson"
beth halsey $50.00 "My donation is in memory of Mom, who lovingly supported women in her support groups, while battling her own cancer, never losing faith and hope in her Lord and Savior. And for you, my precious sister, Sarah-- Your faith, hope and trust in God on your own journey truly blesses those who love you! You ROCK! I love you!!!! Beth"
Mary Jo Radinzel $25.00 "Congratulations on 9 years! Thank you for participating in this great event."
Joe Pike $25.00 "Good work Kimby!"
Linnea Wiita $25.00 "Happy to contribute, Ladies! XO"
Mike & Brenda Mehagan $200.00 "Best wishes to the Squad!"
Sue Skoog $50.00 "You inspire me, Trudy! You have been to hell and back and I see you living each day to the fullest, finding new adventures and loving life and your family! So happy to support you and this cause! Thanks for doing this!!"
Doreen Anderson $25.00 "Thank you Brandon. I "personally" appreciate your efforts. Luv ya! Doreen"
Julie Burgum $100.00 "Best wishes to Boob squad! Interesting to see when "peanut" decides to show up."
Leigh Anne Steblay $25.00 "Remembering Mary~"
Lori Dielentheis Hidden "You go, girl! We have our lives and our hair back!"
Claire Stortz $50.00 "In honor of Sarah, whose strength and grace are inspiring"
Michelle Jordahl $10.00 "In memory of Mom."
Corynn Corcoran $50.00 "In honor of my beautiful sister Nan! Much love ~ Cori"
David Abbott $100.00 "Go Neel----drag my favorite sister all the way"
JoAnn Copeland $150.00 "Wish we could be there to see you and your team. Good luck and thank you so much. Love you lots, Dad and Mom"
'George Zwick $25.00 "Denise - thanks for your commitment to help those we hope win the battle against cancer!G"
Jeanne Chapdelaine Hidden "So glad you are doing this for Sara and all girls/women!!!"
Pauline John $75.00 "Dear Kimmie:) I am happy to help support this cause. You and the others who will participate in this walk are people of great compassion and love. How awesome to have friends like you, that rally and make a difference in other people's lives. Love you, dear niece, Auntie Polly"
Craig Anderson $25.00 "Good luck Denise...wish I was there!"
Carol Rieke Hidden "Good Luck, kid."
Matt Saari $100.00 "May your fundraising proceed with direction and magnitude! Oh Yeah! Vector."
Cyndee Tanttari $40.00 "The Power of Pink........XXOO Scott, Cyndee, Michael and Dazee"
Julia Isakson $25.00 "In honor of Nancy Fraser and Madge Pederson :)"
Janice Phillips Hidden "? U!"
Nicole Gedatus $25.00 "Go Denise!"
Catherine Wendel $25.00 "Thank you Katie for caring and running the race! "
J Terry Frey Hidden "Kim ... Best wishes always! Your Phi Brother ... Terry "
Eric Askegaard $50.00 "Way to go Denise !!"
Kim Mazur $25.00 "Thank you for supporting this you know it is close to my heart. "
Myrna and Gary Bell $100.00 "Keep up the good fight!!"
Anne & Bill Losby $100.00 "Thoughts and prayers are with Madge Peterson and Aunt Peg. "
Bob Fraser $35.00 "In memory of Jane Fraser."
Michele Kamen $25.00 "Proud to know you Sandy Saari - walk on!"
Brooke Kent $50.00 "In loving memory of my grandmother, Marilyn Halsey, and in honor of Sarah. Good luck! Wish we could be there to cheer you on... Love, Brooke, Brian, CMK and HHK."
Amy Wagner $25.00 "In honor Coyne women everywhere."
John Hinz $50.00 "Thanks for all your dedication !"
Craig Genereux $10.00 "Good luck"
Samuel Rodriguez $10.00 "Love you T! "
Carol Muer $50.00 "Way to go Becky ! Good Luck !"
Lynn Thornton $50.00 "Love ya, Greek!"
Elizabeth Wefel Hidden "Good luck with the race!"
Tonya Douglas $50.00 "To one of the most strongest and amazing woman we know. We love you Nancy! "Peace in your struggles, Love in your Journey" -Tonya & Sheila"
KELLY ZNIEWSKI $20.00 "Way to go Julie! "
carole mckinzie $20.00 "hope you have a beautiful day.........."
Eric Strand $50.00 "For your Mom."
Cynthia Chuhanic $50.00 "Good Luck! Cind"
Nancy Rhein $250.00 "Good luck in your fundraising, Richard! We're cheering for you! Nancy and Kevin"
Lynne Olds $50.00 "Nan, You and your team are walking for an excellent cause. Hope you make your goal. Lynne Olds"
Mary Auge $25.00 "Keep up the good fight!"
Julie Jiracek $20.00 "Great cause, have fun!"
Lisa Benkowski $25.00 "Im lucky to have had the opportunity to see where these funds go, and who they help. Im very proud of your fundraising efforts Jen, and the difference you make!"
Robin Webster $50.00 "Kick Butt!"
Anonymous $25.00 "Have fun Amy!!"
Anonymous $25.00 "We may not keep in touch as often as we should, but you are in our thoughts and prayers always. Best always Barb and good luck on your walk.. Love, Lisa and Larry"
Rachael Hartson $25.00 "Good Luck on your walk and we wish we could be doing it with you"
Jessica Thigpen $50.00 "Thanks for walking! "
Linda STRAUSS $50.00 "I'll be there as well!"
Michelle Shapiro $25.00 "Linda, 8 Years and your team keeps getting younger and younger. You go girl!!"
Robin Lidstrom $25.00 "Keep on keeping on auntie! She's lucky to have you as a support system Jen. You both ROCK! "
Jane Pini $50.00 "In memory of friend Karen Louise."
Carolyn and Eric Fure-Slocum $50.00 "Thank you for leading the charge against breast cancer, Sandy! Carolyn"
Brad Olson Hidden "Kim, We love your heart for those close to you. Thanks for asking us to share in that love. B & S"
Aggie Pavek $50.00 "Keep on walking' girl!"
Kimberly Fisher $150.00 "This is a great thing you are doing. Good Luck and thanks for sending me the information so I can contribute. Kim Fishrer"
marcia peterson $50.00 "Way To Go, Shirley! "
marilyn southard $100.00 "KAREN WOULD WANT ME TO REMIND EVERYONE: NO WHINING, ONLY WALKING!! marilyn southard"
Janene Sowles $50.00 "I am a Cancer survivor and believe very strongly in the healing power of my Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. Thank you for taking this walk to fight Cancer. May He bless you for your efforts."
Kim Gillespie $100.00 "We love you Amber, Nancy & Jeske Family! you run girl!!!"
Becky Feldewerd $100.00 "God Bless all of you! Way to go Amber -- if you sweet talk me, I might run with you!"
Timothy McKnight $25.00 " Snow should be gone by then. Good Luck"
JESSICA WELLE $25.00 "Good Luck Amber, such a wonderful thing you are doing!!!!"
Susan Tobias $50.00 "Best of everything to you, Linda. Let's get together! Sue"
Sherri Lemanczyk $100.00 "The Weissman family will be thinking of you."
Douglas Weissman $50.00 "Enjoy the day!"
Douglas Weissman $50.00 "Enjoy the day!"
Janice Ludewig $100.00 "Lucky the walk is inside - the way we are going it will still be snowing on the walk day. Thanks for doing this."
Clif & Deb Peeters $50.00 "Good Luck Becky!! You are the best!"
Tami Rudlong $25.00 "Thanks Missi & Keith for participating in this cause! "
Tammy Anderson $50.00 "Way to go Sandy!"
Mary Linnemann $50.00 "Our prayers are with you. Run the race and raise the hope."
Danell Stahlecker $25.00 "Go Warriors for Team D! Thinking of your mom Neelio!"
Linda Luedke $25.00 "You're a good woman, Sandy! Go Girl Go!"
Rita Zilka $50.00 "Hey Susan! Thanks so much for asking me to donate to this wonderful cause. Hang in there and I support you guys all the way in the race for a cure. Rita"
Noelle Sheehan $100.00 "Way to go Reid!! Xxoo!! The Sheehans"
Leah Scott $50.00 "Thanks for walkin Shirley, wish I could walk with you. Leah"
Marilyn Bergmann $25.00 "Go Amber!"
Shirley Maryan $25.00 " Donating in honor of a very special friend ."
Mike Johnson $25.00 "Thanks for doing this Denise! Good luck!"
Robin Brumbaugh $100.00 "Go Team Marlys!"
Kathleen Kerber $100.00 "GO GET 'EM, GIRL. SOOO PROUD OF YOU!!! Love, Mom & Dad"
Doris Rosenow $25.00 "Congratulations! Joyce on your anniversary of being cancer free. Keep up the good work. Love, Doris & Hank"
Michele Mathews $200.00 "Thank you for walking for such a worthy cause!"
Nick Lindberg $25.00 "Sorry we can't make the run, have a blast!"
Steph Mackey Hidden "Good luck, Lisa!!!"
Steph Mackey Hidden "Good luck, Teresa!"
Shauna Sophy $10.00 "love, @True_Cancerian"
Julie Nordendale $40.00 " I hope you have a beautiful day. Sorry I won't be there with you. I will want a long walk after my 9 hour flight."
Joan Hoeft $25.00 "Thanks again for doing this Tracy! A very worthy cause."
Lynn Nelson $25.00 "Good luck Cat!!!"
Susan Mendelson $25.00 "Cheering you on from PA! Best wishes, Sue and Bob Mendelson"
melanie & Vic greenstein $50.00 "We are confident that the new medical research will continue to improve women's lives with breast cancer. We are so glad that Arlene is feeling good!!! "
Margaret Houlton $100.00 "Thank you, Shirene, for participating!!!!! Love you!"
Margaret Houlton $100.00 "Thank you, to both Shirene AND Yasmin, for participating! I hope you know how much this means to both Orandi are wonderful!!!"
caroline shaikewitz $50.00 "keep runnin', you're the tits."
Judie Pristaw $50.00 "You go girlfriend! Let's fight this disease."
Cindy Lillemo Hidden "The giving spirit so alive in your family speaks volumes to me and I truly wish I could do more. May the kindnesses you have done for the world come back to you ten fold."
maureen puziewicz $25.00 "Good for you for doing this!"
Bob Rumpza $25.00 "Go for it, Lizzie!"
Rena Ashfeld $50.00 "Linda - You kicked cancers a** and together hopefully we can KILL cancer once and for all!!! "
Gloria Holm $30.00 "We are so proud of your perseverance, Jenny. We will be thinking of you on Mother's Day morning and hope the weather is nice for the walk. Alan & Gloria"
Kate & Bill Lentsch $150.00 "What a great cause. Way to go, Becky!"
Beth Cedarholm $50.00 "Thanks for helping in the fight against cancer, Kim!"
Jessie Nowak $25.00 "Good luck ladies!! Have fun!"
Lesley Erickson $25.00 "I hope Mother's Day is sunny and warm for the walk!"
Lesley Erickson $25.00 "Go Britanny! Your Grandma is so proud of you! "
Pat Torbert $25.00 "Right there with you, Bev & Becky, fighting like a girl!!! We're ALL going to beat this!"
Jack and I-Fei Ouyang $250.00 "Isabelle is our grand daughter. We are very proud that she is engaging in this meaningful service to the community and love service to her Mom. Marie is a beneficiary of worldwide Breast Cancer research which helped her in her cure from this disease. Yes, we will definitely support them. Nice job, Isabelle. "
Mary Holien $50.00 "Vicki and Girls, Thank you for your support. We need to win this fight!!!! Love you all, (Mom and Grandma)"
Teresa Bockes $25.00 "Be a fighter ~ Supporting you and your family!!"
Beth Schultz $10.00 "Good luck! :)"
Terry Benson $100.00 "Thank you Isabelle for including me to support your mom for this fabulous event. "
Donna McJunkin $25.00 "Have fun!"
Donna McJunkin $25.00 "Have fun!"
Dale McJunkin $25.00 "Good luck!"
Dale McJunkin $25.00 "Good luck!"
Susan Meehan $50.00 "Thank you for making the run, Garrett! Love you, Agnes!!!!"
Patricia Kostrzewski Hidden "Have fun Ethan! : ) Ms. Martineau"
Patricia Kostrzewski Hidden "Have a fun time Aidan! : ) Ms. Martineau"
Nydia Han $100.00 "Go Isabelle!!!"
Tammy Lourenco $25.00 "TICKET"
Carol Rose $50.00 "Way to go Garrett!"
Deborah Anderson $150.00 "Great idea Isabelle! Good Luck! "
Matt Saari $354.15 "These are the proceeds from our garage sale on 4-13-13. Thanks everyone for your support and Thank you mom for supplying many of the sale items!! This is in honor of Mary Lou Saari and in memory of her sister Margaret who died from breast cancer in her early 60's. "
Ann Ruschy $200.00 "We are so very sad that we will not be able to join the walk this year. Thanks for all you do to make this event so amazing. Hugs to you and your family!"
Brenda Dammann Hidden "Can't make the event but will be with you in spirit!"
Pamela Percy $50.00 "Thanks, Sandy!"
Chaz De La Garza $100.00 "Isabelle, great idea! Uncle Chaz"
Stevie Fava $100.00 "Terrific yearly activity! Way to go. "
Michael Ouyang $500.00 "Go Mom and Isabelle! We'll be there to cheer you on! Love, Jack and Dad"
Ann Henstrom $50.00 "You two make a great team!! :) Our continued best wishes are with you. Love, The Henstrom Family"
Curt Anderson $25.00 "Good Luck and Have Fun"
Kimary Foss $50.00 "Ticket"
Jean Domke $50.00 "Way to go Chelsea! Send my love to June!!"
Beret Casey $50.00 "Great cause! Thanks for sending Chelsea. "
Jane Gambucci $25.00 "Go, Moni!! I'm so proud of you for doing this every year. It's a wonderful tribute to your mom. Love you lots! "
Anonymous $100.00 "Oliver & Cowboy"
Mike & Teresa Rumppe $50.00 "Congratulations Joyce on your 5 years"
Abby Schrader $100.00 "We LOVE to support you!! Bennett and Henry are giving this contribution!!! "
Julie Ouyang $250.00 "Go Isabelle, my favorite niece!"
Gail Hauan $25.00 "Thanks for doing this every year, Jen. Very proud of you!!"
Teri & Dave Eckholm $50.00 "What an awesome way to honor Peg's memory!"
Devin Schiltz $20.00 "Congratulations on 8 years, Linda! :)"
Bev Williams $25.00 "Good Luck Denise! Thanks for your committment to a great cause!!"
Claudia Ryan-Mosley $100.00 "So sorry we can not join you this year. We really hate to miss this. It has always been a wonderful way to start Mothers Day. We will be thinking of you Love, The Ryan-Mosley's"
Liz Daugherty $50.00 "Go team June! "
Nina Twardowski $50.00 "Nan, Enjoy the day and time with your friends & family."
Mary Schlender $25.00 " good job, you two!!"
Mary Shafer $25.00 "Go Kim!!!"
Anonymous $25.00 "June, always thinking of you."
Jim Colo $25.00 "I am proud of you Denise for doing this.Good luck in the race. Love Ya...."
Melinda Weber $20.00 "Sorry I cannot join you, have fun and thank-you for doing this!!"
Wes Schiffler $100.00 "More than happy to contribute, great cause!!"
Bevin O'Brien Hidden "Be strong, my friend!"
gentree kretsinger $25.00 "Wendy, Thank-You for all you do!! (everyday)"
Cecelia Eickhof $50.00 "What a great way to honor your Mother!!! We will be thinking of you!!"
Kirsten Hoaby $25.00 "Good luck and have fun! I love you guys!"
Sulan & Dan Nichols $150.00 "We will be cheering for you guys! Go Team Isabelle/Marie!"
Chelsea Johnson $150.00 "In remembrance of my mom and aunts who battled breast cancer."
Sherri and Larry Feuer $100.00 "Arlene, thanks for doing this for all of us. Sherri and Larry"
Rose Olejnicak $100.00 "Thanks for walking for the cure, Sharon! Could touch any one of us... God bless you! Love, Rose Ann & family"
Kathy Eagan $200.00 "Thank you for being Eagans Wings team captain!! Love you"
Alana Romanowski $25.00 "Thank you for doing this Sharon. I know many people who have/had breast cancer. "
Nancy Hurley Hidden "Dear Sandra and The Wegner Warriors, Thank you for participating (AGAIN) in the 3-Day Walk. I appreciate and love you for what you're doing so enthusiastically and selflessly. Love, Auntie Nancy"
Gavin Lee $100.00 "Great idea, Isabelle! Love, Gavin & Angela Lee"
Sandra Youngblom $20.00 "Good Luck! "
Anonymous $25.00 "this is a good thing you are doing!!"
Laurie Brovold $100.00 "Love you Amy!"
David Bennett $25.00 "Have a great time Wendy, I'll be thinking about you!"
Elizabeth Wright $25.00 "In loving memory of my sister and sister-in-law!"
Beth Reidenbach $50.00 "Appreciate your effort, Kim. Love from another survivor."
Jenny Thelen $80.00 "Proceeds from Thirty-One Catalog Party."
Elizabeth Sizemore $25.00 "Go, Emily!!!! So proud of you!! Love you more!!"
Janice Kimes $50.00 "Our heartfelt thanks for making the effort to participate in this especially meaningful event. We're so proud of you for doing that and pleased that you are participating in all our behalf. Lots of love, Mom and Dad"
Audrey Chute $50.00 "Thank you to Debbie's Angels."
Mike McLean $25.00 "Great program - Best of luck Jan & Mike McLean"
Gail Healy $100.00 "Go Garrett!! You WILL make a difference ! Lets see if we can get those guys to pop UP tthe donations! "
Heather Roberts $25.00 "I'm happy and proud you're doing this! I can't wait to meet you in person :) xoxo! "
bill and kelly-ann diehl $50.00 "great picture you guys, hope it is not snowing on you for the 5k! good job isabelle. love, the diehl family"
Pat Anderson Hidden "Go, MaMa Lee, Go"
Dave & Lynn Ullestad $50.00 "We are always willing to support you, your sisters, and all our ladies!! A cure is surely soon to come. Maybe spring will come by the time the event occurs? Luv, Hugz, Lynnie & Dave"
CeCe Peluso $25.00 "I am so proud of you! Love you so, so much. Always. xoxo #RunCJRun"
Richard Peters $100.00 "Candace and I admire you and thank you for everything you do. You have a big heart and that's just one of the things we love about you. "
robin johnson $20.00 "Go cousin Carrie!!"
Jolynn Erikson $50.00 "The Erikson Family LOVES YOU!!"
Sue Jensen $20.00 "Penny - Thank you for fundraising for the Susan G Komen Race for the Cure! Although my donation is small, I hope it will help you meet your fundraising efforts! You go girl!"
Erin Ryan Hidden "In honor of my mom"
Mary J Biegler $25.00 "Glad to donate to help find a cure!! Way to Go Penny!! "
Diane Dahl $25.00 "Thanks For walking !!!"
scott kaunzner $25.00 "Wendy Thanks for doing this.its for a good cause."
Laura VanHeel $20.00 "Go Team Rahn!!!"
Jenny Becker $50.00 "Awesome job Emily!! Glad to call you a friend. Hope you reach your goal and more!!"
Jenny Becker $50.00 "Proud to be your friend Laura! Hope you reach your goal and more!"
Henry, Nicole & Alana Rucker $100.00 "Our thoughts and prayers continue to be with you. "
Elizabeth Jesso $25.00 "GO Team Wendy! Hope you and the girls have another successful walk. Thanks for doing this. Bob & Liz"
Megan Rumpza $25.00 "Congrats on 5 years!! Yahoo!!"
Carlene Paulson $50.00 "Wish we could join you- maybe next year! Good luck!! Carlene and Erika "
Colleen Hegstrom $50.00 "Cheers to your beautiful Nana, Dublin! She's an inspiration to all of us! <3 "
Michelle Templer Hidden "Hopefully the snow will be gone by the time you walk"
Marly Gullekson $25.00 "Thanks for all you do. Have fun!"
Barbara Mortenson $50.00 "Thank you Laura for this opportunity to support a wonderful cause. Stay Grounded and Aim High!"
The Karas Family $50.00 "It's time to win this race! Thinking of you!"
Mike Rogers $25.00 "You are an inspration to all of us. We will see you on Mother's Day! "
Cynthia Clark $100.00 "Can't make it this year, but we want to support the cause."
Monica Novak $100.00 "You are an inspiration! Keep rockin' it girl."
Teresa Thomas $100.00 "Good Luck Martha and Teammates! From All of Your Friends at Pentair!"
Teresa Thomas $25.00 "You Go Blister Sisters! From Terry and Keith Thomas"
Colleen Evans $25.00 "Good work, my friend!"
Corinne Marks $50.00 "Michelle, thanks for all you are doing for this cause!!"
Anonymous $29.00 "Go Gayle's Angels Team!!! So great you are walking for such a great cause!!"
Anonymous $100.00 "Gayle's Angels Team Rocks!! Cheering you all on!!!"
Anonymous $200.00 "Tony - Thanks for taking such good care of your Mom and for walking each year with her and the Gayle's Angels Team!"
Anonymous $200.00 "Juldyz - Thanks for taking such good care of your Mom and for walking each year with her and the Gayle's Angels Team!"
Anonymous $100.00 "Ken - Thanks for taking such good care of Gayle and for walking each year with her and the Gayle's Angels Team!"
Paul Meyer $25.00 "Big love to you all:)!!!! "
Tom Peterson $25.00 "Good luck with the race. My aunt is a survivor."
Anonymous $100.00 "Jeff - Thanks for all you do to support Gayle and the Gayle's Angels Team and a big thanks for running each year with the team in support of this great cause!"
Anonymous $100.00 "Julie - Thanks for all you do to support Gayle and the Gayle's Angels Team and a big thanks for running each year with the team in support of this great cause!"
Jason Plank $100.00 "Patty, thank you for your efforts to help an important cause!"
Emily Schneider $25.00 "TICKET! Thank you to Team Betty Minnesota for representing such an amazing woman! I'll never forget Betty!"
Jennifer Devereaux $25.00 "TICKET Love to help such a good cause. Love Danny and Betty!!"
Anne Lawler $100.00 "The Lawlers are planning on being there. The Eagan family is an inspiration to us all! Looking forward to seeing everyone. "
Jennifer Ecker $50.00 "Katie - we are very proud of you for doing this. We hope you reach your goal and best of luck in your walk. Love Jenny and Mike"
Jill Svee $50.00 "Always so proud of you."
Carolyn Young $25.00 "In memory of Michelle Kulzer"
M Kalinowski $25.00 "Have fun walking and congrats on baby #2!"
Cara DiBenedetto $20.00 "I wish it could be more! I love you! WalkEmilyWalk!"
Steve Miller $100.00 "Go Cindy!"
Allan Simmons $50.00 "So proud of you Candi! Your efforts are for a good cause. Lost Carol to Breast Cancer and contribute to several folks who walk for cancer, including your aunt Pamela and my wife, DeAnne. Wish it could do more, but my heart is with you. Love, G-Dad"
Krystle Waldorf $20.00 "Way to go Jess! Have fun!"
nancy fernelius $100.00 "Winers Unite!! Go Team Kne!"
Jennifer McBroom $50.00 "Go Colleen!!!! WOOO WOOO!!!! Get it girl!"
Vicki Ribich $100.00 "So proud of you and your team, Amy. Have a great time on the walk!"
Bob & Kay Long $100.00 "We are happy to help and be a part of this adventure. We've all been touched by cancer in some way (friend & family members) and are proud of you for making this effort to help fight it. Way to go Kathy! "
Meetas Vu $25.00 "Have a blast! What you're doing is great!"
Dave & Judy Bork $100.00 "We are so PROUD of you LAURA, you have touched so many lives. You have endured so much and are a beautiful giving person. You make a difference and we are so proud to call you friend and family. We LOVE YOU!!!! Dave & Judy"
Mike Cuomo $100.00 "Michele, Good luck with the run! Thanks for caring and making a difference."
Shari Stoll $15.00 "I wish you the best MA."
Carmen Hamilton $100.00 "In Honor of Leanne White Miller"
Joanne Henrickson $50.00 "It is so great that you are doing this walk again, Elaine! Hope your sister is doing well. Joanne"
Lynn Zorn Hidden "Go Girl Scouts in pink pearls!!"
Don Brandeau $10.00 "Have fun!"
Keith Roiger $100.00 "Thanks for caring on team "Just for Jill Roiger"."
Susan Daly $100.00 "Mary Ann, All best wishes in reaching your goal. Sue"
Rachael Lindberg $15.00 "Ticket"
Kathleen Havercamp Hidden "You continue to make a difference in the lives of very proud of you! All our love to you & our support for this great cause. Kay and Dick"
Melissa Simmons $25.00 "Keep it going!!!"
Linda Burns $50.00 "Always willing to support you!"
Sally McCabe $25.00 "Great way to start a Mother's Day! "
Jane Angell $50.00 "This contribution is on behalf of Glen & Helen Angell. Thanks for your support Mom and Dad!"
Brad Brandeau $25.00 "Nice Job Nicole! Wish I was there so I could walk with you! "
Nancy Zirbes $50.00 "Happy Walking! May you keep walking for many years!"
Laurie Rivard Hidden "Wish I could be there again this year but am unable to do so. I hope you have a wonderful day!"
Tony Ranten $50.00 "We love you!"
Andrea Kircher $50.00 "You write a very persuasive fundraising letter, Vicki!"
Melissa Van De Loo $10.00 "TICKET"
Anonymous $50.00 "Sarah, Good luck to you and for all who run for the contiuous fight against breast cancer."
Crystal Brown $20.00 "Thanks for doing this Vicki...Mom and your grandma are so proud of you...and so am I !!"
Linda Landrus $20.00 "Sorry about Kari! At least she isn't suffering anymore. Our Dear Lord is taking care of her. "
Linda Butts $50.00 "Go Patti Go"
Mike and Sandy Driscoll $50.00 "You are a real survivor and great siste. Sorry I won't be there. Mike and Sandy"
Lucy Barrett Bednar $100.00 "Go Cathy, Kathy, and all of our St. Ben's friends! May the cure be near!"
Jane Mayer $10.00 "Good luck, Suzie!!!"
Heidi Cedergren Hidden "Thinking of you, Kathy! "
Gary Nelson $100.00 "Great job Susie--must be the bargo trips"
Natalie Price $100.00 "Awesome Sharon. Proud of you for doing this!"
Barb & Ella Romanelli $100.00 "Go Team Isabelle & Marie!! "
Arlene & Zvi Leibovich $500.00 "Thanks to everyone for your generous donations!! Together we will find a cure!"
Eris Hanson Hidden "Kelli- you are truly an incredible women with strength that is undeniable, stay strong girl!!!"
Traci Diddens $100.00 "Ticket & thank you for supporting a great cause!"
Bob & Lynne Harris $50.00 "Sorry we can't make the walk. Keep up the good work! "
Lenny Elliott Hidden "Way to go E!!!!"
Debra Jacobson Hidden "Congrats Suzie - you look Marrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrvelous. Go kick some butt!!!!"
Gloria Chesterfield $75.00 "Good Luck."
Mary Kay Barrett-Bremer $50.00 "Glad you beat the monster - TCF is lucky you were so strong!"
Ruth Roy $5.00 "Suzie, Stay with the crowd so you don't get lost! Good Luck!"
Todd Lundquist $25.00 "Bravo Suzi - hope you raise a lot for this great cause"
veronica wieland $100.00 " In loving memory of dear Karen. She is proud of all of you. Ronnye"
Brenda Waldera $25.00 "That is soo AWESOME! "
Doni Morrissette $25.00 "Way to go Susie!! You are an inspiration to the rest of us."
Romell Salner $25.00 "To my Kne sisters and family, Happy Walking, Happy Mother's Day. Sending love, support, hugs and kisses. Hope you have a beautiful day! Love, your sister, Romell"
Lorraina Lisowski $10.00 "Ticket"
kelly krider $25.00 "Go Kathy go!!! "
Judith Peterson $50.00 "Thanks for working to stamp out breast cancer Kim. Good luck on the walk!"
Mary Ann Prange $50.00 "Thanks to YOU Chelsea for participating in this beautiful fundraiser. I am donating in memory of my mom, Margaret Jean McDonnell Magnus. Blessings, Mary Ann Prange"
Kelly Logue $25.00 "Good luck Karen!"
Lois Humbert $15.00 "You go-Girl!!"
Erin Saxby $100.00 "Thank you for Walking!!!!"
Brett Krohn Hidden "Sue, you are an inspiration to me and the rest of LWBB. Keep fighting! We are behind you! I don't know why there is cancer in the world or why it has affected you but I know that there is a God that is in control and loves you unconditionally. Draw upon his strength and welcome the support of those around you. Brett"
Kelly Crowe $25.00 "so proud of you, you got this!!"
Sonja Kruger $25.00 "Thinking of you all and wishing you all the best! "
Douglas Farmer $50.00 "Good Luck - Great thing you are doing"
kelly Crowe $25.00 "SO PROUD!! GO GET IT!! TICKETS"
Linda Hazekamp $100.00 "Donation provided by your Pearson friends. "
Eric Pleiss $9.00 "Way to go, sis!"
Jackie Smith $100.00 "Garrett, On behalf of your mother, and all who are fighting this battle, we say thank you!"
Kim Schlaht Hidden "Keep Fighting!"
Diane and Tim Weber $50.00 "Sorry we can't join you, but our hearts will be with you and Greyson! "
Diane and Tim Weber $50.00 "You and mommy have fun! Hope you have a wonderful day--lots of warmth and sunshine!"
Pat & Patty Knoer $50.00 "Good cause and lots of family's are affected. "
sara diventuri $25.00 "go girl go!"
Lynda Hammarstedt $20.00 "Very proud of you Nicole !!! Enjoy the walk :) "
Dave Dickson $50.00 "I know you will make your goal I can feel it. Thanks You for walking! This take really good people from us way to early! You are the BEST Becky! So pround of you! Keep up the great work!"
Julie Thron $25.00 "Debbie you are a true inspiration!! Congratulations on 9 years cancer free!!! Love ya!"
Lori Thomas $50.00 "Dearest Linda - Congratulations to you for beating this beast, not once but twice. You are a true warrior for all women and am so happy to support you on this walk this year and always. Love to you and your girls!! Lori Thomas"
Carol Peterson $50.00 "Sorry I couldn't be there to walk for you Jeano. You're in my thoughts and prayers. Keep on fighting!! Carol Peterson"
Rebecca Johnson $25.00 "Hey Norma, so cool that you do this every year :) I hope May 12th is a beautiful day for you to enjoy the walk! Take care, Becki "
JIm Beall $25.00 "It is so great to hear that Sara is doing well and is there to raise those beautiful kids of hers!! God Bless you as you continue to raise awareness and money!"
george turner $50.00 "thank you for your dedication to this all important cause. GeoT"
Nicole Bleich $10.00 "TICKET"
Sharon LaMott $25.00 "12 years so happy to have you here today..You are tough "
Katja Rondholz $100.00 ""Ticket" This is another way to support Team Betty .... My aunt didn't survive to breast cancer, but I know, she would be proud of me, for what I'm doing. So thank you for your work. XOXO Katja (aka @rodelkatze)"
tim kooiman $40.00 "thanks for saveing the boobies"
Sarah Kelley-Harman Hidden "Tickets"
Lisa Siebold $25.00 "Ticket"
Carol Kelsey $100.00 "Kim, thanks for doing this for all of us who are alive after the diagnoses. "
Mary Adams $50.00 "WAY TO GO REID!"
Bonnie Broden $25.00 "So proud of you Tina for doing this walk... Love you, Mom"
Sarah Harris $50.00 ""TICKETS""
Sharon Cecere $25.00 "Have a good walk Linda!! Best wishes always.....Sharon Cecere"
Nick and Amy Rondeau Hidden "Good luck on your walk Barb! You're one tough cookie :) - Amy and Nick"
Erica Rosendahl $50.00 "Good luck with the race, Jill!!"
Birdella Hall-Walker $20.00 "I am so happy to be able to contribute to this site. Have lost so many wonderful family members and friends. "
Kerry Hiben $25.00 "Good luck babe...!!!!!! I'm proud of you.................."
Julie McCorkel $10.00 "Tickets"
Jodi Vollmers $50.00 "In celebration of my Mom and her courageous battle with breast cancer twice and for my wonderful sister-in-law and her daily battle with terminal breast cancer."
Marguerite Ball Hidden "I think it's great that the family participates in this. Enjoy your walk! Marge"
Kari Kyllo $50.00 "The Kyllo's love you Carla! Keep on fighting!"
Julie Ashley $25.00 "Tickets"
Sandra Ryan Hidden "Go, Eagan's Wings! Jack graduates from St. John's that day, so will be unable to walk. Next year! Congrats to Tricia on her graduation from St. Ben's! Wonderful video that Tricia and Andrew put together! Sandy"
Cortnee Sanders $50.00 "Honoring your mother and mine. May this dreadful disease claim not another life. "
Michelle Messerschmidt $25.00 "Hope this help :) "
Dot Anderson $25.00 "You go, Betty Lou! I'm proud of you."
Tiffany Brand Hidden "TICKET"
Heather David $25.00 "TICKET"
Jim and Nancy Mohs $30.00 "For Mary Kay"
Kelly Greinke $20.00 "TICKET"
Michael Brusven $40.00 "Run Forest, run! "
Samantha Johnson $25.00 "You go girls!! Xoxo"
kim miller $25.00 "KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!!!"
Kelsey Hoen $25.00 "Heres a start mama wooohoo! Wish I could walk with you booooo finals. Next year ;) love you!!!!"
Josh and Nicole Brusven Hidden "We will be thinking about you that day!"
Lisa Vang Ly $10.00 "TICKET @Belle_asiL ;-)"
Melanie Carl Hidden "TICKET"
Jean Konopacz $200.00 "Won't be able to be there this year but wish you good weather for a pleasant walk"
Lori Andreas $25.00 "You go girl!!!!"
Patricia Quinn $50.00 "HI Kim, Hope this makes a difference. Love you! Patsy"
Jennifer Bengtson $50.00 "TWINS TICKETS!!! "
Marsha Gronseth $25.00 "Have a great time for a great cause! Marsha & Sue"
Alice Halldorson $50.00 "Great cause and awesome people!"
Erica Campbell $50.00 "Twins Tickets!"
Belinda Bellows $30.00 "Go Team Jake!!!"
Colleen Leary $25.00 "Great cause! Here's to boobs!"
Julie Embry $50.00 "Renee, I am so proud of you!! And I am so thankful that you are still here with us!! Amen! Julie"
Patricia Casurella $20.00 "You go girl!!"
Lisa Klatt $25.00 "Good luck!! "
Tracie Goepfert $50.00 "What a wonderful way to remember your Mom! Vicki is a friend of mine and told me what a wonderful person she was."
Liane Domogalla $25.00 "TWINS TICKETS!!!"
Jason Domogalla $30.00 "TWINS TICKETS!!!!"
Marlene & Fred Herbst $100.00 "TWINS TICKETS"
Tony Karels / Rental History Reports $50.00 "Thanks for doing the walk again Liz. It's truly inspiring!"
Mark Strandlund $25.00 "TWINS TICKETS"
Alison Schadow $25.00 "Love to all the Eagans!!"
Melissa Neisen $50.00 "Carrie, We're proud of you for running to support a great cause in finding a cure for breast cancer!"
Leslie & John Hedrick $100.00 "Good Hustle"
Meg Reichel $25.00 "Go Blue Ribbon Bandits! Love your Facebook wallpaper, Holly, what a fantastic picture!"
Susan Swanson $100.00 "Cathy, you are amazing! Mammograms are so important to catch breast cancer early. A close family member just completed radiation. Because of her mammogram they were able to visualize the cancer in its beginning stages. Thanks for walking!"
Ann Salzer $25.00 "Thinking of the Hengel Family- Ann Salzer"
Peggy Rogers $20.00 "Twins tickets"
Darwin Brucker $100.00 "Que the music... Chaka Khan "I'm Every Woman". Thank you for being an inspiration to so many. "
Simonson's Salon & Spa $280.00 "Simonson's supports Team Betty and the Race for a Cure! Way to go!!"
Sue Eskedahl $25.00 "Renee' is an inspiration to us all!"
Steven and Laura Engler $50.00 "Thank you for doing this, Arlene. xoxos+l"
Willie Deibel $25.00 "Good luck and have a lot of fun!!!"
Debbie Ludwig $20.00 "I would support you anytime sweetie!!!!!! "
judith roach Hidden "Jo, We are so proud of you for the way you have handled this challenge in your life. YOU ARE OUR HERO and we love you with a passion!!! Keep the faith, Love, Mom and Dad"
Michelle Vallée $20.00 "Go girl!"
Maxwell Rothstein $25.00 "Love you Kathy! Wish I could walk with everyone!"
Katie Houghtaling $25.00 "I am sorry for the recent loss of your mom. She was my religious teacher growing up and did a great job teaching us unruly kids about Jesus."
Anne Saevig $25.00 "You go for it, Jackie. Thanks for doing this in memory of Lynn and for all who suffer with breast cancer."
Flavia Tingling $100.00 "So many women will be helped because of your personal dedication to breast cancer awareness. As a woman I thank you and am certain that your mother is very proud ! Kisses- Flavia"
Michelle Wright $40.00 "You go Kelly! Love you."
Constance Winterfeld $50.00 "THANK YOU for walking for ALL of US!! "
Anna Contreras $275.00 "You are awesome!!! "
marlene mattice $15.00 "I'll be thinking of you and know your Mom is walking beside you. Hugs"
Lisa Weyrauch Hidden "Sue, we miss seeing each week!"
Dorine Willemsen $50.00 "Love you!!!"
David Ross $250.00 "I'm sorry that I can't physically be there with all of my fellow breast-lovers. But I'll definitely be there in spirit! Show them how it's done, Team! Yay, Holly's Breast Friends!!!!!"
Kimberlee Wedel $25.00 "Jacqueline, praying you will walk with reflective peace and strength! Finish strong!"
David Hoden $75.00 "I'll be thinking of you....I'm walking in the Relay for Life again this summer!"
Erin Crotty $100.00 "So inspiring, Dan! "
Lindsay Warner $35.00 "Big or Small save them all! Happy mother's day! Love, Tom & Lindzwa Warner"
Kate Cortelyou $20.00 "Go, Mom, go!"
Sandra Heidman $50.00 "You are a wonderful daughter Monica."
Jesse Hanson $50.00 "Keep up the good work Melanie. Have a great walk. Proud of you! "
Arza & Arie Funk $100.00 "Love you Arlene"
Suzanne McHugh Weaver $25.00 "Thinking of you Denise with Love."
Jeanne & Carl Johnson $20.00 "Love, mom and dad"
Jamie Unger $25.00 "Have a great race day, Amber!"
Maria Gilbertson Hidden "You are doing a GREAT job raising these funds!! Good Luck Sweetie & I'm so proud of YOU!"
Kim Ramquist $50.00 "Good luck team."
Anonymous Hidden "Thank you to Linda Dyre and Tom Loher for their support this year! :)"
Jason Dally $50.00 "You're not heavy. You're my brother."
Joe and Kay Caturia $50.00 "So glad to support you Barb!"
Marisa Geisler $100.00 "With lotsa love from Chris & Marisa"
Mary Anderson Hidden "Keep up the good fight, Sue."
Emily Zimmer $25.00 "Twins Tickets! ;)"
Jennifer Wanderscheid $25.00 "Love you much! Mrs. ChildFun"
Kelly McCauley $100.00 "I am so proud of you. Love you sister"
Loretta Peterson $50.00 "proud of you love you "
Judy Ostertag $50.00 "Good luck Becky! "
Don & Jenny Kaufman $50.00 "We're very proud of you Brenda. "
Chris LeMieux $15.00 "Keep fightin'!!!!"
Jean Oleson $150.00 ""Way to Go" to my "big sister" and BEST FRIEND!"
Bob & Jacky Naslund Hidden "We are thinking of you with love, Sue!"
Mae Hanson $25.00 "In memory of my best friend, Sue."
Deborah Wobig Hidden "We are so proud of your fighting spirit Mary! "
Marnie McGough $25.00 "Congratulations! We continue to wish you well Marie & family! :)"
Shellie McCauley Hidden "Mary - you continue to be in my thoughts & prayers. Stay strong, I know you'll beat this!! "
Stephanie Hunter $455.00 "Fashion for Life Fundraising Event"
Heidi Bailey $50.00 "OMG Mary, sending hope, prayers, encouragement and love. Feel free to call if you need anything."
Anonymous $75.00 "Twins tickets"
Brenda Mueller $100.00 "I will miss walking with all of Arnie's Angels this year! I will be there in spirit with you - hope you have a great day!"
Carol Funke $25.00 "Yay! Good Luck on the walk! Thanks!"
Kathleen Yeager Hidden "Hi Mary. Thanks so much for your continued dedication to eliminating breast cancer."
M'Lyse Haugen $137.00 "PFG 2012 Dollars for Denim Money"
Kathleen Yeager Hidden "Chuck, we appreciate your continued support in the fight against breast cancer."
Tim and Nancy Crothers $100.00 "Way to go Joyce!!"
M Paulson $200.00 "Thank You so very much for being there for both Michelle and her mother Daine. You are a Great Lady!!! Love M"
Carrie Carroll $25.00 "You are in my prayers."
Stephanie Hunter $40.00 "Fashion for Life Fundraiser Canning Donations"
Marie Bronson $25.00 "So great to hear you are in remission Kim. You have been in my thoughts and prayers...."
Joe & Shirley Schmit Hidden "Thanks for your participation in this race. Your participation will hopefully help find a cure for this demon."
Nancy Kiskis Hidden "You are a true hero, Shelly!!!"
Palesteen Williams $25.00 "Hello Joan. I am a colleague and former student of your son Michael. I am honored to help support you in this worthy cause. Blessings! Pal"
Laura Max $130.00 "Twins Tickets...donation from Darlene Max"
Pamela Thomson $50.00 "in memory of Walt & Kay. Go Shelby GO!"
Martha Harding $25.00 "We'll be thinking of you during your 5K. So fortunate we are to be able to do this! Love, Marty and Gary"
Nicole Streif $50.00 "Jilllacher Rocks!! She is my inspiration. I am lucky enough to call her a dear friend."
Marisa Geisler $100.00 "With lotsa love from Marisa and Chris"
Maggie Maas $100.00 "Good luck on your walk. You are an amazing woman!! :)"
Colleen Hayne Hidden " We miss you at Afton-Lakeland, but hope to see you soon. "
TIFFANY BITZAN $25.00 "So proud of you for doing this! Way to go, Lauren!"
TIFFANY BITZAN $25.00 "Although a lot of kids would rather be sleeping or watching tv, we're so proud that you're helping with such a good cause! Way to go, Will!"
Emmerson Ward $25.00 "Donating in memory of my mother, Amy Hodgson Ward."
Holly Fischer Hidden "Way to GO AmyJ, and your Girlies!"
Anonymous $270.00 "Here is a little money to get to your goal of 1000"
Mark Isaacson $100.00 "In loving memory and honor of my Mother-in-Law, Millie Dallmann."
Anonymous Hidden "This donation I am making is in honor of Christi and Trudy that through this donation and others that one day a cure may be found for breast cancer."
Terry Morris $100.00 "STAY POSITIVE,GOD SPEED!!"
Andrew Ulasich Hidden "Thanks for your work on this Renschens/Ringhofers! Much love, A+B"
Kim MacLeod $25.00 "Hey Joanie! You go girl. Love, Jimmy"
sue martell $25.00 "Thanks for supporting the cause. Have fun!!!"
Carol Higgins $25.00 "Keep Fighting Like a Girl"
Brandon Anderson $25.00 "In care of Betty White."
Cindy OGara $25.00 "You ladies are a great inspiration - go girls......"
Peter Lerohl $25.00 "Hi Girls, I am so glad you are doing this, thank you! My Mom had breast cancer in 1974 and is cancer-free and living well today :) Peter"
Ann Davis Insurance Agency $50.00 "Thank God for early detection and screening. So happy that you are doing great and beat the C Both you and Kenyon have fun at the race. All our love to you both. Ann & Jeff"
Patricia Mills Hidden "I am so proud of you as not only a cancer survivor, but as a person who wants to see that others with cancer are treated and a cure is found. God bless you and Kenyon for taking part in this year's race."
Marianne Ashley $50.00 "It's all about our sister - happy walking - you're the best!"
James Miller $20.00 "Yea Team Kinberly!!! Wish I could be there to cheer you on. Hugs all around. "
Lucy Rogness $25.00 "Have a great walk!"
Lucy Rogness $25.00 "Have a wonderful walk Jay. "
Esther Ijzer $10.00 "Hi Lisa, I wish I could come. It's for such an important cause. I hope to make up for it with a contribution! And I also hope to see you again soon!! Esther"
Lauri Keagle $25.00 "Go Millers! So thankful you are doing so well and are able to support others with your success!"
Kathleen Roost $25.00 "Way to kick some butt!!!!! Hoping you get some good weather for it and have a great time!"
LARA TOMAS $25.00 "Go Michelle!! "
mary/caren welch/gaytko $25.00 "You go girl - for all of us!!"
Shelly Bulger $25.00 "TWINS TICKETS PLEASE"
Shannon Matter $25.00 "Good luck with the run and walk Jamie. I hope you get a beautiful day!"
Anonymous $100.00 "Happy to hear you're running the race. I wish I could join you, but, I'm too darn "old." Have fun, I'll be there in spirit!"
Heather Simonsen $25.00 "Good luck Sarah, thanks for sharing your personal stories."
Curt Jamieson $50.00 "Good luck Michele and Ty."
Michael Olson $750.00 "F*CK CANCER!"
Sara Bailey $25.00 "Good luck Kady, Lucas and Michelle!"
John Cummings $25.00 "Great job working for an excellent cause! "
Martin Piombo $50.00 "The Piombo's are 100% behind your efforts on such a worthy cause!"
Julie Maloney $25.00 "TWINS TICKETS! Great Job Laura!!"
Kimberly Oldenburg $75.00 "Donations by: Ralph Nagle, Nicole Klimek, Kim Oldenburg"
rae montgomery $25.00 "you go girl! -rae"
CAROLYN MCCUNE Hidden "What an awesome thing your doing Shelly! Good luck and I hope you have great weather!"
Fran Nelson $100.00 "Good Luck Boob Squad!!!"
Christine Keiser $20.00 "Matthew, Love always, Auntie Chris "
mark dalbey Hidden "run nini run!!"
Diane R Boyum Hidden "Thanks for walking. All of us survivors appreciate your energy and you strength. Keep walking. Diane "
N Padrin Engen $100.00 "Go, K! You rock it all! P&QB, et al"
Beverly Bean $25.00 "Hey will donate instead of walk. Good luck and God bless you for doing this"
Jessie Holm $25.00 "You Rock, Barb!!!!"
Michael Bukolt $50.00 "Good Luck, Sweetie, we are so proud of you. Love, Mom & Dad!!"
Laura Max $5.00 "Twins Tickets...Donation for Andrea Dorner"
Jenny Storhaug $50.00 "You have amazing spirit! Keep up the wonderful work! This is such a great cause! Your family is in my thoughts and prayers. Good luck next weekend!"
Faith Wisland $25.00 "5 Years!!! Great! Thanks for doing the walk each year!"
Christine Regini $50.00 "Have a great run:)) God Bless!"
pam menerey $100.00 "We are proud of you Karen. "
Carol Christenson $25.00 "Dear Judy, your courage and tenacity in fighting your cancer is an inspiration to all of us! God bless you! your cuz Carol"
Michael Grealish $100.00 " Happy birthday Babe. Good health to you and all your sisters everywhere."
Daniel Peters $500.00 "$2,500 RAISED DURING 20% MATCH CAMPAIGN!!"
Cindy Weathers $50.00 "In honor of Barb Kranz "
Nicholas Owens $50.00 "Keep up the good work!"
Janice Osmek $25.00 "Good luck Amy!!"
Angie Kulenkamp $50.00 "Go Becky-Mo-Mecky, Go!"
Rob Keiser $25.00 "You help keep the memory of your mother alive. She is smiling down on you. Love always, Dad"
Leah SanCartier $50.00 "TWINS TICKETS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
Wendy Helm $25.00 "Go Auntie Liz!! Thanks for doing this! Have fun!"
Robert K Menzel $50.00 "Michele and Ty - Thanks for running in honor of Karen and in memory of Jan."
Mary Rondeau $50.00 "To my courageous sister..............You Go Girl !!!!! Hugs, Mary"
Eileen Leo Hidden "YEAH FOR YOU, LIZ!!!!!! 5 YEARS AND COUNTING!!!"
Amanda McCarthy $50.00 "If I could donate $5,000,000 to you, I would. Love you girl. So happy to have you in my life. Oh...p.s. YOU'VE MET YOUR GOAL!!! *pats self on back* Happy tears only please :) XOXO KFP POWER!!!"
Cindy Bandur $100.00 "Amanda and I will see you Sunday!"
Chris Smith $50.00 "You're awesome man, keep it up."
Derek Fargie Hidden "Whew, almost forgot this year. Good luck!"
Carolyn Cherrey $50.00 "Wish I could join you all... Have a great day!"
pam miller $30.00 "Wonderful cause, Britts running a 5k today in honor of uncle Dale..."
Krisi Bailey $50.00 "Enjoy the walk Sarah - wonderful that you do this to support a great cause. "
Charlotte Stieren $50.00 "So proud of you .....go Medalen's!!!"
Abby Jones $100.00 "So proud of you Tony! Have fun!"
Caroline Derby $25.00 "You go girl!! and have fun while you're at it!! see ya carrie "
Tami Brings $25.00 "You impress me everyday! You are truly amazing:)"
Kyle Hoen $50.00 "So proud of Mommy!"
Doris Follett $100.00 "Tony, I am so proud of you. Grandma Doris"
Kris Penfield $200.00 "Tony, this is the best Mother's Day gift you could ever give to your mom! I am so proud of you for making this choice in honor of so many of our famliy and friends that have been thru breast cancer. We are SURVIVORS! Greg and I are thrilled to be a part of this event. Even though we are only the drivers and cheerleaders :) Love, Mom"
Bruce Menzel $100.00 "Good luck, Ty and Michele. You guys will do great!"
Connie Kimber $25.00 "We love you very much! You are such an amazing woman!! :)"
Phillip Warner $100.00 "Enjoy your run!"
Mary and Paul Warner $50.00 "Hope this helps. "
nina serio $50.00
Linda Armstrong $100.00 "Go Christy!! Proud of you!!"
Benjamin Kempfert $100.00 "Cheering you on and celebrating 20 years cancer-free! - Erin, Ben, Gretchen and Jem"
Clay & Deb O'Flanagan $100.00 "Linda, my best friend and "sister", I'm so proud of you! I love you. Deb"
Pat Sampson $25.00 "Go gramma, Go. Run for us all. No one will fight alone."
Kathleen Arendt $100.00 "Jolene, best wishes as you walk to give life to others. Have a fun day! Kathy Arendt"
Steve and Jane Olofson $25.00 "Good luck with the walk. We will be thinking about you! Steve and Jane"
Gary Greenwood $15.00 "Go team Cheetah"
Denise Aarstad Hidden "Hi Norma, You go girl. Thank you for walking. :) D "
Chris Brand $25.00 "Twins Tickets"
Angie Ziel $100.00 "Sorry I can't be walking with you this year, but know you're in our thoughts and prayers and we love you so much! It is an honor to know you Hollie Marie, you are incredible! "
Prudy Miller $100.00 "good luck in the race to you, kady & Lucas. I will be there cheering you on"
Laura Max $60.00 "Twins Tickets...donation from Lisa Max"
Cheryl Wliams $100.00 "In memory of my cousin, Sophia Shelton Wright "
Debby & Dave Heymans $20.00 "Have fun! I know you will."
Marti Elston $25.00 "Shelley, You've been so courageous throughout all your treatment. We are so happy that you are able to walk the Race for the Cure cancer free. You are a blessing to all of us. You go, girl! Love, Marti"
Ross and Lynette Phernetton $50.00 "Thanks for supporting the work to cure a disease that touches so many."
Connie Sukola $25.00 "Thanks for doing this, Vicki!"
Elaine Larabee $50.00 "Way to go Reid!"
Kristen Delano $25.00 "Kristi, wishing you continued success in this life challenge. Tom & Kris Delano"
Kristin Vlasak $20.00 "Kristin has donated $20 for the Teachers for Ta Ta's Team."
Jackie Mlynarczyk Hidden "Best wishes as you continue to honor your mom and celebrate your survival. Will be thinking of you."
Donna Hall $25.00 "Maria and Lila, as a mother-in-law and grandma, I am so very fortunate as a breast cancer survivor to have you both walk with me. Love you."
Wendy Olson $100.00 "Proud of you Reido!"
Donna Hall $25.00 "Stacey & Jack, as a mother and grandma, I am so very fortunate as a breast cancer survivor to have you both walk with me. Love you."
Patrick Wicker $10.00 "Way to go Josie, we support you all the way! :)"
Patrick Wicker $10.00 "Way to go Michelle, we support you all the way! We also miss you and love you much! :)"
Anne Taylor $75.00 "Cindy. You are such a awesome person & mother & wife I so proud of you in you fight with cancer you show Gods glory in your daily walk God bless & love ya kiddo "
Nickie Plevell Marshall $25.00 "Good Luck! Good cause!"
Sharon Burton $100.00 "Hey Tony, What a great idea for a great kid!! We miss you and hope to get together this summer sometime. We give Thanks often to God for those survivors in our families. Love, Uncle Ron and Auntie Sharon"
Jay Johnson $100.00 "For my better half who is so strong. It's been a tough couple of years and it still continues with my mom. The kids and I love you so much. "
Lynn Osterman $25.00 "Great idea, Tony John! We will be there with you in spirit! Love, John and Lynn"
Judy Scheidecker $100.00 "I am so happy to contribute in honor of your "Rock Star Aunt". I know every contribution as well as our prayers do make a difference. I am so proud of you Jen....keep up the good work!"
Kim (Krotzer) Sorensen $10.00 "Good Luck with the walk. It is people like you that make things happen towards a cure."
Holly Johnson $25.00 "You guys rock! And, it looks like no snow that day!"
Dianne Kne $25.00 "Wish I could be there to walk with my family. Love you all, lotsa! XO, .dixie"
Linda Folsom $50.00 "We are unable to do the walk with you this year but still wanted to donate"
Laurel Meyer $50.00 "I really appreciate that you guys run. Steph--be careful with your hip!"
Heather Larson $10.00 "Love you LuLu! "
Becky Warren $100.00 "In honor of my Survivor ... my MOM!"
Terre Krantz $50.00 "Thanks for doing this Kel . . . means alot to me, your nana and to all the people we personally know that have been faced with this disease. Love you bunches."
Kelly Kemp Hidden "We love you, Auntie Jodi! Love, Kendal and Kevin :)"
Kim Good $25.00 "So proud of you, Phu! Wish I could be there to walk with you. I'm there in bear spirit!"
Katie Bradley $25.00 "Good Work Sis! "
Dihann Rothman $25.00 "You are a ROCKSTAR Jen!!! So close to your goal! I know you'll do it!!"
Michelle McGee $50.00 "Thanks Belva! My mom is a Breast Cancer survivor! "
Stacy Verdick Case $75.00 "Tear it up, Jolene!"
Gary Bednar $25.00 "You are such a wonderful person Jolene! Congratulations on your 5 years of being cancer free, and thank you for helping to make a difference. I'm honored to contribute to your efforts - Your Friend Gary at NBP"
Natalie Simones $25.00 ":) Love you!"
Wendy Voss Hidden "Feel the wind in your hair... Always "here" for you!! xox Wendy Teresa*"
Dana Dittrich $25.00 "Enjoy the walk, I'm sure it will be an amazing experience. Have fun!"
Lara Collins Asmus $25.00 "I love this! I feel so lucky to call you guys friends :) Enjoy your day and Happy Mother's Day!!!"
Patricia Olson $50.00 "Have fun, Ellie! Nana Pat and Papa Gar say, "Yabba dabba dooooooooo!""
Lyn Rajala Hidden "We're proud of you three for doing the run/walk/wog. Hope the weather cooperates! <3"
Chad Legois $75.00 "Great job, Dan! Thanks for your dedication towards an important cause. Dave and Chad"
Jayne Deis $25.00 "I am proud of you! <3"
Susan Holm $110.00 "Love you both!!! Susan"
Eric Gilseth Hidden "You're a champ! What's even better than hitting your donation goal is doubling it. Keep going! Please tell Madge... to never EVER give up. It makes all the difference in the world."
Trish Woerner $25.00 "Thank you,Kathy for participating in this great event! "
Janice Soares $25.00 "Tess, I love you with all my heart! - Jan"
Anne Pahl $50.00 "Any friend/family of Kathy's is a friend of mine, just take good care of yourself!"
Molly Hakko $25.00 "What a beautiful thing! Happy Mothers Day!"
Dona Mulrooney Hidden "Thanks for walking, Jodi!"
Elishia Krieger $25.00 "I love that you guys do this every year. Keep up the great work! "
Rick Naymark $50.00 "Cheryl Froland is the BEST."
Lisa Keiser $20.00 "Matt, this is so wonderful of you to keep your mom's memory alive. She is missed. Love, Lisa Keiser"
Mary Bur $25.00 "Dear Jackie and Gabbie, Thank you for doing this walk in memory of Lynn. We miss her very much. God bless your time doing this very good thing! Love, Mary"
Barb Gevik $50.00 "Teri... You are such a motivator and inspiration to those that love you. I hope you know how much you have always meant to V and I and we wish you all the luck, love and happiness. Good Luck and see you soon my friend!!! Again...WE ARE SO VERY PROUD OF YOU...."
Kelly Bjerkeng $25.00 "Best wishes Sandi! Thanks for walking for a great cause. Kelly"
Stacy Lawrence $20.00 "Cash donation from Connie Rau. Thank you Connie!!"
Stacy Lawrence $50.00 "Thankful for yet another year that we can all walk together!"
Jessie Novey $20.00 "Congrats on another year of walking/running for such a great cause. I hope that you lovely ladies have great weather. "
Julie Braastad $25.00 "This is such a wonderful way to honor Connie's memory. "
Jake Turner $25.00 "English Vulcan and Klingon plz."
Polli Hubbard $75.00 "Thank you for doing this. It is in the spirit of Phyllis come and gone. We sizta's need to support each other. Our cousine Ann Ziebarth is a survivor. "
Anonymous $25.00 "You will do an awesome job! "
David Lloyd Hidden "Good luck!"
Eileen Wegge Hidden "Becky ... sending you some healing touch. Eileen"
Kate Kaminski $25.00 "Sorry I can't be there, but will be thinking of all of you! Good Luck!"
Deb Stueven $50.00 "Enjoy the walk! I will be with you in spirit!"
Mindy & Don Douglas $50.00 "Go Girl, Your Spirit Is SO Strong!"
Jill Chalupsky $25.00 "Way to go Warrior Woman!! "
Robyn Hetland $25.00 "Will be praying for good weather and happy kids!"
Barb Anderson Hidden "Congratulations Lynn!!!!!!"
Danelle Byrne $50.00 "Thanks for running Annette, you are amazing!"
Kimberly Glasbrenner $50.00 "Mary, you'll beat this and we'll be there to celebrate with you! Mammy, Sandra and Kim "
Jacqueline Johnson-Leister $65.00 "All the best to you on your walk, Renee! You are an inspiration to us all!"
Sandra Hara $50.00 "Thanks SO MUCH for putting together a team and walking for your friend. We all appreciate it!"
Anonymous $50.00 "Walk On!"
Kevin McCabe $75.00 "Enjoy your walk! Kevin"
John Bettendorf $25.00 "Hopefully the weather will cooperate and it will be a great day for all those who walk!"
Amy Lenarz $200.00 "In memory of Kathy, and in honor of her loving and lovely family. Our thoughts are with you as you walk! Amy & James"
Laura Volk $25.00 "Barb Cooper - you have an amazing support team and couldn't ask for a better team leader than Dana - let's all keep up the walks and find a cure. So proud of all of you. Happy Mother's Day."
Ann Hengel $50.00 "Thanks for fundraising for a good cause! "
Janet Lane $25.00 "Thank you for doing this Lori!"
Mindy Jast $50.00 "Love you Sara!!! So amazed with all you have done! Thanks for being you!"
Brian Dodge $25.00 "Good Luck with the walk and fund raising Maureen! We'll, for sure, be thinking about Aunt Margie, Uncle Jim, you and Sheila that day."
Maureen McCullough $25.00 "Good Luck Becky. You are the best! "
Cindy Buckett $15.00 "You and Lila are adorable. What's this about baby # 2? Congratulations Maria!"
Jann Monk $25.00 "I am so proud of you both glad you can do this hope the weather will agree lol Happy Mothers Day4081042210251548"
Amy Carew $25.00 "Good Luck Jen! I know you'll do great!"
Lyn Miskovich Hidden "God Bless, i love you all!!"
Amy Hauge $40.00 "Great cause! Praying for sunshine. "
Mark Ritsche Hidden "Lori, Thank you for taking the time to help."
Joseph Kohlmann $50.00 "Great Work Joyce! Great work on a beautiful daughter as well!!!"
Becky Malecha $25.00 "Go Kim! Way to fight cancer! "
Cleve McDonald $50.00 "Enjoy your walk!"
debra simon $25.00 "Go Deone's Dozens!!! "
Mary Metz $333.00 "And many more years !"
Jennifer Morgan $50.00 "Cheryl is TOTALLY the BEST!! xoxo"
Anonymous $25.00 "I will be thinking of you as you are participating in the race for a cure! I think that it is wonderful and very special that you will be running in honor of your mother! Have a great Mothers Day Sandi! "
David Hengel $25.00 "Your husband's head is round."
Deb Slechta Hidden "Thank you for your efforts to "Race for the Cure." Happy Mothers Day, Kathy!!"
Pete Colarich $25.00 "Melissa and team, You are doing a great thing by walking or running in honor of Lynn. Good luck and enjoy."
Brenda Schmieg $50.00
Marlys Hall $25.00 "As a 3-time cancer survivor, I thank you from the bottom of my heart for your part in helping to find a cure to all cancers."
Thomas Malecha $100.00 "Proud of you Susan!"
carolee closmore $25.00 "They are blessed to have u on the walk!"
Lisa Muenkel $25.00 "I'll be running 5K for the cause too!! Thanks to all who support breast cancer research. Advances in genomic medicine are promising - and fundraising keeps those efforts moving forward. "
James McGowan $50.00 "Good Luck."
James McGowan $25.00 "Good Luck"
James McGowan $25.00 "Good Luck"
Tim McNeal $75.00 "Have a great time Lori! I'm happy to support such a good cause."
Jane Gambucci $25.00 " I know your mom is smiling down at you for doing this for her and for a cure. I'm so proud of all 3 of you girls for doing this for so many years when you are able. Love you! Auntie Jane"
Sue Lavigne $100.00 "Let's go Madge's Motivators!!!!!!!!"
Pamela Koepke $40.00 "Celebrating Pam being cancer free! Yay! "
Carrie Senske $50.00 "I will be thinking of you this Sunday!! "
Sharen Bloechl $50.00 "I'm supporting my sister Mari plus numerous cousins & friends"
Caela and Bob Pankonin $30.00 "YES!!"
Jasmine Black $25.00 "Thanks for walking Belva! I donate in memory of your aunt and in honor of my aunt who is a breast cancer survivor!"
Danah Morey $100.00 "For Becky's Mom and Family"
Linda De Rosa $50.00 "on behalf of your co-workers and friends at INCERTEC."
Linda De Rosa $50.00 "to one heck of a rock start. you are awesome."
Rebecca Bukolt $50.00 "Run, Sami, run!!!"
Greg & Cheryl Cosgrove $25.00 "Congratulations on nine years. Here's to many more!!"
jean meals Hidden "This is such an important cause. Hope the sun shines on all of you!!!"
Phil and Jill Halfond $25.00 "Joyce, You are truly an inspiration. We are proud of you for your contributions to fight this disease. Our Best to You, Jill and Phil Halfond "
Blanca Milne-Cossio $25.00 "Barb, eres un gran ejemplo de fortaleza, te mando mucha buena vibra!"
Joe Larson $25.00 "Go Kelly Smith!!! "
Mary Eggers $50.00 "Chels, I am so proud of you and June! You have both been so amazingly strong and brave throughout this entire process. We are happy to contribute to such an awesome cause and to two such inspirational women! Love you both <3"
Phil Pflepsen Hidden "Enjoy the day and the race! Thank you for being part of this very special event! Phil and Diane"
Laurie and Dennis Anderson $25.00 "Isabelle what a wonderful daughter you are to raise money for this great cause and I am happy to make a donation in honor of your Mom. Good luck and Best wishes. Laurie and Dennis"
Pamela Dean Hidden "You are truly an inspiration to all of us!"
Teresa Belden $25.00 "I admire your dedication and commitment! Sending you lots of love!"
Maureen Kerns $25.00 "GO girl GO!! Good luck ~~"
Steve Oman $200.00 "Thanks to all the walkers, doctors, researchers, friends, family and supporters! Everyone makes a difference."
Percy Rauch $25.00 "Enjoy the walk and hope weather is great...."
Marc Conklin $25.00 "Go, Erin!"
Paul Waggoner $25.00 "Cathy, Thank you ever so much for going that extra mile for your step-sister, your mom and all the others stricken by this terrible malady, I wish we could afford more than 25 bucks. Hope the weather is good this Sunday. Love, Dad and Mercy PS We hope an pray Ditas medics know what they are doing and are not part of the failure percentage. She spent five additional days in the hospital for an unnecessary lung operation because the incorrect patholigist assumption it was cancerous ... should sue for malpractice as surgeon believed him. So far she is doing every other week chemo ... the semi-standard cut, poison and nuke. No altvuernatives suggested."
Nathan Dodge $25.00 "Sounds like a great thing to do :)"
Bridget Kelly Hidden "Eagan Family -- I'm so sorry that I have to miss Race for the Cure this year. I'll be with you in spirit and will be seeing you in just a few weeks! Happy Mother's Day and I'm so proud of what you're all doing to raise awareness! Love, Bridget"
Sandy Bergsten $20.00 "Good luck with everything you do, Laura! I admire your strength & determination:) Thanks for all that you do to help fight Breast Cancer! You go Girl:)"
Rick Chiero $25.00 "Dear Maria and Lila, I am blessed with the most awesome daughter and granddaughter. Can't wait to see you on Friday. I hope your walk is wonderful. :) I wish I could pledge more, maybe next year. "
Andy& Ruth Kava $50.00 "Go Boob squad!!!!!"
Nancy Peterson $25.00 "Go Dan! "
Ken & Rosella Kes $25.00 "Congratulations on 3 years. Our lives would not be the same without you. Your smile has always been contagious. Love you so much. Aunie"
Joanne Daubenspeck Hidden "Thanks for walking Anne. Happy Mothers Day. Missing you..............."
Sandy Christopher Hidden "Good Luck with the race! Uncle Dean and I are proud of you!!"
Bob & Ann Reese $25.00 "Linda, so very proud of what you are doing and so happy to have you as a dear friend. God bless you!"
Sandy Christopher Hidden "Good Luck with the race! Uncle Dean and I are very proud of you!!"
Mary Sotanski Pagel $25.00 "You go girl!"
Linda Weber $100.00 "Best wishes for a great race even though you say you are a "non-runner"! Go Team!!"
Janelle Connolly $25.00 "Way to go, Amber! Hoping & praying for your Mom (& all of you)!"
Elaine Lucht $25.00 "Thank you for your dedication to the Race for the Cure. WALK ON, LADIES!!! :)"
Matthew Coelho $25.00 "You're awesome for working so hard toward this. My aunt survived breast cancer twice so this is an important cause for me. Thanks, Dan! "
Kathleen Linden $30.00 "Kim and Kelsey, We are so glad you are doing well. Good luck on your walk! Love, Erin and Kate Linden"
Kathy Leslie Hidden "Way to go Pam! Three days...60 miles that is AWESOME!!!! Here to your continued great health from one cancer survivor to another!"
Christine Hansen $25.00 "Best of luck to you Jenna and Cheryl! We think of you often Jenna and say lots of prayers for you to continue to be cancer free. You showed amazing strength this past year!"
Anonymous $25.00 "Thank you for your support again this year, Debbie Belfry! :)"
Jan & John Silliman $25.00 "Go Karen Go!"
Anonymous $100.00 "Go kick some cancer ass, Olsen Clan!"
Chris Lee $50.00 "Rose praying for the best. I know you have great support. Your family is the best. I hope you have a great walk and please keep us posted. "
Anonymous $50.00 "Good Luck to Deb and you all. --J"
Tami Nielsen $15.00 "Yay Liz! I will be rooting for you!"
Tom & Cheryl Melsen $100.00 "Kathy, Andrew and Eagan's Wings Sorry that we will not be able to walk with you this year. We love you dearly. You are truly a inspiration. You will be in our thoughts this weekend. Love Cheryl and Tom"
Lisa Olson $50.00 "Thanks for doing this!"
Anonymous $20.00 "Way to support your mom!"
Tony Lucchesi $50.00 "Here's to an inspiring day! (Pam, I expect you'll finish the race in under 20 minutes.)"
Val Drinane Hidden "Anne, Happy Mother's Day! What a great way to celebrate your Mom. Thanks from me & my Mom and all the other mothers, daughters & sisters out there!! Long may you wog!! Val "
Scott Carlson $100.00 "What a great event! Enjoy a day fillled with laughter and hope."
Sia Krueger $100.00 "Have fun and God bless! "
Pat and Monica Butler $150.00 "Congratulations on another successful Eagan's Wings Walk campaign, Andrew and Tricia...well done! Kathy, you are in our thoughts and prayers to continue to enjoy every day! Have a great walk! Love, Monica and Pat"
Terri Welch $50.00 "I'm so very proud of you, Gabbie, and your partnership with your mom in support of this important issue. You are the best! "
Mara Stelzer $25.00 "Good luck - we'll be thinking of you!"
William Langley $100.00 "I hope your sister achieves remission."
Wendy Nemmers $50.00 "We'll be thinking of you on Sunday! Have fun!"
Karen Norman Hidden "Thanks for your dedication to the cause, Cindi!"
Julie Lee $25.00 "Have a great time! "
Sandra Jensen $25.00 "This donation is in honor of my friend, Lori Huffman"
Kim Metzer Hidden "Your efforts for this cause are awesome. Keep up the fight for your Sister and the others out there."
Bonnie Chlebecek Hidden "Thanks for walking to raise money for this cause. Have FUN"
Kelli Braadland $30.00 "Hoping that they one day find a cure!!! But until then. .. I stand behind my mom and others who are fighting!!!!"
Michelle Tiffany $100.00 "Wishing you all good things. Cancer sucks! Go Guards! ;) xoxox The Tiffanys"
Annie Hutar $50.00 "Go girls, go!!! For your Mom, Nancy...and my Mom, Jane, cheering from Heaven! Breast CA takes the strength of an entire family to fight. You can do it. Will be thinking of you all on Sunday. xoxoxo"
Michele Peterson $130.00 "Cash donations"
Carroll Marxen $50.00 "I think it is amazing the work you put into this every year!! From women everywhere THANK YOU!"
Beth Farris $25.00 "Wish I could walk with you guys!"
Cheryl Graff $25.00 "Go fast and win!!!"
Garth H Johnson $250.00 "Goooo Connie!!!"
Connie Augeson $100.00 "We Miss You Kari!"
Teresa Gostonczik $25.00 "Have a fabulous day and thanks so much for walking Sista K! Love you."
Deb Mensing $50.00 "Hi John, Glad I could help you out this year for this very worthwhile fundraiser. This is for my Mom, Aunt Dorothy and your sister-in-law Lisa and all the other women out there that are battling this deadly disease or have been a survivor. "
joanne niemi $50.00 "You go, sister!! So proud of you!! xoxo JoJo"
Jane Boyle Hidden "Go-Olsons on the run. Great. Thanks, Pam."
Jennifer Hanson $25.00 "Love you guys, wish I was there to walk- Jennifer :)"
Stephanie Kibler $50.00 "Next year I will go with you!"
Marilyn Miller $50.00 "Thanks for walking Alanna-you do all postal workers proud."
Jackie Anderson $25.00 "Go Jane! Lots of love!"
Donna Burns $25.00 "I support Sarah & Jen as they walk to cure Breast Cancer. Good for you:-)"
Rhonda Stein $50.00 "Have a great walk. Glad I could help!"
Gail Bernstein $75.00 "Hi Arlene, Thanks for participating in the Race for the Cure! We will be there on Sunday in the 5K walk! Love, Gail & Tom"
Katy Dale $25.00 "My hero ! Go Liz Go ! "
Anonymous $85.00 "Go Gayle's Angels!"
Anonymous $35.00 "Go Gayle's Angels!"
Mary Ulasich Hidden "Way to go Ringhofers/Renschens. Love M&M"
Stacy Foreman $50.00 "Have fun at the walk. Congratulations to your mom on being cancer free for 5 years!"
Karol Nielsen $50.00 "Keep up your dedication, Brad. Maybe someday, a cure will be found! Karol"
Sharon Bloomquist $20.00 "Good luck with your walk. You are a true survivor and inspiration!"
Vince Muehe $50.00 "Thanks for always being involved in this!"
Jedd & Sarah Wennerberg $25.00 "Way to go, Medalen's! "
Jean Meyer Hunt $25.00 "Way to go Karen!!! Have a great walk."
Enzacta LLC $500.00 "Thank You for all you do for the community"
Kris Rauenhorst $50.00 "In honor of Moms and Daughters everywhere. Way to Go Kimmie and Mom!!!!"
Matt Barth $50.00 "Have fun at the walk, congratulations Nancy!"
Nancy McIlvaine $50.00 "You rock Kim!"
Pam Christiansen Hidden "Thanks for doing this for all of us "girls"!!!"
Judy Puhl $100.00 "It is always a pleasure and honor to support you, Barb & Dana! You are an amazing Mother/Daughter team. I hope that Krista & I will have the fabulous relationship that you two share over the years to come. We are praying for everyone affected by this disease (and for nice weather Sunday). "
Robyn Bjerke $25.00 "Thinking of TEAM Hope for Heather as they join the fight. Robyn & Keith"
Sandy Doruff $25.00 "Congratulations Moose on 14 years of being breast-cancer free!!! Have a fun time at the race! You are an inspiration!!! :o) Your LifeTime friend, Sandy"
Lyn Wendlandt $50.00 "Thinking of you!!!"
Cathy Larson $50.00 "YOU GO, GIRL!!! :)"
Brittany Randolph $25.00 "Run your little heart out"
Kimberly Barth $25.00 "So glad I get to spend the weekend with you!!"
Tina Holbrook $150.00 "So proud you are doing this! "
Sherrie Laudenbach $50.00 "GOOD FOR YOU!! Sure wish I could give as much as I'd LIKE too...... Thanks, Ray, and to your team (and ALL the others) running for a personally special cause!!"
Mike Baldwin $25.00 "Thanks for being apart of this fundraiser!"
Ben & Steph Odegard $100.00 "We Love You Mom"
Wanda Ramirez $75.00 "Go Team Debra!! We'll be thinking of you, and cheering you on from Chicago. Love and hugs to you all!"
Tammy Lund $25.00 "You and Lila look so cute. Good luck on your walk. Hope you have lots of sunshine. Congratulations on baby #2."
Brittany Peterson Hidden "In memory of my aunt and to honor the many courageous women fighting this battle every day."
Anonymous $25.00 "This is for my wonderful aunt who passed from breast cancer and for my nana who had this als!"
Hailey Hall $25.00 "What an awesome event! Run hard! :)"
Anonymous $25.00 "GO JOHNSONS! Good for you Michelle. Jay, you have alot going on especially with your mother. Stay srong just like Michelle has. Lucas and Kady get those legs stretched and when your done have your dad say "breakdown"! have a great Sunday!"
Kristi Moebeck $50.00 "Run like the wind!"
Lisa Hellermann $25.00 "Way to go Amber!! Prayers and love to you and your family:)"
Donna Sutherland $200.00 "For my Mom and Judy."
Patti Walsten $100.00 "Thanks for doing such a wonderful thing for such a worthy case! Proud of you!"
Chad Ruth $50.00 "Great Job Lori!"
Joy Bernatz $40.00 "Good luck on your walk. I hope you have good weather!"
Catherine Brown $55.00 "Have a wonderful time everyone."
Laura Max $100.00 "Donation from Debbie Defrances"
Chris Audet $75.00 "Thanks for doing this! It's a very cool Mother's Day gesture. I'm also contributing in honor of my grandma, who also battled breast cancer."
peter omalley $100.00 "You are an inspiration to us all! Peg & Peter"
Matt Mortenson $25.00 "Happy to support your dedication to the cause!"
PATRICIA EICHTEN $50.00 "Keep the streak going! Pat"
Mary Pat Mickley $50.00 "Happy Mother's Day, Amy! I hope you stay warm and have a great day!"
S. Leppanen $50.00 "We want survivors to not only survive, but "THRIVE"!!!"
Dawn Johnson $100.00 "I'll be thinking of you and Patt on Sunday and cheering you on!"
Darlene Sitarski Hidden "Way to go, John! Thanks to you and your family for your efforts."
LeAnn Cunningham $25.00 "Cindi my prayers go out to you and your sister God Bless!"
Olivia Center $25.00 "Thank you for taking the time to be a part of a great event. "
Stephen Parsons $50.00 "Go Gayle's Angels!!!!"
Stephen Parsons $35.00 "Go Gayle's Angels!!!"
Nancy Saterbak $25.00 "Hope you have a nice day for your walk!!"
Sue Teien $20.00 "Go Karen! Maybe I will see you there. ;) Sue"
Concierge Title $100.00 "Hi Karen! We wouldn't miss this opportunity to donate towards your goal. Sara/Chris/Tara/Darin Concierge Title"
Peggy Murphy $50.00 "Good Luck on the walk! We are hoping for good weather!!"
Jarrod Dehn $25.00 "Good luck everyone! Jarrod Dehn"
Chad & Tina Reuper $50.00 "You are amazing and we Love you!! Wish we could have joined you but we are with you in Spirit!! Love You! Chad, Tina, Patience, Myah and your Godson Beau!"
Susan Kottom $100.00 "Go team, Heebl! "
Beth Weber $25.00 "Happy "early" Mother's Day Rebecca! Have fun with the family and enjoy this walk!"
Gail Holtz $25.00 "Have a great day!"
Carolyn Nelson $25.00 "I hope you have a great walk on Sunday. My love and thoughts are with you! Happy Mother's Day. Carolyn"
Julia Allan $150.00 "Crew 2 Production Department contributed $128.00"
Amy Clark $25.00 "Hope it's a beautiful day for you! Celebrate!!!"
Dennis Hughes Hidden "Enjoy a wonderful "Mother's Day" running!"
Kathleen Deggendorf $25.00 "Have a great time at the walk everyone!"
Chloe RG1 $10.00 "My uncle John is a fireman, I love you uncle John!"
Emma RG2 $10.00 "Uncle John you are special to me. Thank you for caring about me in the future. I am little but I Love you a lot, a big hug from a little niece."
Robert Veatch $50.00 "Oh so happy to be a boob supporter:-) Go team Bandits!!!"
Becky Johnson $200.00 "Jeano, You are amazing and I wish I could be there! Keep the fighting spirit that inspires us all. Becky Johnson"
Duane & Julie Hulm $100.00 "Cheers to Hollie and Team Boob Squad! Keep savin 'em two at a time!"
Kathleen Lww $100.00 "Dan, Thanks so much for your supprot. If I ever need this help, I want you on my team!"
Mary McDonough $25.00 "Always praying for your mama. She has been through so much."
Teresa Holland $25.00 "Thanks Nicole M. for Walking for the Cure. My Aunt is a 15+ year breast cancer survivor. It is her honor that I want to help. "
Nina Bauernfeind $40.00 "Thank you for doing the 5k again this year, ma. I will be running next year, and then walking afterwards again! :-) You're a wonderful woman for doing this. We all love you. Next time there will be more of us raising money! I know it's not much, but I wanted to get you a GIFT-gift as well. "
Sheri Vrtis $100.00 "Good Luck! Wish we could be there!"
Anonymous $50.00 "All the best! Enjoy the experience and, I know, you will appreciate being able to do it together!"
Pamela Orr $10.00 "Go Girls!"
ViAnne Hubbell $75.00 "Hoping you get beautiful weather and have a great walk!"
Maureen Lawson $50.00 "Good Luck for a Great Cause!"
Barbara Spurrier $150.00 "Go Team Boobs!!! Love you all!"
Michelle Lane $25.00 "Thanks John for doing this for our family and hope is that breast cancer will be cured in our lifetime. "
Sharon Johnson $50.00 "Have a great day tomorrow!"
sheldon johnson $100.00 "Thanks for your efforts!"
Paula and Jim Brazil $50.00 "Wish we could be walking with you. Thanks for doing this each year."
Peggy Lozar Family $35.00 "You go girl!!"
Renee Williams Hidden "Here is to Maddy & Jenny Evans & many more dealing with this awful disease! "
Abbie Zakrzewski $133.00 "Go Team Rack Pack!!"
Dan Schroeder $500.00 "Melissa and team... I am extremely proud that you have taken on such a great project. I am very proud of you and I know your mom would very proud of you as well! Love. Dad"
casey mueller $15.00 "Faster then superman more incredible then the hulk more awesome then chuck Norris and shwaze bouncing at the same bar"
Jerry & Vita Cohen $100.00 "David & Char - Supporting you from afar for another fabulous race! Thanks for all your hard work and dedication. With all our love! Jerry, Vita and Hannah Cohen"
Lois Kelly $50.00 "Good luck from Paula Obrand's Mom to Jill and all team members!!"
kathy katz $50.00 "go sara."
Cindi Olson $75.00 "We love & miss you Kari!!"
John Seidel $100.00 "Go Agnes! I am very proud of you and love you. John"
Terry Davick $25.00 "Thank you for doing this walk. It benefits all women and I am proud to help out!"
Molly Cava $100.00 "Go Boobs Go! Love, The Cavas"
Jason White $25.00 "Go Carla! The Whites are thinking of you!"
Rashida Downing Hidden "A worthy cause in memory of a wonderful woman! We know she is proud of you! Dana and Rashida Downing"
Bob Richardson $50.00 "Amy - I made it in time this year and I'm making up for not contributing last year. Forever your friend...Bob R."
tammi Olson $25.00 "Thank you for walking. You look so wonderful. I usually walk this, but have other plans this mothers day, so I am sorry to miss it. "
Erin Mehagan $50.00 "Go get 'em Livi!"
Ronald & June Doll $100.00 "Good luck Hollie so proud of what your doing in your mothers name. I know she's smiling down on you. Love Uncle Ron and Aunt June"
Darlene Walz $70.00 "Free Will Donation Bucket at Allure and Donation from Cindy Lindberg $40.00"
Alex Stern $25.00 "Go Johny Go"
Kimberly Shivers Hidden " Hope this small donation helps. God bless you and the memory of your mom."
Jay Young $50.00 "Happy Mother's Day Mom! Good luck with the walk Mom and Dad! :)"
Christi Reineke $25.00 "Emily- Have fun on the walk! Thanks for doing this for a great cause!"
Ronald Halvorson $100.00 "Good Luck, Cheryl Have fun!"
La Toya Forrester Hidden "In memory of your beautiful mother on this Mother's Day, but also for the millions of women who love and die in pink everyday. May the fight continue for a cure."
scott nye Hidden "You are a model and inspiration for those affected by cancer and for those who's lives have been touched by cancer. "
Barbara Cridlebaugh $50.00 "GO GIRL!"
Mark Estabrook $100.00 "Happy Mother's Day, honey! Love ya'!"
Diane Mcgonagle $20.00 "Good job to the entire team!"
Carol Pogatchnik $25.00 "Way to go, Kelli !"
Janet Sowiak $75.00 "Go Julie and family! Have a great day! Love, Janet"
Patty & rob Hubbard $75.00 "Go girl go. Love ya. "
Jim & Mary Hyvare $25.00 "Good luck with the walk and we hope you have a wonderful Mother's Day! "
Stephanie Akehurst $25.00 "Happy Mother's Day! Have fun at the walk!! Love you both lots :) "
Lou Gagliardi $100.00 "I wish I could be walking with you, Good Luck today and Happy Mothers Day!"
Theresa Ryhn $25.00 "Have fun!"
April Quevillon $25.00 "Thanks for walking in honor of Aunt Bug, Cits! "
Kimberlee Janssen $150.00 "What a beautiful day for a run!"
jacqueline abbruzzese $25.00 "Happy Mothers Day ,Lori,Enjoy Your Day with FAMILY " YOU GO GIRL " LOVE TO ALL Jackie & TONY"
Elizabeth Plowman $500.00 "Thanks for volunteering! Enjoy the event!"
Sarah Dooley $20.00 "Awesome job ladies!"
Sarah Doege $38.00 "For the moms!"
Tarran Pitschka $100.00 "You're doing a great job Jane! Every time you walk, we're always behind you."
Julie Mack $50.00 "Go team!!"
Janice Schmelzle $100.00 "Lisa, you are so brave and we are here for this journey with you. Love, The Schmelzles"
Kalyn Hochuli $50.00 "I love you guys! Hope you had a wonderful day! "
Theresa Chandler Hidden "This is for you and Grandma C!"
Katie Brusven $570.00 "Cupcakes for the cure! "
katy dickson $50.00 "Sue, great job being a champion for the cause! "
John Hendricks $50.00 "Thanks for supporting this great cause"
Millie Enerson $50.00 "A tribute to my friend Joan Schwendinger who lost her battle with breast cancer in hope my small donation can help to save someone else."
Tracy Cook $20.00 "Congratulations MA! From Tracy (Cookie) + Lisa"
Catherine Dales $25.00 "Great day----Thanks Mark! xo"
Nancy Lyon $25.00 "I'm proud of you guys! What a great way to spend Mothers Day."
Ann Schmidt $50.00 "Thanks for doing this for all of us!"
Carol Higgins $25.00 "Thank You Mom for donating"
3M Hutchinson planning office $50.00 "Way to go Jen!!"
lucille piccininno $25.00 "Glad you did the run. Proud of you. Wish I could have been there. Love Mom"
Nick Boosalis $100.00 "Liz - Thanks for your support of this worthy cause! - The RENT411 Team"
Amy Donahoe-Anshus Hidden "Wishing the best to a truly inspirational lady who does so much to help others!"
Kathy Mueller $100.00 "Glad you had an amazing morning Sheila and Boob Warrior Team!!!! So sad that we could not be there this year!! From Kathy, Buffy and Carol"
Renee Engelhart $25.00 "Mark, You are an inspiration as are the ones taking the walk fighting for those battling the disease now and for those who fought and lost! I wish I could be there with you!"
nancy horsch $75.00 "When I see a butterfly, I will send it off to Lynn.."
Adrea Jeske $100.00 "Good job girls! Love Uncle Doug"
Michael McNally $40.00 "Thanks for walking! A donation was given in honor of my sister, a survivor."
Kelly Rothschild $25.00 "Great cause! Great Family go Jacobsons!"
Susan Schuetz $25.00 "Great job Michelle, Lucas and Kady!"
Courtney Anderson $20.00 "YOU GO NANCY-PANTS!!"
Christy Tadych $25.00 "Your aunt is such an inspiration! So glad to donate on her behalf!"
Jeff Sutherland $100.00 "Good Job"
Elizabeth Nolte $25.00 "Good cause!!! Betty & Jerry"
Asha Patel $25.00 "Congratulations Lynn! Here's to you and everyother strong fighter!"
Susan Langfeldt $30.00 "You are such troopers.Amazing ladies!"
Michael Mazur $73.00 "Love all you hard work and passion....."
James Brown $25.00 "You are doing great work, Amy for great causes, keep it up! My wife is a 9 year breast cancer survivor, and we are active with the Cincinnati area Susan Komen functions and the Race For The Cure. Best of luck! Jim and Terri Brown"
Anonymous $50.00 "Almost to your goal!!! Let's help Becky get there NOW!!"
Stacy Maes Hidden "Love you, Lynn! :)"
Fran Schmitz $25.00 "Our thoughts and prayers are with you."
Amy Poulson Hidden "Hope it was another great event this year, Stacey! You never cease to inspire me."
Mike Hoolihan $100.00 "43"
Staci Daugird Hidden "Thanks for being an inspiration to so many!! "
Robert Leschke $50.00 "I'm sure you all did an amazing job."
Walmart Associates $40.00 "Thanks to Mike K, Mary A, Jason C, Justin A, and Josh M."
Ana Pottratz Acosta Hidden "Cancer doesn't stand a chance against the Jeske ladies!!! Go Team!!"
Rebecca Hiesterman $25.00 "Proud of you..."
Karen Hawley $100.00 "So honored to support you! Karen and Char"
Mary Schaffer $25.00 "Glad you are supporting a good cause."
Allie Rivard $25.00 "Way to go Becky!! Keep up the good work!"
MARK NEWSTROM $75.00 "Congratulations on raising such good funding, Becky!"
Cherlyn Davis Hidden "Ticket "
Chris Moakley $50.00 "Best of luck from David Ortiz!"
Mary Ann Mead $50.00 "Hi, Vicki! I'm sorry to be so late off the mark with this donation. Mary Ann"
Julie Anderson $36.00 "You are a Rock Star! Keep up the fight! Love you lots!"
Julie Anderson $25.00 "Way to go mom! Love you!"
Tim & Nancy Downey $25.00 "Congrats on walking Vicki, great cause!"
Karen Watson $25.00 "Donation from Ken and Maria Rosen - thank you!!"
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