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2012 Susan G. Komen Twin Cities Race for the Cure (R)

Give For The Cure...
Honor the Promise through ACTION
LOOK AROUND YOU. Every 74 seconds breast cancer claims the life of someone in the world! We need your help on our mission to save lives and end breast cancer so that not one more of our mothers, sisters, brothers, daughters or best friends has to die from this disease. We won't rest until breast cancer is a history lesson, not a current event. HELP US ON OUR MISSION.

Make your miles count on Race day by participating in our Friends for the CureĀ® fundraising program. Getting started is easy. Just set a fundraising goal and then ask your family, friends and co-workers to help you reach your goal.

Your donations make a difference right here in Minnesota. In fact, 75% of the donations received are awarded to Minnesota non-profit organizations that support breast cancer patients and breast health initiatives. Twenty-five percent of the donations received are sent to our National Research Grants Program to fund groundbreaking research dedicated solely to breast cancer. With your support we will keep working towards eradicating breast cancer as a life-threatening disease.

Total Donations: $1,473,872

Goal: $2,000,000

$0 74% $2,000,000

Contributor Amount Comment
Lynn Vogel $25.00 "Thanks Jessica for helping with this good cause."
Elise Campbell $25.00 "Good luck Jessica! I love the NKOTB reference :)"
Jennifer Murray $10.00 "<3 your positive outlook is inspiring. I'm a better person just for *knowing* you. <3 "
Stefani Schulze $25.00 "Good luck and have fun, Crystal!"
Jina Digaetano $100.00 "For my October fundraiser for National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, my fitness class participants donated a whopping $50 in cash plus $30 in checks for wearing pink to class. I don't think I have ever seen so much PINK!!! I promised to match the donations up to $50, so the total donation amount is.....$130!!!!!!!!! WAY TO GO!!!"
Allen & Terri Sarutzki $25.00 "You are truly inspirational Angela!"
Lynn Norton Hidden "This is for you big sis!"
MaryLou Ziebarth $25.00 "Tara, thanks for creating this team. Go Pink Warriors!"
Ruth Bowell $50.00 "Good luck for the walk and your personal fundraising goal!"
The Sheehan Family $100.00 "Go Candy Kisses!! "
LaVal Eberhart $25.00 "Hi Cleo, My thoughts and prayers are always with you during your journey and we are hoping for a great outcome from your treatment. I couldn't do the walk but wanted to make a donation. Take care my friend and we'll be in touch! LaVal"
Delores Belsaas $50.00 "Donna, you are such an inspiration!!! You went through this with such a positive attitude and determination. Your faith in God and your strong will kept you going even on those tough days. Love ya sister!!!"
Samantha Tucker $25.00 "Good Luck Team Ya Ya! Team Tucker will be cheering for you! And if we get more funds in this house before the date we'll contribute even more. (:"
Nicole Call $10.00 "I wish I could help out more. Good luck, I hope you make your goal."
Jeanne Obele Hidden "Hi Wendy, Your mom told me you guys were going to do this. Good for you. Maybe sometime me and my girls can join you. Good luck with your walk."
Chip and Gwen Dale $20.00 "So happy to help celebrate Kathy's 5 year success by contributing to the Komen Walk!"
Curt Jamieson $50.00 "Run for the CURE."
Janice Phillips Hidden "Love you Kimmy!"
Paul & Joan Henningsen $100.00 "Hi Carolyn, We're happy to support you and your team in this race - will be thinking of you. What a nice way to remember Michelle and to celebrate you. Joan & Paul"
Jyl Scislow $100.00 "Thanks for doing this Carla!"
Karla Haas Hidden "Love you Kim!"
Eta Lambda Soroity $50.00 "Love you! We're with you all the way!"
Charles Hirth $25.00 "Good luck Danielle."
Tracy Dreger Hidden "Good luck girls! "
Debby Comer Hidden "Good Luck Kim!"
ann kutt $50.00 "Nice job Tina!!!!!"
Pamela Kurtz Hidden "Run, Forrest, run! And we're behind you Karen and Jan, Tom & Pamela"
Marilou Denney $25.00 "Michelle and Bruce, We are more than happy to make a donation in honor of both of your moms. My dad had breast cancer and we always contribute to the American Cancer Society. With love, Marilou and Mike"
Sherry Alexander $25.00 "What a great way to honor these women!"
Blake Palmer $100.00 "Great cause, Happy to support your team!"
Barbara Mead $25.00 "So happy to be able to help out in honor of my friend Karen. Barb"
Richard&Shirley Hartgrave $25.00 "Way to go you two! Run your best!"
Michelle Messerschmidt $50.00 "Hope this contribution helps. Glad to help to cure this disease!"
Mark Chafin $25.00 "From your favorite uncle (whom you've never met) for a great cause."
Deanne Pastva $25.00 "Hope to meet you at an NKOTB or Batting for Betty event!!! ~ @DeanneDBomb ~"
Mary Possehl $25.00 "In honor of your mother, who is my friend, your mother-in-law and all the women you battle breast cancer"
Andrew Connors $50.00 "Cancer is a horrible disease that claimed the life of my mother Mae and my sister Diane. Two very special women who appreciate as I do Karine your efforts to bring attention to all women who are at risk. Thankyou. "
Jenna Leech $100.00 "Andrew and I would like to start our team's donation with a donation of a life saving mammogram! Naomi's Fighters!!!"
Kathy & Dick Nichols $25.00 "You'll be representing all of us who care so deeply for this cause, and the ladies you're running to honor!"
Neal Heckendorf Hidden "Hey Melissa, Nice work on setting this up again, I hope you raise lots of $! I will "sleep in for the cure" since you offered. :)"
Anonymous $100.00 "Good luck with the walk. Always have Patty in our hearts."
Thomas Lehrer $100.00 "In honor of Audrey Lehrer-super mom!"
Peggy Propson $50.00 "Let's find a cure in OUR lifetime!!!"
Debbie Chimento $50.00 "Keep on walking!!"
Butch Nelson $25.00 "Let's beat this awful cancer"
Jennifer Rabas $25.00 "THIS is a very noble thing you are doing! I'm making my donation to your race in honor of Deneen Schweiner, a mother of two battle breast cancer. Good Luck!!!! #gopink"
Cathy Krogstad $50.00 "Craig and I won't be able to participate in the actual walk, but please know we'll be thinking about you! Sending our love & support to you Jo! Cathy & Craig Krogstad. "
Sandy Bergsten $25.00 "Way To Go, Laura!! You have great plans, dreams & aspirations! I'm so proud of you for all that you stand for. May God Bless You each & every day.:) With Love & Prayers ~ Sandy Bergsten"
Tina Monroe $25.00 "Thank you for running for this worthy cause and for your moms. Thanks for taking care of my little Karen."
Angela Wold $25.00 "Thinking of you guys and praying for a full and fast recovery for Becky! Take Care, Angie, Jake, and Alexa Wold"
Laura Leckband $20.00 "Nate and I support you Wendy. Thanks for walking!"
TERRI WINTER $100.00 "Almost 8 years and counting GO JESS!!!"
Kathryn Alford $25.00 "So glad to hear Becky is doing well. We have been praying for your family. That is great news, thanks for sharing! Kathryn and Larry Alford"
Tera Rautio-Peckels $25.00 "Thanks Denise for helping to fight this cause!"
Inga Borggreve Hidden "Way to go, Denise!"
Sharon Moss $50.00 "Thanks for supporting this - the least we can do is support you in your efforts! Take care of your feet!! Sharon"
Mark Dogadalski $50.00 "Good running! Great Cause!"
Ann Ball Hidden "Great cause - had had family and close friends touched by this disease! "
PATRICK AND NANETTE WHALEY $50.00 "Thank you Dublin for organizing this event for the 3rd year. I look forward to celebrating 2 years as a survivor with all my family and friends. Nana"
Colleen Mueller $25.00 "Great cause!"
Klaire Randall $25.00 "Madden~ Thank you for walking for such a great cause! We have many people in our lives that have been affected by breast cancer. This is for Grama and all of them!! Daddy and Mommy"
julie Durand $50.00 "Way to go Tooey!! Love ya!! JC"
Brad and Susan Imsdahl $100.00 "Way to go you guys! "
Anonymous $100.00 "In honor of Kris Wood McNeill"
Dave+Terry Lambert $100.00 "Danna Mae would be so proud of you guys for walking the walk again. Thanks for making a difference! We luv you!"
Kenneth Merritt $10.00 "From Laura and Robin, best wishes!"
denise banks $25.00 "Good luck! Thanks for help with the Cause! "
Helen Jacobson Hidden "Thanks for taking this on, Debi. Good luck with your fundraiser!!"
Suzanne Bettendorf $25.00 "Have fun Max!! It's a great thing you are doing!!! Hope you have great weather:)"
Anonymous $25.00 "go dublin, go! wish we could walk with you again! xo jack luigi"
Carina Dietman $25.00 "This is a great cause and I'm happy to support your efforts."
jim risk $15.00 "I hope for all cures including alternative medicine & treatments to be known. "
Katy Dickson Hidden "Good luck Sue! Thanks for running for the cure! Katy"
Emily Netolicky $25.00 "A great cause! Love, Emily, Greg and Gus "
Michelle Vondenkamp $100.00 "Lovin' You Lynn!! "
Laura Hilla @mattsmom2003 $25.00 "Let's Cure This! Together We Can :) "
Christen Bruns $25.00 "This is a great thing you are doing. It makes us proud to know you. Good luck, Christen, Jesse, & Douglas"
Susan Warner $50.00 "Hi Renee and Brendt, Thanks for doing this walk. I am happy to help. love you, Mom"
Dave Woltering $30.00 "Because I love you."
Linda Winn $50.00 "You are awesome. I admire you for all the time and effort you are putting into this very important fundraiser"
Robert Kempton $10.00 "We love you hope all goes well."
Lee Anne Marion $100.00 "Let 'er buck !!! Livestrong Lynn."
Jill Porter $25.00 "I think about you and your family so often Katie! I am proud of you for doing this!!! :-)"
Nicole Gedatus $25.00 "Keep on Walking!"
Meg Garrison $100.00 "Thoughts and prayers are with you!"
Addie Rintel $100.00 "LYLAS. "
Karen Kimball $25.00 "Good Luck on the walk Linda and Mia!"
Wayne Linn $120.00 "Jess, I am proud of you and your positive attitude you have dispite all you have been though! Keep fighting and do not "own" this disease! You are one "tough" gal. love Wayne'o"
Klerissa Church $250.00 "Have fun and good luck!"
anne cronmiller $54.00 "Karen, here's to you and your sister Naomi, and to our friends Kate and Trudi."
Melinda Tucker $20.00 "Jeanne, you are my favorite survivor!!"
renae pilcher $25.00 "You are a very special person. We are very happy to be able to call you family! Renae & Tom"
Curt Kovash $100.00 "Fight hard. Stay positive. Pray hard. US Bank will also match my donation."
Kelly Novak $25.00 "Joan, What an awesome thing for you to do - you are a good friend. Kelly"
holly krueger $100.00 "Go Katie!"
Kim Cerise $25.00 "Go Kara! Love Kim"
Friends in Benson, MN $80.00 "This extremely generous contribution was given by various friends in my hometown of Benson, MN when I threw my 5-year cancer free celebration! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!"
jennifer hembd $50.00 "Good Luck!!!! Sorry I cant be there with you physically but I will be in my heart ;) "
Denise Wilson $100.00 "Thinking about you. Keep us posted on your journey so we can continue to pray for you and your family. Love you."
Todd Masser $50.00 "Way to go Denise, Great Cause!!"
Gayle & Ken Woodis $100.00 "We are so proud of you for walking the big 5K this year and raising money for such an cause so important to our family. Love, Mom & Dad"
Ken & Gayle Woodis $100.00 "We are so proud of you for walking the big 5K this year and raising money for such an cause so important to our family. Love, Mom & Dad"
Anonymous $300.00 "Go For The Top Spot This Year - Great Team To Do It For A Wonderful Cause!!"
Anonymous $100.00 "Small feet but REALLY big steps!"
Anonymous $100.00 "What a great guy! And a hoot to boot!"
Jim Giossi $50.00 "If you walk fast you get there quicker :)"
Gail Romanowski $25.00 "Hi Catherine! Good luck and thanks for your efforts in this wonderful event. Gail Romanowski "
Sindi Graves $25.00 "Kirsten: I think it is totally AWESOME!!! that you are participating in such a great cause for those (and in the future) fighting the battle of cancer. These efforts by you and others are what make people cancer survivors!!! Please take an extra step for your grandma and my friend is who fighting stage four breast cancer at 36......."
Mark Seelye $50.00 "Awesome Jess! :)"
Anonymous $10.00 "GOOD LUCK"
Christine Akdeniz $25.00 "Good luck Jess! :-)"
Tiffany Tarrolly $20.00 "Good luck with your goal!!"
CAROLINE KRACK $25.00 "I have had several very good friends die from breast cancer so every little bit helps us get closer to curing it!!! Thanks for doing this!!! God Watch!! Love and Hugs. Carrie"
Sue Duden $25.00 "Have fun, Lue!!"
Jeff and Diane Perkins $50.00 " Best Wishes to you...we are most happy to help you with this cause! Diane & Jeff P."
Rita Greenwell $25.00 "Good luck with your goal. Rita "
Pamela Newby $25.00 "I just Lost my Father-In-Law On March 12th to Lung Cancer and Lost My Father in 1975 To Lung Cancer too.It seen that all my love ones are living with Lung Cancer and It really hurt inside.Two Fathers gone.Over Lung Cancer.I had Female cancer but that god they got it and I am ok now.So I try to Help Danny when he has these Donate to cancel so maybe one day they will find a cure.I was on their curise 2011 and going to be back 2012.Can not wait I hope they have another pink night for cancer. Thanks Pam Newby!"
Dorothy Jurek $50.00 "Shelli - I'm very happy to contribute toard your effort. Best of luck to you and your team. -Dotty"
Anthony Bevis Hidden "You Rock, Kim!"
Tonya Lidstrom $25.00 "Anything for Jen Jen's Auntie - Love you!!"
Karen Saari $25.00 "Stephanie & Wendy, I'm happy to support you in your commitment. God bless you both! Karen Saari"
Marjorie Kramer $25.00 "Linda, good luck on your efforts"
Martie Boche $25.00 "Godspeed Niece! Much Love and Support to you and Auntie! - Uncle and Martie"
Anthony Pasko $31.00 "A dollar for every candle on your birthday cake :)"
Kevin Knarr $100.00 "Go Denise!!"
Pat Anway $10.00 "Happy Walking"
Maureen Kerns $20.00 "GO Gals GO!!"
Colette LeMaire $100.00 "Feel the Love, Spread the Love ~ We will be thinking and praying for all of You. Smile and hold your heads high ~ God Loves You. Love you all, Aunt Colette & Uncle Jim"
Mary Jo Radinzel $25.00 "Enjoy your time in Colorado! "
Shelly McCune $35.00 "What joy - a new grandchild AND cancer free for so many years!"
Elizabeth Wicks $25.00 "Bee-uties do it!"
Lauretta Martin Hidden "Good luck Miss Katie!"
Suzette Tremblay $50.00 "Thanks so much for both of your dedication and continued support to find a cure for breast cancer!"
Jean Young $25.00 "You're in my prayers...."
Angie + Matt Kimball $50.00 "We send our love to you and huge thanks for doing this walk! It means so much - in honor of Grandma Danna, and all the women fighting to overcome this disease! Way to go! "
Liz Randall Hidden "Good luck Shelly! I'll be thinking of you on May 13th!"
Rebecca Miller $25.00 "This dontation is for my mom and the love she consistently provides."
John Kromer $25.00 "Thank you for so actively supporting this most worthwhile cause, Katie, and congratulations on already exceeding your goal."
Nancy Schachtman $25.00 "Four years cancer free is a milestone----our wish is for you to be cancer free for a very long life!"
Mela Greenstein $50.00 "We are so so happy for you and all the survivors!!! "
Kim Beard $50.00 "Jenny, I wish I lived closer so I could participate in the walk with you. I continue to pray for your mom and your family for continued strength and healing. I will be thinking of you and your family on this special day. -Kimmy B. "
Bodacious Barb Jacob $50.00 " 'em all..."
Jeremy Bodlovick $100.00 "ROADHOUSE!!!!"
Anonymous $1,000.00 "You proved to the world that beautiful and tough CAN coexist. <3"
Sharon Powell $25.00 "Great to hear that your Mom is doing well - good luck with the race. "
Autumn Rae Miller $9.00 "Thank you for being my nana"
Heather Sandberg $25.00 "This is such a great cause - Good luck"
Terry Gardner $25.00 "Go team Jane! Love, Terry and Donna"
Dianna Hansen $25.00 "Good Luck Karrisa, It's an awesome cause!"
Jean Konopacz Hidden "Good luck with the walk"
Laura Lovell $25.00 "Congratulations on being top fund raisers! Have a great walk again this year."
"Vernie" Saari $100.00 "Walk fast Lena so you don't miss your son's graduation ceremony! Go Bees Go! Love ya, Vernie"
William Rolandelli $50.00 "I could not have chosen a stronger person to be the mother of my children, good looking too! Thanks for putting this out there Bec - I know you are so proud of your Mom and have every reason to be."
Rod & Nancy Billington $50.00 "Awesome idea guys. God Bless."
Cynthia Fletcher-Dustin $25.00 "I'll be with you in Spirit!"
Julie Van Peursem $25.00 "Cady, I just donated to your walk with your family. I know Diane used to be there for the walk and it's nice you and your family are carrying on for her by participating. Keep the faith! Aunt Julie"
Scott Bertas $50.00 "Thanks for what you are doing, Scott Bertas"
Colleen Adams $20.00 "Way to go!! Good Luck...walking for a great cause..."
Joy Bernatz $25.00 "You go girl!"
Jim Mackey $250.00 "Have a great time ladies."
Joe H $100.00 "He is sooooooo good."
christy maples $25.00 "Thanks for doing this, Julie!"
Candace Logeais Hidden "Best wishes for your journey!"
Karen Watson $25.00 "This donation was via check from Ken and Maria Rosen who are long time friends of the Flakus family - thank you so much for your support!!!"
Steven Strache $25.00 "Whoo Hoo, Karen! Go Team Hugs for Jugs!!!! "
Bob Bader Hidden "We're sleeping in...have fun! Love, Kathy, Bob, Kelly, Jenny, Julie, Brandon, Jimi, Lucy and Dudley"
Tamara Knecht $25.00 "This donation is in memory of my Grandma Alma :)"
Linda Hanzely $100.00 "You're Amazing!!! "
Cheryl Anderson $50.00 "For my rock star sister in law with a ton of love and admiration love attached!"
Doug Gesme $100.00 "Great cause. Good luck with the walk."
Julie Mollenhoff $25.00 "Blessings"
Abbie Dietrich $75.00 "Thank you so much for being part of this, and in honor of such a special woman. It is people like YOU doing things like THIS that will change the world. I love you guys so much!!!"
Judy Bowman $100.00 "Thanks for all your efforts Sue - it is an awesome thing that you are doing!!"
Daniel Chamberlin $50.00 "Run Megan Run"
Sandie Youngblom $25.00 "Let's kick cancer out of the park!! RUN FOR AUNTIE!! Good luck, Jen!"
Lyn Baier $100.00 "You Rock!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
Shelly Myers $500.00 "I can't think of a better reason to support this. "
Carol Knecht $25.00 "This donation is in memory of my sister, Jan"
Randy Kulzer $100.00 "Michelle would be the 1st to donate, her battle with cancer will never be forgaotten as long as we continue to support causes to find a cure. "
Jane Pini $50.00 "In memory of my sweet Karen Louise friend."
Denise Gorman $25.00 "You are a GREAT sister by marriage and by blood."
Leah Bredehorst $50.00 "Good luck from the Lifecore Foundation!"
Susan Johnson Hidden "God is good, all the time. All the time, God is good."
Nancy Feick $50.00 "Bless you Sis. You have more faith and courage than most. Love you, Nancy "
Doug & Lori Weissman $100.00 "Go Sherri Go!!!"
Doug & Lori Weissman $50.00 "Run...Run...Run..."
Maria Schoenbeck $50.00 "Cassie girl, can't wait to run this with you!!!! Love you and think of you often!!!"
Eric Edel $50.00 "Breast of luck to all participating!!"
James Lake $150.00 "I love and care for Beth Dendinger. My daily prayers are with you. Keep the Faith and God Bless. Jim Lake"
michael kulzer $25.00 "Good Luck Arlene. We miss and love you Auntie Michelle."
Marcia Schnapp $100.00 "To Arlene Kulzer..."
Susan Rock Hidden "Please accept my wishes for the best possible outcome. I know the coming months will be difficult for all who love and care for your sister, but the bond between all of you is your greatest strength. My love to all!"
Bev. Johnson $50.00 " My prayer is that we find a cure soon, before it takes anymore lives. Donna, I am so gratefull that you are still cancer free. Thank GOD for that!! Love you Bev."
Kathy and Scott DeKarske $25.00 "Run like the wind, Nathan! No doubt your mom is proud of you every day."
Ken and Nicole Sexsmith $100.00 "We love you Aunt Joan!"
Roxanne Smedsrud $25.00 "Kris, That is great that you have been doing this for almost 20 years! What a great way to honor your Mom. Hope all is well with you and the boys in your life! I will be thinking about you on the 13th, that is Cole's birthday so I won't forget! Take care. Love Roxanne"
Kathleen McKeown $250.00 "Kathy - You are amazing!! So sorry I missed you all at our reunion. Kathleen"
cynthia mcmurtrey $50.00 "Go Austin!!!!! You are fantastic!"
Hillary Scherweit $25.00 "Woot Woot!! Go Boob Squad- wish I could be there the day of! Have fun!!"
Tom Teigen $50.00 "Good luck Hollie!"
Diane Christiansen $50.00 " Donna, You showed such courage through your journey with cancer. You are such an inspiration to me. Keep the faith and God can work miracles. Thank you Lord for saving my twin sister! Take care you are always in my prayers. Love you, Diane"
Becky Smith $100.00 "Please help! "
Jennifer Doll $50.00 "Skol Boob Squad! Marty & I are opting to "sleep in" for the cure this year :)"
Mackeyszar Design $250.00 "You go girl! The team from Mackeyszar"
Kathy Waldeland $25.00 "You go Renee!! As a daughter of a survivor of breast cancer, I applaud your efforts!! Kathy (Adkins) Waldeland"
CAROLYN MCCUNE $100.00 "Wishing you and all the walkers beautiful weather on the day of your walk! Good luck Shelly!"
Mike & Brenda Mehagan $150.00 "Way to go Erin & Livi!"
Michele Kamen $25.00 "I'm proud to know you. Thanks for walking for all of us!"
Jennifer Smith $25.00 "Love you Liz hope everything goes well!! "
Helen Bjorge $25.00 "Hope you are doing well."
Cheryl & Tom Melsen $250.00 "Kathy You continue to be an inspiration for us. We love you dearly. Cheryl & Tom"
ELIZABETH LARSON $50.00 "Thanks Sandy for doing this for such an important cause. Your spirit is appreciated and inspirational! Enjoy the day and congratualtions on your first 5K! Elizabeth"
Doug Peterson $25.00 "Good luck Jeryl_lyn and Gracie!!!!!"
Julie Burgum $50.00 "Erin and Livi Best wishes on your Boob Squad fundraising - good cause!"
Todd Gentry $25.00 "Have a great walk!! Imagine I am waiting at the finish line to drive you to a spa in a bio-diesel limo!!! Hugs, Todd"
dorene nelson $100.00 " thanks Erin & Livi"
Gail Hauan $25.00 "So proud of you for doing this every year, Jen. Good Luck, little Sister! Love you!"
Tiffini Sorcic $50.00 "Congrats on a clean bill of health! Good luck with the run and thanks for supporting such a worthy cause! :)"
Christi Reineke $25.00 "This is a great cause!! Thank you so much for making the cards for me! I'm sure they turned out beautiful! "
Bob and Dee Van Driel $25.00 "I know Mom would be so proud of you and Kayla especially since you are battling your own disease, Jenni. God bless you both!"
Anonymous $100.00 "Thanks for doing this. With all those people around watching (very public), I'm sure you will do well! :)"
Kim Fisher $100.00 "Good Luck again this year!"
Nancy Fahrner $50.00 ""We ourselves feel that what we are doing is just a drop in the ocean. But the ocean would be less because of that missing drop" ~Mother Teresa I am proud to come from a family full of inspirational people. "
Jane Hennen $15.00 "Good Luck, Julie."
CLIFFORD PEETERS $50.00 "Thanks for the good time last lyear when we stopped over.hope to do it again. Clif and Deb"
Audrey Rolandelli $25.00 "I am so proud of you Mama Lee! You are our very own super woman! I love you with all my heart."
Debbie Jacoboski $25.00 "Starting Donations Off!!"
Sue Skoog $25.00 "Let your feet follow your heart! :)"
Kris Kopesky Hidden "Have fun! Kris"
Erin Stoudt $50.00 "Go Julie!! You've stomped that stupid cancer's butt! "
M. Doughty $25.00 "Go get em Champ! "
Patty Moren $50.00 "Go TEAM Amy's Avengers"
Deb Gaare $25.00 "Have a great time Maggie!!! "
Roger Mehrer $25.00 "YOU ROCK"
Cynthia Fussy $50.00 "Way to go Amy's Avengers!!!"
Lynn Denn $25.00 "Haeley, I wish you and your mom much success and have such admiration for those who walk. Have a fun day and thanks for doing this in the name of all women."
Lori Olson $25.00 "good luck with the walk, admire you guys for doing this."
Mike Larson $100.00 "Go Avengers!!!!!"
Julie Gorvin $50.00 "You are a Mighty Warrior in Pink! "
Margot Kohl $25.00 "Go Amy's Avengers!!! Wooo Hooo!!! Yayyy!!!"
Greg Felling $100.00 "Cheryl, You know we love you! You are strong and will come out well on this because you have a great attitude! :) Greg"
Jennifer Tvrdik $25.00 "I love you Auntie Amy! Fight! Fight! Fight!"
James Custer Hidden "My thoughts and prayers are with you Cheryl!"
Bob Meyer $50.00 "Thanks for going the extra mile!"
Laurie Brovold Hidden "Go Amy! Love you!"
Judy Custer Hidden "Sunday May 13 is my birthday. I am pledging $1 for each of the years of good health with which I have been blessed.. Love you, Cheryl. Judy"
j steven paquette $100.00 " Good luck with the race, Kristi dad"
Lorrayne Christianson $50.00 "In honor of my mom, Donna McCullen, who has been living with cancer for over 6 years. Love you!"
Jolynn Erikson $100.00 "You ROCK Amy!!!"
Heather Schwab $50.00 "It is an honor to donate to such a great fundraiser. I wish you well in your 3-day.. Go get 'em girl! Love ya, Heather"
Randy Maus $50.00 "Have a great walk!"
Debra Harmon $30.00 "Amy, Keep your headlights on Bright! Go Team!"
Katie Ryan $10.00 "LOVE LOVE LOVE every ounce of this!! :) :)"
Colleen Steele $20.00 "So exciting that you are able to take on this challenge this year! Enjoy!"
Janet Arnold $50.00 "Congratulations Arlene."
Amber Dagit $100.00 "You go girl!"
Frank Kohler $50.00 "Walk on my lttle girl / sandy is looking down abd smiling i'm sure!!!"
sandra schaffer $25.00 "Arlene, we wish you many , many more happy and healthy years"
Amy Jensen $25.00 "My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. May your Mom continue to be strong and fight this with all she's got. You've got such a wonderful supportive family to cheer her on and your two boys to keep her spirits up. Hugs - Amy"
Andy Davis $100.00 "Thanks for all you do to save the boobs!"
Peggy Barton $100.00 "We love you both!"
Betty Ouren $50.00 "Way to go Guys & Dahls! The Ouren's wish you all the best!"
Sherry Kilian Hidden "You go gyrl!! "
Nicole Yess $25.00 "Awesome! Totally wish I could join you this year...definitely have to get our team together for next year!!!"
Jodi Berge Hidden "Good luck with your walk Kathy! I hope they find a cure too!"
Karen Roesler $20.00 "We are SO proud of both of you! Good Luck Love Karen, Joe, Trinity and Kyra"
Kim Sebastiao $25.00 "GOOD LUCK ROBYN!"
Bennett Hollenberg $25.00 "A generous and wonderful thing to do, Judy. Go for the gold!"
Sandy Peterson $50.00 "Thanks for walking!"
Michelle and Larry Shapiro $25.00 "Congratulations on seven years cancer-free."
Dave Dickson $50.00 "Thanks for including me. I hope you have a great time and a Very Big Thank You for doing this. "
Marion Glatzmaier $5.00 "I have been an attendee at "Race for a Cure", also the past several years. I am glad you attend too! Enjoy! "
Kim Borndal $100.00 "Have a great walk! "
Deby Navarro $100.00 "In memory of Robert"
Karen Wood $100.00 "Have a great walk!"
Susan Tobias $50.00 "Good luck on your Race!"
Dorie Beacham $25.00 "Way to go, Kim!!!"
Theresa Rief $55.00 "Hats off to you, Jess, for being such a staunch supporter!"
Kathy Hanson $25.00 "Good for you, Kim and my best to your friend, Cheryl."
Twylah Kohout $50.00 "Thanks for doing the run! Someday, hopefully, we will erase this terrible cancer"
Jan Chapman $100.00 "Hi Chris and Chalase, I'm so glad to still have Chalase here as a friend, we are all truly blessed! All the best to you both!"
Bonnie Steenberg $50.00 "Have a great time enjoy the crowds and the energy.Im so proud of all of you.Wish I could be with you. All my Love Bonnie..."
Sharon Cecere $25.00 "Congratulations Linda on 7 years of a Breast Cancer SURVIVOR!! I hope all goes well with your walk and I know your team will raise more money than last year. Good luck!!"
Karen Schuring Hidden "You are the BEST Mrs. Streif !!!!!!! Love, Sam S."
Tara McCurry $100.00 "So glad you are doing this, we are cheering you on from afar! "
Sandy & Dave Malley $50.00 "Proud of you for walking for this cause. Will truly be a day of celebration for your family and friends! "
Anonymous $50.00 "It takes corage to survive!"
Judith Peterson Hidden "Good luck on the walk Kim!"
Ken & Debbie Hawkinson $50.00 "Looking forward to the event in Duluth!"
Jacqueline Tucker $25.00 "Cheri is one of the strongest people I have ever known and I am so thankful to have known her and her family for most of my life. Much, MUCH love!"
Joyce Banttari $25.00 "Dearest Deb, Happy 1-year Anniversary! Another of many hurdles to crossover - but what a blessing this one is to celebrate. John & I have a special "dish flower" in shades of pink for you in honor of this very inspiring event. We will also have a luminaria in honor of you at our Relay for Life event and hope that you will be able to join in the Survivor Lap this year! We wish you success with your "Race" and continued good health. We will be thinking of you! Love, John & Joyce"
Nora Slawik $50.00 "Hi Catherine- It's great that you raise money in memory of your sister Peg. My kids and I will be out at Race for Cure again this year. We are looking forward to it! --Nora"
Lee Struble $50.00 ""Thank You" for bringing recognition of this event to friends and family so they may help you meet your goal. Good Luck........"
Suzanne L'Herault $25.00 "This is a great way to start off Mother's Day with all of these families helping to raise funds for Breast Cancer."
Amy Gammill $250.00 "Cindy: You ARE a survivor, and an inspiration. We're grateful for the chance to support you and the fight against breast cancer."
Kendra Tlusty Hidden "Thank you, Danna!"
Roxanne Kampf $25.00 "As our family knows, this is a good cause!"
Therese Kitzman $25.00 "Good Luck to your team and may this bring lots of wonderful memories to hold."
Stacey Johnson $100.00 "I am so sorry you have to go through this. Stay strong and positive and it will take you a long way. Love you and think about you often! Stacey"
Joyce Myhre $100.00 "Thanks Sarah, this means so much to me. Love, Joyce"
Elizabeth Ray $100.00 "Go Marsha! Go Kristine! Make it a great day. I am there with you both in spirit."
Julia Dean Hidden "I wish I could join you guys, Mary, but right now we have plans to be out of town this weekend. I am happy to contribute to this worthy cause, however. All the best. Hugs."
Sarah Highum $25.00 "Linda- What a great way to honor your Mom and Congrats to her for being cancer free! :) Good Luck on the walk ~ you can do it! ----Sarah"
Dave and Linda Lehman $50.00 "Mary, So glad you can do this! Way to go!"
Chuck Fields $50.00 "I love that you are doing this. I know you'll exceed your goal. Such an important cause. Good luck! Chuck"
Bob & Laura Meyer $50.00 "Thank you for doing the walk. You are amazing and we think your special!"
Courtney Paquette $25.00 "Thank you Boob Squad for all you do in support of this wonderful cause!"
Colleen Arford $50.00 "Go Amy's Avengers Team!!"
Susanne Sorensen $25.00 "Renee, thanks for running for all of us. such a worthy cause. God's blessings to you and your family."
Steve Howe $100.00 "Kim, Please pass along my best to Cheryl. Steve"
Marc Sweda $200.00 "Great Cause! My mother was diagnosed 5 years ago and becuase of screening she is doing great today."
Keith & Robin Walters $50.00 "Cheryl: we are thinking of you always. keith and robin"
sandra murray $25.00 "So proud of you both !"
Amanda Roecker $25.00 "Good luck!"
Carolyn Foss Hidden "Hi Patti! Hope you have great weather for the walk! --Cari"
Helen Dotson $100.00 "Leslie - I applaud you for your efforts to raise funds for this important cause as well as your commitment to your own physical fitness. It is an honor to work with you. You are a true asset to our team. - Helen"
Rebecca Erickson $25.00 "Good for you Girl Go for the cure"
Amy Giddings $10.00 "Good Luck Robyn"
Meredith Redmond $50.00 "Go Darla Go!"
Anonymous $20.00 "Thanks Scott for your donation"
Pam Christiansen $25.00 "Thanks for doing this for your mom, and all of us girls!"
Ann Ennis $50.00 "good luck!"
Mary & Bill Rothstein $100.00 "Kathy, you are our true inspiration! Love ya!"
George & Barbara Woodis $100.00 "May God be with you in your fight against this terrible cancer! "
Matt Rodgers $25.00 "Good luck and thank you for the effort you all put into this cause!"
Bill Bresin $15.00 "Good Luck!"
Rob McCollam Hidden "I'm glad to contribute for the sake of my sister and my aunt. Rob"
Bob & Jan Menzel $25.00 "GO TY GO! Thanks for running for your Grandmothers! Grandma and Grandpa Menzel"
Candace Lilyquist $25.00 "Sarah, make this a great day."
Bob Rumpza $25.00 "Good luck, Lizzie!"
Char Pehrson $20.00 "You GO girl!"
Elizabeth Bruber $25.00 "I'll be singing for you on race day!"
Kevin Cogle $50.00 "Happy to support u this year Gayle!"
Becky Ryan $50.00 "I love the picture! Good luck and congratulations Nancy!"
Tom Graf $100.00 "Great Job Hollie, this is from my wife Katy, she is a two time survivor and doing great!"
Chad Wigham $50.00 "Good Luck Laina!!!"
Susan Mendelson $50.00 "You go girls!!! With you all the way from PA!"
Lucia Scibona $100.00 "I'm so proud of you for taking a stand and completing this. I am happy to support my best friend and sister. I loving memory of Melinda. Love, Lucia"
Carly Sanko $25.00 "Keep on truckin'! "
Colleen Garland $50.00 "Sorry I can't walk this year. Hope you still have a good time without me."
Jennifer Jackson $25.00 "Woo-hoo go Susan!"
Marianne Baron Hidden "You go Girl! We'll be walking with you in spirit that day (we'll be walking the outside route). "
Karla Mehagan $75.00 "Good luck Erin and Livi. This also in honor of Molly Cava..a survivor. Love you all."
Mary Jane Hagen Hidden "My thoughts and prayers are with all of you."
Lou Miranda $25.00 "We're behind you, Liz! --Lou & Joe."
Kiki Harrove $35.00 "Go for it girl!!!"
Jody Peterson $100.00 "From your CA relatives, CAJodster and Ashley."
Teresa Shinn $25.00 "Lue, Have a fun day! Love, The Shinn's :)"
Carol Spielman $25.00 "God's Blessings to you for a complete recovery, Cheryl."
Joseph Blanchette $100.00 "Good luck Linda "
Amy Nelson $25.00 "Thanks for running Renee"
Fawn Rogers $100.00 "Good Luck!"
Judy Syring $25.00 "Good Luck Joan!!"
Eric Wemhoff $25.00 "Run fast!"
Carol Myers $35.00 "Thanks a lot for running Renee, it is appreciated!"
Nikki Rajala $25.00 "Go Laina. I'm one of your cheer leaders."
Gary Allen $25.00 "In honor of Karen Allen and Nan Foster. Walk your shoes off. :-)"
AnnMarie Arens $25.00 "Good luck with the fund raising. "
Maureen Ruiz Hidden "Go Jane!"
Sandra Hafner $20.00 "Way to go Lori!!! I am so proud you are donating your time. Hope you have great weather and have fun with your children!! Sandra Hafner"
Susan Wells $50.00 "You rock!!! Thanks for everything you do!!"
Emily Piper $50.00 "Love you girl, good luck!"
Troy Gjerde $100.00 "Good Luck and enjoy the run! :)"
Amber Rolandelli $25.00 "Your faith never wavered one moment through your fight, and we never once doubted you either! Love you lots, Cy and Amber"
Anonymous Hidden "You go girl!"
Cain and Cora Rolandelli $25.00 "We love you so much!! Thanks for being our tough courageous Nana! Love, Cain and Cora Rolandelli"
Tammy Cain $50.00 "Good luck and have fun ladies!!!"
Chris Swanson $100.00 "Here is my effort to save boobs. :)"
Dawn Moullet $25.00 "Thank you for contributing to walk (raise money) for a great cause! I hope you are doing well!!!!"
Anonymous $15.00 "Fight Like a Girl!"
Heidi McGregor $25.00 "Go, Shannon, Go! And thank you for raising funds to help find a cure so others don't have to endure what our our loved ones have."
Mark Senn Hidden "Joyce, Congratulations on your upcoming 5 year cancer free anniversary. Your a great person that deserves a very long fulfilling life. "
Janice Hayne $25.00 "Thanks for doing this John. My sister is a breast cancer survivor. Great cause!"
Michael Driscoll $25.00 "Love the picture - hope the weather is great for you and you are a great survivor."
Louise Weiss-Reitz $100.00 "Love to everyone! Hope you raise a lot of money! Wish we could be at the Bat Mitzvah - congratulations to Sydney!"
Jill Kirkwood $100.00 "Love the picture! Kent looks good in pink. :) Our prayers as Team Schoenherr walks in this important event."
Sharon Brever $50.00 "Get those legs in shape!!"
Susan Stratta $50.00 "Go Beth! You are an inspiration for us all."
Jim Foerster $100.00 "Thanks for doing this Becky!"
Lauri Duke $25.00 "Good luck from Brett and Lauri!"
Bradley Moir $50.00 "Good luck Judy! that is quite a goal to accomplish - Im sure you will succeed - good for you!!"
Neal Oleson $100.00 "You Go Girl!"
Jessie Novey $20.00 "Have fun ladies! What a perfect way to spend Mother's Day. "
Craig Reid $25.00 "Go Bobbie Cops!"
Tony Hanlin $25.00 "I wish was going to be in town to walk with you Connie!"
Joe Bruentrup $25.00 "Keep it up Joyce! You are making a difference!"
Amber Benson $50.00 "Sorry I won't be able to join you for the walk! I'll be thinking about you and your family! Love ya!"
Gregg and Lisa Hull $50.00 "We are so proud of you! Love ya, Gregg and Lisa"
Mary Ann Carr $25.00 "Walk for me, my mom and my sister. Celebrate my 5 years as a cancer survivor. If I was in town I'd walk with you! Thanks for your support."
Mychelle Schneider $50.00 "Go Avengers!"
Rob Taffe $100.00 "You are in my family's prayers! You will make it through this! I can tell you are very strong!"
Jean Oleson $101.00 "Your "so worth" the extra BUCK!"
Gail Hauan $25.00 "Congratulations Joyce! Good luck with the walk and it was wonderful seeing you and Todd the other night."
Suzanne Everson $25.00 "Thank you for doing this walk Barb! "
Mary Fahey $100.00 "A donation in honor of my beautiful cousin and breast cancer survivor, Lynn Mast. Much love and long life to you, my dear."
al kloppen $25.00 "have fun fun"
Judy Scheidecker $50.00 "Jen-You are the greatest. Much love and prayers to you and Auntie.."
Algene Hudkins $25.00 "Praise God that you are well and able to do this! I know you've thanked Him thousands of times during the past year, as have many of us. Relish every step of this walk! "
pam &jeff Law $100.00 "You go girls!!"
Lisa Swenson $50.00 "Enjoy the walk! I will be thinking of you on the day, Janet!"
Katherine Smola $100.00 "What a beautiful way for your Little Annie's Bulldogs to honor JoAnn!"
jeremy schmit $25.00 "Go Beck!"
Debbie Glucky $40.00 "You go girl!!"
Trisha Zimmerman $100.00 "We love you Jess! You are an inspiration to all!"
Rhonda Castle $25.00 "Thank you for all your efforts in finding a cure for this awful disease. Mark's mom passed away from breast cancer when he was young."
Mary Laska $25.00 "You are an inspiration to us all with your strong faith and determination to conquer this battle. My prayers are with you. Godspeed!"
Dana Grover $25.00 "here comes another blister...."
Suzy Lewis $50.00 "Good Luck Jess! Suzy"
Audrey Doten $25.00 "You go girls!!!"
Tori & Jeff $20.00 "Run hard young padawan."
Suzanne and Scott Stavnes $25.00 "Great way to memorialize your Mama! Love to you and the other walkers in your family. -The Stavnes Family"
Jane Elmore $25.00 "Go girls!!! And Have Fun. Love, Jane"
Matt Dodge $100.00 "Rock The Walk Jenna!"
Anna Labedz $50.00 "Thanks for walking, for raising funds to make a difference. You go, girls! Have fun! Anna"
Corynn Corcoran $50.00 "Best of luck to Nana's Knockers!"
Julie McQuade $25.00 "Congrats on another year of walking and helping the cause!! Thanks and Good Luck!"
Brenda Finken $25.00 "I hope you have a Beautiful Day! Enjoy and Have Fun!!"
Trish Shorter $50.00 "In celebration of Karen and Me. And in Memory of my Mom."
Brenda Fowler $25.00 "go team Bonnie!!!!!!"
Marcia Kurtz $50.00 "Know you're walking for your Mom & Dad and many others. Please add - Jacque, Michele & Mary to your walking "In Memory Of". I'll be walking with you in spirit. Love you, Auntie M & The Unc"
Emily Petersen $25.00 "Sorry Tammy, I don't like that big crowd and won't stay with the group."
Roberta Brittan $25.00 "You go girlfried!"
Maria Ortiz $50.00 "Good luck! xoxo Ortiz Family"
Eunie Johnson $30.00 "Thanks for all the support!!!! "
Lynne Johnson $25.00 "Thank you for giving of your time and energy to this wonderful cause - Good luck in the race!"
Michelle Wilson $25.00 "you go girl love ya :)"
Mark Janovec $25.00 "Best wishes for a successful fundraising effort! Mark and Tracy"
Michelle Wilson $25.00 "Good Luck sweetie, I have faith in you and your Mom, Love you"
Nina Kirk $25.00 "For mama!! Find a cure <3"
Kirsten Hoaby $25.00 "Go Paulsons! Love you all :)"
Pamela Gander $10.00 "Thanks for doing this Jane-what a great cause!!"
Frank Reiter $50.00 "Psalm 23 : The Lord is my Shepard, I shall not want. He makes me lie down in green pastures, He leads me beside quiet waters. He restores my soul;He guides me in the path of righteousness for His name's sake.Even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I fear no evil for You are with me. Your rod and Your staff, they comfort me. You have prepared a table before me in the presence of my enemies; You have annoited my head with oil; My cup overflows. Surely goodness and lovingkindness will follow me all the days of my life, and I will dwell in the house of the Lord forever."
Renee Wild $100.00 "Good Luck with this Becky."
Michele Florin $50.00 "Briana, Good for you for running, we are proud of you!! Hugs, The Florins"
Ryan Kolander $50.00 "Good luck, have fun!"
Jackie Smith $20.00 "You Go Sister!"
Kristine Oien $10.00 "Good Luck Briana! We will be walking again this year, I cannot run! See you soon! Kris"
Kathleen Neinstadt $10.00 "Mary, You are a very brave women to fight this cancer the way you did. I pray the rest of your life will be cancer free and very blessed. Love, Kathy"
Deb Fredrickson $25.00 "Go, Jane, go!"
TJ Sullivan $35.00 "Thanks for running, Jen!! TJ"
Pamela Peterson Hidden "Julie and Brittany, What a loving memorial to your mom and grandmother. We hope you do well! Mark and Pam Peterson"
Jeff Seltun $25.00 "Way to go Deb! Continued success for many more anniversaries."
Bill Perpich $100.00 "Way to go!!!"
Michael & Dyana Spearman $200.00 "Dublin Great fundraising efforts for a great cause. Your Nana must be so proud of you! Happy walking! xoxo Mimi"
Carol Boucha $25.00 "Way to go, Briana. Save the ta-ta's!"
Janet Fylstra $25.00 "Way to be Cancer Free for a Year!!!!!"
Lori Beasley $100.00 "Thanks for doing this Becky! "
The Day Spa Edina $60.00 "Hope you get a nice day, good luck!"
Laura Walz $333.00 "Team Betty Minnesota 1st Annual Garage Sale Space Rental Proceeds, THANK YOU too everyone that made this possible!"
Kristin Buttacavoli $10.00 "Wonderful cause Amy. Good luck! :)"
Ronda and Joe Leech $50.00 " We are happy to donate in honor of Naomi and all the women who are racing for the cure. "If God is for us, who can be against us? He who did not spare his own Son, but gave him up for us all -- how will he not also, along with him, graciously give us all things?" Romans 8:31-32"
Anonymous Hidden "Thanks for doing this especially for your Mom. Love Mary & Jim"
Kirsten Ramirez $10.00 "Way to go, Amy!!"
Cheryl Hyovalti $25.00 "Joan this is so nice you are doing the walk."
Deborah Veit $25.00 "Keep up the good work 'MaMa'!"
Tim Rasmussen $100.00 "Cheryl, Your determination and positive attitude is such an inspiration to all of us. Your extended family at Datalink is here to support you as you beat breast cancer. My thoughts and prayers are with you! Tim"
Wendy Haug $50.00 "Brad, Amy, Bryce & Madeline - We're proud of all of you for participating in this great cause. From Aunt Wendy & Steph"
John and Pat Beithon $100.00 "Those in my day in the clinic who hear about your amazing story are always so encouraged. Thanks from all of us."
Chad and Jen Wendolek $25.00 "Army Strong Auntie!!"
Kimberly Bohland $25.00 "xoxo best place for money to be sent. "
Greg Black $25.00 "Army Strong!"
Jolene Schrandt $25.00 "So proud of you for doing this Abigail. Run like the wind! Auntie Jolene"
Jim & Lynn Kriha $50.00 "You go girl ! (Lynn) Have a great walk ! (Jim)"
Gail GASPARAC $1,000.00 "In loving memory of Gladys Story, Beth's grandmother"
Kim Ramquist $50.00 "Good Luck - Hope you have nice weather"
Linda Runyeon $100.00 "Jill, I have not had to walk your walk with cancer, but your spirit and joy have been a lifesaver to me!"
Sharon Shepherd $25.00 "Good luck, Heather! We love you! Danny and Sharon"
DAVINA ALBANESE $25.00 "Keep up the good work! So proud of you!"
Steve & Nancy Shermoen $100.00 "Becky: Thanks for helping in a great way!"
Jennifer Gustafson $25.00 "This is so near & dear to my heart, besides the friends you have listed Becky, I have had 2 aunties, one on each side of my family that have been diagnosed, fought, & are well today. Because of them, I now know it runs in my family so I have the fortunate opportunity to know to received mammograms earlier then the normal age bracket. I love these two strong & beautiful women deeply. Thanks for helping raise awareness with such a great cause!"
David Chute $100.00 "Good luck Runt - Hope you can keep up with your mother!!"
JANICE KOSTROSKI $50.00 "Know I am walking beside you my you so..."
Audrey Chute $100.00 "Here's to all the women and men who have dealt with breast cancer; friends, relatives, and acquaintances. I admire your strength and courage."
Vickie Kleen $25.00 "Congratulations Vicki! Looking forward to seeing you in May! ~ Vickie"
pamela french $100.00 "I am very proud of you Sis!"
George Carnahan $50.00 "Great hearing from You."
Jane Gaddis Hidden "Good luck on the walk and Congrats on 2 years!"
Ricky Hogen $25.00 "You go girl! Renee and I have also contributed to several other people who are making the walk too - this is a great cause and it is awesome you are volunteering your time and efforts to do this walk and help others!"
Shawna Jensen $25.00 "Here is to never giving up and keeping her spirit alive!"
Roxy Humphrey $25.00 "Hi Sue, I can't think of a better cause or person to support! Roxy"
Bevin O'Brien Hidden "So sorry I can't be there this year, friend! Keep up the fight!"
kristie lester $50.00 "Connie- thanks for walking and supporting the research for breast cancer love Kristie"
Amanda Fitzgerald $50.00 "You GO Leeman/Custer clan! You're always in our thoughts and prayers! ~Tom & Amanda Fitzgerald"
Jessica Andrus $25.00 "xoxo"
Katherine Peterson $50.00 "Heart you, Annie. Big hugs, Katie & Sherri"
Barbara Beck $25.00 "Good Luck with your walk"
Kris Oien $10.00 "Way to go Heather! Our team will be walking!"
Sara Wagner $25.00 "So good to see you so healthy and making a difference in so many young musicians' lives; including my daughter's!"
Marybeth Misgen $25.00 "Good for you, Sue! You are awesome!"
Anna Watkins $25.00 "Cindy~ What a wonderful thing you are doing again this year! I hope everything goes well!! Anna"
Chris Schoenherr $75.00 "Go Team Schoenherr!"
Eric Anderson $25.00 "Have a great time Sue."
Cleve McDonald $50.00 "Enjoy your walk for a great cause. Have a good day and lots of fun."
Sandy & Henry Hocraffer $50.00 "Good for you. Have a wonderful walk. Happy Mothers day!!"
Connie Kava $50.00 "Good luck on the run!"
Jessica Smith $15.00 "Way to go Auntie!!"
Glenice Jones $10.00 "Go Annie!!"
Kelly Logue $25.00 "Way to go Karen!"
Seless Radanke $25.00 "What a great cause! Go Cassie!"
Brenda Johnson $500.00 "Jill & Sara, thank you for taking these steps to help find a cure for this awful disease. I'm pleased to support your efforts and Komen's, for you Jill, and in memory of my Mother and Grandmother who also had breast cancer. Go Ladies!"
Allan Kvistero $50.00 "Mom's got you beat. She's closing in on 20 years."
Gareth Anthonisz $50.00 "Brian - nice work! Thanks for reaching out to me so I could show my support for this exceptional cause!"
Tim & Nancy Downey $25.00 "Congrats on participating, raising mucho dinaro, and your own recovery from breast cancer. have a fun run!"
Taylor Herrick $50.00 "Way to go Divya!!"
Jason & Corisa Prickett $50.00 "Together we can make a difference! "
Maureen Long Hidden "Way to go, Vicki! Congratulations on 2 years!"
Jeanne Albrecht $25.00 "Thanks for thinking of me again. Love you all Aunt Jeanne"
Ehrin Johnson $25.00 "Go girl!"
Cheryl Solum $25.00 "Keep up the good work Katie! "
Darron Luhrsen $40.00 "Joyce! It's so awesome how you are giving back what was given to you! Life! Congratulations! God has a plan for your life and is using what you went through for the good!"
Jennifer Paige $100.00 "To my BIG sister the perfect "A" !!! I love you very much...... :) Jennifer Have a great run Paigie and Matt"
Laurie Johnson $25.00 "Keep up the wonderful work and awareness, Becks! "
Michael Gould $50.00 "Good luck Tracie! "
Claudia Wallin $25.00 "Good for you Sherry! Say a prayer for my Auntie, a 10 plus years survivor!"
Rachel Lee $10.00 "Walk double for me, missy! I wish I could make it! I hope my donation helps! :-D"
Jane Zinda $50.00 "Go team go will be thinking of you on Mothers Day."
Ted & Linda Davis $100.00 "Your a great friend and I can't think of anyone or anything that deserves our support more than you!"
Kelley Taylor $50.00 "Thank you for the awesome thank you cards! You are so talented!!"
Joanne Henrickson $100.00 "This is so great that you are doing this walk and fundraising! Good luck to you and best wishes to your sister. I hope and pray that all goes well for her. Joanne"
Bob and Jacky Naslund $25.00 "You go, girl!"
Kathleen Yeager $50.00 "Good Luck Mary. Thanks for doing this."
Kathleen Yeager $50.00 "Good Luck. I appreciate you and Mary making this walk."
Frances Nagata Hidden "My thoughts go with Karen's parents and family. I feel badly that some of her nieces will now get to know her and establish a relationship with her....she would have been a wonderful role model for them. Frances"
Jackie Lantry $100.00 "First time in a long time we won't be there due to Jenn's graduation but we'll be there in spirit. Go Eagan's Wings! "
John Zweber $50.00 "Good luck to you"
Kelli Roddy Hidden "Sue, I am donating in memory of my best friend Jamie Pavek who lost her battle with breast cancer last year. Fight on for both of you. Kelli Roddy"
Peter Smith $100.00 "Give it all you got Robyn! Miss you! "
Linda Carlin $50.00 "Donna Marie is my sister. She is a very strong woman, mother, wife, sister, daughter & friend. She is loyal, trustworthy & honest. You can always depend on her if you need an ear to listen or someone to just give you a hug. We are SO PROUD of her and Susan will be beyond proud. Our "Sister, Susan" fought the battle of breast cancer and beat it. She did it with such grace & elegance. She never complained and did what she had to do in order to be here for her family and all of us. My heart will be with you as you walk, Sis, but it always is......... :-).......GO DM, GO DM, GO DM, GOOOOOOOOOO.......XOXO.......Love, Linda & Pat"
Lawrence Brown $25.00 "Excellent job!"
Terri Schneider $100.00 "Becky, Audrey, Debbie and Emma, Girls, Good Luck on Mother's Day and "Thank You" for walking for the cause that has touched us all thru family and friends. Here's to having "Healthy Hooter's"!!!!!!!!!! Love, Terri & Brian Schneider"
Laura Walz $230.00 "Team Betty Minnesota 1st Annual Garage Sale Proceeds, THANK YOU too everyone that made this possible!!! We are almost there!"
Anonymous $250.00 "Good luck!"
Meg Kunze $50.00 "Way to go Donna !"
Maleah and Trent Gilles Hidden "Good luck to Darcy! We love you and your family!"
Anonymous Hidden "Sue, I feel very blessed to know and work with you. I Pray that you are filled with courage and strength as you go through this. "
Marcy Frost $100.00 "Arlene, thanks for all your hard work!"
Gail and Joe Blocker $50.00 "Walk on Lisa! :)"
Cheryl Anderson $25.00 "You go girl!"
Karen Voracek Hidden "Thank you for walking! "
Rita Daniels Hidden "Walking for a great cause whether its 3K or 3 Day. It's great and just keep walking for the cure."
Elizabeth Cote $10.00 "Thank you for doing this! It is for a great cause!"
Anita Spading $10.00 "I'm so excited we have reconnected Janet and that you are a well."
Stephanie Kiemel $25.00 "You are awesome. Have fun."
Salli Lou Anderson $15.00 "Deb, I'm so thankful that you have such a success story. Your attitude is so inpiring for the rest of us. Thanks for being such a great friend! I am also purchasing a luminary in your honor for our local Relay for Life. "
Sandy Manor $50.00 "Sue :) I hold your friendship dear to my heart and pray that you continue to fight this battle with all your might, as I treasure our quick visits so very much. Take care, my friend. Come see me soon ;) Love ya, Sandy Manor"
Gail Porttiin $25.00 "Elaine - It is GREAT that you are walking for the cure!! Have FUN! "
Marybeth Weisberg $25.00 "Thank you for walking for a cure! Yay! "
Bob & Linda Wendolek & Family $102.00 ":) Happy Walking !"
Meera and Raphael Parambi $100.00 "Go for it Tungi ... and here's our contribution to your worth cause"
Jennifer Hoglund $25.00 "Thank you for all of your support to me too. So happy and thankful that you are doing so well!"
Jennifer Hoglund $25.00 "Go Kim! :-)"
Marla Okner $50.00 "Sue, your positive attitude and fighting spirit and inspiration to everyone! God bless!"
Linda Forcier $25.00 "Sue: Your book club is rooting for you. Love Linda"
Becky Kortum $25.00 "Thank you cheri for touching my life and for raising such wonderful kids who are some of my favorite people. I feel blessed to know the whole rolandelli clan! You are an inspiration"
Nancy Zirbes $50.00 "Happy Walking!"
Jenni Stillman $5.00 "It's not much, but gets you guys a bit closer to your goal :) I think it's great you are getting involved... How wonderful to have this memory with your little man!!! You must be such a proud mama :)"
Julie Farley $50.00 "Go Team Jane! The Farley Family loves you!"
Jenna Westerham $25.00 "Cheri always took care of me as a kid and healed my many cuts and scrapes (and teeth) Donating is the least I can do for this amazing woman. I love the whole family and feel blessed to know you all!"
Patricia Brotschul Hidden "Good Luck Lisa!! I will be thinking about you !! Patt"
Tony Grandprey $25.00 "God bless everyone making a wonderful effort towards this fundraising!"
Vicki Myatt $50.00 "Keep fighting, Sue. You are such an inspiration to your students and your friends."
Tristan Grobel $50.00 "God bless you and your daughters for such dedication, year after year!"
Marsha Gronseth $25.00 "We hope you have a great walk--Sue will be there with her sisters too! Marsha and Sue"
Jane Strayer $100.00 "Thanks, Sarah and Grant, for continuing the fight! We all know that research dollars save lives! xoxo Mom and Dad"
Thomas Smith $50.00 "Gayle, so glad things have worked out for you. God Bless! Tom"
Shelley Robbins $25.00 "Congratulations on continued good health and thanks for the great fund raising you are leading."
Tonya Maurer $50.00 "What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies with us. Ralph Waldo Emerson. Appreciate all that you do Gayle. "
Sheila Hendrickson $25.00 "Thanks Kimmie!! You go girl :)"
SHEILA ROSETH $10.00 "You go Annie!!"
Linda West $25.00 "Keep on kickin' it."
Karen Rynerson Hidden "Margo - way to go! We'll be with you in spirit. Karen"
Amy Novak $25.00 "I hope you have a beautiful day, Deb! Blessings for many more celebratory years."
Jessalin Karsnia $25.00 "You ROCK for doing this - congrats on making a difference!"
Lila Gustafson $25.00 "Great Cause... Wish I could join you. Lila"
Lu Christensen Hidden "Way to go, Vicki! We're all proud of you. "
Terry Myhre Hidden "MSB-Blaine"
Bernie Klug $300.00 "LET'S GO KATHY'S KLAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
Jeanne Marquardt $25.00 "Great work Annie ! Love Jeanne"
Linda & Gary Fensterman $100.00 "Please walk in loving memory of Gary's Mother who lost her battle with breast cancer in 1977."
Susan Colby $15.00 "Way to go, Vicki!"
Anonymous $10.00 "GO BONUS MOM!!!!"
Rich Frye $100.00 "Jane, We are all so proud of you and thankful you are well-GO TEAM JANE!!!!!. with our love..Rich, Aurora, Diego & Mauricio."
Sarah Hanneman $25.00 "Thinking of your family as you walk to cure this horrible disease!"
john McCarthy $500.00 "Go E! "
Caroline Martini $15.00 "Cheri and her family are some of the strongest people I know. So blessed to have had them as a second family growing up, and I miss them every day!"
Elizabeth Nelson $20.00 "Sue, keep the faith! Thank you for including me in your email. I'm happy to help! Liz"
Elizabeth Nelson $20.00 "Sue, keep the faith. Thank you for including me on your email. I'm happy to help! Liz"
Total Edge Communications $50.00 "Go get 'em Livi! "
Carol Stoops $25.00 "Congratulations on your two years! Thanks for doing this! Carp;"
KayeAnn Mason $25.00 "Way to go sister!"
Dianne DeMarce $50.00 "Looks like you're already exceeding your goal! "
Carolyn & Mark Talberg $100.00 "God has given you the grace to bear this illness and the grace to come through it! You are an amazing woman Mom Delli! You are very much loved! "
Kathy Kelzer $50.00 "Good luck with the event!"
Linda Carlin $25.00 "You and Donna Marie should be very PROUD......I know I am of both of you for doing this for such a worthy cause......My heart will be with you both as you walk towards your goals.....XOXO.....Love, Linda & Pat"
Shelly Moulzolf $25.00 "Go Team Krinke!!!! Your pink warriors ROCK - thanks for walking to raise money for this important cause. Wishing you all the best - Shelly Moulzolf"
Vicki Toepper $50.00 "We are hoping and praying for the best!!! Good Luck on your walk. Miss you too!"
Albert Fenske $100.00 "We've missed you on Sunday mornings === look forward to when we can have lunch together again===and concerts. Our prayers are with you, Sue. YOU CAN DO THIS!!! AL & EDIE"
Debbie Ingersoll $100.00 "Good luck! Love you! Aunt Debbie"
Ginny Rudolph $50.00 "In honor of your incredible spirit."
Kris Lasneski Hidden "Go Barb! You're awesome girl!"
Terry Iverson Hidden "Thanks to you and your family for giving your time and commitment, you are a good friend!"
Kelley Meyer $50.00 "Since I'm not walking with you this year, the least I can do is donate! :-)"
Carla Jo Sletten $500.00 "This is in memory of my Beautiful mom Donny. I am so proud of Molly my daughter for doing this! Love you Molly! I know Grama is smiling at you and playing her harp!"
Edna Kelley $25.00 "You GO Bionic Bosoms!!!"
fred marcum $25.00 "Good luck!!"
Janelle Kelly $25.00 "I am so grateful for my friend Stacey!"
James Passage $50.00 "Congratulations of five years!"
Gary Warhurst $50.00 "Our prayers and thoughts are with you."
Angie Steinbach $25.00 "Sue, You go girl! Keep on keeping on! You are such a brave and incredible role model for all of us to follow. My thoughts and prayers are always with you. You are in my heart as you continue your fight against this disease. Have a great walk on Mother's Day:-) Angie Steinbach"
Lou Orsini $50.00 "Congratulations Gayle, God Bless!"
Diane Olek $100.00 "Becky--What can I say. You are a wonderful person and I am so lucky to have you in my life. I cherish our friendship and am so proud of what you do to raise money for cancer awareness. Seems like only yesterday you helped me through my recovery--remember the day I could put my hands together in back of me!!! Thanks for pushing me and being there for me and all the others who have touched your lives. You are like a substitute daughter I have never had. Love ya. Diane"
Rhonda Hubbard $25.00 "May God be with you today and always - and may His love bring you the strength you need - at the right time, every time, to see you through~ Our thoughts and prayers are with you!"
Robert Bridges $100.00 "Go girls, walk as if your lives depend on it!!"
Patricia Oetken $25.00 "Keep the faith! Thinking of your sister and everyone who is battling the monster "C"."
Jay Grammond $25.00 "Carole, keep up the good work, I admire your dedication to this cause!"
Carolyn Dreelan $25.00 "Jane, you did so well when you had your treaments and such a wonderful attitude. I wish you continued health in the future."
Melinda Rosenow $25.00 "Congrats on the 5 year mark! YOU GO GIRL!!! Love ya"
Luci Tellers Hidden "Good luck with your walk!!"
Dolora Musech $100.00 "Good luck! Have fun!"
Barbara Carroll Hidden "Never too late, Susie! You go girl! Barbe"
Robert Wulf Hidden "Go for the gold!"
Kimberly Fischer $25.00 "Go, Jason, Go!!!"
Connie Mertens $25.00 "Hope it's a great day for a walk!! Greg will doing the run."
Karin Strub $25.00 "I think it's awesome that you're doing this! "
Todd & Suzie Weber $50.00 "We are so pleased to support the cause! Congrats on your 5 year anniversary :)"
Dori Miller $25.00 "I tried training for this a few years ago,dont think that will ever happen, but I am more the happy to donate to Team Betty!! Your going to do GREAT!!!"
Daniel & Ellie Nelson $50.00 "Thank you for walking to help others."
Lorrie Hall $250.00 "We are so proud of you for choosing this cause to participate in. Your reason for participating makes us even prouder. Hopefully, little Chloe will never have to face such a diagnosis, but the idea there could be a cure that would affect this generation and future generations, is a cause worth fighting for. --Mom & Dad"
Kris Kopesky $35.00 "Found out my company would match my donation so added a little extra. Kris"
Mary Schlender $25.00 "God Bless"
Teresa Lund $20.00 "Jeff, I'm so proud of you doing this in honor of mom."
Catharine Gerster $100.00 "Keep up the good work,Steph--we're proud of you Mom & Dad"
Kelly Crowe $25.00 "sorry it took so long i don't know if this is the right spot for your 5* raffle it's the only way i'll get to a 5* lol miss ya "
Colleen Hegstrom $50.00 "Dublin - we loved seeing you last week! Have fun with your Nana; we are cheering you on! Love from Mark, Colleen and your pal, Dublin Hegstrom! xoxo"
Lyn & Brian Rajala Hidden "So proud of our beautiful daughter, the grace and strength with which you faced your cancer, and the remarkable example you set for others."
Grace Sobaszkiewicz $50.00 "Good Luck for your your fundraising and continued Good Health!"
willis pieske jr $50.00 "good luck and your doing a great thing....have fun."
Kate Cason $50.00 "I love you Stephanie! You are very strong. You inspire me."
Kara Sommer $50.00 "I used to do this walk with my grandma who is a breast cancer survivor. I was a wonderful experience and I always looked forward to the day. I hope you have a great time! :)"
Jamie Unger $25.00 "Best wishes in raising lots of money for a great cause! :)"
Mita Shah Hidden "Karen, I'm looking forward to this walk!"
Janet Fahey $25.00 "20 year participant-Great! Featured in newspapers-Super! 20 year Survivor - Priceless! Enjoy the day!"
Thomas Olson $25.00 "We wish you the best. Your friends Tom, Kim, Myah and David "
Laura Mehr $25.00 "Sue...You are truly an inspiration to us all and we could stand to learn some lessons from your attitude throughout this up and down ordeal. Good luck on meeting your fund raising goal and on your 5k Walk for a Cure. Curt and I will be keeping you in our hearts, thoughts, and prayers. God Bless!!"
Joyce Gilbert $25.00 "Good luck with the fund raising. Hope to see you soon. Joyce"
Cathy Oliver $200.00 "Thanks for supporting!! :) "
lindsey gardner $50.00 "I love yall!!!! "
Tracy Rode Hidden "Way to go girlfriend!"
Tamara Amos $25.00 "Thanks for doing the walking. It is definitely a great worthly cause. Have fun. Scott & Sam"
Tracy Berg $100.00 "Wish I could walk with you! Have a great time."
Annie Lettenberger $10.00 "HOPE!! Love you Angela!"
Michael Wybierala $25.00 "Have a good walk! :)"
Arlette Egan $50.00 " Even though I cannot be there, I will be cheering you on in the race on Mother's Day. Arlette"
Lynn Diegel $25.00 "Go Haley!!"
Jamie Gudmundson $50.00 "Way to go Steph! You are an inspiration!"
Theresa Von Ruden $20.00 "Just awesome. Thank you for doing this!"
Lynnea Gilb $20.00 "have a great time!"
Lee Larson $25.00 "So proud of you! "
sue marty $50.00 "What a wonderful thing to do. Good luck on your walk. We will pray for great weather!"
Tina Summerville $25.00 "Congratulations Gayle! "
Carolyn Fennell $25.00 "Thanks, Michele! I'll miss you all this year!"
Rita Parks $100.00 "Way to go Sis!"
Becky Anderson $50.00 "Good luck! Congratulations on the 1-year anniversary of being cancer-free!"
Christine Hirtz $25.00 "In honor of one of the strongest women I know! You inspire me every day. "
Anonymous $25.00 "Thank you Karleen and Borton Volvo!"
wendy ballard $100.00 "What a great cause and a great woman! So happy to support you...xoxo Wendy"
Melissa Maurer Hidden "Way to go, Sharon! Love, The Maurers"
Joan Winner $50.00 "I look forward to walking with the team virtually! Congrats on being cancer-free!"
Micaela Pankonin $25.00 "You're the bestest!!"
Art Decker $15.00 "Go Anna!"
Nichole Brand $10.00 "I know it's not much but every bit helps!! Glad you are working for such a wonderful cause and one that definitely hits home to me! Hope you make your goal! :)"
LORI M SERUM $100.00 "So proud of you guys for doing this! Great cause for a great lady!!!!"
James Kolva $25.00 "I'm a guy, What can I say- I like boobies. OF COURSE IM GOING TO DONATE!"
Sheryl Mattfield $25.00 "Go for it Cheryl & are an awesome, supportive friend and I hope your friend can be cured. My prayers will be for her."
brenda hawley $35.00 "$5 for every year......I have to say this is one time I LIKE paying more each year! ! !"
MARCIA LOVEYS $50.00 "Thanks for walking for Vicki!!!"
Sue Calhoun $100.00 "I'll be in KC - wish I could be with you, too! So proud of you, Kath!"
Terry Purcell $100.00 "Sorry we can't be with you this year, but we'll be thinking of you!"
Amanda Dietz $20.00 "Miss you Amber! It would be fun to do this with you but i probably wont be able to make it, so here is something to help you out. Amanda"
Lynn Lamers $25.00 "We love you Annie!"
David Meissner $50.00 "Pam, Thank you for faithfully walking every year!"
KATE Schwartz $5.00 "You are so inspiring -- best of luck to you and your beautiful family. I am just a blog follower rooting you on!"
Jeffery Morgan $40.00 "I think this is what you needed to reach your goal. If it is then congrats on the additional $250 from Peter!"
Anonymous $25.00 "in memory of my neice, Sandy......from Mandy Smith"
Connie Ashba $25.00 "Go girl!!!"
Connie Shaver $100.00 "Karen, I still cannot believe you are gone. I check my phone for a text and my computer for your emails every day. Miss You Dear Friend. "
Katie Crouse $5.00 "5* bag"
Peter Jones $100.00 "I agree with James. For most of us males its why we do what we do! Lol. "
Tim Carlson $50.00 "Thanks for walking for your mom!"
Tim Carlson $50.00 "Thanks for walking for mom."
Linda and Kevin Meissner $25.00 "Our thoughts & prayers will be with you all as you walk. Please know that Ameriprise will match our gift."
Raquel Manteufel $100.00 "Thank you! Raquel & Kristen"
Jessica Chandler $20.00 "For Angela and her fighting spirit"
Denise Deering $25.00 "WAY TO GO RENEE AND THE BOOBIE COP TEAM!! Good luck and thanks for getting behind such an important cause!"
rohan parambi $50.00 "keep on doing great things. love you."
Samdy & Pat Evans $30.00 "Go for it, Katie!! Good luck!! Pat & Sandy Evans"
Vicki and Kurt Wheeler Hidden "You go girl! xo"
Mark Smith $100.00 "You continue to be a great inspiration! Thanks for all you do!!"
Jan Walsh Hidden "Praying for many more years cancer free. Love you!"
Gretchen Emmerich $50.00 "Go Brad Go! ~John and Gretty"
jennifer hoskins $25.00 "this is for the 5* bag sighned by danny and to fight this cure..."
Shanna Painter $5.00 " Here's hoping for the Danny 5* pack but,more important..I hope you have a fantastic day and loads of fun with the girls while trying to save all our"girls" and of course the guys who are often forgotten who also suffer from this. "
Pam Helmueller $50.00 "Congratulations on doing the run! What a great way to show breast cancer that you won this battle. : ) "
Kay Lutostanski $25.00 "Thanks for being the wonderful person that you are :) Have fun!"
Michele Anderson $25.00 "Will Max be walking with you? "
Gretchen Pearson $25.00 "Cheri, You are my second mother. I love all of you, you are all family to me. I have no idea who I'd be without any of you in my life and I am so thankful to have you all be such a big part in mine. Love, Gretchen "
Susan Fnn Hidden "Go Team Jane! 3-Day next??!! I'd love to join you."
James Mackey $250.00 "Way to go Lisa. Have fun. Suzzy & Jim"
Cindy Sweeney $25.00 "May the day of the walk be bright and beautiful. Thank you for walking for an important cause. "
Michael Kelly $100.00 "Cindy, Thank God you are among the survivors - you are a blessing to those who know you, and I have a hunch you're only approaching the halfway point of His plan for you. All the best to you and your beautiful (and lucky) family. Mike"
Amy Fine $50.00 "Sharon! You have been an inspiration to me. Enjoy the run!"
Kathy Carlson Hidden "May God Bless you and keep you safe."
Jerome and Kathy Rosenow $50.00 "Way to make a difference! Thanks for walking for such a good cause!!!!"
Jennifer Stanek $10.00 "Love you so much, Angela!"
Brenda Welsch $25.00 "Jessica is a true inspiration of remarkable strength. Keep fighting!!"
Anonymous $380.00 "Drink Pink contributions. Thanks for your support!"
Jim & Terri Brown $50.00 "Jessica, your strength and determination are truly inspiring. My wife, Terri and I personally appreciate your struggle,as Terri is now an 8 year breast cancer survivor. Our thoughts and prayers continue to be with you and your family, as you fight the good fight."
Christina Burnett $200.00 "Way to go, Korvers!"
Chris Nelson $25.00 "Thanks for supporting such a GREAT cause!"
Marla Drury $50.00 "Love you!!!"
Samantha Hallbek $50.00 "Go Jason!"
H.Virginia Bergstrom $25.00 "Katie - I am so proud of you..."
Debbie Goldberger $25.00 "Laura, Hope you get a beautiful day to run!! Happy Mothers Day girlfriend!! xoxox Debbie"
Sara Christensen $15.00 "Have a good walk, Beth! Pace yourself and keep up your strength. Sara Christensen"
Connie Sukola $30.00 "Thanks for making a difference, Vicki!"
Toni Lipa $50.00 "Great job Vicki! We're proud of you. ~ Toni, Jeff and Michael"
Kathryn Gartland $100.00 "You girls rock!!!!! Thanks for doing the walk."
Stacey Simmons $25.00 "Good luck, Steph! I'll be thinking about you!"
Jennifer Relien $100.00 "So proud of Team FA4B! "
Brandy Gerth $50.00 "We will all be thinking about and sending our love and support to you guys and for Diane! "
Peter Ross $25.00 "Keep the faith!!"
Heidi Dierking $25.00 "Wish I lived my life with as much spunk as you do sick!"
Mike Devine $25.00 "Brava!"
Jessica Johnson $10.00 "Do your breast to finish!!"
Brandon Troland $25.00 "Good luck on your run, its super cool your doing this hope you can make your goal!!!!!"
Lisa & Mike Coonan $25.00 "Jane-you handled Cancer with such Courage and Grace! You are an inspiration! Thanks for being a blessing in our lives! Love ya Lady!!"
Kim Cummings $25.00 "You Go Girl!!! Love u!"
Darlene Pieper Hidden "Way to Go Barb!"
Bob Wichmann $100.00 "Sorry so late Dana! I've been meaning to do this for weeks! Better late than never! Much love!"
Leandra Peak $100.00 "Glad you'll be walking this year - we're cheering for you from across the street!"
Sharon Gartner $50.00 "Judy, we will be with you in spirit and walking in Columbus"
Wanda Ryan $50.00 "TEAM-Teachers for Ta Ta's! Let's make it happen!!! WOOHOO!!!!"
Marsha Nater $50.00 "My best to you on your walk!"
Christopher Jones $25.00 "Yay for curing cancer. Good luck out there!"
Steve Bachman $50.00 "I would love to join the team for the walk, but will be out of town."
Diane Loeffler $25.00 "May the final cure be found in our lifetime! Wouldn't that be wonderful?"
Linda Johnstin $100.00 "Brianna wishing you luck and a beautiful day!"
Joshua Bunn $20.00 "Thanks for walking for a great cause."
Darryl Bunn $10.00 "Hey Gloria, Thanks for walking for this race. It's a great cause. "
Melane Gustavson $25.00 "Jill - Thank you for being a friend and resource for Sheila. This is one way that I can support her having not gone through what the two of you have had to endure. You have been a great comfort to her by sharing your story. Wear your SURVIVOR shirt with pride! You certainly deserve it. Next year, Sheila will be wearing one next to you."
Thomas McMahon $25.00 "Thank you Suzie for all you do to help find a cure. I hope you have a beautiful day for the walk."
Heidi & Scott Kolasinski $25.00 "YAY Auntie Joyce! We are so proud of you. Save the ta-ta's!"
Janice Simonson $50.00 "Please join this great bunch that are racing for the cure by donating today!!..............."
Doris Rosenow $25.00 "Joyce, congratulations - what a milestone! I wish I could be there to walk with you. Love, Doris"
Robyn Hanson $50.00 "Thanks for running and walking BTVK friends!"
Shirley Schmit Hidden "Thanks for walking."
Anonymous $35.00 "Want to see you make it to the Pink Honor Roll Denise!! You will once you hit your goal of $1000! Great job for a great cause!!"
Grace McInerney $12.50 " Have a good Fundraising day. So glad your mom is doing good. =) Elaine"
Grace McInerney $12.50 " Have a good run. So glad to hear your mom is doing well. Elaine"
John Hinz $50.00 "Glad to help a great person and a great cause !"
Terry & April Haar $250.00 "Our thoughts and prayers are with you Cleo. We hope you raise a bunch of money for a great cause."
Michele Sahar $100.00 "Thank you so much for raising awareness and completing the race in honor of the strongest women we know -- our mothers! :)"
Robyn Kilponen $20.00 "Love you Angela!!! "
Jessica Johnson $25.00 "Go Kim!"
Robyn Kilponen $5.00 "Upping my donation so I can get 100% match from my company -- thanks to Microsoft's matching policy you will get $50 Angela. <3"
Katy Regnier $20.00 "You are AMAZING Angela and I'm so proud of you for making such a positive impact from such a challenging situation. <3"
RoseMarie Milinowicz $20.00 "Keep kickin' ass, Angela! XOXO"
Leah Haney $20.00 "Love you Angela! You are amazing!"
Dennis Olivero $250.00 "Keep up the good work Mark"
Patty & Randy Ross $500.00 "Hey guys - Thank you so much for this opportunity to be of some actual help :) We're humbled to be included on your list and more than happy to contribute. Please continue to count on us for anything and do keep us posted on Becky's progress. We care. Patty and Randy"
Kelly Shea $25.00 "Good luck BA! It is great you and Annie are doing this race together. Kate and I will be cheering you both on from San Diego. :)"
Miriam Lejonvarn $50.00 "Thanks for walking for this great cause. Think of my Mom Lois as you walk for the Cure."
Kim Weaver $25.00 "Wish I could be there to walk with you. You're an inspiration to us all!"
Katie Rojek Hidden "Thanks so much for doing this Kim & for inviting me to support you! I hope you have a great & meaningful race! Love, Katie"
Mary Faust $60.00 "In memory of my mom who died of cancer. "
Jennifer Maron Hidden "Love your attitude! Keep kicking ass!"
mary persson $50.00 "Wishing TEAM POPOWITZ a bright and sunny day for the walk. Thanks for raising awareness and funds for this worthy cause. ~mary"
Kristin Erlandsen $25.00 "We love you, Stace!"
Marsha & Dave Froehle $25.00 "We will be thinking of you and saying prayers for your safe walking. Hope you have wonderful shoes and lots of socks. We hope to see some great pictures of your walking experience. Marsha & Dave"
Linda Mealey-Lohmann $25.00 "Good luck Vicki, Thanks for your dedication."
Caroline Glennon-Goodman $50.00 "So proud of you! Wish I could be there to walk with you guys! Xoxo caroline"
Caroline Glennon-Goodman $50.00 "Good luck! And give your mama a kiss from me! Wish I could be there! Caroline"
Lindsey Jamison $25.00 "You'll do great! Give your mom a hug for being super brave :)"
Donna Keech $25.00 "Way to go "Operation KT"!! I will be cheering you on by long distance!"
Larry & Judy Krone $25.00 "We're proud of you! :o)"
Sarah Julius $50.00 "You're such a rock star! Go get 'em, grrrrrrl."
Michael Wybierala $50.00 "Thanks for your involvement! Happy walking!"
Marna Butler-Fasteland Hidden "Go Marie's Angels!"
Mindy Kent $25.00 "Hello, I am a friend of Margaret Kassera, My aunt is a breast cancer survivor.. and this is a great way to honor the women and men who have fought this disease, some won and sadly some lost their battles. I'm happy to be able to help you raise money to fight this disease!! Mindy Kent "
schwebach mary $50.00 "Your loyal committment to your friends, family, and this cause is inspriational!"
Chia Xiong $25.00 "You go girl!!! "
Bridge Realty $100.00 "Barbara Bridge Realty is happy to participate in donating to this cause with you. Thank you for being such a wonderful part of the community! And most of all thank you for being a Bridge Realty Agent :) Bridge Realty Loves having you as part of our team! Sincerely, Tony and Staff"
Susan Tomey $50.00 "We are happy to support you and wish you many, many, many more years cancer free. We Love You. The Tomeys'"
Lisa Naughton $50.00 "Congrats on contributing to such a worthy cause!"
Diana Rogers $25.00 "Good Luck on the walk and enjoy!! Diana"
linda neraasen $25.00 "good luck katie, have fun, love you auntie linda"
Sue Schmitz $50.00 "Have great day, wish I was there."
Kari Leverty $5.00 "Aunt Cindy~ You are such a beautiful amazing and caring woman. You have a such a BIG heart and an amazing family. Congratulations on your 5 years! Keep up the Fight! XOXO"
Linda Wellington $50.00 "Sending support and best wishes from OHIO!"
Teresa Doerr $100.00 "Good Luck!!! Love you...Dan, Teri and Daniel"
Gary Nelson $100.00 "hey dogface--good luck on the walk--just remember you are a special friend"
Shelley Pearson $60.00 "Great job and good luck!"
Linda Ragusano $10.00 "I'm continually inspired by Angela. So glad to 'know' her!!"
Angie Ziel $50.00 "Sorry to miss the fun this year, way to go team!"
Carol Lundquist $25.00 "Thanks for walking in this wonderful event!"
Lenore Weber $20.00 "Oh, Beth, you are a brave soul! Thank you for taking on this challenge, and God speed to you and your team! I pray for great weather for you all!"
Rosemary Bruhn $25.00 "Go Pat!! will be thinking of you!"
Lynn Grote $50.00 "You can also walk in memory of my cousin, Cheryll. Thank you!"
Lynn Grote $50.00 "Please walk in memory of my cousin, Cheryll. Thanks!"
Lynn Grote $50.00 "Please walk for me in memory of my cousin Cheryll. Thank you!"
Lynn Grote $50.00 "Please walk in memory of my cousin, Cheryll. Thanks!"
Deb Lepper $25.00 "Have a great time in Colorado! "
Devin Schiltz Hidden "Have a great day and congratulations on 7 years!"
Darcy Iverson $20.00 "Glad to help out..."
Nancy Gubash $25.00 "Thank you for walking to find a cure, Beth!"
Michele Dressen $25.00 "Hope you have a great walk! "
Kim Oldenburg $30.00 "$10.00 Donation from Steph Muscovitz (Albert's Organics Twin Cities) $20.00 Donation from Chris Antell (Albert's Organics New England)"
steph dremmel $50.00 "Good Luck! Bradyn, Max, and Nate Dremmel"
Kristine Iten $50.00 "In honor of Brenda Iten, cancer free for 9 years. "
Jonathan Weeks $10.00 "Good luck babe!"
Mandi Cooley $10.00 "Love you girl!!!"
Gwen Wheeler $25.00 "Go Shanley!"
Julie Gordon $50.00 "Debbie, I am so moved by your dedication to this cause. Your mom will be watching. She was a lovely woman and you do her memory proud. Julie"
Ixeidy Perez $10.00 "Great job!!"
Patty Evens $50.00 "Thanks guys for doing the walk. Dale's mom is a survivor. Patty & Dale"
Camille Gemlo $100.00 "Happy Mother's Day! From: Camille, Grant, Troy, Mark and Rusty"
sue broberg Hidden "Go, pink4red team!"
Lori Boettcher $25.00 "Good Luck!"
mindy parker $50.00 "Have a great time at the Race for the Cure!!!"
Barbara Pratt $50.00 "Thanks for all you do, Mark XOXOXXO Barb"
Margery Peterson $100.00 "Go, Kim!! Let's help get rid of this disease once an for all!!!"
Ellen Obleman $50.00 "So proud of both you and Annie! Ellen and Tammy"
Randolf Kulzer $250.00 "Carolyn you are always willing to put others 1st in your life,m Thank You. I can't think of a better cause to donate to, good luck and God Bless you."
Leah Nesbitt $20.00 "GREAT WORK! "
Mark Jenson $25.00 "Have a great run Anne!"
Kaye Olson $100.00 "Praying for a beautiful day and a safe and fun walk! Thank you for your time and energy to support such an important cause."
Johanna Fischer Hidden "You are such an inspiration to woman. I have learned so much from you in the last year about life, love and laughter. I believe that God gave you a special gift to be able to touch peoples lives. You are in my thoughts and prayers daily. Prayers for your health, and prayers of thanks for the way you have made me look at life differently. Thank you for being the amazing person you are Ang. All love- Johanna"
Susan Perdew $50.00 "Good Luck to Team Popowitz! We will be thinking about you and your family on this great day!"
Lynn Holzer $25.00 "Walk like you 'own' the Mall!! :-D ~Lynn"
Laurine Truhler $30.00 "Good luck with the walk. Wishing your team the best of weather on that day!"
David Steele $50.00 "I'm really proud of the work that you're doing for this, Caitlin!"
Maureen Jamieson $25.00 "You're an inspiration, Angela!"
Jackie McAfee $25.00 "GO TEAM JORDAN! xoxoxo"
Brooke DiGiuseppe $20.00 "Love you, Angela! "
Lee Osborn $100.00 "Happy to contribute to such a worthy cause!"
Candace Gillard $100.00 "Good Luck Stacey."
Candace Gillard $100.00 "Good Luck Ronnie."
Candace Gillard $50.00 "Good Luck Caitlin :-)"
Sandy Junker $100.00 "Unfortunately, I can't be there on the 13th to walk/run, but I'll be thinking of you for sure! "
Roberta Ericson $50.00 "Way to go Meaghan!"
Pamela Kocke $10.00 "Love you Angela!"
Ross Boekhoff $25.00 "Thank you for your continued commitment to fighting breast cancer! I appreciate it Diane. Missy"
Lonnie Davis $100.00 "We are proud to help our daughter's cause"
Jane and Mike Bernauer $50.00 "Wait to go, Kate! We're proud of you!"
Sandra Ohlsson $100.00 "I'll be with you in spirit during your walk! Way to go Breast Buddies!"
Stacy Lawrence $20.00 "FROM: JILL REINHARDT"
Sherrie Laudenbach $100.00 "Thank you, thank you, thank you for trying to earn money for a good cause that I am very familiar with!!! Good Luck!!"
Linda Lundborg Hidden "Go Lori! "
Margaret Kassera $25.00 "Team Eide, Hello and good luck with your walk I hope everything goes great. Michelle was a beautiful person I am so glad I was able to meet her. Have Fun Love Margaret Kassera"
Becky Glatz $25.00 "Walk for me and my 18.5 of surviving. I did this walk for 10 years, and it is very emotional."
Brian Carlson $500.00 "Your Ambrion Family will support you every step of the way!"
Mary J Cress $50.00 "This is so great! Wish I could join you in honor of my sweet sister-in-law and other dear friends who have battled breast cancer. Way to go! I love you!!!"
Barbara Carey $100.00 "So Proud of our State Auto Headlights team!! Good luck everyone!"
Nancy Kiskis Hidden "Thanks for walking for all of us, Shel!!"
Chris and Amy Marshall Hidden "Have a great walk, Mom. Sounds like fun! : )"
Chris & Amy Marshall Hidden "Have an awesome walk! Love Chris, Amy and the girls"
Steve and Jane Olofson $25.00 "On to another great year. Congratulations! Steve and Jane"
Kim Sorensen $10.00 "Applaud your efforts in doing this and prayers to you for full recovery. I am a 4x cancer survivor myself and I know the importance of these fundraisers. Good Luck! Kim Sorensen (Heidi Krotzer's sister-in-law)"
Emily Salberg $25.00 "Your continued support of a great cause in memory of your mama is amazing - love you so much!"
Holly Jenkins $25.00 "Love that you do this every year!!!"
Kim Metzer $25.00 "Good Luck and I'm hoping you have a nice day."
Mary Nicol $25.00 "Happy running gals! Love, Gram"
Laura Gaylord $25.00 "Nice Job Karen Lee!"
Margaret Wallace $25.00 "All your friends and family are grateful you are a survivor as well. You are a blessing in our lives! Good luck with your fundraising efforts! Hugs, Margaret"
Howard Callahan $25.00 "HAVE A GREAT WALK!"
Kathy Braulick $25.00 "Thanks Becky and the rest of the gang, you go girl! Kathy B"
Robin Webster $50.00 "Congrats on your last check up!"
John & Bonnie Jensen $100.00 "We support you in your effort."
Eileen Wegge Hidden ""I only went out for a walk, and finally stayed out until sundown: for going out, I found, was really going in." - John Muir, protector of Yosemite National Park Have a great walking day. Eileen "
Tammy Anderson $100.00 "WE LOVE YOU!!!!"
Patricia Warner $25.00 "We having been thinking of you, and keep you and your family in our prayers. Pat & Tim Warner"
Julie Rolling $50.00 "Jess - you are amazing!!!"
Veronica Camapbell $25.00 "Have a great run! "
maria wagner $50.00 "Don't let it beat you, your a fighter for all of us."
Peter Rennebohm $50.00 "We will be thinking of you. "
Jackie Anderson $25.00 "Good luck, Sue! And have fun!"
Kathy Eagan Hidden "Love you Andrew. Thank you for putting all of this together!! Mom"
Dennis Hughes $75.00 "Happy Mother's Day Kathy!!!"
Susan Ventrucci $25.00 "Yea! Go Meaghan and Nina and Mike!!!"
David Sawicki $50.00 "Great cause. Enjoy your run! Hope the weather is good."
Jerrice Fritzlen $100.00 "For all those who have weathered the storm of this devastating disease!"
Patti Gerten $15.00 "Hope its a nice day--go girl"
Jolene Altrichter $100.00 "Good luck with your walk, Tam! What a great cause."
Lois Humbert $25.00 "Gor it Kathy, we will be cheering you on. My hope is that also."
Deb O'Flanagan $100.00 "Linda - my best friend and "sister", Our donation is in honor of YOU and in memory of my mom. Race on... Love, Deb (Clay too!)"
Andrew Kivela $150.00 "Have a hooah run!"
Jamie and Tara McGuire $30.00 "Go Annie! We're rooting for you!"
Marilyn Engle $50.00 "no"
Xan Johnson $100.00 "You are amazing. I love you!"
Kim Gravelle $25.00 "Have a great day out there! Happy Mother's Day!"
Kathleen Henehan Hidden "Go Maria!"
Christin Zimmer $100.00 "I wish I could be there this year, I will catch up with all of you when you get back on the big pink bus!!"
Karleen Reller $25.00 "Go for it, Carol!!"
Lisa Kaczor $100.00 "Way to go Kari!!!"
Gwenn Chriss Hidden "Lonnie, A year has made a lot of difference. I'm so pleased that your recovery is at the point where you can do this walk. Go get 'em, girl!!!! Gwenn"
Jill Peterson $200.00 "Love you so much Mom and am so proud of you! I wish I could be there to walk with you, but know I'll be with you in spirit as I always am! -Jill"
Ronald Doll $100.00 "Hi Hollie This one's for your mom she is proud of you!!! Love Ron and June"
Katie Fee $50.00 ":) -Katie & Drew"
Ann Anklam $10.00 "You go girl!"
Paul Dinndorf $25.00 "It's so great you do this, Sue! I'm glad to sponsor you."
Marcy Pawlyshyn $40.00 "Run hard Heather!! :)"
Maggie Swenson $25.00 " I will be happy to donate to this worthwhile cause. "
Rebecca Boucha $25.00 "love you Briana! Race Away!"
sandy panning $25.00 "I read your story in the paper. 20 years, wonderful! Good luck next Sunday."
Kelley Erickson $50.00 "Run like the wind Jen!!! Try not to hurt yourself ;)"
Charlotte J Ries $25.00 "In memory of Therese Tauer-Walter"
Elizabeth Barthel $25.00 "Good Luck! Have fun!"
Mary Flor $25.00 "You go Lori! Thanks for doing this my thoughts and prayers are for all the victims, survivors and family and all of us that are tryng to find the cure!"
Brad Anderson $100.00 "Glad to hear things are going well. "
steven meissner $50.00 "Thanks for doing this again, Mom, I'll gladly donate!!"
Gail Scherweit Bakko $25.00 "This is in memory of Holly's Mom.....she was quite a lady!!"
Leila Ayers $25.00 "Will be thinking of you on your walk."
Carol Anderson $50.00 "You go girl!"
Deborah Wolf $25.00 "Happy Mother's Day!"
Diane B Case $25.00 "In Memory of Sue Mueller"
Diane Case $25.00 "celebrating Sue Case - survivor"
Sharon Snyder $20.00 "You go girl! "
Lisa Lawrence $45.00 "$20 from Carol Shillington and $25 from myself!"
Kayla Peacock $25.00 "Great cause Leslie!! Keep up the good work!!"
Amy Elholm $50.00 "So thankful you are here to continue helping others who are fighting the fight!"
carol and steve fritze $25.00 "Our prayers are with all of you. Thanks Barb."
Jane Nordin $50.00 "Kathy- Thanks for running for this worthy cause. Jane"
Anonymous $100.00 "Way to go, Rhonda! You are amazing - and I know you will be successful this time too. A worthy cause, that is for sure! Best wishes for a GREAT walk! :) "
Dana Halberg $30.00 "Good luck!"
Trish Woerner $25.00 "Thanks for doing this for all of us. You were so supportive of me during during my journey . Cheering you on. "
Ric Blanchard Hidden "Thank you for the oppurtunity."
Kristen Kautz $25.00 "It is so great that you guys are doing this! I hope you are able to meet your fundraising goal!"
Lynn Schadle $500.00 "Well done!"
Deana Walsh $25.00 "Good luck Carllee! Hey we think we found your white dance recital dress from a long time the back of Danielle closet when she came home from college this wekend! "
SHEILA DUNN $50.00 "Have a GREAT walk, Suze! It will be a beautiful day! I'll be thinking of you."
Pam Grossmann $25.00 "Good for you. A cause close to our hearts - that is for sure!!"
Amanda Earle $25.00 "Thank you for participating in such a great cause and bringing awareness by doing so! Have a great time - maybe next year the three day walk?? :)"
Mary Belisle $25.00 "Thank you Tammy, for giving me an opportunity to donate to this great cause."
Cathy Starry $25.00 "Good Luck on your walk and have fun!"
Joel Peterson $50.00 "We will be cheering you on for the race!!!!!! Way to go!"
Luanne Cortelyou $25.00 "Have a great day. "
Susan Green $50.00 "I can't think of a better way to spend Mother's Day!"
Dan and Nicole Waller $50.00 "HAPPY 50th BIRTHDAY!! We are so very glad you are still here with us and we are able to honor you on this day! Much love, Nicole"
Holly Judd $50.00 "Allie, Thank you for walking ! Since I won't be there, can you walk a step and skip two. Oh, and don't forget to have your beautiful smile shining from ear to ear. Love you all lots Holly Judd"
Terry Vasenden $25.00 "In honor of survivor Elaine Torpet"
Karen Watson $30.00 "This donation was via cash from Victoria Simpson, a newly made friend whose mother also had breast cancer - I will be walking for her "Mum" too!"
Deanna Bloomquist $100.00 "You go girl!!!!"
Deborah Baxter $100.00 "Michelle we are so proud of your efforts to find a cure! Love the Baxters"
Jennifer Engelmayer $25.00 "I'm sorry that we couldn't make it for the walk on Sunday. Wishing your family a lot of love and support during your weekend! "
Angie Hooverson $50.00 "Yeah Sharon!!! Good luck on your run. We will see you there."
Cynthia Pulver $50.00 "Vick, Wish we could be there with you! Go Vic's Crew! Have a fantastic walk! We love you and are so proud of you. Cindi and Deb"
Cindy Demko $50.00 "Wishing you and your sister another healthy cancer free year!"
Robert MackeanRobertM $50.00 "Go Becky! You keep walking, I'll keep donating!"
Robert MackeanRobertM $50.00 "Go Deb! You keep walking, I'll keep donating! Ok, I wrote the same thing on Becky's page, but I have to be fair. Always fair."
julie frenzel $25.00 "Thanks for your time in energy in the battle against this horrible disease, Lori"
Pat Sullivan $25.00 "Have Fun!!"
Mary Ann Sternat Hidden "Best wishes on the walk."
teresa bushman $50.00 "go girl"
gert jacovitch $50.00 "love you"
gert jacovitch $50.00 "love you"
Adam Vanderwal $250.00 "Hey babe, just so you know if you lovely ladies are in need of a team manager I am so your guy & available...go team Sarah & Alex Cat! ;)"
Chuck & Kay Anderson $50.00 "So proud of you for what you have gone through this year. Love you Mom & Dad"
Rosemary Lenc $25.00 "It is wonderful you do this for Grandma and others who have breast cancer, Linda. Thank you for your generosity! Mom"
Deanna Funk $25.00 "My mother is also a breast cancer survivor. Thanks for getting involved and working toward a cure!"
Beth Morris $25.00 "Thanks for walking for a great cause, Alicia!"
Mary Anne Ruemmele $100.00 "Thanks for letting me donate to a great cause! Mary Anne Ruemmele"
Diane Beedy $20.00 "I'm so proud of you and Daniel. What a wonderful thing to do. Thank you..."
Sheryl OBrien Hidden "My sister and friend are survivors!"
Sheila OHearn $25.00 "Go team go!"
Rob Porter Hidden "Go for it Doreen- you rock!"
Kelly Hammond $50.00 "Bummer, we don't get to walk this year, I have to work :("
Jennifer Timmerman $25.00 "Way to go Dorene! You have my backing every year you want to walk!"
Jean Pauly $25.00 "GO TRUDY! So happy to help you celebrate 5 years cancer free. What a blessing. Hope you have a beautiful Mother's Day! I also donate in memory of my good friend and neighbor, Rose."
Shelley McDonough $500.00 "I can't imagine anyone who has not been touched in some way by themselves or someone they know & love with breast cancer. It strikes too often, too young, too many....we indeed need to Race For The Cure!"
Julie Donat $25.00 "Have a wonderful day at the walk! Will be thinking of you!"
Mary and Gary Rondeau $50.00 "To my courageous sister................You go girl!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
Pam Zentner $25.00 "Thanks! Mark, Pam & Megan"
Jennifer Beck $100.00 "Donation made by IVY Apartments ~ Jenn Beck In Honor of Miss Tamara Woodard :) xoxo"
Tim O'Brien $25.00 "It's a great cause--thanks for doing this Dorene!"
Barbara WAdkins $25.00 "Greetings Helen, You've been my hero since I witnessed you keeping your cool in the Amazon jungle, then scaling the peak in Machu Picchu! This is a walk in the park for you. Your Greatest Fan, Malibu Barby"
Ron Joki $25.00 "Dorene, You're awesome for walking for such a great cause! Have a fun time."
Sherry Lamb $25.00 "Sue, thanks so much for all your support for such a great cause. Enjoy the walk!! "
Alexandra Morath $25.00 "Vivian, I am so proud of you for putting this together! You are making a big difference in a lot of lives. Have a great time at the walk. Love you, Alex and Marc"
A. J. B. I. Novak $15.00 "Team work makes the dream work! Happy walking!"
Tom KraMer $25.00 "Go Missy!"
Mary Barraclough $25.00 "Go Mama Lee!"
Chelsea Hoglund $5.00 "Good luck Renschen Ringhofer family.!! You guys are amazing for doing this.!"
Sarah Gresch Hidden "What a great cause! I'm so glad you're doing this!"
Joe & Mary Plummer $100.00 "I did this walk about 5 yrs. ago. We had a team of 10 and 2 out of the 10 were breast cancer survivors. It was one of the most humbling and emotional experiences I have ever had. It is a wonderful cause! Mary"
Anonymous $150.00 "Thanks Patti O and Garage Salers"
Anonymous $25.00 "Go, Helen!!!!"
Rose DuHoux $25.00 "To honor my daughter on her five year cancer free anniversary!"
Dena Perfetto $25.00 "Good luck with the race, Jennifer!!"
Michelle Kevelin $50.00 "Thanks Alicia!"
Gina Jacobsen Hidden "GO DORENE!! Love ya"
Roger Falkenstein $100.00 "I can't give a hooter, but, I can give a hoot with some loot. Have a great day."
Larry Reinsch $25.00 "Thank you for taking part in such a worthy cause! "
Mary Ayinde $25.00 "All your daily walks should have you at the head of the walk! Peace, Mary"
Francine Kaufenberg $25.00 "Congratulations Candy on your 7th year! Thanks Tamm for letting me help!"
Dan Meister $500.00 "Thank you for walking for my wife who died of breast cancer 21 years ago at the young age of 41. You are all angels for doing this."
Andrea Kircher $50.00 "So glad you are feeling healthy and doing this work."
tammy klinkhamer $25.00 "You go Girl's!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
Ruth Roy $10.00 "Added a comment. Are you happy now?? Have fun and good luck on Sunday!!"
Carri Roggow $45.00 "Thanks for making a difference- Donation from Old Navy 6126"
Christine Watson Hidden "Had family with are a hero!"
Jennifer Speca $25.00 "Thanks for walking for all of us!"
dreah hadac $25.00 "So proud of you for doing this Kim!!!"
Nikki Saleen Hidden "Awesome that you are doing this Shannon! Have fun! "
Nancy Fagely $100.00 "Happy Mothers Day!"
David Lindberg $100.00 "Congrats Stave - You reached your financial goal - Thanks for taking the time to participate in this event and good luck !!"
TJ Berg $50.00 "Do it to it, Helen! Let us all know how the walk goes."
Peter and Natalie Gianforte $100.00 "Donation from Maximized Living in partnership with Old Navy 6126"
Barb Jacobson $25.00 "Annie is one of the strongest women I know, mentally, physically and emotionally! When I grow up, I want to be just like you!"
Sherry Hodge $50.00 "So Proud of You . . . I know your daughters are too!"
Amy Clark $25.00 "Happy Mother's Day! What a beautiful way to start your day!"
Mildred Guse $10.00 "Hope you and Mady make it. (mg)"
Lisa Neary $25.00 "Run like the wind!"
Linda Kranz $20.00 "Kate ~ This is a wonderful thing you and your mom are doing for all women. Hopefully, someday there will be a cure for cancer....and when that happens you can be proud that you helped it happen! We're very proud of you, Katie. Grammy & Papa"
Jeanette Brooks $25.00 "Hey Sarahglad you are doing this, good luck."
Jeanette Brooks $25.00 "Hey Parker, are you going to walk or ride? Maybe you are big enough now to push your Mom in the stroller. Just kidding, enjoy the day."
Trisha Cummings $50.00 "Save the TaTa's Shan!! Wish I was there to run with ya!!"
Andrea/Matt Motz $50.00 "Wishing you more great things - good luck with the race."
Greta Munson $25.00 "Have fun, love you both. Greta/Greg"
Deanna Johnson $25.00 "Have fun, run a few extra for me:)"
Rick Panning $50.00 "Joyce. Congratulations and good luck in your 20th amazing year on the walk!"
Steve Dahlberg $25.00 "Walk proudly and enjoy your day!!!"
donald poluha $150.00 "Go Cindy Go!!"
Stephanie Arneson $25.00 "I am so thankful to have had Cheri in my life while growing up. Her strong and lively personality has left such a great impression on me I know it will last forever. I treasure the moments we shared and the strength that you've shown everyone all the time!"
Lynn Barr $40.00 "Elaine good luck in the walk. I hope the weather on May 13th is good. What a GREAT cause and what a GREAT sister. I hope you reach your goal. I am glad that Nancy is doing well and I hope she will be able to walk in it too. GOOD LUCK!!! :-)"
Becki Tholen $50.00 "Hi Linda and Team Jordan! Thanks for sharing news of this event with us! We support you all the way! love, Becki and Tom"
Tim and Jody Tuffs $50.00 "Happy Mother's Day!! Have a great walk! Love, Tim and Jody"
Dawn Tarmey $25.00 "Have a great time you two! See you soon."
Sandy Doruff $25.00 "Congratulations Moose on 13 years of being cancer free!!! Happy to have my work out buddy every week!! Good Luck on your Race for the Cure my friend! Sandy"
Michelle McGee $50.00 "Good Luck, and thank you for doing this, Belva!"
Dean Daniel $150.00 "Happy Mothers Day! "
Jill McClellan $10.00 "This donation is from Ruth Sandgren"
Ann K Mazur $25.00 "Thank you for supporting me in this fight. I love the shirts you designed."
Ann K Mazur $25.00 "Thanks you for being part of the team!! Thanks for you support."
Karen Whitman Hidden "Good Luck Karen."
ralph kegel $25.00 "Go get'em Stacy!!!"
Melissa and Uri Camarena $100.00 "Viv, we are so proud of you for doing this. You are so mature for doing and we love you very much! Lissa and Uri"
Scott & Darcy Sarsgard $25.00 "So happy that you have beat this! Stay strong!"
Bonnie Chlebecek $25.00 "Jean, Thanks for doing this walk to raise funds for Breast Cancer."
Carrie Wees Hidden "Thanks for doing this, Dorene! It's so important. I hope it's a lot of fun as well :)"
Deanna Long $50.00 "Kimmy, thanks for doing this. I can't tell you how grateful I am for your fundraising efforts!"
Kathryn Shubert $50.00 "Gayle, You are an inspiration! Sam Rothnagel and Jan Broll, this is for you! You are loved and though of often."
Patty Allmon $100.00 "Walk, Renae, walk!"
Hank Bendixen $50.00 "Go Lori!! Dad & Connie"
Karin Rumpza $25.00 "Get 'er done!!"
Geneva MacMillan $20.00 "Rita - I am so happy for your healing. Yes, it is a family affair. How wonderful to have your grandchildren eager to be involved!!! Their energy, I am sure, is infectious and uplifting to all the adults. Be well and happy, Geneva"
Kristen Olson Hidden "We're excited to walk with you again this year! Kristen & Mike"
Donna Kessler $50.00 "With love from Dad & I"
Joan Gale Hidden "You go girl !!! -- and team!!!"
Joyce Willems $20.00 "Donation from Don & Rox Fritz"
Joyce Willems $10.00 "From Lee & Deb Seaman"
John Aber $10.00 "God Bless both of you.. Love, Dad & Jean"
Gail Stoneburg $25.00 "For my friend Lynda and all the women of her family! xoxox"
Jeri Cashman $25.00 "Thanks, Linda!"
Joanne Daubenspeck $40.00 "Thanks for walking and savings lives!"
Diane Dahl $50.00 "Thanks for making a difference! You Rock."
Ann Garwick Hidden "In memory of Lynn Williams Sarenpa"
Donna Fern $25.00 "Thanks for raising money for a good cause!"
vicki brewer $25.00 "We love and miss you Amy Girl! Happy Mother's Day!"
Courtney Anderson $25.00 "GO NANCY PANTS!!!!"
Terry Marich $25.00 "Thanks for taking part in a great cause!"
Eva Cahill Hidden "In 1968 when I was just 17, my mother was diagnosed with breast cancer - she was 43. This was before screenings were common, before radiation dosages were fully understood and controlled, and before chemo treatments. She survived in spite of all of those challenges although finally succumbing to other health issues at age 77. May God bless you in your fight, Beth. "
Luke Brown $25.00 "Good luck Bob :-) See ya in a few weeks!"
Andrea and John Langworthy $25.00 "We'll be thinking of you and Rocky and your group, Darcey. Andrea and John "
Richard & Helen Frye Hidden "We love you Janey !"
JAQLYN DARLING $25.00 "God Luck my sister!"
Jane Ball Hidden "Should be good weather for your walk. Let me know how it goes."
Anonymous $30.00 "Donation from D.J. Felt"
Flo Gibson $25.00 "Wish I could be there with you."
Stevie Fava $50.00 "You go girls! Let's get that pic updated. Given in Joshua Fava's name."
Yvonne Neils Hidden "I'll be with you in spirit!"
Val Brott $50.00 "It is such a great cause I work with many women who are in the fight for their lives we need a cure!!!"
Joan Quaas $50.00 "I am always proud of YOU!"
PATRICIA EICHTEN $50.00 "Congrats on 13 years! Keep on going!"
Torrie Bentley $100.00 "Thinking about you Amy, hope the walk is a lot of fun!! "
Carolyn Wisniewski $25.00 "Good luck Dear"
Kelsie Dolney $50.00 "GOOD LUCK!! You will do AWESOME!!!!!! :)"
Jodi Rogers $20.00 "You go girls!"
Brittany Mueller $25.00 "Go Girls!!!!"
Kimberly Lokken $20.00 "Have Fun Sunday!!!!"
John Kessler $100.00 "Go ta-ta's!"
Irene Mooney $25.00 "My thoughts are with your friends battling this terrible disease. Thanks for doing this!ed"
Nina Guertin $50.00 "XO!"
Cheryl Cerney Hidden "You go Girl! Love ya and I will be with you in spirit!"
Susan Sack $25.00 "Good luck with the walk Lori, and Happy Mother's Day!"
Val Drinane Hidden "Wog On Anne!! hope you, Katie & Shelly have a wonderful time. "
Ruth Gundershaug (Hentges) $65.00 "Maria, Have fun doing the walk with Lila, what a great way to keep up with your family tradition. We need every dollar to save the lives of the HOT mamas we got in our families and friendship circles. You go girl :) Talk to you soon, Ruth "
Terri Kerber $100.00 "Brigette, I am honored to have you in my life. Thanks for all that you are doing for your mom and for all women everywhere.. "
Kristi Newcomb $25.00 "Good luck Laurie. You are supporting a great cause!!-from your Nebraska Buds"
Betsy Pfeifer $50.00 "I'm so proud of your girls!! "
Cathy Krall $25.00 "Love and support to you, Julie!"
Gary Schmidgall $100.00 "Love and Prayers heading your way, Lynn !"
Crista Murphy Hidden "Good luck Kristina, Kay and Michelle!!"
Barbara Kowallic $100.00 "Dear Julie, Good wishes on your journey, we love you and support you! Jack & Barbara"
Michelle Hanson $25.00 "SGK gave PIFF a $100,000 grant to enable us to support women financially while they undergo treatment. Just want to Pay It Forward"
Wendy Nemmers $50.00 "Go Darla's Sunshine Angels! Have a great weekend!"
Deb Icenogle $50.00 "Thank you Susan and Lauren!!"
Linda Bosch $50.00 "Wish I could be out there walking also. Thanks for doing this for everyone. "
Julie Jiracek $25.00 "Great cause! Have fun!"
Lorraine Mains $25.00 "Thanks for walking Susan! You rock!"
Collene Stevens $25.00 "You go girl! Have fun!"
Kari Hanson Hidden "Have a good time!"
Jim Probst $10.00 "GO DODY GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
Bob Pollard $5.00 "Walk the whole way too! "
Nicole Zieska $50.00 "Good luck and have fun!!"
stacy harth $5.00 "Go Terry, Walk for Boobies!"
Annette Glamos $50.00 "Thank you for walking Stu and Jill!"
Carolyn Napper $50.00 "Go Jen Go! See Jen Go!!"
Trisha Pergande $50.00 "Fight the Fight! "
Matt Sweetman Family $10.00 "Thank you Maria and Lila for walking to support all the Hot Mamas in the world. You are wonderful!"
Thomas Lange $25.00 "Thanks for doing this and representing our male colleagues, honoring our women colleagues. Tom L"
Lara Collins $25.00 "This is so amazing! Good luck and have fun!"
Jennifer Walker $50.00 "Happy Mother's Day to you, Maria! :) "
Michael Papi $50.00 "Have a blast Tracy! "
Judy Zuzek $50.00 "Thanks for your dedication to this cause. You rock!"
Holly McLelland $25.00 "Have a wonderful time in Colorado!"
Amanda Cooley $300.00 "From all of the generous people who bought a necklace in support of the search for a Cure!! ~Mandi @ Rustic Charm Jewelry"
Julie Sutherland $30.00 "This donation is from Diane (toys) , Cindy (hba)and Joanne in fabrics and myself. Thanks girls"
Carol Swenson $25.00 "Way to go, Baby Sister!"
Julia Schrenkler $25.00 "Vivian, know that you and your troop are walking with purpose. We're proud and sending support - Cindy and Julia"
Marilee Leonard $25.00 "Blessings to you, Beth, from a survivor!"
Carol Holthaus Hidden "Hoooooray - celebrating one year cancer free - cheering you & your family on for the walk."
Anonymous $280.00 "Thanks Jean O. and garage salers!"
Chris Bewell $25.00 "Thanks Beth - you're walking for all of us!"
Tracey Ramsden $25.00 "WAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHOOO!! Good luck:D"
Patti Klinke $25.00 "In honor of Kim Hofmann!"
Jason & Jodi Lesteberg $50.00 "Shannon - Good luck! We'll be thinking of you! Jason & Jodi"
Marc and Nichole Watson $25.00 "I almost forgot! Great job girls, keep it up!"
Bonnie Jean Flom $50.00 "Go, team, go!!"
julianna finzen $50.00 "thank you terri and the rest of your team for walking for a cure. oxoxxojulie"
Briget Fields $20.00 "thank you for walking.... "
Catherine Meagher $25.00 "Looking forward to walking with you!!!!"
Nancy Ferche $25.00 "Nate, Brandon and I did the walk for lots of years as part of our Mothers Day Celebration. It meant a lot to me since I am a Cancer Survior. Have a super fun day! Go girls and save those tatas!"
Chris Beltmann $75.00 "Prayers are with you and your family "
Sue Moulder $100.00 "Gonna be a beautiful mother's day for a walk in honor of your mom! Enjoy!"
Linda Newman Andersson $25.00 "It is a BEAUTIFUL DAY!!! I love YOU!!! <3 <3 <3"
Cynthia Gurtin $20.00 "This donation was made on behalf of Sharon Norgon"
Philip McNally $25.00 "Good Luck John and crew. Walk like an Egyptian."
Elizabeth Emerson Hidden "Congratulations and thank you for doing this, Catherine! It means the world to so many."
Julie Hulm $100.00 "Congratulations Boob Squad! You have met and exceded your goal! Great job Hollie and we will be cheering for you from back home."
Marjorie Page $100.00 "Noreen et al., So sorry to be missing again this year. We will be making the rounds" again to the great grandmas with Kristen's twin boys Charlie and Parker. Looks to be a fabulous day weather wise. Will join you some year. Just don't know when. Hats off to all of the amazing women in the world - especially the one we are honoring - you know ol' what's her name?!:) Have fun! Marge"
Barbara Spurrier $100.00 "Love you all, Team Boobs!!! Really sorry I am not walking with you this year - next year for sure! I thank you from the survivor community for your huge commitment and contributions of hope, inspiration, courage and always love. "
Barbe Mrdutt $25.00 "Sue, this is great cause - good luck!"
Brian Nester $25.00 "Best of health and blessings to all who are participating. Enjoy the day!"
Erin Pudifin $30.00 "Go team Manka!!!!!"
Danah Morey $50.00 "Have a great walk!"
Marci Goergen $25.00 "Go Lori, Go Lori . . . "
stephanie willprecht $10.00 "what a great idea. maybe next year i will join you! "
Tina Ham Peterson $50.00 "Thanks for making a difference! Have fun!"
Chris Austin $25.00 "Congratulations to you Wanda ~ have a very blessed Mother's Day!"
Erin Moss $40.00 "Good luck on Sunday!"
Vera Marquardt $25.00 "Thank you for walking Susan and Lauren"
Diana Rowland $25.00 "Go Bionic Bosoms!!!"
Wendy Helm $25.00 "Happy Mother's Day, Auntie Lizzie. Enjoy the walk!!"
SHARON CHRISTENSON $30.00 "Thank You Sharon & Larry"
Laurie Diem $25.00 "Way to go Sister, I'm so very proud of you!! "
Don Ryan $25.00 "Thank you for your participation! "
Deborah Tegan $10.00 "Hi Haili! The Tegan Family (Deb, Fiona & Kennedy) sends you and your Mom our best wishes this Mother's Day. We salute you and your efforts toward helping to cure Breast Cancer! You are a very special girl and we hope you have a great time on your walk. Be sure to wish your Mom a very Happy Mother's Day!! "
Pat Schoenherr $50.00 "Go Team Schoenherr!"
L Lilly $25.00 "Great Job!! God Bless you and and all those walking for this great cause!! Glad I could offer my support! Linz "
Kristine Busch $25.00 "Supporting an amazing, strong, beautiful women and wonderful friend Happy Mothers day Love you Kris"
Amy Berglund $10.00 "Good Luck Team!"
Jean Meals Hidden "Go Lori! "
Jeanette Bang $25.00 "Good Luck! And have fun!"
Mark Ritsche $100.00 "Lori, good luck with this very good cause. "
Leo Collins $25.00 "GO JEN GO !! WATCH JEN RUN !! YEA JEN !!"
Jill Daneu $25.00 "Woo hoo...congratulations on being cancer-free, Moose!!! I am always happy to contribute to your Race for the Cure event! Good luck and you go, girl! Jill"
Ilene Tuetken $30.00 "In Memory of Cheryl Huisman....have a great walk this Mother's Day..Love Dad and Mom T"
Tiffany Hill $25.00 "Happy Mother's Day! xoxo"
Karen Motszko $10.00 "Wishing you a successful walk. What a wonderful thing you are doing. You go, girl! Karen"
Margaret Nelson $50.00 "Company match for Tina Ham Peterson"
Judy Feltmann $25.00 "Congratulations on your 20th Race for the Cure. Here's to many, many more!"
Kent Hoffman $50.00 "Way to go Joyce !! Wish I were there to walk with you !!"
Amy Stelling $100.00 "I'm sorry I can't walk with you this year but rest assured I'll be wearing my shirt on Sunday!"
Jodi Johnson $25.00 "Wow Stace, good for you!"
symone martin Hidden "Go 'head bestie! I am proud of you...and know that your grandmother is smiling down."
Helen Wood $25.00 "Good Luck to your team in your walk! Helen & Gary"
Lorine Menzhuber $25.00 "Best of luck!"
Shannon Heupel $75.00 "Go Lynn! You are amazing!"
Daniel Holter $50.00 "Thanks for walking Todd & Joyce!!"
Michele Mathews $50.00 "Happy's Mothers Day!!!"
Carol Ault $25.00 "Always happy to support you and wish you continued good checkups. Love from your mother-in-law."
Norma Wilson Hidden "I'll be holding you in heart as you participate in this important walk!"
Nina Serio $50.00 "Go Team Schoenherr!!"
Cindy Weathers $30.00 "Go Barb! Thanks for walking"
Anonymous Hidden "Love you Mary. So happy for your good health! Margo"
Michael Anderson $200.00 "Sorry I can't be there this year! Hope you have a wonderful day for walking and raising money for the cause."
Molly McCort $50.00 "Have fun this weekened, Annette Lamers Team!! Sorry we couldn't join you."
Rhonda Frankenfeld $25.00 "Hope you have great weather and a successful walk! God Bless you Patti!"
Dawn Parranto $25.00 "Way to go Jane! Your mom is looking down smiling !!!"
Rachel Hallermann $25.00 "Thank you Sue for walking."
Anthony Morgano $500.00 "In memory of my beloved sister, Joann Jilbert. I miss you."
Sue Vaughn $25.00 "You are amazing. Such a great example of good nature to both kids:-) good luck!!!"
Jane & Bob Fladung $50.00 "Wear comfy shoes...have fun!"
Tonya Hofmeister $300.00 "This donation is with great thanks from Pam, Sue, Craig, Brian, Kay, Gary and Gerald."
Steve Willems $50.00 "Joyce, Congratulations on 20 years!!! "
Dawn Rose $50.00 "Enjoy mothers day Sue!"
David Letro $50.00 "This is also for my former boss/mentor Lisa Buggs who has survived breast cancer for over 5 years now. You GO LADIES!!! "
Amy Carew $25.00 "Goodluck!"
Julie Patin $50.00 "I am a college friend of Jakes. Best wishes for you!!"
Spud & Debi Eder $25.00 "Good luck on your fundraiser - It is for a great cause!"
Julie Bendixen $25.00 "Good luck, Lori. Have fun too! Good for you!"
Dina Preston $50.00 "Wendy - My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. Your mom is a fighter and will fight through this. I wish I could be out there walking with you this year. Go Custer's!!! It's going to be a beautiful day for your beautiful mother and you."
Lara Livgard $25.00 "Go Kelli! Great cause - we'll be thinking of you tonight! x"
Jeffrey Westall $25.00 "I, too, have some issues with the Foundation, but I am happy to support you in your efforts, in a small way (financially) and a big way (emotionally). Go Team Eric!"
Mary Gamache $100.00 "The Gamaches are with you in spirit! One step at a time!"
Nichole Wels Hidden "Way to go Lisa! Glad you are able to make it as I am not going this year! Will be thinking of you!"
Mary Ulasich $50.00 "Happy mother's day! So great you are doing this walk/run. "
Amy Hagen $15.00 "We wish you good weather! Have a great day. "
Julie Serlin $50.00 "Good luck with the walk - we'll be thinking about you! Love, Jules and Sophie"
Anonymous Hidden "Go Team Ranchola!"
Diane Graykowski $25.00 "Thanks for putting your time and energy into something to worthy. "
Kelly Atchison $403.00 "Thank you to everyone that bought a bracelet! We have raised $403 so far and counting! :)"
Kari Peterson $25.00 "Way to go Sue! This is fantastic!! "
Wayne & Andrea Enquist $25.00 "Wishing you a Happy Mother's Day on the walk and maybe next year we can join you. Wayne & Andrea"
Taylors Falls Elementary $116.00 "This money was raised by students and staff at TFE. "
Brian Cariveau $50.00 "Mom, We love you and wish we could be there to walk with you. We thought what better present than to support the cause you are walking for in your name. We hope you have a great Mother's Day, and we will see you in 2 short weeks. Happy Mother's Day! B & H"
Marilyn Truwe $50.00 "Go team Bionic Bosoms!"
Denise Staresina $25.00 "Linda, Thank you for doing this for all of us!"
Kimya Hilario $10.00 "From one Betty to another! Congrats!"
sheryl cullen $25.00 "Happy Mother's Day! Stay strong!"
Amanda Koehler $25.00 "Happy Mother's Day, Aunt Sue! Love, Mandy"
Rick + Rose Nelson $50.00 "Good luck Jen. Hope the weather is good."
Bradley Mason $50.00 "We love you Jill! Stay strong and have a fabulous Mother's Day! Brad, Kris, Taylor, Kennedy, and Mackenzie"
Michael Olson $75.00 "Donation from Old Navy 5958 Coon Rapids"
Erin Shikowsky $25.00 "Luck with the walk :) Thank u for caring like you do!"
Jill Svee $50.00 "Thanks Tonielle. Mom will be pleased!"
Jennifer Thue $50.00 "I hope you have a great Mother's Day and a great walk!"
Sharen Bloechl $50.00 "For my sister Marilu, my cousin Charleen & G-Niece Ellie - cancer survivors!"
Betsy and Ellie Lerbs and Elander $20.00 "Lemonade goes a long way for breast cancer. Go Team Jane!!"
Jeff G Danke Hidden "You go girl! We love you!!!"
Heidi Fryman $35.00 "Looking forward to running with you tomorrow!"
Kelly Carlson $25.00 "Have fun on the walk Penny! Happy Mother's Day :)"
Sandy Meyer $50.00 "Hope you and Lexi have a great walk!! Say hi to Becky and James for us!!!! "
BARBARA Gehlen $25.00 "Viv-- So proud of you and your commitment to support helping to find a cure for breast cancer. You and your Mom are an inspirtation to all of us. Love, Barb"
Tisha McGinnis $65.00 "Thank you all for walking and supporting such a fantastic cause!!'"
JoAnn Dimino $25.00 "Our thoughts are with all of you as you walk to 'kick it'!"
Helen Finegan Hidden "In memory of Jan G."
stephen howard $25.00 "You Rock Betsy!"
Ruby Grijalva Lester $50.00 "such a wonderful thing to do on Mother's Day....I know she is smiling down and very proud of you...God bless and enjoy that run!!! (;"
Lora Martin $25.00 "Thank you for walking!!! Keep up the awesome work."
Anonymous $25.00 "Thanks for organizing this fun membership event."
Kyung Thorson $50.00 "I'm so proud that you do this every year! Go mom, go!!"
Brooke Carlson $25.00 "Beck, You are an inspiration. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I am blessed to have such a wonderful life long friend. Thank you for thinking of my Mom. Happy Mothers Day to you! Love you much!"
Monica Wittstock $20.00 "In honor of Jen and the Bionic Bosoms!! "
Shannon Larson $25.00 "Go Team Jaimi!"
ROSHELLE RUSK $50.00 "In memory of our dear friend, Noreen Younker, and in honor of her wonderful husband, Dennis, and their family. Love, Roshelle & Tim"
Gale Marchand Hidden "God Bless you Cheri - you and yours on this Mothers Day. God is Good! ~ ALWAYS. ~Love Gale & Company"
Donna Smith $25.00 "Way to go Liz!!!"
Rudolph Opderbeck $50.00 "Way to go JulieO!"
Dave Gutterud $100.00 "Sorry we couldn't be there to race with you Karen. Dave, Gina & Anjali"
Mary Heideman $50.00 "Way to go sister; Happy Mother's Day. "
Karen Speidel $50.00 "Been thinking of you! Hope the day was great!"
Janna Vukelich $100.00 " In memory of Mom :) "
Mary Ostertag $55.00 "Keep up that great attitude, Sue-keep on fighting!"
Richard Perkins $100.00 "So Sue!!! ... and Donna"
JoAnn White $100.00 "Linda: Sorry this is late. I hope the walk went OK and you have sore feet today! Thank you Carol for organizing this. JoAnn"
Mae Hanson $25.00 "In memory of my best friend, Sue. Thanks for walking, Mel."
Rebecca Ryan $50.00 "I hope you had a great walk. "
James McGowan $15.00 "Nice job!"
James McGowan $15.00 "Well done!"
Mary Bennett $15.00 "Sorry I'm LATE! I was thinking about you yesterday! Great weather for the walk. Hope you had fun!"
Shelly Christensen $25.00 "This is from Jan, my neighbor who watched Stevie!"
Mindy Richardson $25.00 "Congratulations on doing the walk with your new knee! I'm so proud of you for participating. Your Aunt Sally would have been amazed and proud!"
Molly Cronin $50.00 "Way to go, Lynn! All our best to you and your family! "
Beth Stenzel $50.00 "way to go Tiffany! I'm proud of you ;)"
Beth Stenzel $50.00 "way to go again Becca! You are an amazing "citizen of the planet" We're so proud of you! Mom and Dad"
Francis & Judy Nichols $40.00 "Great job Cathy"
S Leppanen $50.00 "Better late than never to donate to this annual effort! Sunday was a beautiful day to walk."
Danielle DuChemin $75.00 "This donation is from Diane Yorks and others."
Chad Ruth $25.00 "Sorry so late in reading your email."
Linda Schriber-Gagnon $100.00 "This donation is from my wonderful mom - Rita. Thanks, mom!"
Shirley Carlson $50.00 "Congrats Steph & Cheryl on completing the walk. You should feel proud!"
Ann Sether $15.00 "Thanks, Beth! "
Sue Gilsdorf $25.00 "I hope your walk went well!"
Carolyn Keithline $100.00 "We are happy to support a great friend and a great cause!"
Marie Oreskovich $50.00 "On behalf of my amazing, smart, strong, loving friend Dody."
Amber Nerby $25.00 "Way to Go Liz! Your doing an amazing thing!:)"
Julie Bustos $100.00 "Go, Tony & Mel. Go!"
Jill Howard Hidden "Amy, I am so proud of you and touched that you are taking time out of your busy schedule to walk for such an important cause! You are amazing and also helping to make a difference in the lives of others! I wish you the best over the next day or so! love, Jill (ARM)"
Debra Estrem $50.00 "Hope the race went well."
Rodrigo Fernandes $25.00 "Go Divya!!!"
Briana Wetschka $20.00 "Hi Katie! Sorry this is late. I hope you enjoyed the walk and your mother's day!!"
Robin Kaehler $25.00 "So proud of you!!"
Carin Hemmesch $25.00 "Love you Suzanne!!"
Jeff Sutherland $100.00 "Great Job"
Mary Hassler $25.00 "Go Reid! "
Sandra Thomas $20.00 "Good for you!"
Joan Sumner $20.00 "I'm proud of you!"
William Fritz $100.00 "Keep Going Strong"
Suzanne Stordahl $25.00 "You are making a difference, Reid!"
Barb Raven $20.00 "Way to go Mary! "
Amy and Dallas Kaplan Hidden "Sorry we missed the race deadline. Thank you for all of your amazing strength and support of my mom over the last year. She was very proud of you and your fight."
Amy Raetz $100.00 "You are an inspiration to us all! Love ya! The Raetz family"
Sarah Nuelle $25.00 "Sorry I am donating after the walk but I still wanted to give to such a great cause!"
Julie V. Lang Hidden "There are no words to describe you! HAHA LOVE YA!!"
Christine Bonnes $15.00 "Better late than never! Great Job, Unibubers!"
Leah&Tadd Randolph $15.00 "Love you Liz!"
Mary & Jim Hyvare $25.00 "Way to go Linda we're proud of you!"
julie roberts $100.00 "proud of you sis"
Douglas Marthaler Hidden "I'm so proud of you, Dorene"
Suzanne Clark $25.00 "I wish I were local to walk with you! My heart and prayers are with you all. May God bless each and everyone of you.<3 "
Janet Symons $50.00 "Mark, thanks for all you do for are a true Hero!"
Doreen Caruth $100.00 "Don and Pam Caruth donating $100 to Doreen Caruth's Fundraising Page"
Margery Gerbec Slatkovsky $50.00 "For my grandmother, whom I never met, Mae Artl, who was lost to breast cancer... Also, for my Aunt Margery and my best friend, Terri Hegwald, who have both fought and WON the battle against breast cancer (REMISSION!!!) Margery Gerbec Slatkovsky"
Janell Wilcox $25.00 "Thank you for doing this. Janell "
Craig Dexheimer $25.00 "Way to go Cathy and Jon!"
Patricia Benson $25.00 "Go for it Bette I am proud of you "
Paula Gaedtke Hidden "Great job Patti!"
Steven and Laura Engler $50.00 "Great to see you thriving and enjoying your family. xoxoxo steven+laura engler"
April Rodriguez $15.00 "Proud of you both and sending lots of love your wy:)"
Tammy Kamm $30.00 "In memory of Cindy Erickson"
Jennifer Windels $25.00 "Great job, Becky! I admire your energy and enthusiasm! "
Katie Igrec Lima $50.00 "Way to go Denise!"
Amy Poulson Hidden "You rock, Stacey! Much love, Amy"
Gwen Flaata $150.00 "Thank you on behalf of the MOMS Club for this great donation to the Susan G. Komen!"
Jackie Wuollet $25.00 "I am proud of you!"
Donald Hilton $250.00 "Sorry for the late donation. "
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