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2011 Susan G. Komen Twin Cities Race for the Cure (R)

Give For The Cure...
Honor the Promise through ACTION
LOOK AROUND YOU. Every 68 seconds breast cancer claims the life of someone in the world! We need your help on our mission to save lives and end breast cancer so that not one more of our mothers, sisters, brothers, daughters or best friends has to die from this disease. We won't rest until breast cancer is a history lesson, not a current event. HELP US ON OUR MISSION.

Make your miles count on Race day by participating in our Friends for the Cure® fundraising program. Getting started is easy. Just set a fundraising goal and then ask your family, friends and co-workers to help you reach your goal.

Your donations make a difference right here in Minnesota. In fact, 75% of the donations received are awarded to Minnesota non-profit organizations that support breast cancer patients and breast health initiatives. Twenty-five percent of the donations received are sent to our National Research Grants Program to fund groundbreaking research dedicated solely to breast cancer. With your support we will keep working towards eradicating breast cancer as a life-threatening disease.

Total Donations: $2,104,748

Goal: $3,000,000

$0 70% $3,000,000

Contributor Amount Comment
Mary Lynch $50.00 "Heather, I'm proud to donate to your Breast Buddies campaign to stop breast cancer! Best of luck in reaching your goal! Mary"
Karen Hatton $25.00 "My mother always thought of others, before herself. I give so that other woman like my mother, may give of themselves."
Joan Winner $50.00 "I'll be cheering from Connecticut for Gayle and all her angels that can run or walk on the day of the race. Go Gayle's Angels!"
Marilyn Sackariason Hidden "Let's roll to Gayle's perfect health!"
Carol Bone $10.00 "Hope the snow is gone by the time of your walk !"
Scott Hartley $100.00 "Get 'er done Gayle!"
Sicely Donaldson $100.00 "Thinking of you Gayle!"
Teresa Shinn $20.00 "Way to go Luanne!"
Vickie Blomgren $25.00 "Here's to Grandma Blomgren!"
Doreen Zacharias $25.00 "Dear Jane: We wish you a speedy recovery so you can enjoy that wonderful family of yours and I know your husband is going to spoil you rotten and wait on you hand and foot. Love Ed & Doreen Zacharias"
Linda West $100.00 "I'll be joining you in heart. For you, Sara and Mom. Thank you to all the walkers."
Deb Kaufman $25.00 "Keep on fighting the fight-we will win!!"
Red & Leona Schneider $50.00 " Doing it for Donna! Racing for our precious daughter Donna. "
Joanne Jones $25.00 "Good luck with your walk - I'll be thinking of you!"
Judy Mullenbach Hidden "Go Mandy......let's all help Mandy meet and exceed her goal. "
Sue Reuland $25.00 "You'll do great!! Good luck! "
sam st.pierre $50.00 "Way to go ladies"
Lori Mork $100.00 "Missing Donna - a woman full of fire and spunk!"
Brede DeSchepper $100.00 "I am sorry for your loss. "
Denise Bruggenthies $65.00 "Riverside Breast Cancer Shirt Fundraising - $65.00 (February) "
Mary Hassler $15.00 "Tamm...I'm so happy for your mom and her 5 year survivor anniversary. Wishing you a meaningful walk and a full and happy life for your mom. -Mary"
Anonymous $20.00 "Donation from Paul Anderson"
Anonymous $20.00 "Donation from Gary and DeAnn"
Anonymous $25.00 "Donation from Dan and Dawn Olson in memory of ImaJean Olson"
Anonymous $50.00 "Donation from Sandy Susag"
Brenda Hawley $25.00 "Tamm, I think it is awesome how much you do to support the cure for breast cancer. The Hawley's are donating $5 for each for the 5 years your Mom has been cancer free! Woo Hoo! The Hawley Family"
Kris & Rachel Gustad $100.00 "We probably won't make it to the walk in the Twin Cities, but wanted you to know that we have been praying and thinking about you, and hope you will accept us Gayle's Angels representatives from the bench in Illinois. Best Wishes, - Kris & Rachel Gustad"
Pamela Safar $100.00 "Good Luck Sweetie. Love you."
Elaine Munn $25.00 "I am sorry for your loss. I think walking on Mothers' Day is a wonderful way to honor your sister."
Mary Montez $25.00 "Go, Justine! Go!"
Ruth St. Pierre $50.00 "Friends ran on my behalf when I had breast cancer, so I'm "paying it forward." Much love ladies!!!"
Jeff & Kristen Rickaby $50.00 "We will be there again this year too! Always a great event."
Kelly Schneiderman $25.00 "Good luck! : )"
Arlene Fink $54.00 "Thanks Janet for doing the walk! Mom and I would like to donate 54 dollars because that is how old my sister Trudy is. "
Joyce Krig $150.00 "Our pary are with you Laura."
Anonymous Hidden "This is a fantastic thing you do. I know Janet and many others give you the strength and inspiration to do this every year. Thanks, love you Pamela"
Michelle Zelinsky $50.00 "You rock, girl!"
Clay Hebert $25.00 "Yeah, Adam! Way to save the boobs!"
Sheryl Schlieman $20.00 "What Cancer Cannot Do It cannot cripple Love It cannot shatter Hope It cannot corrode Faith It cannot destroy Peace It cannot kill Friendship It cannot suppress Memories It cannot silence Courage It cannot invade the Soul It cannot steal Eternal Life It cannot conquer the Spirit. -Author Unknown"
Carrie Eulberg $25.00 "Good luck! You can do it!!!"
Brett Hagen $50.00 "Adam -- Awesome that you are doing this. Best wishes to your mom."
Maria Rivera $25.00 "....I SALUTE YOU JANET !!! Thanksss for your loving care doing this fundraising & I wish you the BEST of HEALTH and GOD BLESS YOU !!!"
Anonymous $25.00 "Donation from Tara Bitzan"
Kristina Gretz $25.00 "Melissa, I applaude you! I have always wanted to do this event! Cancer has claimed too many of my loved ones, especially my Dad, it's a cruel & hateful disease, & I hope in my lifetime I get to see some progress in curing or preventing it better. So THANK YOU for doing this! Love & miss you guys,Tina & Jordan"
Josh Geffre $25.00 "Big fan of boobs. Good Luck Nack!"
Jayde Bryant $100.00 "Hey Girl, Good Luck! Thanks for walking for those who can't. J"
Jeanette Asfeld $25.00 "Hi Adam, I think it is great you are doing this for your mom! Best wishes to her and I hope you are able to reach your fundraising goal!"
Elizabeth Chopp $50.00 "Adam--good for you. Remember "a little talcum is always walcum""
Ardyce Olson $25.00 "Thank you for doing this, Linda!"
Brian & Paula Koran $25.00 "Way to go Angie! Make sure you wear your good walking shoes!"
Cayla Quist $25.00 "Kim, You are an inspiration! What an amazing, amazing cause :) Miss you, Cayla "
Kathleen Lahti $50.00 "Thanks for this effort, Adam! "
Sarah Fore $25.00 "good luck, Joe!!!"
Julianne Marcsisak $20.00 "Wishing you the best!"
Molly and Josh Schuster $50.00 "So proud of you for doing this and for all your hard work!"
Anonymous $10.00 "Donation on behalf of Terri Thomas"
Cassandra Huberty $15.00 "Love you Angie! Glad you are doing this again. :)"
Rich Owen $100.00 "Kim is awesome."
Marianne Policastro-Wik $50.00 "While I will miss the Minnesota Race, my thoughts from CT are with you now and on that day. "
Anonymous $25.00 "Love you Roxi! And good luck and thanks to all the runners/walkers! "
Mike & Barb Mittelstadt Hidden "Go Nikki Go!!!"
Missie & Steve Haesecke $100.00 "Mona was very special to me..I miss her and think of her often!"
Kathie & Dick Martin $100.00 "Sweet Jen ~ I am honored that you run for me and will be forever grateful for your support. I am wishing Karen a gentle journey that will find her healthy at the end. Onward and upward!! We are women, hear us roar. ~ Love, Kathie"
Rebekah Harris Hidden "I'm L'Empress's UD and I donated $18 in your name. From "Because it means “life,” the Chai is consequently a symbol that captures an important aspect of Judaism. According to the gematria, which is a mystical tradition that assigns a numerological value to Hebrew letters, the letters Het (?) and Yud (?) add up to the number 18. The Het has a value of 8 and the yud has a value of 10. As a result, 18 is a popular number that represents good luck. At weddings, bar mitzvahs and other events Jews often give gifts of money in multiples of 18, symbolically giving the recipient the gift of “life” or luck.""
Kelly Haase $10.00 " Wish I could be there and walk with you dear cousin but I can't.... I will be thinking of you though....not much of a donation but every little bit helps! Love and Hugs to you! Kellie"
Claudia Brevis $25.00 "xoxo"
Lorraine Loftus $25.00 "Kathy, you're amazing!! "
Marna Gatlin $100.00 "Kathy - On behalf of myself and Parents Via Egg Donations we are proud to donate 100.00 to team "Gooner" -- You make us all so proud. It's truly an honor to know you! Keep up the great work! You have fans in Oregon! Keep kicking the crap out of Cancer! Much Love, Marna Gatlin PVED "Changing the world one baby at a time""
Kathy Johnson $20.00 "You go, girl!"
Stephanie Barkin $20.00 "It is my pleasure to support such a worthy cause! "
Anonymous Hidden "Go! Yeah Sio and Peter!"
Teri Brandt $50.00 "Go Joe Go ! I am so proud of you !"
Beth Coetzee $20.00 "Fight like a girl!"
Theresa Hathaway $25.00 "Thank you for walking for your Mother, my mother and all of the mothers, daughters, sisters, aunts and men of the world"
Michele Larson $25.00 "Go Suz's Team! "
Mark Gaarder Hidden "Good Luck"
Teresa Nelson $25.00 "Way to go!!"
Susan Rosen $25.00 "You go girl & thanks for what you do for all of us! Love, Susan & Al"
GRETCHEN NELSON $10.00 "Have a great day!!!"
Rebecca Gillette $25.00 "Wish I could walk with you this year. Maybe next year."
Karen Mazzarella $25.00 "Proud of you!!!!!!!"
Linda Spangler Hidden "Todd - I am so sorry she has gone thru this, please tell her we will be thinking of her."
Donna Saied $50.00 "Just to make sure ... this pledge is not per mile or anything like that is it? If it is, I have a feeling you could break my bank :~)"
Lois Speiser $50.00 "Good luck to the team. Glad to help get rid of this darn disease. And as always...Best luck to Shelly. Love you. Teri, wish you all the best, and I hope Gary is making a great dinner for you after your trudge. Love you very much. Jim and Lois"
Sue Ley $25.00 "As Charlie Sheen would say, "Defeat is not an option". WINNER! Go, Kathy!!"
Janet Ellanson Hidden "Good luck, Emilee! Carol is such a sweet woman ~ and YOU are AMAZING to organize this! So many of us will be walking with you in spirit. "
TERRI WINTER $100.00 "As each year goes by we have to be thankful for the research that has helped Jess go on. Not to mention her great will to take what happens to her and continue the fight. I cannot imagine going through what she has for the last almost 7 years. Give what you can no amount will be frowned upon. Please give and join us on Mom's day for a fight for breast cancer. Go Jess's Crew LOLMom"
Anonymous $50.00 "Keep on trucking, this is a bike week special"
Wayne Linn $100.00 "Jessica is a good friend and quite a fighter. I admire her stamina and how she lives her life to the fullest. Many of us could take a lesson from how she lives her life. She and Craig make a great team together. I wish her and Craig only the best. Love, Wayne'o"
Jackie Flaherty $50.00 "Thinking of Mona..."
Nancy Pratt $20.00 "Good luck Kim - have fun and enjoy the walk. Tim & Nancy Pratt"
Leeann Wagenbrenner $25.00 "Good luck Tanya!!"
Jordan Maddaus $25.00 "I miss you Aunt Diane!!! You will never be forgotten. "
Vic, Mary & Corey Hinkes $50.00 "A beautiful person gone too soon!"
Elizabeth Bennett $25.00 "Way to go, ladies! I'm so proud of you. "
Carolyn Fox $25.00 "Way to go guys!! Good luck getting to your goal... I'll be cheering you on from VT."
Lynn Flickinger & Steve Hanna $50.00 "Congrats on your success to date, Shelley!"
Amy Kycia $50.00 "Get some good shoes!!! :)"
Kathleen Ryks $50.00 "Your Mom would be so proud of you."
Gail Lubahn $25.00 "Your Mom was always one of my favorite people! We were both with child together! This is great what you guys do!"
Jane Gambucci $25.00 "Go Melissa! This is a wonderful thing to do in honor of your mother."
Susan Zhu $25.00 "Have a great race! Hugs from Beantown :)"
Steve & Jennifer Flunker $100.00 "Hugs from Texas!"
Doreen Stokes $50.00 "You are an amazing woman, wife, and mother! Congrats on 5 years!"
Brenda Creighton Hidden "Way to go! Thinking of you as you walk/run..."
Evie and Bob Losinski $100.00 "5 yearsand 95+ to go (there is longevity in our family) We love you, Mom and Bob"
Margie Westergaard $25.00 "To my awesome nephew - thanks for your support!"
Monica Peterson $25.00 "I will pay more when get paid in 2 weeks :) just remind Jamie or I."
gerald westergaard $25.00 "You go Mark POPS"
Maureen Brennan-Miller $100.00 "Good luck Clare! My thoughts and prayers are with you, the team and your mother! Mrs. Miller"
Dawn Weller $25.00 "Way to go Sarah and best of luck!!!!"
Joanne Zack Hidden "You are all fabulous! Have a wonderful run!"
Tim Decklever $25.00 "Good luck and have a blast! But not because you ate too many White Castle sliders the night before! ;o)"
Brenda Nelson $100.00 "So glad to have you in my life after all these years! We'll always be forever young..."
Rita Peterson $150.00 "I believe in you Mark!"
David Snyder $25.00 "Go for it Mr. Renaissance man!"
Mary Jeska $10.00 "Way to go..."
Shantelle Brausen $20.00 "Great Job Janet!!"
Elizabeth Peck $50.00 "Go Deb! You're amazing."
Perrie Heitler $25.00 "Scot - thanks for doing this! "
Billy Miller $50.00 "This is in honor of my mother Carol Miller-"
Sue Rousseau $50.00 "What a wonderful way to honor your Mom!"
Ian Davison $200.00 "Respect your passion for this - good luck."
Max Shoka $50.00 "Lesa- keep up all the good work to help rid the world of breast cancer. We are with you!"
Desirée Asfeld Hidden "Just think - If you were in England you could be the Boobie Bobbies! Good Luck raising funds for a great cause!"
Susan Elletson $265.00 "WCHS Necklace Sale"
Nikki Wicklander $10.00 "Yeeee haw! Walk your toosh off! "
Ware Washam Hidden "This is such a nice tribute to your mom. Honored to support you. Wish I could be there."
Catherine Crescioni Hidden "Susan I am very glad to contribute in honor of your Mother. She must be very proud of you and all that you have accomplished in your life and now you will add the Walk to your list. Always Cathy Crescioni"
Bob Wheaton $100.00 "I am honored to make a donation, Susan. Love, Bob"
Arza and Arie Funk $100.00 "Love you Arlene!"
Carol Weitz $50.00 "Arlene, So sorry I cannot be part of the walking team but I wish you good luck on the race and mazel tov for a solid recovery! Carol"
judith Forshay Hidden "How much I--and Steve--appreciate your commitment to helping actively in the effort to help in advancing the search to manage--and cure--this disease. Judy and Steve Forshay"
Patty Storms Hidden "Go get 'em Tuff Runners and thank you from those of us that are survivors and those we keep in our memory! Best of luck! Auntie Patty"
Judie Pristaw $50.00 "I am SO glad that you are healthy and able to enjoy your family and friends along with being able to continue doing all the things you enjoy. You're my hero! Judie"
Anonymous Hidden "You go Lila. I'm so impressed. Be careful you might get addicted. Love, Sheial"
Joan Hoeft $25.00 "Good luck, Tracy, I'll be rooting for you!"
Dulcie Fusillo $100.00 "Siobhan, Mammo today..... 7 years clear! This is in honor of you and your indomitable spirit! Let's keep dancing!! Love, Dulcie"
Lauren Baker $20.00 "It's so great that you're doing this, Amanda! :D"
SUSAN GILLMAN $25.00 "Congratulations, Linda! I'm so happy to hear you are celebrating 6 years - - truly an inspiration to all of us! Enjoy your day with your very special Pink Team!! "
Karen & John Terry Hidden "Go Sue! Mom would be so proud!"
Laura and Steven Engler $100.00 "What a worthwhile event, Arlene. Live Long and Prosper. xoxoxostevenandlaura"
Linda Correnty Hidden "From Tonya Williams: Cheering you on for a worthy cause...wear sun screen...the weather will be perfect !! From Linda: No doubt.. that Mom will be walking with you !!"
Betty Harwood $100.00 "Kim - you are an amazing person and a true inspiration. =)"
Tanya Harrelson $25.00 "Amy, YOU GO GIRL! Keep up the good work. I miss you and hope all is well."
Dianne Burns $25.00 "I'm so proud of you Becky. As I get more $$, I'll add to your fund :)"
Adrian Wulf $10.00 "Go Maddie! From, Harper"
Adrian Wulf $10.00 "Go Izzy! From, Hannah"
Delphine & Joe James Hidden "Thank you, Tobi, for your efforts in supporting this important cause. Love, Auntie Delphine and Uncle Joe"
Jean Martell $10.00 "What a great cause!! Thanks for raising money and participating in the 5K!!"
Anonymous $250.00 "Thanks so much for asking -- we all have to take care of our "girls.""
Colleen Arford $50.00 "Amy - you are such an inspiration to me and so many people! Stay strong, love ya!"
Mychelle Schneider $50.00 "Go Amy!!"
Nikki Wamhoff $25.00 "Thanks for doing this."
Phil Halfond $10.00 "Joyce, You are truly an inspiration. Keep up the great work!! "
Jen Page $25.00 "Joyce, you a such an amazing person! You are an inspiration to all!"
Wayne & Sharen Bloechl $50.00 "We're donating for our little sister Marilu - a cancer survivor"
Jean Oleson $150.00 "Thanks to all who supports my Twin Sister during this important event in her life. I can't imagine living life without her!!"
Debbie Chimento Hidden "Keep on Walking!!! So proud of you guys....."
Darcy Morris $10.00 "Joyce, you are certainly an inspiration and give hope to others ! Walk on Girl ! Darcy"
Jim Mannix $50.00 "Joyce: You rock! Glad to support a wonderful and important cause."
Mary Kuney $50.00 "You go girl!"
Anonymous $25.00 "For Joyce and my sister Diane."
Irene Kaeter Hidden "Go Heidi!!"
Susan Elletson $10.00 "WCHS St. Patty Sale"
Mellanie Hinrichs $50.00 "Thank You for walking for this cause!! Blessing to you."
Sheila Higdon $75.00 "Thank you so much for your ongoing commitment!"
Luanne Blake Hidden "Good luck!"
Peter Petas $1,000.00 "Good Luck! - Peter & Ted"
David Borden $100.00 "Joyce, Keep up the good work!"
Bruce Nagle $25.00 "Great cause!"
Lauri Mattson $25.00 "Thanks Merla for participating in this good cause."
Susan O'Connell $50.00 "Thank you for racing for a cancer cure. You have a big heart. Love your big sister."
Kelly Bader $25.00 "Go Arlene!"
Katie Johnson $50.00 "Bust it UP!!! Lots of love, Mark and Katie "
Debbie Russell $100.00 "You are an inspiration to all women who have walked the same path as you. Congratulations on 4 years and heres to many, many more!!"
Gail Wells $50.00 "Thank you for remembering all of our loved ones who faced breast cancer. Love Mom and Howie"
Erica Kapus $100.00 "I am so excited to help you celebrate 1 year Cancer FREE!! Here is to many more! Love Brian, Erica, Ella & Austin."
Frances Etna $25.00 "Way to go, Patty. I wish you all things good and positive thoughts from all the people you meet to keep you healthy and strong...that and some luck to keep you free of this disease. Love, Franny"
Jane Ostenso Hidden "Susan, Your mom would be very proud. Jane"
Susan Phillips $25.00 " Congratulation Cathy for licking Cancer for 5 years!!!! I Hope and pray for a healthy future,and longevity for you until you get close to age 90.Women do live a long time, especially kind and considerate person such as yourself. Take care and Cheers, Suzie P."
Louise Weiss-Reitz $100.00 "Good luck...I hope this is very successful! My love to all! Louise (Shiff) Weiss-Reitz"
Elizabeth Mansfield $25.00 "Great cause Mark! Good luck!"
Cristy Bloch $25.00 "Thank you for all that you are doing for this very important cause. You are an amazing woman!!! Big hugs and love."
Diane Sarbiewski-Keltner Hidden "It is my pleasure to support you in this endeavor, Thank You, Tobi."
Molly Carey $100.00 "Good Luck! Love Molly, Jim & Maddie"
William lehn $25.00 "good luck"
Mary Sharpe $25.00 "Go Otters! -Grandma Sharpe"
Mark and Ruth Morrey $50.00 "Best of luck Riverside Otters!!! Much love and many prayers to Kris and the whole team! "
Kitty Teigen $100.00 "Good luck Hollie!"
Sheila Nelson Hidden "Sorry we are not able to join you. We are so happy to see you celebrating your 5 year survival. You continue in our prayers for good health. "
Audrey Hyatt $25.00 "Thanks, Teresa, for helping to kick cancer in butt and congratulations on being a 9 year survivor!"
Harriet Johnson Hidden "Thanks for running for all of us."
Peg McCartan $25.00 "Way to go Kate and Michelle! John, Peg, Jack and Claire"
Mike Repede $25.00 "Go RV! (And feel free to stop by for yoga/stretching on Wednesday after the race...)"
Stephan Ostrander $50.00 "Good Luck."
Colleen mueller $25.00 "Kristin, We will join you in spirit on the walk to fight cancer. We will keep you and everyone touched by this in our prayers. We will beat this thing! Colleen Roger and Boys"
Melissa Tomesh $25.00 "Wish I could be there to cheer you on - Good Luck!"
Laurie Akers Hidden "GO CAROL!!!!!!!! We love you - Laurie and Steve"
Bill and Marie Voegele $35.00 "Go, Alice!"
Erica Schminkey $65.00 "Figured I would get you to a solid number..."
Jenny King $10.00 "This is for my mom, a 9 year survivor! Thanks Kate!"
Kara Terry $25.00 "You go girl! "
Dave&Terry Lambert $150.00 "Wow, we are so proud of you guys.... Danna would be so proud of you three! Thanks for sharing the time and energy it takes; go, go, go! We love you!!!"
John Murphy $25.00 "Good luck, I know you can do it! In Memory of my step-mom, Barb!"
Alveda Rhude $25.00 "We've all been impressed with the way you've handled your illness. You've been strong and inspired us all. We pray for your continued health. Sincerely, Alveda"
Jan Jenson $50.00 " Tyler, I'm very proud of you for doing this! Good luck to you and your dad. You're a very special boy and I hope to see you again soon. Love, Aunt Janet"
Heather McCartan $25.00 "You are AWESOME! Love, Heather, Joe, Lolo, and Ali :o)"
Sara Hoeppner Hidden "Thanks for running for all of us! Good luck."
Bill Johnson Hidden "You are awesome. I love you."
Anna Klampe $25.00 "Good Luck. Have fun doing the walk."
Mary Jane and Jay Ingvall $25.00 "Go Team Tammy! Next Year we will be there to walk with you (Iowa is much closer) Yeah!"
Jeff Swenson $50.00 "Another example of your "awesomeness"!"
Brenda Lewis $100.00 "Maybe next year I'l join you!"
Bonnie Koran $10.00 "Wish I could join you guys!!"
Rae Ann and Bill Brown $100.00 "Thank you for being so supportive of a worthwhile cause. We are so blessed that you are still here after your battle. We love you!!!! You GO GIRL!!!!!!!! Sis"
Katherine Friesz Watt $40.00 "Go, Cindy! From Jason, Katy and Libby Watt"
kellee frazier $25.00 "Way to go Jessica!"
Abbie Dietrich (Lambert) $25.00 "I love you guys! My heart is with you!!! "
Jeffrey Meehan $25.00 "Hi Jess, Good luck on your walk, great cause and nice to see you've continued to do this every year. Hope to see you at your folks place one of these fine days. Take care Jeff"
Eric Beroff $100.00 "Good Luck "
Suzanne & Scott Stavnes $25.00 "Peggy, Alex & Eric, What a commemorative way to remember your Mom and all the women in the world. Thanks for doing this. Wish for a sunny Mom's Day for the 'walk'. -Suz & Scott "
mary arneson Hidden "Happy one year anniversary, Patty!"
Erin Smillie $10.00 "Way to go Tobi!!!!!"
MICHAEL WENDOLEK $100.00 "Congratulations Joyce."
Marcia Ailport $25.00 "Hi Jessica - Thanks for walking. See you one of these days for lunch. Marcia"
Andrew Sykes Hidden "Run Kate Run."
Barbara Sworski $25.00 "I personally would like to thank Melanie and Koen for taking time out of their daily activities to walk for me and Koen's other Grandma in the Race for Cure Walk. It really means alot to me that they care to do this. Thank you so much."
Mark Gambucci $25.00 "Glad to contribute in honor of my Godmother!"
Mark Gambucci $25.00 "Glad to donate in honor of my Godmother!"
Angie and Matt (Lambert) Kimball $50.00 "I would be HONORED to support you as you walk for the cure. Thank you for doing this for all of us in honor of Grandma Danna. Love you so very much. "
Kathleen Franey $50.00 "Anne Kelly and the Kelly's Angels lit up the walk in 2010! Anne was a technicolor attraction with her pink wig and green and pink boa."
Patsy Franz Hidden "Congratulations on one year! You are an inspiration to all of us. "
Anonymous $25.00 "GO TEAM!! "
Dawn MOORE $25.00 "You are awesome. "
Diane Schneider $25.00 "Thanks for "running the race!" :) "
Chris Schmidt Hidden "This is a wonderful thing you are doing! You'll do great!"
Terry Puchalski Construction $50.00 "It's good to hear you laugh again. Lea & Terry"
Tanya Daycare $25.00 "Glad to see you beat the cancer. You're the Winner!!"
Holly Terveen $10.00 "Thanks for participating in this Jolynn!!"
Karen Bengtson $25.00 "This year's donation is in honor of Hayley's mom (one of my students, her mom found out she had breast cancer in Jan) and in memory of my mom, Audrey. Thanks Jill!"
Diane Kocal $25.00 "Congrats on your 1 year anniversary! I hope my friend here, who is going through the same thing you did, has the same incredible outcome you have had!"
Laura Lovell $25.00 "You are the best Boobs. Good Luck!"
Michele Kamen $25.00 "Hooray for the Boobs! "
Julie Rousselow $10.00 "Thanks for thinking of me, Tracy!"
jodie sederstrom Hidden "Sharon- This is in celebration of your efforts and your cause! Thank you!"
Dorene Nelson $100.00 "Good luck Erin & Olivia and keep up the good work Boob squad!"
Helen Strong $25.00 "Good for you, Kayla. Good luck."
Nancy SChachtman $50.00 "Dear Arlene, So grateful for your full recovery. You look wonderful, and hopefully you will remain in good health for many years ahead! Be well---Nancy Schachtman"
Maria Dusterhoft $50.00 "Go Kate Go! Proud of you guys. Love, Maria"
JEANETTE CURRIER $25.00 "Thanks so much, Tobi, for doing this."
Natalie Chapweske $25.00 "Love always, Natalie"
Pat and Ele Lamb/Hansen $50.00 "We will still be in Arizona on the day you are walking BUT we will be with you all in spirit!!! Hugs and love all around...."
Adrienne Dirtzu $25.00 "Yay Krista! You go girl! Can't contribute much, but I hope it helps a little."
Miranda Koeck-Johnston Hidden "Have fun Chars! All My Luv, Midge."
David Melquist $25.00 "I can't walk for you Suey but I would like to sponsor another walker. Good luck and all my best thoughts and wishes for you and your family! David"
Karen Rahm $50.00 "Good luck and have fun Jen!"
valerie ferment $100.00 "Go Jean!"
John Hammer $100.00 "Run Team Debora, Run..."
Sharon Negley Hidden "Thanks for doing the walk and raising money for such a great cause. May God give you sunshine for the walk."
Matt Kracum $150.00 "Go get em girls!"
Mike & Brenda Mehagan $100.00 "Way to go, Erin & Olivia!"
Sandy Walter $25.00 "Amy, thanks for being such a positive inspiration for so many! Love you!"
Judy Henneman Hidden "Hi Carla, I am so proud of you that you get involved in activities such as this. I wish you the best in your run for the cure. Love you, Mom"
Clan Jenson $25.00 "Tyler, You doing a great thing in helping out this worthy cause. I really like seeing young people contributing to the problems that we face in our world. I will be sure to sit on the couch and eat a donut for you while you are running the 5K*L* The Jenson Clan"
Janine Wall Hidden "Have a great time at the walk and I hope you exceed your goal! Janine & Ryan"
Jack Anderson $250.00 "Jules, Good luck in the race! We are very proud of you!! What a great cause to raise money to help find a cure for breast cancer. We can't wait to see you!! Love, Dad and MOM"
Marianne Schumacher $50.00 "Cindy, l wish I could be there with your team - I will be in spirit!! Marianne"
Brian Becker $50.00 "Go Jean Go!"
Theresa Simon $50.00 "Go Lesa! Looking forward to the race!"
Brenda Melius $25.00 "Go Lisa Go! Good luck my friend! Great Cause :)"
Shawna McWright Hidden "Hey Constance, I made a donation. Thanks for letting me know about it."
Michelle Speten $20.00 "Good Luck Ladies. It was so nice spending time with you guys in Vegas. Always a blast. Have a great 5K. :)"
Carolynn Sween $25.00 "Run another 5 for me, ok? :) Good job, gaias! xoxo"
Lee Cole $25.00 "Good luck ladies. I'll be there in spirit."
Lindy Jensen $25.00 "Way to step up! I am proud of you, and Linda would be, too. Good Luck! Let me know, if you need to borrow my can afterward (just kidding)."
Dennis/Sandy Kashmark $25.00 "Kudos to you for supporting the Race for the Cure!"
Anthony Bevis $25.00 "You rock, Kim!!!"
Margaret Gabbert $50.00 "You go, girl. Wish I could join you but will only be coming back from AZ then. Love, ya, Peggy"
Peggy Gabbert $50.00 "This donation is made in memory of Steven Paul Gabbert, who died on September 28, 2010 from lung cancer. "
Mark Zoia $50.00 "We think of you often Gayle!"
patty pflaum $25.00 "I would like to join you in the walk, if possible. Let me knpw the details. Patty"
Kathy Chameli $100.00 "Go, Jean!"
Deanna Long $50.00 "Kim, thank you for your desire to continue the fight! You are our hero! Stuart and Deanna Long"
Jennifer Tvrdik $25.00 "To my Rock Star Aunt ~ you inspire me in so many ways. You continue to stay strong, motivated, and cheery through it all. You are such an amazing person and I love you to the heavens and back! I run for you! Love and Hugs, your Rock Star Niece :)"
Anonymous $50.00 "Here's to celebrating your mom's survival milestones! Hoping many other's can have the same success!"
Paul Ratajczyk $100.00 "This is a great cause and one that is close to our heart as well. Thank you for participating and God bless!"
Charlie Steffen $25.00 "Grammy did can you mom. Just wear a hat. I love you. Charlie"
Pam Velcheck $25.00 "Good luck, Nancy!"
Jo Leir $50.00 "Good Luck ladies, I know you can do it. What a wonderful experience and cause - life changing"
Patricia Flanagan $100.00 "Good luck Sarah and thanks for continuing to fight to find a cure for this dreaded disease!"
Dayna Murray $25.00 "Tracy thank you for doing this. The money you raise will help loved ones all across the US. I lost my friend the day before Thanksgiving to breast cancer. She was helped through her 12 year battle by the funds raised by efforts like yours. Over the past 5 years she raised over $200,000 herself. Great job! Dayna"
Kelley Osowski $20.00 "Good luck ladies & Good job!"
Mary Jo Bishop $25.00 "You go girls!"
Eric Mesenburg $100.00 "Thanks for doing this Amy!!!! "
Steve and Kathy Wellington $250.00 "We wish Suzie and her whole family the very best as she works to get healthy."
Bonnie Spivak $40.00 "Good for you to be running the Komen Race! I walked it for 10 years, but now don't trust my aging knees! Good luck! "
S. G. K. Anthony $25.00 "What did Eomer of Rohan say to Aragorn when he found out how far the three companions had run in pursuit of Uruk-hai raiders? "Strider is too poor a name, son of Arathorn. Wingfoot I name you!" With no orcs to waylay you, no dwarf to delay you, and no mail, no sword, and no bow to weigh you, this Race For The Cure shouldn't even leave you short of breath. Good luck collecting donors, and in getting them to pay up. Fondly and admiringly ever, Ryan"
Becca Mullen $50.00 "Love you Stephanie!!"
Carrie Colbert $25.00 "Once the sun rises, it doesn’t go backward but instead follows its path in one direction. It may appear to stand still for a moment in time, or to move more slowly at some point or another, but really it is steadily moving forward on its path, please know my thoughts and prayers will be with you, 'Uncle Don" and your family as you walk down this path. I am afraid I can not physically run this path for you but would like to sponsor someone. Carrie Colbert, WMI"
Debbie Andersen $50.00 " I have heard so many wonderful things about your aunt Amy. Go Jen Jen!!!! People like you really make a difference in this world."
Tonya Lidstrom $25.00 "Good Luck Jen Jen and I hope your Auntie kicks this in teh Butt!!!!"
Shara Ambrosecchia $100.00 "My Aunt Barbara was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2000. She has been fighting it for 11 years! This donation is for you aunt as well as my "Aunt B"."
Brandi Petry $50.00 "Joyce, you are AWESOME! and such an inspiration to all!"
Jamie Miller $25.00 "Keep up the good work girl. You all are in our thoughts and prayers."
Lindi Waller $25.00 "I'm so proud of you guys for doing this again. I will be at the finish line, cheering you on. I know you carry a big load of survivors on your backs as you run, and I am happy to celebrate them with you. Thank you, thank you, thank you!"
Sandy Peterson $25.00 "My daughter, Jamie Miller, sent me your information. I would also like to help support you & your aunt. Thanks for helping with this wonderful fundraiser. "
Alice Baier Hidden "Mary, I pray that we may live long enough to see a cure for Breast Cancer. Best of luck on your walk, and I will be thinking of you on Mother's Day. Love, Alice"
Katie Otto $10.00 "Thanks for raising funds to find a CURE!"
Matthew Smigleski $250.00 "I am soo proud of you for doing this Betsy! "
Betsy Bartholomew $25.00 "So glad you continue to fight for the cure Carlee! Keep up the amazing work you are doing!! Glad to help support you. Love Betsy, Jason, Jasper and Lilly"
Marilyn Berens $25.00 "You & Ellie are doing a very helpful thing by running---"
Doreen Hassett-Petrocchi $100.00 "You go Petrocchi girls!!! Hope you have a wonderful and successful walk!! We are there in spirit! Love, Doreen, Bob, Nicole, Bobby and Jackie"
Maureen Syring $100.00 "Tina, Caiti and Emma: We are so proud of the commitment you have made to eradicate breast cancer. Thank you, thank you from us and for all of those whose lives will be touched by your care. Love, Granny and Papa"
Doreen Hassett-Petrocchi $100.00 "Way to go Petrocchi women!!! We are with you in spirit! Love, Doreen, Bob, Nicole, Bobby and Jackie"
Nico Weathers Hidden "Congrats on 6 years!!! "
PAT AND NAN WHALEY $50.00 "We are looking forward to walking with everyone. Hope to see you Mother's Day 2011."
Duane and Sharon Tvrdik $50.00 "We wish your AUNTIE the very best. Our prayers are with her."
Diane Schiller $25.00 "For my cousin Elizabeth"
Jay Randall $25.00 "Thank you Madden for walking in this special walk! And in honor of grama Kim. Love, Daddy"
beverley marion $50.00 "Good luck with the race Tobi! bev and Stan"
Sharon Meekin $25.00 "Love the name, Lizzy! What a wonderful way to show your support to the women in your life! Thanks for asking me to help! I am happy to contribute to your goal! Good luck! The Meekin Family"
Steve Peterson $25.00 "Brian Michelich is a friend of mine from work (Best Buy)"
Sandra Rask $25.00 "YOU GO GIRL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
Lisa Benkowski $25.00 "I am so proud of my family and so grateful to see all this support!"
Tracy Baker $25.00 "You have inspired me and in honor of my Grandma and your Mom I want to contribute!"
Brenda Bauman $25.00 "Kick Cancers Butt!!!"
Karen Gomez $25.00 "Five of you hoofing should make the time go faster. Bless you all! Karen"
Melissa Oliver Hidden "You have a great heart Heather.Good luck with your goal!!"
Thomas Lehrer $100.00 "Go Nana's smile... "
Sharon Hansen $100.00 "I'll be thinking of you on May 8th and will be with you in spirit. Love, Sharon"
Mary Jo Radinzel $25.00 "Debbie--congratulations on seven years' survivorship. Thanks so much for walking and fundraising! Joey"
Janet Corson Hidden "This touches all of us. Thank you, Annie!"
Dayton Tvrdik $50.00 "My prayers go out to you Autie! Go get em J-LO!"
Nickie Marshall $25.00 "You go girl! "
Sarah Elstrom $50.00 "In Loving Memory of Vicki Lynn Seibert"
Kathy Horwath $50.00 "Glad to hear Grandma Nana continues to do well. "
Mary Jo Simbeck $50.00 "Good Luck Banana! Thank you for doing this! MJ"
Terrance Schaffer $25.00 "I think as a bonus you should grow out your beard and who ever donates the most get's to shave it off after the race! Good Luck!"
Mary Gauthier $50.00 "Lizzie, you should be very proud of yourself for doing this. I know I'm very proud of you."
Lila Correnty Hidden "A beautiful tribute for someone who was beautiful inside and out."
Linda Haffner $100.00 "Good luck on "Race for the Cure" Day! I think this is wonderful and in honor of so many courageous women who have suffered with breast cancer. I pray that a cure may be found for very soon. This gift is partially in memory of my friend Joey Fitzgerald, who died in 2009 after suffering with breast cancer for over five years, as well as for Beth Standing (not sure of what her married name was). May God be with you all on your journey as you raise money for a cure! Linda Haffner"
Amy & Jeff Appel $20.00 "Yay for Jess being cancer free!!! :)"
Penny Simon $25.00 "Hello Joy and Heather, Thanks for walking. You are making a difference! Penny"
Keri Lekson $50.00 "Anyone who has heard you talk about your aunt knows how very much you love her. Thank you for doing this..."
Doug Micko $25.00 "Great work Cindy!"
nicolette artis $25.00 "we're so grateful you are a "SURVIVOR". We love you!"
Linda McGuire $25.00 "Go Boobs!"
Carol Oehler $20.00 "Thanks for collecting for a good cause!!"
Sandy Perkins $100.00 "$25 is from G&G Braun"
Martin Kvam $50.00 "For the Cure!!"
Shannon Sullivan $20.00 "GO DEB !!!!!"
Rochelle McCune $100.00 "Debbie, You are an inspiration to all women. Keep on keepin' on, girl! "
heidi bunkowske $100.00 "For Mrs. B. and the collective will of all us to conquer cancer"
Kim Utecht Prayfrock $25.00 "Yippee for Scrubby. I'll be walking with you this year."
Joan Givler $25.00 "Lisa, So happy you are doing well, Love, Joan & Wally Givler"
Amy and Brian Poe $50.00 "Lesa, We celebrate your five years free of cancer! No better way to mark this milestone than to fight for the wellness of others. Take care, Amy"
Jim and Jan Schott $25.00 "Way to go Lesa! Jim and Jan Schott"
ronnye Wieland $100.00 "GO GIRLS GO!"
Tracy Waytashek Hidden "Good luck"
Janelle Koster $50.00 "Good Luck, Brian!!"
margaret cownie $10.00 "way to go Karen!"
Andrea Johnson Hidden "Good work "Standing Sisters""
Bonnie Evje Hidden "Good luck, Nikki. GREAT CAUSE!! Love, Mom & Dad E. "
Laurie Hensel $25.00 "Cindy a nice trot works. That is better than I could do. ;P"
Joe Neugent $25.00 "I love you mommy. I wish you were alive forever! Love Joe"
Susan Tobias $25.00 "So great to see you still involved in this very important cause! I'll be thinking of you."
Wanda Newgren $20.00 "Go Tina."
Debbe Whitehead $25.00 "You go girl!!!"
joan peterson $25.00 "good luck Leapin' Lizard."
Linda Koelman $25.00 "Thanks for sending me the link for this, Kim!"
Rebecca Newberg $25.00 "You GO Girls!!! Hope to see you soon!"
Valrey Kettner $100.00 "Go Gang!"
Kim Wright $25.00 "Way to go Joyce - I'm so proud of you!"
Kristen Lund $25.00 "Go, Susie, go!"
Daniel Woodburn $25.00 "Lets get this started shall we."
Bonnie & Rob Carlson $25.00 "Jill - Good for You!! We are happy to do this in your honor, Jill. This pledge is also in honor of my beautiful Grandma, Celia Sophie Hanson, who was diagnosed with breast cancer when she was 82. She just passed away last August at the age of 99!! She was a wonderful person and we were truly blessed to have her in our lives. Love, Bonnie & Rob"
Ryan Lynch $50.00 "Make sure you finish this year unlike last year........"
Karen Steuerwald $25.00 "Hope you raise a TON of money! "
Sharon Cecere $25.00 "I hope all is well Linda!! I'll be thinking of you and your team. Best wishes....Sharon"
Jerri VanOster $25.00 "Thank you from the bottom of my 'Ta-Ta' for all the kindest and support you have shown my niece Jamie. "
Dawn Mayer-Barnes $50.00 "I'm so proud of ya Heather!! I hope you reach your goal!!! Way to go lady!"
Karen Rahm $50.00 "Good luck and have fun!"
Sharon Fine $100.00 "Go Rachel!! Wonderful of you to participate in this great cause! Love you, Mama and Dad"
Pam Kelley $50.00 "Peggy and Darla, Will be thinking of you as you walk for a cure. Blessings. Pam"
Nancy Mack Hidden "Gayle donating to your team in honor of my 4th year since the end of my active treatment! You will be celebrating the same soon. Sending good wishes your way. I bet you'er a tough cookie and cancer is not going to define who you are! Nancy Mack, Application Enablement "
Debbie Ingersoll $100.00 "You go girl!!! Love you! Aunt Debbie "
angelica sorge $100.00 "keep on walkin!"
Sharon Yost $100.00 "Jessica is an amazing woman. She has tremendous courage and determination to conquer this disease. Her positive attitude is contagious - she sets the mood for optimism and hope. Her zest for living life to the fullest is an example for all of us to follow. We are so blessed to have her in our lives and to have her as our Craig's "sweetie". I pray for a cure. I admire you, Jess, and love you very much. Sharon "
Derek Reise $20.00 "Go Cindy!"
Sarah Bjorgaard $25.00 "Bryan and I are both looking forward to walking with TEAM JUDY in the 5K! Let us know if you all have any plans to meet up and walk together! Hugs to you Judy - you are an amazing inspiration to all of us and if I had to go through what you have gone through I am not sure I could have done it with as much grace, courage, and determination! You are a ROCKSTAR!!! Love, Sarah"
Betty Jo Krenz $75.00 "I would donate double to watch Heidi run!!!! Come on Spencer make mom run!"
Susan Hood $50.00 "Mike, Thanks for Running for the Cure. Love, Sue"
Katherine Sustacek $25.00 "Good Luck Tobi!"
Mary Ann & Kelly McCann Hidden "In honor of Sue Hood and Joan McCann both SURVIVORS!"
Bobbi Dover $50.00 "Proud of both of you, hugs !"
Mike and Susan Gluck $100.00 "Best wishes to Gretchen, a GREAT PERSON for a GREAT CAUSE"
Tony & Renae Lien $50.00 "Judy, We are glad you are doing better!! Good luck with the walk! "
Rachael Bergan $100.00 "Let us stop this shit in its tracks. OK?"
Tom Smith $50.00 "In honor of Gayle Woodis, you are an inspiration to us all. We miss you and look forward to your return. Tom Smith (UMR) "
Paul Bilski $100.00 "You're the best, Jamie!"
Timothy Douglas $50.00 "Our prayers are with all of you. Tim and Robbie Douglas"
Amber Dagit $25.00 "You go Jessica!"
Trever Cartwright $25.00 "Cindy I'll be thinking about you on walk day. Trever Cartwright"
Cyndi Marchio $50.00 "Great job you guys! You will do GREAT!"
Michelle Pearson $25.00 "Thanks for supporting this cause, Kate! Great job!"
Beth Sprouls Hidden "My mother was a survivor...I'm behind you all the way, Cindy!"
Mara Oatman $50.00 "We love you Aunt Amy! Love, Chelsea & Brooke"
Stacey Carlson $50.00 "Please know how proud your Mom would be of all her girls!!! :)"
Gretchen Berg $25.00 "Way to go GRETCHEN!!"
kathryn hauser $100.00 "This is a combined donation raised from another webpage. Big thanks to all of the following! Tiffany $5 Kristine $20 Julie $20 Marianne $15 Char $25 Angela $25"
Patty Hanson $25.00 "You go girl!!!"
Kelly Portz $100.00 "Kim - You are an inspiration! I didn't even know you are a survivor. Here's to many, many, many more years of good health! "
Jim Quinn $100.00 "Good Luck Cathy and Team!!!"
Khiet Nguyen $25.00 "Very good, Scot."
Mary Casey $50.00 "Thank you for doing this. "
Maria Griffiths $25.00 "Always happy to help, good luck with your walk."
Maria Stauning Hidden "Kim...You are incredible and a gift!"
Diane Neugent $100.00 "Lesa, sorry we won't be walking with you and your family but we are there in spirit!!!! Love, Uncle Timmy and Auntie Di and Family"
Jane Gambucci $25.00 "In memory of my beloved sister, Betty. Go Moni!!"
Susan Mendelson $25.00 "You go girls! Hope you have a beautiful spring day in MN for the walk. Great cause!"
Barbara Menth $50.00 "Good Luck Kristy - Hope you get a nice day and hope your boss continues to do well. Barb"
Janet Process $25.00 "Thanks for walking for a good cause! Go Boobie Buddies! I'll be thinking of you!"
Cheryl Persigehl $50.00 "Yay Kathy & Andrea! Thank you for walking for a cure!"
Noelle Sheehan $50.00 "Way to go Candy Kisses!"
Mike Perry $50.00 "Nice job Lori! Keep up the great work!"
Carrie Carroll $25.00 "Thanks for walking Kathy and Ani!! Way to walk the talk :)"
Jody Potts $25.00 "Great job Kathy and Ani. What a beautiful cause to support. My grandma is 104 and is a breast cancer survivor."
eugene floersch Hidden "For Mike Floersch in honor of Dunia Ruff and Sue Hood"
jessica miller $25.00 "Yay! Good for you Cass!!"
Michelle Webster $25.00 "Ah, man, Sue! Thinking of you and your wonderful family during this time. Maybe we'll see you when we are back in the USA during June/July. "
Kathryn Janiszewski $10.00 "Olga, you did so well through treatment, and now you are doing even better and helping others. I am so proud to call you friend! Love you, Kay"
Sharon Shepherd $25.00 "Good luck Heather! Hope you do well! Love, Shari"
Erica Lang $25.00 "Good luck Judy! Wish I could walk with you!! Erica"
Patricia Rissinger $100.00 "Thanks for doing your part Jess!"
Sandy Rogers $100.00 "Go Pinky! Have a great walk and I will be thinking of you on Mother's Day."
Wendy Syring Hidden "Way to go, girls! Good Luck and Have Fun!"
Judy & Doug Lehnen $50.00 "Mothers...sisters...friends. It's a great tribute you're making on Mother's Day. Your Godparents love you!"
Jaye Lawrence $20.00 "Go, Team Boobs!"
Susan Peterson $25.00 "This is great Cindy! Will be thinking of your entire family during the walk! "
Janel Soffa $25.00 "In Loving Memory of my Grandma Merlyn."
Summer Woodward $25.00 "Have fun! "
Kristi Iverson $50.00 "Go, Michelle! Beat your mom (but not by much). Best wishes to both of you! Kristi Iverson"
Paula Stewart $25.00 "Go, Team NeNe!"
Anonymous $15.00 "In memory of my grandmother"
Angela Bowman $25.00 "So sorry to hear about your mom. What a great way to Honor her memory. Angie"
Kristen Wieser $25.00 "GO GIRLS!!! whoop whoop! Sorry I cant be there to support ya...hope to see you in July!! :)"
Andy & Ruth Kava $50.00 ""Gota love a Boob Squad""
Sharon Manthei $25.00 "Many,Many Hugs! You Go Girl!"
Chloe Watson $10.00 "Go Liz!!!"
Eloise Lee $25.00 "Keep up the great work, Sarah."
Marv Siekman $50.00 "Thanks for the opportunity to support this important cause"
David and Lisa Osterhaus $100.00 "Good luck! Thanks for supporting such a great cause."
Sharon Loomis $50.00 "SAVE THE BOOBIES! Hugs and kisses, Sharon and Dan"
Mariann Stangeland $25.00 "Way to go Kathy & Ani - Have a wonderful Walk!"
Diane Alexander $25.00 "Go Kim! Love ya! Diane Alexander"
Linda Johnstin $25.00 "Go Briana! Amber forwarded this to me. I have many friends from college who participate but I haven't as yet- WIshing you much success Linda J"
Jason Milton $25.00 "Rooting for you, Liz...thanks for advancing such a great cause!"
Tonya Maurer $50.00 "Sending Gayle's Angles light, love, hugs and positive energy on their quest to raise funds to support this worth cause. And to Gayle - may this incredible blanket of compassion continue to carry you through this journey. "
Orland Horn $25.00 "Keep up the GOOD WORK Tami!"
Larry Werner $25.00 "Thanks for running Kate!"
jenny royer $25.00 "Heather thats awesome were running too, hope to see you there. Tell eunie hi xxoo"
Haarry Beardsley $25.00 "Proud of you sweetheart...DAD"
Kathryn Swanson $35.00 "Thanks for doing this, Wendi."
Lois Halberg $50.00 "In honor of knockers everywhere - Rock on Knockers!!!"
Scott Urban $25.00 "Go get'um Katie. I'll back you up! Matt has inform me of your mother's fight. Scratch Keira for me, I miss her.... Scott"
Mary Rainville $25.00 "You go girl...."
Katrina Neu $25.00 "Sending lots of prayers and hope for your Mom Katie! Wish I could join you for the walk, but I'm working. Take care!"
Kristin Iverson $25.00 "Love you Jillian! You go girl!"
Marie Serakos $25.00 "You go girl!!!! "
Molly Emmings $25.00 "SO VERY grateful that you're cancer-free, Jill! Happy 1-year anniversary. "
Judith Green Hidden "You make me so very proud hon!"
Teresa Ford $25.00 "Sandy, you are amazing! Here's to hoping you raise lots of money for the cause! Love, Cuz Teresa"
Sara Carlston Hidden "I wish I could be there to participate with you...I will be running in our Race for the Cure on May 14th."
Sherrie Nelson $150.00 "This donation is from Special friends Mo, Brendan and Emily - ADP consultants through my work Syngenta Seeds. Thank you so much for your support and generosity during this difficult time. "
Sherrie Nelson $20.00 "Thanks Sally for your donation. Your expression of sympathy means so much to us at this sad time in our lives. Thank you!"
Rodney Baisch $200.00 "Support from all at the Mankato Energy Center!"
Marie Bibus $100.00 "Thanks to all those working to find a cure."
Jeanne Cregan $25.00 "Good luck to all you wonderful people. Walk your hearts out for Suey!"
Dayna Flores $50.00 "Love you, Jen-Jen! And you better run your arse off!"
Beth Cedarholm $50.00 "Kim, thanks for working so hard to raise money to cure this nasty disease. I'm proud to be your friend."
Kevin Liu $10.00 "All the best for you and your Aunt Deb "
Lori Osberg $25.00 "For my good friend Michele, who is a survivor. And the strongest Woman I know."
Jonny and Aquilla Carlson $25.00 "Many blessings to the family!"
Lisa Kirkpatrick $50.00 "Brynn, I'm really impressed---you go girl! Lisa"
Luanne Welch $25.00 "Wishing you the best, Karen!"
Becky Chaffee $25.00 "Go get 'em, Tiger. :)"
Erin Strong Hidden "In honor of our Auntie Joy-Joy! ~Eliott & Amelia"
Robert Wichmann $50.00 " Way to go Dana! Congratulations on signing up for another year on the walk! I'm thrilled your Mom is still going strong so many years after her illness! Much Love....Bob"
Reid Kamm $5.00 "Good Luck Grandma ! Love You, Reid "
Connie Qualley $50.00 "Have a Great Walk RaeDean and Jessie. Luv ya both - Auntie Con"
Cory Bitz $25.00 "Thanks for helping with the cure. Also, for my aunt Margaret. And all the others."
Patty Schroeder $50.00 "You're such a strong person, and I know you're family is so proud of you for continuing to raise money for breast cancer research!! I love you girl!! XOXO"
Amie Gentile $250.00 "Go team PINK JOY! You have the best runners in the city racing for you! All my best, Erin's best friend from Pittsburgh! Amie"
Amanda Johnston Hidden "LOVE YOU SUEY!"
Kris Flahaven $50.00 "You know how close this is to my heart. My best prayers to your Aunt and my best cheers to Noodles and Licious!"
Bob and Molly Whitmore $50.00 "Have a great walk! "
Linda Bogut $25.00 "You SLEEP girl!"
Bonnie Ripple $5.00 "Good luck MIkey! I beleive in you and yout cause! Hope you have fun!"
Emily Dale $10.00 "Hooray for three cancer-free years, Liz!"
Stephanie Caro $25.00 "Thanks for your efforts, Dianne!"
Angelica Flasc $15.00 "Have fun at the Race for the Cure!"
Shawna VanEnglehoven $25.00 "Run Run Run!"
Lauren Ballard $25.00 "God Bless you Mrs. Menier! I love you!"
marlene pauley $50.00 "Linda, So great to have a chance to do something to help this fabulous cause. I saved your christmas letter which I have read over and over. If you are in town, please call me - maybe we can grab a coffee or something, sometime.. I would love that!!!!!! much love, Marlene"
Dianne Lutes $50.00 "I'm sorry I can't be at the march. My thoughts are with you. Dianne"
Rachel Usher $50.00 "Cathy & Farley Family! I love you. You are always in my thoughts. I miss you and can't wait to see you again. Rachel"
Andrea Bailey $100.00 "I love what you wrote and the photo made me cry. Thank you for doing this."
Laura Wenzel $25.00 "I'm so grateful that you have the strength and tenacity to give breast cancer a BIG Swift Kick In The A$$!! Love you very much! Your lil sister"
peggy lamm $20.00 "Theresa, what a cool thing to do with your girls. I hope you can keep up with them -heck I hope you just get to the finish line before dark. Good luck and have fun !!!! "
Laura Wenzel $25.00 "Thank you Scot for taking such an active roll in fighting breast cancer and MOST importantly for supporting my sister. I appreciate it immensely! Lori "
Thomas Martin $25.00 "Tammy- I am glad you and your family are safe and healthy! Congrats on the 5 years, here's to 25 more! -Tom "
Jessica Scharber Hidden "Way to go girls!"
Christine Watson $50.00 "Happy Walking, Carolyn's Crusaders! I love you, Mom!"
Jessica Luebke $25.00 "Way to go girrl! Race your little butt off for all the women in the world! Love you and your family! God Bless!"
Laura Edlefsen $25.00 "My prayers are always with your mom those that are battling breast cancer. Love, Laura"
Janet Smekofske $25.00 "Congrats on your 1 year anniversary!!! I wish I could walk with you! Love you!"
Shawn Rubino $50.00 "In Memory of Grandma, she was such a wonderful person and such a "Great" grandma. I have been thinking of her everyday and remembering all the good things that she did for me. She was such a beautiful, kind, loving, strong, giving person and I only hope that I can be just like her! I also feel so very fortunate that Joey was able to know his great grandma. "
Jon & Beth Brovold Hidden "Bless you, Mary! "
Jennifer Topp $100.00 "I wish you the best of luck in the RACE FOR THE CURE!!! Jen Topp"
Morgan Pelcl $25.00 "Go Colestrong Girls!"
Jean Russum $100.00 "Way to go Ray! We are glad to support you in this great cause. From Jean & Jeff"
Jay Kasdan Hidden "Good luck Jill"
Denise Blizil $50.00 "I think the world of Cathy. She is a fighter. Good luck in your walk Kristi!!!"
Joy Steck & Joan Ingram Hidden "Thank You Tiger Brigade - We love you Jamie - Grandma Ingram & Aunt Joy"
jennifer ferguson $50.00 "Wish we could be there with you - Jennifer & Landon"
Kitty Monaghan $25.00 "Fantastico!"
Maria Wiggins-Cooper $25.00 "Congratulations!"
Annette Schaffer Hidden "In honor of Dunia, Bonnie, Tina, Jennifer and Sue...all cancer survivors...Thanks for running the race Mike."
Sara Brown $10.00 "Thanks for walking for us. You are the best!"
Debra Navarro $50.00 "Keep up the fight for a cure!! "
Jennifer Mischke $50.00 "Go team Pink Joy! We'll be cheering for you, and are sending lots of good thoughts to your Aunt Joy. Love, Aidan, Nora & Jonathan"
Bernie Borschke $25.00 "Hi Kathy: BEST OF LUCK:) Bernie"
Lindsay and Sean Besser Hank $50.00 "Good luck to the entire team!"
Sally Nystrom Hidden "Tracy, Praying for your health and happiness! Sally"
Becky Anderson $25.00 "Many blessings to your mom and your family. What a joyous time!"
Scott Grant $50.00 "Donation from Dennis & Judy Olson"
Meredith Swartz $250.00 "Love you Ray (and Rami)! Good luck!"
Darren Jensen $25.00 "Good luck in the race, Toni!"
Mike & Theresa Gaffer $40.00 "Sandy- We are so happy that you're surgery was successful! Good luck with your walk at this year's Race for the Cure! God's Blessings to you!"
Susan E Searcy $50.00 "Christine, I can't be there in person but I'll be cheering for you all the way. You go girl! Susan"
Candyce Lelm $25.00 "Happy to support the Boobs Team!"
Magggie Safarian $25.00 "You go girl! Good luck...."
Jean Dunlap $100.00 "As a friend of your wonderful Mother, Jennifer, I am happy to support you and your cause. May you continue to heal."
Wanda Hooey $50.00 "For my cousin, Cleo Swenson"
Tracey Harmening-Nelson $100.00 "Donating on behalf of my Aunts Jeanne and Kathy. "
Kim Paddok $100.00 "I would love to walk with you!!!! Go team:)"
Eric Foresman $100.00 "Anything for the hooters!"
Nancy Lindahl $50.00 "Great cause Becky! Hooray for you, your mom, your sisters and neices and nephew. You go kiddo!"
Lori Borschke $25.00 "Way to take action, Kath!"
Jennifer Jaeckels $35.00 "Love you Jill! "
Nancy VanHorne $10.00 "Way to go Wanda! "
Laura Thielen $25.00 "Love you girls! Wish I could be there "
Jessalin Karsnia $25.00 "Good luck!!"
Theresa Stenstrom $25.00 "Way to go girl!! "
Martha Karsnia $25.00 "So proud of you and your family walkingh for this great cause. Love ya and THANK YOU for including me in your fundraising. You ROCK!!!!!"
Kelly Anderson $25.00 "I wish I could be there to join you all in the walk! God Bless Kelly Anderson"
Jennifer & Shawn Durand $25.00 "Go Suey's Saviors!"
Teri Santema $25.00 "U GO GIRL"
Suzanne Gaines Hidden "C'mon, Deb! "
Bob & Ann Reese $25.00 "Linda, We are so proud of you and what you do. God's blessings."
Meredith Herberg $20.00 "Wish i had more!"
Steve Shermoen $25.00 "Becky: Thank you for working for a great cause. Steve"
Jackie Swedeen $25.00 "Great cause Jess, thanks for doing it. Jackie"
Kathleen Connolly $25.00 "I wish you all the best on the walk and thanks for doing this!"
Frances Long Hidden "Congratulations, Stacey!"
DEEANN ROESKE $25.00 "Barb and Dana, Thanks for the support for all of us survivors. DeeAnn Roeske"
Evelyn Fine $25.00 "What a lovely mitzva. Go girl!"
Mike and Donna Galvin $99.00 "The Chaska Chicks thanks you for your generous donation."
Kimberly Simmons Hidden "Good luck on the walk! I wish I could join you, but I most certainly will be thinking of you!! "
Mary Moerbitz $25.00 "Happy, blister free trails to you and your team!"
Christine Hirtz $25.00 "You are an amazingly strong woman, Andrea!!"
Cindy Morin $50.00 "We are so proud of you! "
John Damrow $100.00 "Thank you for walking!"
Teresa Barry $100.00 "RUN Brenda RUN! :)"
Ted Northam $150.00 "Walk on Anastasia, we'll get there"
Cathleen Hess $50.00 "Go, go walking shoes!"
Michelle Jara $50.00 "Good luck girlz. Sorry we can't be a part this year but we're thinking of you!"
Sarah Chapman $25.00 "I love you Shannon!!!!!"
Dan Pensick $100.00 "Walk On"
Bev Johnson $100.00 "In Loving Memory of my Sister, Noreen. "
Cyndee and Bill Lord $100.00 "We'll be cheering for you Denise. Have fun! Love, The Lord Family"
Pete Yankowiak $25.00 "Hope you guys have a great day!"
Marly Gullekson $25.00 "Thanks for doing this for all of our daughters, granddaughters, nieces and all ladies!"
Ross English $50.00 "Good Luck Camille!"
Brenda Michnowski $25.00 "Good Luck Team Erzar."
Jill Svee $50.00 "In memory of Marian Svee"
Karen Samstad $50.00 "Good luck, Kim!"
Audrey Chute $100.00 "I know too many people (friends and relatives) who have batttled with cancer; some have won, some has lost. I am especially walking for my sister-in-law, Kathy Braulick, who is presently fighting breast caner. We love you, Kathy."
Julie McQuade $25.00 "What a great cause!! So happy to be a part of it."
Laura Speltz $25.00 "I will be cheering for you from Birmingham! "
Cindy Knott $100.00 "You can do anything Denise! All the best, Cindy and Stan"
Priscilla Goodman $25.00 "It is incredibly powerful and inspiring to take action to support a person you care about and a cause, especially for such an important one that has or will affect most of us at one point in our lives. I am glad to support you, your Aunt, and this cause."
Jan Rowenhorst $22.00 "Go for the gold....Hugs & Blessings to all! "
Karri OMeara $50.00 "Hoping that with each new day brings more strength, brighter days, and bigger smiles. My thoughts and prayers go out to you and your family. Karri"
Diana Santrizos $50.00 "We're cheering for Anastasia's Avengers!"
Kathy Brooks Hidden "It's great to be a survivor. I salute you Val for giving back. Have a great time at the Walk! I wish you many many more years to particiate and give back. Bless you girl!"
Kristen Olson Hidden "Way to go, Mom! Love you!"
Sarah Molitor $50.00 "Very inspiring to race for the cure. Keep up the good work and thank you for reaching out. Sarah and Joel"
Tessie Bourdamis $25.00 "God blessyou, Anastasia No.2!"
DEANNA MONTANG Hidden "Great job, Anastasia, to you & your team! Deanna & Jeff Montang"
Karen Patton $25.00 "Go Get'em Tiger Brigade!!"
Janet Short $25.00 "Karen, so happy to hear that you are doing so well. I know it took alot of courage to battle the cancer and you did it!!! Take care. Janet and Don"
Anonymous $50.00 "Thank you for your hard work and support to a great fund raiser..........."
Chandra & Dan Carlson $25.00 "Woo hoo!!!!"
Kimberly Hewitson $150.00 "Suey- You helped raise both of my children and gave so much of your time to their well-being. I just couldn't look at this page without contributing. We will keep you and your family in our thoughts. Keep a positive outlook as you always have. Thank you for being such an important part of our lives. We love you!!! Mark, Kimberly and especially Erik and Anneka Hewitson"
Kristi & Don Melrose $100.00 "So happy to support the Tiger Brigade (Jamie's Joggers)!!"
Ellen M. Perrault $25.00 "Good luck, CT!"
Karen Myhre Hidden "Good luck on your walk!"
Jennifer Bates Hidden "Good for you, Lexi!"
Don/Betty Knudsen $25.00 "Looks like you will have quite a crew walking together - thanks for all your effort!!!"
Vanessa Zimmermann $25.00 "We're here to support you 100% of the time!!!! Stay strong!!!"
Bruce Mitchell $25.00 "Denise, I 'm proud of you.Bruce"
Craig & Laurel Anderson $100.00 "In honor of Mildred Anderson a survivor of 20 years."
Bridget Hooley $50.00 "All my love,prayers & support sent your way!!"
Donna Luepke $25.00 "God bless you and your efforts."
Julie Clark $25.00 "You go girl! Love you."
linda Marguth $50.00 "Miranda is a wonderful woman. She was determined to kick it and she did!!!"
Delores Graden $20.00 "To my good friend Congratulations! Keep up the good work."
Kathleen Williams $50.00 "Sue: So glad you are doing the Komen. I did the race in NYC when I lived there. As a survivor, you know I really appreciate your efforts and that of your family. Kathleen"
Carolyn Fure-Slocum $50.00 "Thank you all for doing this!"
Erin Shikowsky $25.00 "Thanks for doing this Becky! I hope you and your team have an amazing time."
Summer Froemke $25.00 "Good luck ladies! We are very proud of all of you!"
Dianne Olson $50.00 "Thank-you for your efforts toward finding a cure for this awful disease. I appreciate you and your team."
Paula Hoitink Hidden "Go Dublin and Nan! wish we could walk with you again - we'll be there in spirit this year :)"
Shannon McKee $50.00 "Love you trish"
Alison Golla $100.00 "Here is my personal contribution to start us out! Here's to making a difference! "
Katherine Smola $100.00 "Way to make a difference, Bobette! Go Little Annie's Bulldogs! "
Cathy Ferrazzo $50.00 "Way to go Gwen!! You're AWESOME!!"
Susan Anderson $10.00 "Jolynn no matter what, you always take time for others. You are such a thoughtful person. Good Luck . "
Laurie Gerver Hidden "Cheering for you from the sidelines!!!! Praying for you always :) Laurie Gerver Hi to Max!!"
Kjell Bergh $1,000.00 "Good luck in your fundraising, Michelle!"
Neil Willgohs $25.00 "Way to go girls!! There's no time limit but I think you have to finish before dark! I'm proud of both of you. It's a great cause."
Elena Giannetti $25.00 "I make this donation in honor of YOU and being cancer free for one whole year. I also make this donation in honor of the way-to-many women in my life who have battled, fought, won, (and the few that lost), and for some friends who are now battling breast cancer. Good luck and good health! -Elena "
Julie McKenzie $25.00 "Have a great race and thanks for running for all of us!"
Jennifer Corbin $50.00 "Denise, I am so impressed by you! Jen "
Tony & Wendy Becker $50.00 "Go Gwen! "
David Stevens $50.00 "Thanks for sharing Lauren for 4 years!"
Erin Link $15.00 "Go girls, go!!!"
Chuck Belland $100.00 "Gwen, great courage, always with a smile. Thanks for including me in this special effort. chuck"
Caitlin & Ben Truax $50.00 "Good job B's"
Sandy Nastrom $50.00 "Hope you make your goal -- see you at the lake sometime this summer (I hope). You go girl!!! Love, Sandy and Harv"
Angie Kulenkamp $50.00 "Made your goal! Way to go. Better make it higher next year!"
BARBARA KEISER Hidden "Happy to hear you are feeling good..."
Sjaan Morrow $25.00 "Good luck Deb and Rebecca"
The Wagners $50.00 "Good Luck Denise!!"
Teresa Howat Hidden "Thank you for walking for such an excellent cause. I hope next year I can walk along side you. I love you the most!!"
Wanda Ryan $50.00 "We run this race for you, Mary Lou and my aunt Larraine and other family and friends that have been touched by Breast Cancer."
Sarah Anderson $20.00 "I'll be there with some friends! Hope to see you all! "
Marieta Parks $100.00 "YOU GO, GIRL!!!! I love you , Rita"
Susan Kangas $20.00 "Go "Team Flexitouch"!!"
Tristan Grobel $100.00 "Please know that your work is making a huge difference. Saving lives, and creating smiles, is your path in life. We are all so fortunate to walk along side you :)"
Jim & Carol Leonard $25.00 "Go for it Lexi."
Christine Beck Larson Hidden "Sending Well Wishes your way Gayle and hoping for great weather for Gayle's Angels at the Race!"
Tony Byers $25.00 "Go Rose!"
Ellen S. L. Ewald $250.00 "Hey Michelle! Keep up the great work!! It is wonderful to see you so involved with important health issues like this - it is an important cause. I am super proud of you. Cheers, Ellen"
Gary Kelsey $25.00 "This is a wonderful event and cause! I am happy to help with this modest donation. "
Sheila Adair $50.00 "Good Luck Team Flexitouch! :-)"
Michael Netkow $25.00 "Congratulations on being a cancer survivor, Teresa! We are proud of you for supporting such a worthwhile cause. Monica & Mike Netkow"
Jen Zanon Hidden "Good for you Lexi!! Good luck reaching your goal and what a great way to honor Grandma Ag and your friend. "
Teresa Gostonczik $25.00 "Thanks for walking for such a great cause Karin. You rock!! Hope you have a great day~ Love Tag"
Wendy Verhulst $100.00 "Sorry which I could run with you or skip would be more like what i would do. Next time we are up north will try and stop and see you Azalea talks to Mizu on the phone alot. xoxo Wendy, Mark and Azalea"
Ken Neitzel $25.00 "Looking forward to our walk together. Ken"
Jennifer Neitzel $25.00 "Hope we have nice weather on "Walk Day." - Jennifer"
Linda Gollan $25.00 "Deb I really wish I could run on your team - but I'll run that day and be thinking of you and yours! Love Linda"
John Sweeney $250.00 "The Brave New Workshop says "Hey Cancer, you suck"!"
Eileen Blatz $50.00 "Looking forward to spending the day with you, lots of love ~Eileen"
Mary Smits $50.00 "Emma - I wish we were closer to come walk with you. You and your family are amazing. My thoughts and prayers are with you. Love - Mary, Steve, Tyler, and Jordan"
Michelle Kollander $50.00 "Good luck to the entire team!"
Tonya Wiener $25.00 "Way to kick cancers butt Judy!! ;) "
Nichole Wels $10.00 "Way to go Lisa! I might see you there! "
Katie Duncan $100.00 "We so wish we could be there! Thanks for honoring Booley in this way. All our Love, Katie, Ryan & Hayden"
Melanie Spry Hidden "Kristi- good for you! "
Stephanie Perri $25.00 "Good luck to the team!! Best wishes!"
Ashly Tritch $50.00 "Kathy you are the strongest woman I know! My prayers are always with you! Love you Eagan family!"
DEBRA MCDERMOTT Hidden "Bonnie, So glad for your one year anniversary of being cancer free. Hope you have nice weather for the walk, and enjoy the support of family and friends who share your journey. Appreciate greatly walking on behalf of my sister Phyllis and adding her name to the Fighting Boie's team this year. God Bless You! Debbie"
Darin Feikema $50.00 "Walk the way to a cure!"
Frank Kohler $100.00 " thanks Daughter Dearest great tribute to Sandy!!"
Lisa Rentschler $100.00 "Danna - You are a true fighter! We love you!!"
sheila schindle $100.00 "It is time to wipe out breat cancer!"
Richard McDonnell $50.00 "Good luck"
Richard Ryan $50.00 "We are with you all the way. Mom and Dad R"
James Brayton $50.00 "Can't wait to see the pictures of you crossing the Finish Line literally and figuratively. You are an inspiration and very proud of you!"
Meghan Ryan $50.00 "Eric, Sydney and I Love you!!"
Jennifer Abel $50.00 "Happy Walking!"
Sprout Loud $500.00 "Have a great walk Cathy and team!"
Pat Anway $10.00 " Have fun on your walk."
Heidi Arndt $25.00 "Good luck from Crest Healthcare Supply!"
Karen Eich $25.00 "Good luck Melissa. We are so happy to have you in our family. Hope to see you soon."
Brenda Cellmer-Monda $25.00 "Go Steve!"
Rachel Patefield $25.00 "GO STEVE GO! "
Valentina Strong $25.00 "Go Pink Joy! I'm so proud of you, Da Noods and Sissy Mae! Love, Auntie Tina"
Megan Rapp Hidden "Linda, Brian and Camila-we love you!!"
Leonard & Cathy Duke $25.00 "Thanks for walking the walk, Sarah. God Bless all the walkers."
Gwen Gurrola $100.00 "We're with you all the way! Love you."
Vic Fabano $25.00 "Jennifer: This is awesome. I walked for this a few years back. Thanks for doing this Vic"
Lindsey Cornell $25.00 "I'm proud of you Lisa! Thanks for walking for this great cause."
Nancy McIntyre $10.00 "Have a great walk Saraa and team!"
Lise Steenerson $25.00 "Awesome job Colleen!!!"
Kim Mazur $50.00 "I love you!!! You are awsome!!"
Shawn Espeseth $10.00 "Go Lori! :)"
Everett Dobrinski $100.00 "Darla and Peggy, have a great "Walk for Victory" on Mother's Day! "
Tony Vo Hidden "Glad to see so many people helping out Jamie and a great cause!"
Danaca Arnold $25.00 "You go Girls!! Hope it is a nice morning. I'm so proud of my Survivor friend Gwen."
Curtis Okerson Hidden "Thanks for walking Mandy! Have fun!"
Barbara Sabal Hidden "I have a conflict that may prevent me from joining you in body, but know I will be with you in spirit on your walk, Sue! Glad things are looking up again. ~Barb"
Rosalie Michelich Hidden "Tracy, Thank you for doing this. Rosalie Michelich"
Jody Arendarczyk $25.00 "Deb, you are an amazing person and I think it is wonderful that you and your family are doing the race for the cure. You're in my prayers to beat this. Jody"
Cheryl Wilson $25.00 "Kimmie!!!!! I love ya!! "
Tricia Ticen $25.00 "XOXOXOXO Sue and Family!"
Jim Klennert $25.00 "Run Forest Run! Way to Go Nords!"
Jason Schmidt $25.00 "You will rock the walk! Good luck to all of you."
Carolyn Blixrud $25.00 "Best wishes to you Judy. There will many thinking of you as you WALK. Carolyn"
Paul Jenkins $50.00 "Christine, I just signed up for $50. Wish it could be more! You are an inspiration to me and, I'm sure, many others. Brian is one of my all-time favorite people, and I'm so glad he found someone as wonderful as you to share his life with. Let it be a long long life! Cheers, POJ"
Lori McMahon $50.00 "Suey you're best friend will be with you thick or thin Love ya Lori"
Katie Murray $50.00 "I wish I could do this with you! I am going to be traveling with my Ma who is also a 34 year breast cancer survivor. You're an awesome son, and Kathy is an awesome Mama."
Jill Steinke $100.00 "I am so proud of you - my beautiful 'monkey face' & ''pickle lips'! You're voluteering to something so very ordinary for the two of you and in honor of someone very extraordinary! "
Colleen Hayne $50.00 "Sue, I am so happy to support you. I wish I were a millionaire and I'd contribute really big bucks! All the best, Colleen Hayne"
Mary Fetzer $25.00 "Have a great day together and "Walk for the CURE"!"
Kathy Passage $25.00 "Go Christine! have lots of " breast cancer survivors" in my family and in my group of friends too! I want to see you in that circle too!"
David Meslow $25.00 ""Have a great time and thanks for racing for the cure""
Debby Courrier $20.00 "You go girl!! :)"
Debby Courrier $20.00 "You go girl! :)"
Laurel Newtson $50.00 "Kari, Thank you for participating in The Walk for the Cure. "
Jim Wolfe $100.00 "I am happy to make a donation to you Christine in honor of such a great cause. My part is easy...writing out a check. You part is the tough one....the fight....the walk. After losing my friend Nancy to cancer just weeks ago and watching your own tough battle, makes me realize even more, that this is even more of a horrible disease than ever.....afterall, it doesn't just happen to other people anymore!!"
Melodie Bridgeman $25.00 "Rock that pink t-shirt! xoxo "
Ken Seguine Jay Gibertson Hidden "Go Christine! So looking forward to you three visiting and staying over on the farm. Our best always, Ken & Ja"
Todd Benjamin $50.00 "Love the GLAMOUR Shot! Complete your race in style! T&C"
Sharon Cahn $25.00 "Have Fun and Good Luck reaching your goal! Sharon & Howard"
Sue Ann Elite $20.00 "My daughter-in-law does the walk up here -- she's as courageous as you are. We pray for a cure!"
Tanya Plonske Seneff $100.00 "I am so proud of you Patty, not only doing this to honor your mother, but the way you pulled your family together to form a team in her honor! That is huge love for her; you make me proud to be your friend!"
Brenda Berent $50.00 "Thanks for participating in the Race for the Cure Amber."
Sharon Ramirez $25.00 "Go Christine Go! More power to you!"
Theresa Rademacher Hidden "Sue, You're spirited! You're strong! You're a survivor! May this continue! With thoughts & prayers for you, Terri R."
Lois Sortedahl $50.00 "Go Sue! We are all cheering you on!"
Shari Tritch $25.00 "The Tritch's have loved spending time with Trish and getting to know what an amazing person she is. This comes from great a great family environment and we look forward to meeting you as well. Good luck on the walk. (Ashly's Mom)"
W. E. and Jane Smith $100.00 "Happy to support a good cause."
Derek Braden $50.00 "Good luck Sara!!"
Rose Pierro $100.00 "Go Christine!"
Bryan Dahlhauser $25.00 "you go d ! "
Anna Plonske $25.00 "Way to go Patty!"
Anonymous $25.00 "In honor of Rose, all my aunts, and my cousin Joan."
Dan Yaklich $25.00 "JUST DO IT"
Garros Antoine Hidden "I hope everything goes well, kisses, Antoine and family."
Stephen Jansen $100.00 "Great to see you have already exceeded your goal! Happy to contribute, especially as we aren't in MN to support you in person."
Dave Archer Hidden "Go Sue! My thoughts will be with you."
Laura Fergle $10.00 "This sounds like a great Mother's Day!"
Sharon Weiss $50.00 "A great cause to walk for!!!"
Dennis Cass $100.00 "Go, Christine, Go! Go, Christin, Go! Go, Christine, Go!"
Jennifer Bankers-Fulbright $100.00 "GO SUE!! Not only are you the smartest person I know, you're the sweetest :) Thanks for letting us all be a small part of this!"
Cindy Francis $25.00 "Catherine, I'm so proud of you and am so glad I got to know you. I love your commitment to this cause. Hugs Girlfriend. "
Shel Peterson $25.00 "Gina, You go Girl!!!!!!!!"
Jessi Strinmoen $50.00 "Good luck Sarah! "
Jennifer Fulton $30.00 "With love - Finn, Jake and Jen"
Neil and Linda Reisdorfer $100.00 "We will be thinking about you GOOD LUCK Hope the weather is nice "
Mary Hele $25.00 "You Go Girl! (friend of Nancy Gross)"
Darci Pelland $25.00 "Thank you Team Debbie for racing for such an important cause. Have a great time!"
Lynn Strand-Meyer $100.00 "Because you are important and so are boobs. :)"
Gary & Diane Otterness $25.00 "Good Luck, we are pulling for you Gary & Diane"
Linda Irrthum $25.00 "You are rock stars!!"
Ryan Thompson $25.00 "Go team!"
Caroyn DeRuyck Hidden "Sue, I'm glad I can be a part of this even though I can't do the walk. "
Constantine Kokkinos $100.00 "For a good cause."
Andres R. Lucero Hidden "Proud of your efforts, as always. Love you both, Unclel Andy and Auntie Kay"
Cathy Weisser $50.00 "We are all so happy to hear that your counts are going up and you're feeling stronger. Love your attitude! Our thoughts & prayers are with you now and always. Love - Cathy, Rick, Jenna & Nick"
Lori Lotto Hidden "Go Team Koster!"
Joy Marsh Stephens Hidden "In honor of Geraline Daniels."
Heather (Dillon) Kemp $5.00 "I'm a friend of Katie's.. I know it's not much but I'm trying to donate to all of my friends' causes and it starting to add up pretty quickly :) "
Colleen Benson Hidden "Such a great event Audrey!"
Anna Dykeman $15.00 "Breast cancer research is so vital - thanks for supporting this effort for all of us. Kenny & Anna Dykeman (Ashly's uncle & aunt)"
Ximena Christianson $50.00 "This donation has been made in honor of my mother and sister. They too battled with breast cancer ordeal diagnosed at the end of 2008. They are both cancer free today. My sister will be undergoing re-construction surgery this year. A series of 3 operations, since they also removed her muscle during her mastectomy. I walked at the race the last two years and it was such an ovewhelming experience, it was hard not to be teary-eyed to see so many people ! My mom was able to join the walk last year. It was wonderful ! Lastly, I am amazed about my friend Donna. I love to read her everyday writtings in FB. She is a true inspiration. Where does she find so much strength ? I can only atribute this to my best friend Jesus, He never let us down ! I pray for Donna, my mom, my sister and all those that are experiencing this illness and their families !"
Barbara Carroll Hidden "Susan - best to you - you go girl! hugs, Barbe"
Mark Nelson $25.00 "Vicki, Good Luck with the walk! Way to be a survivor!! Mark"
Kevin Fuller $10.00 "Wish I could give more, but I'm happy to help save the hooters! they've got great chicken wings! huh? oohhhhhhh... K!"
Kathy Kust $50.00 "Go Girl"
Mark Geier $100.00 "Love Ya Danna! T and Q and C, too!"
Rebecca Seminari Hidden "Way to go, Nancy! You'll do great! "
Laurie Hibbard $25.00 "Way to go Bonnie! and team!"
Wendi Wheeler $100.00 "Given by Jay Balintona in honor of his mother, Angelita."
Wendi Wheeler $20.00 "Given by my mom, Patricia Sue Wheeler!"
Melissa Hickman $15.00 "So proud of you, Court! Go get 'em!"
Shawna Benson Hidden "Go, Courtney, Go!"
Priscilla Nauer $50.00 "Best wishes, Sue. Hope you make the $1000"
Denise Deering $25.00 "Go Renee!!!!!! What an inspiration you and your family are - great people, great cause! Your mom will be looking down and smiling. Go Boobie Cops!!"
JoAnn White $100.00 "Go Team Go!!! I will be with you all in spirit. JoAnn"
Michael Stang $25.00 "Thanks for your dedication to a great cause. "
Luann Hankom $50.00 "Go Bananas!"
Kim Theis $50.00 "THANK YOU for sharing your time and energy to help find a cure! We very much appreciate your participation in this wonderful event! Love and Hugs - Kim and Dave Theis"
ryan reis $25.00 "Wish I could join you, but I can't miss school. Good Luck!!"
Dolora Musech $100.00 "Good luck! Enjoy your walk and thanks for fighting for cancer eradication!"
Sharon & Jack Froelich $100.00 "You go Girl, we'll be think of you!!!"
Cheryl Solum $25.00 "Keep up the good work Katie!"
Jill Stanton $15.00 "From Rowan and Cleo"
Betz & Eric Petersen $25.00 "Go Nikki!"
Eric & Betz Petersen $25.00 "Go Pat, go!"
Martha Bonta $50.00 "Thinking of you on the 8th and always! Hugs and kisses, Mark, Martha, Sam and Louisa"
Tim Morrow $25.00 "Good luck from Tim and Jenn!"
Lynn Mahnke $25.00 "Sue, Thank you for giving me the opportunity to sponsor you for this important cause. Have a fantastic Mother's Day! Lynn Mahnke"
Debra Hutson Hidden "So glad to hear the new medication is doing the trick. Take care my friend."
Brad Baso $60.00 "Dream big!"
Wanda Schoeneberger $25.00 "You light up OUR lives. Thanks for being you! W"
Katherine Scipioni $20.00 "Race it up! =) xo, Scip"
brenda haworth $100.00 "Christine, you inspire us all! GO - GO - GO GIRL! All of us here at Bayside Food are cheering you on! "
Prue Watson $25.00 "Go for it Deb, Andy, Roan and Rebecca. We will be with you in spirit. Love Prue, Julia and family"
Jeffery Alspaugh $25.00 "Thank you, Brian, for Becky, Jill, and my sister, Betty."
Kathi Wolfe $100.00 "I wish I could walk with you, Christine. Every year I know or hear about more and more people, women AND men with breast cancer. This organization is so instrumental in funding research and, hopefully, finding a cure. Good Luck on your walk!"
Lisa Weyrauch $25.00 "The word survivor is music to our ears! Play on..."
Randy and Nancy Wilz $50.00 "Congradulations and good luck!"
Brenda McKenzir $100.00 "In Honor of Janis McMillen"
Jan Chapman $100.00 "My thoughts and prayers are with you!"
Robin Mohr $50.00 "good luck with your walking Renee -- you make your mom proud!!"
Twyla Geier $100.00 "Good luck on your walk:) You girls Rock!!!"
rebecca mattei $100.00 "Wow! 23 years! Of course I would love to help in any way. Lots of love to you and to Aunt Sarah, Becky."
Heather Pfeiffer $25.00 "Hey Gina - Richard and I wish you the best in raising funds for an incredible cause. Awesome that you're doing this! :)"
Betsy and Doug Smith $50.00 "With so much love for our wonderful cousin and niece."
JOYCE CARLIN $25.00 "You can do it - I'll be cheering for you. Love, Mom"
Brenda Rathje $25.00 "Have fun! I hope to make it out :)"
Barbara Johnson $25.00 "Wish I could do this with you! Maybe next year..."
Diane Simondi $100.00 "Thanks for including me in this worthy cause -- good luck!"
Teddi Axne $25.00 "Go Cat!!"
Sarah and Jason Swier $50.00 "Go Get 'Em Team!"
Cris Berrier $25.00 "I am so proud of you...."
Mary Domes $25.00 "Love you all; your hearts are amazing. Aunt Mary"
Lark MacPhail $200.00 "Go Becky!!! hope you have fabulous weather! Great cause Lark"
Kr Witte $50.00 "Have fun for a great cause!"
Natasha Kurtzon $10.00 "From one bosom to another ... "
Valerie Hagan Hidden "Way to go Riley!"
Jo Ellen Joa $50.00 "Good job Karen! I'm proud of you. Dave and I donated for you and your friend. May God continue to bless you both........ :)"
Steve Cox $50.00 "Good luck in reaching your goal Emma!"
Lindsey Johnson $25.00 "Thanks for doing this!! My great-grandmother, grandmother and I thank you! "
Tanya Rhine $20.00 "Kathy, wish I could be there! Have fun and continue to be an inspiration! Love ya! Tanya"
Fawn Rogers $100.00 "Good luck with the race for a good cause."
julie durand $50.00 "Go Tooey!"
Sally and Greg Booth $125.00 "Thanks for doing this again for a great cause. Have fun, too!"
jen pobuda $25.00 "Olga, you are amazing and inspirational. :) Keep spreading your contagious smile!"
Sharon Ceasar $250.00 "My dad has two types of cancers and I have known many women with breast cancer. I applaud and admire families that help one another through these awful times. I wish everyone much needed support and cures. "
Francine Fialkoff $100.00 "Go Deb and Rebecca and family on may 8. "
Laren Chang' Family Hidden "Thank you for doing such a wonderful job with the band students and encouraging Laren to play in the Sinfonia. "
Arnie & Michelle Schmidt $25.00 "No slacking on the 1K. Good luck!!"
Doris Huspeni $100.00 "Hi, Christine: I'll send you a more complete e-mail also, but right now want to add my "You Go Girll!!" to the many other encouragements you are receiving. You are a wonderful, courageous, spirit-filled fighter, and will, indeed, dance at Guillermo's wedding and bounce his beautiful children on your knee!! With much love from the Lindstrom Huspeni family."
Katherine Hansen $100.00 "Run Deb Run!!! you are an inspiration!!!"
Amanda K Roecker $25.00 "Good Luck!"
Lori Benton Hidden "I'm a cancer survivor (Hodgkin's Lymphoma at age 30), now at high risk for breast cancer due to radiation treatment. I appreciate your support of treatment development, and hopefully many cures to come. Cancer treatment has come a long way. Born in any other generation, I wouldn't have survived to see another 12 wonderful years of life. May there be many more happy endings on the horizon. Blessings to you!"
Judy Hoffman Hidden "Mom and Dad in Cincinnati supporting the Hoffman family in Andover. "
Keith Oliver $50.00 "Bonnie and Keith Oliver are very pleased to help. Our love to you and yours."
TIM,JOYCE/MAC,JANE MCELRATH $60.00 "We are with you all the time and know you will be victorious!!!!!!!! Wish we lived closer to be able to help you and Brian and G. We plan on being back there in Aug and will come see you.(Joyce and Tim) Much love, Tim, Joyce, Uncle Mac and Aunt Jane."
Alyssa Mattson $25.00 "Sending positive vibes your way. Kind Regards, Alyssa"
Laurie Mackereth $25.00 "Best wishes to everyone :)"
Janet Huebner $25.00 "Jill, congrations on your 1-year anniversary of being cancer free! Thank you for raising money for this great cause. "
Ronnay Kassulker $50.00 "Wish I could walk with you!!! "
Marybeth Misgen $25.00 "Good luck raising money and awareness for such a worthy cause!"
Julie Berg Hidden "Thank you for walking, Netta!"
Susie Fry $25.00 "We are so proud of you! Love, the Fry Family"
Scott Brady $150.00 "Sierra and I are hoping you win!"
Tracy Jean Leidig Hidden "Thanks for sharing the opportunity for others to contribute!"
Rita Holland $25.00 "Thanks for doing this, Courtney."
elizabeth stifter $100.00 "I used your april 13th blog quote from JRR Tolkien to soothe a girlfriend today. Thanks for your words and power Deb. "
Melanie Miller $50.00 "Deb, you are awesome. I love you! "
Laurel Nevans $5.00 "I too am a survivor--I was in my early 30s, and had literally just gotten back on my feet after not walking for 2+ years when I was diagnosed. Wish I could contribute more, but as a member of the uninsured working poor, I can barely afford anything. In fact, I am 5 years overdue for a mammogram, as I cannot find any where that will give me a free one, even in the month of October. Early detection was the key in my case, and I am hoping the Komen Foundation can help other members of the working poor to get tested while it is early enough to "cure". Too many of us need to choose between healthcare or food these days, and because we choose food, hundreds of women do not have their cancer detected early enough to be saved. We need to stand up and demand that be changed. Kudos for everyone involved in the effort to change womens' healthcare (or the lack thereof), and kudos for those of you helping to save lives."
Laurie Burns $100.00 "Go Team Eagan's Wings! WE will be thinking of you on Sunday:) "
Janet Kline $50.00 "Love you, Aunt Jan"
Janet Kline $50.00 "In memory of Aunt Marge"
Tricia Walker $100.00 "Go Team! You are awesome! Love ~ Tricia and Ari"
Janet Kline $50.00 "Love you, Grandma & Grandpa"
Starla Bultinck $25.00 "God's Blessings to you Amy!! May his light and strengh be with you always. Jen, you go Sista!! Love Ya!!"
Julie Bakken $40.00 "Keep racin' for the cure Steve! Love, Julie, Tyler & Mackenzie"
Linda Clark $50.00 "Bill & Kelly, All the best for a great run! So proud of both of you! With lots of love, Linda Aunt Brandy"
Katherine Dahlberg $50.00 "Good luck Brian!!!"
Marie Humbert $25.00 "Congratulations!"
Annette, Jason & Dillon VanKuiken $25.00 "What a wonderful way to spent mother's day! Our thoughts and prayers will be with you! The VanKuikens"
Deborah L Weiss $25.00 "Hey Theresa! I am so thankful that your cancer was caught early. I hope you not only raise a lot of money but also raise awareness about this deadly disease! God bless you!!"
Stephanie Drinkard $40.00 "Ryan and I are so proud to support you, and thankful for the whole team!"
Peggy Mittelsteadt $25.00 "Such a wonderful thing you do Colleen! Proud to call you my friend!"
Kim Verros $25.00 "In memory of Marian Svee"
Debra L. Swiontek $25.00 "Walk on Ladies!!! I'll be thinking of you all!"
Erin Ferguson $100.00 "Byron and I are sad we won't be able to join everyone for the walk! We love you Mom & wish we could be there :) "
Rebecca Weakley $50.00 "Go Deb Go!"
tamar dover $100.00 "Go Rami and Ray!"
Mike Wilson $20.00 "Cathy, best of luck with your race for the Cure. Please know you are in our thoughts and prayers. We wish you the very best. Mike & Cynthia Wilson"
Marearl Denning Hidden "Thank you so much Katie, and all of you who Race for the Cure! We are all winners because of you and the many who participate."
Scott Coffin $50.00 "Christine, It is great to see you are taking the Race for the Cure challenge! My mother was a breast cancer survivor when we were in high school. You are in my prayers, Scott."
Anonymous Hidden "Glad to help! Love Laura, Josh, and David"
Ruth and Robert Doughty $100.00 "Go Kyle! I hope the snow has melted before the run! "
Lois Posusta $50.00 "Thank you for walking for the Cure! Have a wonderful walk!"
Lori Storms $25.00 "Hey Joyce - so sorry I can't join you this year,,,we're heading to PA for Lucas' 1st Communion. I'll be thinking of you!"
Jan Powell Hidden "Keep the good fight. I am praying for your complete cure."
Erin McDonough $75.00 "Good luck guys!"
mark and Kaewta Shapiro $100.00 "Have fun,Denise.We are proud of you."
Kelly ONeill $25.00 "Bonnie, Our Prayers are with you and your family! God Bless and Hi to everyone... Love Kelly "
chris polydoroff $25.00 "you go girls (and boys)!"
joe olsen $25.00 "caroline is hot!"
Chris Seeman $40.00 "Cathy- Best of luck reaching your goal! Sorry we can't be part of the walk. Chris & Amy Seeman"
Janine Trutna $25.00 "Yeee Ha! Ride 'Em Diane! Hopefully ya'll won't be walking like a cowboy the next day :-) Cheers, Janine"
Megan Snell $10.00 "Love you guys! ~ Auntie M"
Jack Timm $500.00 ""In honor of Danna's breasts" Hang in there! We love you! Jack, Juliet and Dave"
Jeanne Mehlhop $25.00 "Thank you for doing this race, Tawnya! Our family did this walk for several years after my breast cancer diagnoses, but it won't work for us this year. Now I can feel like I am still participating in some way. It's an amazing event! I wish you wonderful weather. "
Anonymous $100.00 "great job Ian"
Mary Birch $100.00 "Katie, as a survivor I applaud your efforts and appreciate you and your team immensely."
Kevin Feit $25.00 "Way to go Katie! Good luck in your fundraising! ~Kevin"
James Cross $25.00 "Good luck!"
Dennis & Kay Prchal $100.00 "Thanks for doing this important work to make the world a better place!"
Amy Anderson $50.00 "Good Luck with your Fundraising....."
Rheta Larson $25.00 "Good Luck Mom!"
Joan Schroeder $50.00 "Hey Jess, You are an amazing, strong, brave, fun, loyal, and loving woman and friend. I feel so fortunate to have you as a friend. Sorry I cannot make it for the walk. I will be with you in spirit. Love you- Joan"
Julie Maidment $25.00 "Our hearts and prayers are with you. Have a blessed Easter! Love, Julie, Terry and Family"
Lynn Hoff $25.00 "Go girls!!!"
Rob Borchardt Hidden "Have a great walk!"
Rheta Larson $25.00 "Good Luck Perstrelli!"
Doreen Anderson $25.00 "Awesome Jenny!"
rachel bandy $100.00 "Go kick cancer's butt!!"
Dorothy Hentges $50.00 "Good Luck on the Walk Stephanie! I met you at a WIN event over a year ago. Love to hear your show on FM107.1. "
Norman Nakawaki $25.00 "Great cause Kyle! "
Adam Pappelbaum $50.00 "Our thoughts are with you, your family and all the Angels - Shawn and Adam"
thomas kuehl $100.00 "you're a good man, charlie brown. my best to you and mom ~ t"
Todd Rosenow $100.00 "To my beautiful wife and 'breast' friend. You are my rock and my inspiration!"
CATHY ASHFELD $100.00 "You are in God's hands. Lou and I pray He will give you the strength and grace to get through this difficult journey. "
Lisa Braun $25.00 "I'll be cheering you on"
Kerry Nelson $100.00 "Good Luck Theresa. We all miss you."
claudia haaven $50.00 "This is a great cause. So good of you to be doing this."
Corinne Corinne $25.00 "Good for you! Have fun! Miss you!"
Barb Ballard $100.00 "Light as air!"
Toni Tredal $50.00 "What a Great event for the children and tribute to Joy. You make us all proud of your efforts and dedication to family. Love Toni & Mark "
Carol Humble $25.00 "Go team!!! Proud of you all!!!"
Jill Heier $25.00 "Walk On Baby!!"
Billy & Lainey Rodgers $25.00 "Awesome! Run Fast, & Take Chances!"
Geno borchardt $25.00 "Good luck!! Love, Geno, Lindy, Grahme and Grayson"
Scott McVay $50.00 "Thanks for asking me to donate, Tracy (and Monica)."
Leslie Schwankl $50.00
Wenty Barrett $50.00 "This is great stuff! Wenty Went"
Elena Hoen $25.00 "You go girl !!!"
Mark Newstrom $100.00 "best wishes, Becky!"
Leigh Stepan $100.00 "What Courage!"
Marion & RuthAbeth McElrath $100.00 "Christine: We are pleased to make a contribution to your Walk for the Cure. Your courage in your fight against cancer has been admirable. More and more people are cancer survivors due the rseach done by the Komen Foundation. We are proud of your participation in this endeavor. You, Brian and Guillermo are in our thoughts always!"
Liz Masters $25.00 "Good luck Ellen."
Janel Sayler $10.00 "I'm sorry we can't be there with you. We wish you the best! Janel and Dave "
Denise Swenson $25.00 "Thanks Tiffany, It's a great thing your doing, and I commend you for taking the time to walk again, myself and many others out there thank you! love ya Deni"
Stephanie Auran $20.00 "Hope you aren't "snowshoeing for a cure". :) Good luck with your run. We'll be cheering for you and all of the others. Love ya!"
Susan O. Wade $25.00 "Go Debora and Rebecca!! With love, Susan and Alex"
Barbara Emmerich $20.00 "Go Team Christine...With Positive Wishes, & lots of support!!"
Nancy Conley $50.00 "Your commitment inspires me, G!"
Jo Anne Murphy $50.00 "Thank you Lori from all the daughters out there!"
Margie Glaesemann $25.00 "Good luck, Celeste. I'll being thinking of you and hoping the miles go quickly and easily! Love, Margie"
Dylan Sansom $100.00 "ROADHOUSE!!!"
Lori Beauvais $25.00 "Happy to be able to walk with you this year!!!"
Robert & Magda Kersting $25.00 "Tawnya, It's wonderful that you are doing this! Good luck with your race! We will be there as well : ) P.S. Robert's company will make a match to the foundation."
Maureen Ritter-Gonnerman $25.00 "Although I have never met your Grandma, I know from talking with your Mother that she is a very special person, just like your mom! Have a great day walking!"
Julie Thron $25.00 "So happy for you Debbie! You are truly an inspiration to so many with your outlook on life! You are such a ray of sunshine! Love Ya! Julie"
Mareta/Robert Prill $25.00 "You know this is one of my pet causes - what a nice way to honor your pseudo mom and all the survivors. WALK PROUD!!!!! "
Jennifer Bidleman $50.00 "YAY Angie! Have fun! You rock!"
Viane Hoefs Hidden "Way to go Mandy!"
sue heffele $25.00 "Good luck Kerrie!!"
Margie Oxborough $25.00 "Good Job Colleen! Go Destroyers!"
Connie Leaf $25.00 "Thanks for your support of this important cause!"
chele hansen $25.00 "Thanks for doing this for those of us who can't ! Chele"
Amy Calabretta $25.00 "Good luck! Love, Ben, Amy and Avery"
Leila S. Ayers $50.00 "Have fun on your walk. Maybe sometime I can make it up there and walk with all of you! "
louise ceccarelli $50.00 "You and Brian have always been one of my favorite vendors. Your integrity and loving personality shows though in everything you do. This will be one of the hardest things you will ever have to do but I know you will come through it with flying colors. We can't afford to loose good people like you. You are a winner! !"
margaret norine $25.00 "Great Idea ! Hope the weather co-operates !"
Tanya Adams $25.00 "Tawnya, this is fabulous and I wish you good luck with your race! My Mother-in-Law was diagnosed with breast cancer in late 2009...Kiersten and I will be walking with her and her friends on the 8th for the 5K Walk. I hope we have wonderful weather!! "
KimandChris Beirise $100.00 "Good luck to Team Tonto!! "
Ben Williams $25.00 "Go Mama!"
Charles Ismert $25.00 "This better not be a trick fundraiser site for T-Paw... :) Have fun! Charlie"
Gary Sadlemyer $25.00 "Go Vicki go!"
Reena Patel $50.00 "Glad you're doing this! Definitely an important cause!!"
Carrie Nerison $25.00 "Cathy - May God continue to bless you with a clean bill of health. Thank you for allowing me to support you in this wonderful cause. Carrie Nerison"
Jennifer Preston $10.00 "Love that you girls are doing this! Love to you all!"
Jennifer Preston $10.00 "Have a great day!"
Sandra Sutter $50.00 "I am with you every step of the way!"
Katy Perry $100.00 "Go, Team TEMPO! You guys rock! Katy"
Christina Hughes $50.00 "You Rock Cat!"
Joe Larson $25.00 "Kelly, I appreciate your participation in such a great event for an even greater cause. Breast cancer has taken a good friend of mine ... D.D. Lindsey was only 30 and she left her husband and two young sons behind. I miss her every day. Thanks! Joe Larson"
Loretta Rothberg $10.00 "I am a friend of Louise Ceccareilli"
Gail Blocker $50.00 "Go Lisa! Need to continue the research for cure!"
Patricia Roush Hidden "Boni & Anna - proud to know you!"
Debbie and Guy Morgan $25.00 "We are happy to contribute as you work to support this very worthy cause! Have fun on your walk and may you be blessed with great weather!"
Jenny Elliiott $25.00 "The run is fun. I've done it before and it is inspirational! To see so many people come together to fight for a wonderful purpose! Thanks for giving me an opportunity to contrbute this year!"
Anonymous $25.00 "You GO Girl!!!"
Anna Hudak $25.00 "Way to Go! I'm so proud of the Northwest Ladies Club!"
Amanda Meyer $50.00 "We love you guys! Wish we didnt have to work so we could join you! Go Team Meyer!!!!"
Jessia Gardne $10.00 "Go Gwen Go! Proud to support you!"
Jim Probst $10.00 "Go Girl Go !!!!!!"
Lori Hecomovich $25.00 "In Memory of Helen Hecomovich"
Ann Contreras $25.00 "Have fun Shirley!!!"
Robert/Ruth McQuigg $100.00 "We're very pleased to participate in this most worthy cause, and we're pulling hard for a most happy outcome. Our Blessings to you, Debora! "
Holly Fischer $100.00 "Here's to Amy's Girlies! May they ALWAYS be healthy and happy! -With our Love, Holly&Amy"
Holly Jett $100.00 "May you have sunshine, pleasant breezes and good companionship on your walk!"
Brooke & Lon Thiele $50.00 "What a great cause! Have a great time on your walk! :)"
Jessica Smith $15.00 "So proud of you for doing this!! What a great Mother's Day/Birthday :) Love you!"
Dani Margenau $25.00 "Go Wassinks!"
Leslee Frank $25.00 "Fantastic Jennie! I support what you're doing! Leslee"
Marcy Parent $25.00 "Thanks for your efforts for a great cause, Brenda!"
Greta van Meeteren $30.00 "Good luck Annette!"
Ann Dreeland $25.00 "For my youngest sister--may you stay well! Love, Ann"
Donald Erickson $20.00 "Joanie, walk for us! We will be thinking of you as we continue to workout, here. Love Sharon"
Greg Davison $10.00 "Wish I could do more, times pretty much suck for me."
Susan Roark $25.00 "Thanks, Theresa, for doing the Race for the Cure. The money raised goes to such an important charity and I pray that one day soon we will find a cure for this nasty cancer. God Bless you in your upcoming walk and I pray that you continue to be cancer free. Good luck and thanks for your hard work. Love, Sue"
David Yarusso $50.00 "Go, Mary!"
Deb Kratz $25.00 "Thanks for your efforts!"
Tim nancy Downey $50.00 "Wonderful seeing you last weekend at the Cantata. You look GREAT!"
Monique Allshouse $50.00 "GO H GO! We are so proud to support your team!! M & D"
Bonnie K Boie $25.00 "Dina, This goes to such a wonderful cause, hope to see you on the walk."
Patricia Bauer $50.00 "Best wishes, Emma . . . you and your son are in my thoughts. "
Ellamae Tuffs $25.00 "Hope you all have a beautiful day for the walk. Thanks so much for participating for a wonderful cause and will be thinking of you! I'm proud of you. Love, Aunt Ellamae"
Helga von Websky $25.00 "Good cause, Kori!"
Susan Taylor $25.00 "Go Mary! Walk for your mom and help kick cancer's ass!"
Joel & Jo-Anne Smith $50.00 "We are proud of what you are doing -- wish we could join you"
Susan Fick $50.00 "I still think you should do it in full fire fighter gear ;)"
Michele Hertle $25.00 "Thank you for your dedication to such a GREAT cause. "
Peter Lewine $25.00 "Good for you AnnieAnnie!!!!!"
Carol Shirk $25.00 "I have done this walk/run several times in honor of my mother and several friends that have survived breast cancer. Thank you for raising money for such a great cause!"
Norma Ballard $50.00 "Toni, Have a great run! Love, Tim & Norma"
Craig Otterness $100.00 "Way to go Sarah!! It's great you take the time and make the effort. Proud of you!! Craig"
Gail Hauan $25.00 "Way to go, Jen. I'm so proud of you for doing this year after year. "
Wendy Kobe $25.00 "Way to go Knocker Walkers!!!!"
Ron and Kim Anderson $25.00 "Way to go David and Jen!!!!"
Jan Needham $50.00 "Yea, I'm so proud of you"
Jeannine Rivet $500.00 "Keep Smiling Gayle, and thanks to your Angels for walking/running for you. JMR"
Nancy MacCready $50.00 "So honored to support you for such a worthwhile cause. Way to go!"
Jill Schoenfelder $20.00 "Dody - you're a Survivor and just an all around fabulous woman. Happy to support you and your efforts."
Dawn & Wes Coyour $25.00 "Jaime, Thanks for being an active participant in the battle against breast cancer. I'm so very proud of you. Love, Mama"
Amy Hauge $25.00 "Good Luck on your walk."
Elizabeth Harrap $50.00 "Good Luck with the walk! Am planning to do UK version this summer with Issy and my girls. Love to all the Ryans, Lizzy xxxx"
amanda bennett $25.00 "yaay annie esme! "
Keith Kwan $25.00 "Run Jill Run"
Sue Brake $25.00 "Way to go White Bear Knocker Walkers!!!!!!!!!! 3 of my friends and I did the Susan G. Komen 3 Day for the Cure last year, and it was a blast!!! It was the most challenging and moving thing I have ever done. I lost my Mom to breast cancer 19 years ago, 2 of her sisters also, and 1 of her sisters is a breast cancer SURVIVOR! Thanks for FIGHTING LIKE A GIRL!!!! Sue"
Sue Truhlar $50.00 "You go, girl!"
Sue Truhlar $50.00 "You go, girl!"
Louise and Paul Louiselle $25.00 "Good Luck Ta Tas Louise and Paul"
Dawn Drosky Knoz $25.00 "Have fun!"
World Foods $25.00 "You Go Beth ! Have fun"
Dawn Anderson $25.00 "Good luck everyone with the walk/run. I hope you reach the goal. Gayle you are in my thoughts and prayers everyday. Take care. Dawn"
Jane Brady $25.00 "GOOD LUCK DENISE! :)"
Elizabeth Watts $25.00 "Any friend of Amy's is a friend of mine. Hope your weather cooperate on the day of the walk."
Jennifer Osheim-Owen Hidden "We love you! ~ Eric and Jen"
Anonymous $25.00 "Hey Jules! Thanks for the opportunity to support such a great cause!!!! Hope you have a wonderful walk :)"
Sarah Floyd $25.00 "GOOD LUCK!! :) "
Rhonda Hubbard $20.00 "Jessica, just to let you know I am lifting you in prayer and believing a miracle will happen for you!! It is a pleasure to meet you through Amy and through your inspiring letter. I wish you the very best!!"
Anita Pignataro $15.00 "My prayers are with you."
Joe and Diana Dutcher $100.00 "Jess, we continue to be amazed by your progress and strength through all of this. Keep fighting, you are an inspiration."
Megan Evens $20.00 "This donation is in honor of my Aunt who is a breast cancer survivor!"
Wade Hartenstein $25.00 "Thanks for your efforts Michelle."
Kathie Battle Sayles $25.00 "I am making this donation in honor of Thomas Boardman."
Claudia Cuddyer $100.00 "Way to go Addie! Love, Casey"
Bonnie Jacobs $100.00 "Tawyna,So proud of you for walking you have such a big heart! I would love to find one for Leuk. id walk forever for Jessica!!!! Love You, Bonnieother"
Janet Besch Hidden "Good luck! Have fun! Don't trip!"
Treon & Sue Yost $25.00 "Jessica is the most amazing women we have met and has a real zest for life which makes others want to live the same way. You go girl keep right on figthing. Love Toad & Sue"
Darlene Dokken $100.00 "Madden, Great-grandma Darlene (Nana) is so excited about coming home to see you and am especially excited about walking with you in the cancer walk. I am so proud of you for doing this."
Steve and Lisa Nikrant $25.00 "Good luck to you both! We're happy to support this great cause!"
Tamara Fagely Hidden "I am so excited to spend Mother's Day with my sister supporting an excellent cause! Since we used to do this to support family and friend's who had breast cancer it is way to close to home that we are now doing this for you too Gwen! Looking forward to a fun day and millions more to come! My support too is for my sister-in-law and many friends that have had to deal with breast cancer or other cancers. Tami "
Kari McCullough $50.00 "Kelly, I'm so proud of what you are doing. "
Lia Heuring $25.00 "Have fun at the Walk!!"
Stepheny Reyes $25.00 "Way to go, Lynn!"
Melissa Abdouch Hidden "May the bonding memories built on this day overshadow those you wish to forget. One day, a cure will be found and we will spend less time fighting (cancer) together and more time LIVING together. Thank you for your dedication!"
Robyn Cook $50.00 "Becky, Have a great walk! "
Cecile Lothian $50.00 "Go Deone and all your Dozens! Within the last 2 months, 2 of my relatives were diagnosed with breast cancer and a dear friend from the neighborhood where I grew up continues to live with stage 4 breast cancer -- 8 years now. She is an inspiration to all! Thank you for walking and raising money to continue the research needed to beat this once and for all. I'll be thinking about you on Mother's Day!!"
Richard Scales Advertising, Associates $100.00 "Our prayers are with you and your family. Your friends at Scales Advertising."
Rick Stezenski $50.00 "Danna - We are very proud of you and your positive attitude as you go through treatment. Lets hope for a nice day for your walk. Rick & Wendy"
Norm Veen $100.00 "Good luck Sara. Thanks for doing this!"
David Daline Hidden "Good Job. Have Fun!"
Kathleen McCauley $25.00 "You are AWESOME!!! Simply AWESOME!"
Carrie Kremer $25.00 "Great job Addie!! ~Kate"
Jennifer Beninati Hidden "Good Luck Laura!! :D Love, Chris and Jen!"
Kristy Glaze $50.00 "You go girl. Nothing like a good cause to get you motivated. The exercise is just a fringe benefit."
Kathleen Lindahl $100.00 "This donation is in memory of Jim Lenz from the Schmitz family."
James Kaib $40.00 "Mary, we hope the weather is good for the walk. We hope this gift helps and that a cure is found SOON!"
Scott Chase $25.00 "Amy: To you and Stacey - best of luck!!! Scott and Karyl Chase"
Janet Anderson $50.00 "Deb, You are an inspiration and one tough cookie. I hope the run goes well!"
Lisa Yetzer-Samuel $100.00 "You go girls!"
Elizabeth Jurchisin $50.00 "Way to Go! Love Liz and Art"
Julie Johnson $25.00 "Kari, thank you for walking in the Race for the Cure. We will be praying for you, your family, and especially your Aunt as she battles this disease. Hugs and many blessings! -Julie, Matt, Mckenna, & Calla"
marci coopersmith $100.00 "Way to go Joe!!! "
Laurie Schneier $10.00 "Walk on, Memory Walkers!"
Theresa Mahoney $50.00 "This is my graduation present to you! What an amazing woman you are, always willing to help others before youself~Love you, Theresa"
Christina Nau $25.00 "This is in honor of my Aunt Dianne Star. She is a breast cancer survivor. And everyone else"
Linda Wynn Hidden "I've very proud of you. You are a strong beautiful loving daughter, mother and friend. Remember Grandma and Troy when you are walking. They will be watching over you I'm sure of it. Love you , Mom"
Jessi Kromer $25.00 "Good luck Ann!"
Judith Lewis $30.00 "Great way to honor Pam's memory...if don't walk will be there in spirit."
Michael LaTour $50.00 "Have fun, Momma! Love, M & E"
JENNIFER HUTZAL $25.00 "Darcy- I am so proud of you and all that you are accomplishing as a survivor and a fundraiser! Enjoy the walk~we will be thinking of you! Many blessings to you Jen and Mark Hutzal"
Bobbi & Jack Conrad $25.00 "Go Deena!"
Jeff Kerfeld $25.00 "Patty - have fun doing this. I'm sure your mother is very proud of you as her daughter and for your efforts here. Jeff"
Nanci Lilja Hidden "Congratulations on 8 years Cindy!!"
Debbie West $25.00 "You go Girls! My prayers are with you both! "
Kellie Paquette $25.00 "I know that Auntie Karen will kick cancers' butt!! I love you TONS, KMA!!!!! I wish I could donate more to help find a cure for this once & for all!"
Sharon Thomas $10.00 "Hi Pam, Good luck on your fundraising & on you walk!! You go girl!!!!!"
Alicia McMonigal $25.00 "Thanks Linda! "
Lisa Endres $25.00 "Good luck on your walk Olga. Love you! Lisa"
Melissa Huot Hidden "How did it take me so long to find out about this?? --Sorry I can't walk with you guys, but I'll definitely be there in spirit! Love love love you Sue! <3"
Megan Elliasen $25.00 "Thanks for doing this again!!"
Julie and Kurt Rolling $50.00 "Jessica - You are an inspiring and couragous woman. I am blessed to know you. :) Julie"
Mandi Young $5.00 "I work with your son, he's a great guy! Congrats on your 8 years!"
Gloria Brach $50.00 "Great cause. I will think of my mother that day. Thanks!"
Denise Trittin $25.00 "Go Team Jean's Jugs!"
Deb O'Flanagan $50.00 "Linda, You are SO AWESOME!! Congrats on your 6 year anniversary! I love you! Deb O."
Olga Dale $250.00 "I walk in memory of Aunty Stella, in honor of my sister Marie J, Winnie W S, Mary Mac, Diane F, Judy F, Jeannine H, Mary Jo N, Linda L, Barbara L, Pat D, Mary Lou R, Rosie, Lori H, and many other friends I may not have remembered and for all women who have fought and lost, or fought and survived. I am blessed to have fought and survived."
Laurie Kahl $10.00 "Go Team!"
Peggy Sullivan $10.00 "We are still losing too many women of all ages to breast cancer. It'l time to stop this insidious disease."
Emily Borges $25.00 "You should commend yourself for actively participating in this every year and helping find a cure for the horrible disease. "
Katie Adelmann $25.00 "Thanks for supporting such a great cause! Love you Heather!! - Katie "
Patti Welter $50.00 "You are such a strong person. I admire the way you dealt with your cancer!"
Mike and Lisa Vinje Hidden "You go girl! Happy walking!"
Deb Price $25.00 "Cousin Karen, we are storming heaven and behind you all the way! Love you Mike and Debbie"
Jennifer everett $25.00 "goooooooooooooo addie peyton paisley and piper!"
Anonymous $150.00 "Felicia - YOU GO GIRL!!! "
Erwin Cartrite $100.00 "Hoping for complete recovery and good health. Erwin Cartrite"
Bernie Schmidt $50.00 "Great Cause Caroline!"
Tim & Lisa Servais $25.00 "Hope you have beautiful weather and can enjoy the day with your family. "
Ann & Doug Myhre $25.00 "Way to go, Trisha! You're making a difference ... one step at a time ..."
Ann & Doug Myhre $25.00 "Thanks, Andy, for all your support! You rock!"
Carol Muer $50.00 "Go Becky Go !"
gina moorhead $10.00 "YOU GO GIRL!"
Daniel Monzel $25.00 "Go Daisy Go"
Sarah Floersch Hidden "In honor of my courageous mother, a true survivor!"
Kerry Backes $10.00 "Great to hear you and Jonathon are contributing to this great cause. Have a great time thinking about and praying for those you love!"
Gary Maxa Hidden "Hope you have a great walk!"
Rhiannon Tokarz-Bigalke Hidden "Love you Trish!!"
Kathleen Finnegan $50.00 "Go Shirley and Sarah!!"
Kay Muchow $25.00 "You are an inspiration!"
Amy Dowling $50.00 "Gayle and Family, Wish we could be there to cheer you on during the race, but we'll be keeping you in our thoughts and sending you love and support! Gayle, we admire your courage and strength.. and take comfort knowing you have such an amazing family support system! Best wishes on Mother's Day and every day. Love, Amy and Chris Dowling"
Katie Bentley $100.00 "Good for your Kristine! I got tears in my eyes when I saw my mom's name. Good luck and enjoy! Katie"
Greg and Kim Ess $25.00 "Have a great day and hope the weather cooperates!"
Rebecca Arnoldy $25.00 "I'm sorry I can't walk with you but I'm praying for warm and dry weather, see you soon :) "
wilma zendel $200.00 "have a great walk, we love you. Wilma, Mark, Laura, Josh, David, Kara"
Gayle Gressman $10.00 "GO LISA!!!!!"
susan leiferman $25.00 "Great job Deb! You're a survivor!!"
bernadette g fisher1 $25.00 " Can't make the walk ,but will think for you and all those attending this important event ! berny"
Elizabeth A Cook $100.00 "Julie, Hope the walk goes smoothly. What a great cause! Thanks for doing this. Bets"
Ronald Thul $50.00 "Much thanks for doing this- Deone and Maria"
Christine Darsow $25.00 "Good cause, Go Jessie....Love Chris"
Tony Bauman $25.00 "Go Mathea don't let daddy beat you in the fun raising!"
Elaine Lucht $25.00 "Thanks for your commitment to such an important cause. Way to go girls! Walk on!! Love, Aunt Elaine"
Angelica Nolan $50.00 "I'm very proud of you Deb! Work it Girl! Can't wait to see you hopefully soon. Call me sometime if not for relaxation for lunch or supper? or how about a walk!!! take care Love ya. Angie"
Mary Bennett $25.00 "YEA! Cancer free celebration! "
Carole Schweim $25.00 "Deb....very proud of you and your daughter......good luck and continue with GODs help to stay ya carole"
Chris & Janice Regis $25.00 "Wishing you a beautiful day to walk and many more years as a survivor! "
Nancy surges Hidden "Good Luck!! "
Mary Sibley $50.00 "Go Jane & Chris! Hope it's a sunny day!"
Tenzin Tsondu $25.00 "I won't be able to join the walk, but you guys have my support. "
Anonymous $25.00 "Best wishes!"
Pam Eliason $50.00 "YOU GO GIRL!!!"
Lori Proehl $25.00 "I'll be with you there in spirit! Hope you get a great day and have an amazing run-- You ROCK!! "
Cindi Nelson $25.00 "How thoughtful of you Bill to include "our" Mars. And what a wonderful cause!!!"
Dan Terri Thatcher $50.00 "YOU ROCK KELLY!! Your are truly an inspiration for all women! Good Luck and have FUN !"
Marlene Bauer $25.00 "Good Luck on the walk Vicki! Thanks for doing this, Molly"
Tina Tina $100.00 "So proud of you Mookie! "
Lynn Diemer $50.00 "Angel, I am so proud of you. Love you."
Christine Wilkinson $50.00 "It's all about the TA TAs!"
GEORGIA COOPER $25.00 "What a year! But our prayers were answered and there's nothing but good things to come. Your one tough cookie girl! Oh & I absoulutely love your new hairdo!! "
Nicole Ceccarelli-Kreamer $50.00 "Christine - Life may be throwing the screw-ball right now...but you will hit it out of the park. You are in our everyday prayers. "SAVE SECOND BASE!""
Laura Zelle $25.00 "Our thoughts will be with you on this day."
Christina & Cory Helwig $25.00 "Way to go!! Glad to help!"
Cathy Risdall $25.00 "Wishing you all the best, Judy, in your struggle with breast cancer. One never knows when it might be one of our turns. Keep the spirit! You are a wonderful person."
Steve and Elise Paquette $100.00 "Thanks for running, Kristi! Good luck, Boob Squad! Love, Mom and Dad Paquette"
lisa eder $25.00 "Go Kim and team !!"
Aurora L Whittet $25.00 "Heart you!"
Wendy Bartz $25.00 "You're an inspiration! Enjoy your day and good luck"
Heather Tate $25.00 "Have fun, Jody!"
Lori Enfield $100.00 "Even though I can't be there to walk with all of you, I am supporting each of you in keeping Noreen's memory alive. She was an incredible influence on me and many others. I will miss her forever."
Anonymous $50.00 "God's Blessings to all who have had to deal with this dreaded disease."
Brenda Haber $100.00 "Logan and London, This is a wonderful tribute to Grandma Nancy. I am really proud of each of you. Love ya Gram"
Michael Schadauer $25.00 "Thanks for helping a good cause. Good luck in the race."
Judy Boudreau $25.00 "You go, Alethea! My heart is with you!"
Brian Jones $25.00 "Go!"
Kristi Holton $50.00 "I am so proud of you Heather!! You are an inspirtaion to me =) YOU GO GIRL!!!"
Jacqy A. McKay $50.00 "Awesome Deb...1 year...Yeah!!! Love you! Jacqy"
Jen Welsh $25.00 "Thank you Kim! You rock!"
Daniel Cooley $25.00 "You can do it girl"
Julie Schoenecker $30.00 "Love you guys! Such a cute pic of you and your girls."
Sally Mikkelsen $25.00 "Love my girls and happy to help for a good cause! Love Grammy"
Mike Garry $100.00 "London and Logan, thanks for keeping the spirit of your Grandma Nancy alive and well. She will be with you all the way. Your participation will help someone else's Grandma spend more time with her Grandchildren. By participating we may someday see a cure for this terrible disease. Grandpa Garry"
Wayne & Orie Rentschler $100.00 "Danna, we're joining in the fight to help eradicate this rampant disease. You have a tough "row to hoe" but you have the determination to conquer. Stay strong."
sandra sc haffer $50.00 "Arlene ans Zvi, you are both such a wonderful inspiration, especially to each other.I am sorry I will not be able to join you for the walk as we will be out of town."
Alissa Sarbiewski $25.00 "Thank you for your commitment to finding a cure, Tobi. :) "
susan mather $25.00 "Way to go Stacey. I will be thinking about you on Mom's day."
Linda Boe $50.00 "Thank you for all that you have done for the SWCCB, but beyond that your courage has been an inspiration to all of us. We continual to keep you in our thought & prayers. The Boe family"
Sandy Best $25.00 "Go Linda! "
Cyndee & Tom Barnes $100.00 "Rita, I would walk with you, too, if I were there. "
Mark Shade $25.00 "We are happy to support your cause and hope you have a great pair of shoes!"
Eileen Kopman $25.00 "Dear Kathy, Thank you for taking your time and energy to participate in this event. I know you'll enjoy yourself and do well. Happy Mother's Day! Love, Eileen"
Caroline Larsen $25.00 " Thank you for walking on behalf of all the women who have had, have or will have this awful cancer. Too many women of all ages have had to learn to live with breast cancer and some have lost the fight. You go girl! Walk for my friends who are fighting to survive: Adorene, Marymartha, Sr. Marion and Sr. Monica. Please keep all these women and all the others in your prayers. Walk and pray for a cure!"
Audrey Doten $25.00 "You go girlfriend!"
mary persson $25.00 "Thank you for raising money and awareness for breast cancer. I hope the day of your walk is bright and sunny!"
Rosemary H. Tully $25.00 "Good Luck Jess "
Layla Prchal $25.00 "Run, rabbit run, Dig that hole, forget the sun, And when at last the work is done, Don't sit down it's time to dig another one..."
Barbara Pforzheimer Hidden "Thanks to both of you for doing this for such a worthy cause!"
Phyliss Frank Hidden "What a great cause in honor of a great woman! What a special thing you and your family are doing. Phyliss"
Gretchen Cole $50.00 "Andrea, a champion survivor!"
Kathy Corbin $50.00 "Best Wishes, Tobi !"
Debbie Reece $50.00 "Run Tami Run!!!"
Elizabeth Connelly $25.00 "Sorry to miss this year-we will be out of town. Have a great race."
Deborah Mangham $25.00 "way to go Liz!"
Julie Connor $25.00 "What a great way to spend Mother's Day:)"
Teena Keiser $100.00 "Thinking of you..."
Pam Thake $25.00 "U Go Girl:O"
Michelle Carr $25.00 "Hi Madden- I am so glad you are walking for your Grandma Kim. I know she is going to be so happy to have you there walking with her. We need to do all we can to help find a cure for breast cancer! Get your K-Swiss ready!! :) "
marsha martinson $50.00 "Grandma Nancy would be so proud of you! Thanks for including me every year. Good luck with your walk. I am anxious to see this year's pics. A West Lyon friend, Marsha"
Joanne Hamel $25.00 "Good for you, Alicia! Joanne Hamel"
Laurie Brovold $50.00 "Amy You are so amazing! Hope to see you a lot this summer up at the lake - you go girl:) Love you, Laurie and Kenny"
Tiffany Kostroski $35.00 "From Jim and Linda Koppa"
Rebecca Boucha $25.00 "I am so proud of you Bri! You are doing such a wonderful thing...Love you friend!"
Paul Try $100.00 "Nancy and Paul are wishing for the best outcome and pulling for you."
Kristen Jobin $25.00 "Walking with you in spirit"
Dan Loomis $50.00 "I hope you have a beautiful day for your walk Deb! "
Geneva MacMillan $20.00 "Rita, I'm glad your family is supporting and walking with you. You are all blessed to have your time together in supporting cancer research. Continue on your healthy path, Geneva "
Esther Wax $25.00 "Good luck"
Thuy Pham $50.00 "Pavement rules!!!"
Mike + Maureen McDaniel $50.00 "Good Luck Rita!!!"
Mary Hintzman $100.00 "Hey Joe, You are a spectacular person doing tremendous things. Don't ever forget that. Keep up the good work, you are an inspiration. FYI: I will be filling out a company matching donation so this will really be $200!"
Jacqueline Hall Hidden "I'm so proud of you! I'm sending over big hugs and we need to get together soon. "
Laura Toth $25.00 "Good luck ladies. Have a great run. "
Leslie Vogelman Hidden "Good luck and thanks for supporting this worthy cause."
Maggi Runke $25.00 "I'm happy to help "
Clare Sokup $50.00 "Christine--Our thoughts are with you during your walk..we know you can do it! Jim, Clare, Isabel & George"
Shelly Nephew $15.00 "Good luck Tina, maybe next year we can do the 3day.. "
Dawn Johnson $250.00 "Thanks for doing this Christina and Patt. We will be rooting for you!"
Joe and Lisa Moriarity $25.00 "Gwen - thanks for your courage and for raising awareness of a disease that touches us all! Lisa and Joe"
Lisa St.Germain $15.00 "Cheering you on!"
Walter White $250.00 "Good luck--we are pulling for you!"
Matthew Entenza $250.00 "You inspire us all Catherine!"
LeaAnn Bohn $25.00 "I am so proud of you walking BriAnn. You have been my biggest supporter through my diagnosis and treatment and after to keep awareness out there for everyone. I love you!! Mom (LeaAnn) "
Heather Kienitz $25.00 "YAY Gretchen :)"
Anna Mae Sjogren $25.00 "My Daughter, walked the 3 day and now does Security"
Jim Meyer $25.00 "Team TEMPO Rocks!"
Amy Derwinski $25.00 "Way to go, Team TEMPO! "
Dawn Marquard $25.00 "You have been through a lot this year. What a great family thing to do."
Anonymous $50.00 "Nancy, I am so happy for you for the three years you have been free of cancer. I hopee it will continue for many more years t come. Love you, Viginia"
Lynda Barry $10.00 "Go get 'em, Dody!"
Pete & Molly Cava $50.00 "Go Boob Squad (+Olivia)!"
Angel Morales $50.00 "Good luck. Thanks for your effort."
Douglas Nelson $50.00 "Go Team TEMPO!!"
Beth Frechette $50.00 "Have a great time at the walk Mom!"
Emily Patrick $25.00 "Thank YOU Dada!"
Lisa Westgard $25.00 "You go girl!"
Sharon Snyder $20.00 "Here's to Pink Power!!"
Cathy Robinson Hidden "Great cause Colleen! Thank you for walking!"
Brenda Surrtt $100.00 "Kathy - Your strength and courage have been an inspiration to everyone that knows you! You are amazing! "
SUZIE TREMEL $25.00 "Good luck with the race Kathy!"
Laurie Zenk Hidden "Way to support such a good cause Char! Have fun!"
Teresa Buffington $10.00 "What a great thing for a great cause!"
Teresa Buffington $10.00 "Keep strolling for grandma!"
Teresa Buffington $10.00 "Great thing you are doing! Great family support!"
Virginia Johnson $25.00 "Run, Sue, Run!! :O) V"
Kris Hoff $25.00 "Good luck and Good job!"
Chris Kostroski $25.00 "Blessings to you Julie for doing this. I hope to be doing this next year as a survivor. Go Girl Power!!!!"
Anonymous Hidden "Go Digger Go!"
Cheryl Gannon Hidden "Pam, I am so glad to know you are cancer free. You have had a long & tough road, but your faith & positive attitude have made you a great example of God's mercy. Love, Cheryl Gannon "
Greg Nelson $20.00 "this is a 20.00 contribution from Dr Zanders"
Deanna Jorgenson $25.00 "Go Erin!!!"
Lori and Brian Stevens $30.00 "Hi Nicole! We are crossing our fingers for great weather for the race this year and a great turn out! Long story, but we have to miss it this year! Hope you don't mind us donating via your fundraising page!"
Kathleen DeBolt $25.00 "In honor of Brian and Linda from her old piano teacher. "
Lee Ann Smith $10.00 "Mary, Good luck with the Race for the Cure! Your Mom, as your Angel, must be so proud of you."
Gary Mason $25.00 "Hi Rhonda,We hope you're doing well,and yes we're glad to make this small contribution."
Loganathan Chettiar $50.00 "We wish you Good luck Denise!!! Have a great fun out there..... we miss you guys a lot"
Christopher Nelson $50.00 "You are a hoot AND you give a hoot!"
Steve and Rhonda Domine $50.00 "Gwen, "Attitude is a little thing that make a great difference." May we all learn a little bit about "attitude" from you.... Steve and Rhonda"
Jeff Portlance $50.00 "Thanks for giving back to society =)"
David Westman $50.00 "Have a Great walk for a very Good Cause. Look for Anne - she will be walking with her sister and family too. "
Susan Hewitt $100.00 "Will be thinking of you on the race day !!! Here's to hoping and praying that my daughters will NEVER have to face a breast cancer diagnosis or go through what I have !!!"
Carrie and Ron Gustafson $100.00 "You're Amazing and we love you very much. Ron and Carrie"
Tom & Hannah McGraw-Dzik $100.00 "Dear Mike, Wow, it is one thing to say I love you, it is quite another to 'act' love out, Sue must be thrilled with your doing the run. May you have a sunny day, be fleet of foot and have the knowledge that many support your effort. Loving madly in gratefulness, Hannah"
Sue Swenson Hidden "Way to go, Cheri. "
Heather Bakke $25.00 "We will beat this!"
Kyle Frase $25.00 "My family has been there too...Thank you for doing this! "
Nancy Kelly $15.00 "Marilyn- Good luck at your walk. Karen- You can beat this horrible disease!"
Nancy Kiskis Hidden "Shel: You go girl!! We all know so many who are near and dear to us who have been affected by this terrible disease. Hopefully, we will find a cure soon!! Nancy"
Stacey Holm $41.00 "Have fun at the walk! Thanks for doing this!"
Roberta Gibson $25.00 "Proud to be a part of this, if only in a small way. Robin"
Jessica Chamberlin $25.00 "Way to go Kerrie!"
David Steele Hidden "Way to go, Anna! I'm very proud of you for your work on raising funds for this cause!"
Junine Fontaine $25.00 "Lisa and Casey - proud of you!"
Darryl & Patty Flynn $50.00 "In honor of Patty's sister, a survivor!"
Denise Settimi $100.00 "Good Luck Cathy and C rew! "
Darren Dyer $25.00 "Don't pull a hammy!"
Renee Wild $100.00 "Was going to walk with the Stone Family but my mom will be with me this year on Mother's Day. So glad we can contribute to your walk......missed seeing you in Florida in March. Best of luck with your fundraiser. Renee"
William Brueck $50.00 "Thanks for being active with this project, Connie. We've all been touched by friends and relatives who have struggled, and all too often lost, with the cancer battle. B²"
Jeorgette Knoll $50.00 "Happy Walking! Make the Austins proud!"
Jane Zinda $50.00 "Have a great day. Won't beable to walk that far. HAPPY MOTHERS DAY. Your Friend Jane Zinda"
Anonymous Hidden "Thank you Carl!"
Carolyn McHenry $50.00 "Thank you for doing this. Great cause so wish you well. This is in memory of a wonderful woman, Lora , who lost her life to this and to many others. "
Gary Derong $100.00 "Let's win this race, Kathy!"
Janet Fahey $25.00 "Enjoy the day/walk! Janet"
Anonymous $100.00 "What a great guy!"
Anonymous $100.00 "With as big a heart as you have, you should be over ten feet tall!"
Gwyn Christophersen $25.00 "Thanks, Becky, for including me in supporting your run. I'm sorry that your friend and co-worker died from this awful disease. I pray for God to bless the work using the dollars given that others may be helped in their time of need. I'll also be praying for you on the 8th! Love, Gwyn"
melinda mangel $25.00 "Here's to hoping that breast cancer will never be anything our future generations have to think about!! In memory of my grandmother, and in honor of you-I look forward to the Race this year!! "
Tanya Steffl $50.00 "Go Cathy!!"
Anonymous $25.00 "I so admire your strength & perseverance, Laura! Keep that beautiful smile of yours!:)"
LeaAnn Bohn $25.00 "Barret; I am so proud of you for wanting to walk and experience the joy of surviving as a family through this. You were such a rock for me during treatment. I love you so much and am really really proud of you. Love Mom "
Bradyn, Max & Nate Dremmel $50.00 "Good Luck!!"
Marie Kelly $25.00 "Good luck with the RUN this year, Anne! See you at breakfast. L, Marie"
Sarah Beuning Hidden "Congratulations Deb!"
Donna Armstrong $50.00 "I donate in honor of my mother, my aunt, my friends Meredith and Connie, and the too many women I know who have struggled, beaten, and lived with breast cancer! "
Michele Ranum $40.00 "Done deal sweetie!"
Marsha Finkelstein $18.00 "Cheers to you and your family! You are inspiring.."
Terry Shaffer $50.00 "Good-luck with the race Team K2!!!"
Denise & Dick Sullivan $100.00 "Dublin we are looking forward to walking with you and Nana on Mother's Day! Love, Grama and Grampa Sully"
Mary Rafferty $25.00 "I'll be with you in spirit, Olga!"
Anonymous Hidden "4 generations racing together! See you there!"
Shannah Spinner $25.00 "Way to go Rachael!"
Colleen Spearman $125.00 "We were just waiting to knock the knockers to their goal - GO TEAM! Love, Colleen and Dan"
Jackie Verdick $25.00 "More power to you and such a good cause."
Judy Peterson $50.00 "Kim - you go girl! I'm donating in honor of breast cancer survivors including my mom, Mary S. and you. Thanks for walking the walk."
Cindy Palmer $25.00 "Phyllis - What a wonderful thing to do, you go girl!"
sheila riley Hidden "I love you and am blessed to have you as my sister! I don't know what I'd do without you. I'm so glad your outcome was positive Shanni! "
Mary Hershberger $100.00 "I'm sorry that I can't join you this year. Have a wonderful walk and Mother's Day celebrations. Love, Mary"
Lori Swenson $50.00 "Thanks for doing this walk for all that can't. Love Mom"
Thomas Kresko $20.00 "Good Luck"
Kathy Shields $25.00 "I am happy to support you and your great cause. AND, I'm glad you are doing the "walk." What an accomplishment. Good Luck!"
Kathleen Connelly Knott $25.00 "In honor of you Heather, and the courageous way you have fought this disease. I am proud to be your cousin...and friend. Love & Admiration, Katy"
Cindy Reuther $50.00 "Thank you for the support and work you continue to do..... ckr"
Marcia Michalik $25.00 "Michelle, thank you for walking for ALL of the people we know with breast cancer! I'll be doing the 3-Day in August in honor of my mom, a two-time survivor!"
Rebecca Weber $25.00 "Way to go Lynn, wish I could join you!"
Maria Gibbons $25.00 "Good luck! Hope you have great weather!!"
Tanya Sturm $25.00 "Running sucks, but not nearly as much as cancer. Way to go, Nikki!"
Sharon Koppa $10.00 "Thanks for walking for us!"
Jane Elmore $25.00 "Go girls!"
Nicole Lang Hidden "Hobble away, Cheri! :)"
Brianne Corfman $100.00 "Good luck!"
Lisa Pederson Hidden "Have fun walking for a wonderful cause!"
Jodi Cornell $65.00 "Go Tiger Brigade!!!"
Amanda Giliotti $250.00 "Proud to support you, Nancy!"
Yukio &Julianne Kumasaka $50.00 "Gambatte, Olga! May God continue to bless you. Love, Yukio and Julianne"
Kay Lopez $50.00 "We wish you all the best in your successful campaign and walk. Love, Raul and Kay"
Sandra Davidson $25.00 "Way to go Sue and Sharon! The sun will be shinning on you that morning!"
Anne Lilleskov Hidden "Have a wonderful walk!"
Clif & Deb Peeters $50.00 "Becky where do you get all your energy? give it a good show and of course enjoy the walk."
Selina Vaith $25.00 "Way to go Kerrie!"
Jill Christensen $25.00 "Way to Go Friend!! You can do it :)"
Marcia Bergie $50.00 "For Debbie Steele, Victorius Writer Survivor"
Allison Kelly $25.00 "FU!"
John Steubs Hidden "Have a great walk! Kudos to you..."
Roxanne Soth $50.00 "Hope you have a great day!"
Kelly Schiffman $50.00 "Go Kim! Wish I could be there to walk with Kim's Cure Crew! Have a great time."
Kristen Berger $25.00 " are truly an inspiration!!!"
Mimi Law $25.00 "You go girls. I will be thinking of you all and sending my best wishes to Karen."
Beth Willis $50.00 "Way to go, Cathy!!"
Dana Rocchio $25.00 "Good luck Tracy! Great cause; thanks for running!"
sigm helle Hidden "we on the planet are blessed to have you here, so thanks for sticking around kid! your fundraising success is just one more way in which you keep making this a more beautiful world. "
Laura Neudecker $100.00 "Good for you for raising money!!!"
jay sorenson $50.00 "Good cause! Don't cramp up."
Michelle Herlund $25.00 "Save the Ta-Tas!! :D"
Scarlett Radway $25.00 "Run Gretchen Run!"
Suzy Cain $50.00 "Go Jill Go! :-) You rock!"
Loren langan Hidden "Thanks for walking for this important cause. I'll be thinking of you and your mom as you walk."
Vincent FEUTRY $50.00 "Thanks so much for your initiative. You are all wonderful to support cancer in memory of aun't Mary especially on this special day of Mother's Day. Love you all and will think of you on that day. Have a great day and a good walk altogether. Vincent."
Kim Koepp $25.00 "Way to go Jodi! I will think of you when I am walking too! ;o Happy walking!"
Betty Shidler $50.00 "Go Bulldogs.."
Renae Jelle $25.00 "Thanks for doing this! I hope you have a great day!"
Jamie Jamie $25.00 "I am honored to help support the Race for the Cure. You go Olga. I am so happy for your recovery."
Kelly and Andrew Allen $50.00 "Go Katie Go!!"
Leena Pai $25.00 "Have fun at the race, Dana!"
Sheila Krogstad $25.00 "Way to go ladies!!! I wish I were walking with you!!!"
Dawn Montague $25.00 "So proud of you for doing this! Have fun! "
Paula Seabright $25.00 "I'm so sorry to hear about your Mom. I will always remember the lilt of her voice with her sweet little southern accent. Best wishes to you in your walk! Paula Chauss Seabright"
Katie Mitchell $15.00 "Yay for Emily! Good luck!"
Deanne Newborg Hidden "Keept telling yourself, after this, I can fit into my skinnIER jeans! "
Mathew Foss Hidden "I expect you to win. "
Melissa Cowles $25.00 "In memory of my Grandma, Arlene Topping."
Marjorie Page $100.00 "Norren, Wish I could be there with you all - I will be in spirit. It's about this these little bundles of joy that have come into our lives and are coming home (hopefully) on Saturday. So I will be trying to be the helpful grandma. Take care. Much love. mp"
christine wollan $25.00 "Thanks for walking and helping out the cause!"
Bonnie Bassett $50.00 "We are cheering and rooting for you. You go girl. Bonnie and Jerry"
CARISSA HOYT Hidden "Wish I could be there by you side on the walk. GO TEAM PAM!"
Ron Peper $25.00 "Will never forget you, love Ron"
Ronald Laramy $100.00 "In appreciation of all the members of Alisa's team and all of the great work that the Susan G. Komen people do."
bonnie ahlman Hidden "Hi Emma, We just got back and heard the news about Jack.Our prayers are with your family. we know you will fight back , and we are glad to support you! The Ahlmans"
Sharon Pieschel $100.00 "Carol: Thank you for once again partaking in The Race for the Cure. You are an inspiration to so many. Good luck with the walk on May 8th - Atta Girl!! Sharon Pieschel"
Sarah Swarts $100.00 "As a survivor I'm contributing as I want to help others."
grandma & grandpa Steinke $25.00 "way to go BriAnn helping out by walking. Love grandma"
Mary Hershberger $100.00 "Go "Team Natalie" - sorry I can't be part of this adventure!!!!!"
Darlene Keller $15.00 "Congratulations to one of many survivors!"
Linda Coll $25.00 "Run Sally run!!!!!!"
Laura Sigler $25.00 "It is so wonderful that you will be running in Mary's honor. She was an amazing woman! "
M Johnson $25.00 "Go, Mi Rinda!!!"
Tonia Karbowski $100.00 "So proud of you for your awesome attitude. You are such a wonderful inspiration to donate in honor of!!! :) Nothing but positive vibes being sent your way. - Tonia"
Lynn Garrett $50.00 "Good Luck and enjoy the walk!!!"
Alan Rogers $150.00 "Love you Lois! Alan & June"
Angie McIntire $25.00 "Way to go, Pam! I am so proud and amazed at your upbeat attitude and positive outlook on everything! You are truly a role model for all women. Angie"
Mary Sissel $50.00 "Wish I could walk this with you!"
Jennifer Johnson $25.00 "Thank you for supporting the cause and raising money. Here’s to great weather for all you wonderful walkers!"
Gail Barker $25.00 "Wish I was there to walk with you all! "
Anita Smits Hidden "Best wishes for your walk! All of you are awesome!"
Tim Stout $50.00 "Gwen, we are so lucky to have you as a neighbor. Thanks for RACING FOR THE CURE! Tim and Stacey Stout"
MaryKay Plank $25.00 "Good Luck on race day and have fun in honor of your Mom/Grandma. I am happy to support your efforts!"
shelley stockman Hidden "Go,Pam,Go Will be cheering you on in spirit! have fun! love, shelley"
Kim Eisenhuth $25.00 "Go get 'em, Teresa!! Thanks for doing this!!"
Kim Holland $25.00 "We are always here for you and your family. Love ya Kim"
Katie Brummond $25.00 "Cathie and Steph, I am SO thankful to have you in my life. Without you I would not be the person I am today (and may not have made it though my childhood because of someone (**Cough - Evan - Cough**). Cathie you are basically my second mom. You helped to raise me to be the woman I am today and I am so thankful for you. I feel so blessed that you are in my life and I thank god every day that he allowed you stay here longer to touch each and every one of our lives. Steph, I love you like a sister - and you practically are! You've been my partner in crime many times and you are the best friend anyone could ever ask for. I can't wait to celebrate one of the biggest days of my life with you beside me. Thank you for always keeping me sane when life throws me a curveball. I love you ladies with all my heart and soul. <3"
allison adrian $50.00 "SalliBalliBoMalli, you rock. Cancer is deplorable. I'm so glad you and some other babes are bombing it. "
Gordon Skiba $25.00 "Here's to two of my favorite ladies, and to their worthy cause. Still looking for an invite to dinner some time Stephi :) Take care to you both, and hopefully the weather will cooperate on the day of your walk! Take care, Gordy, Linda, Digger, Kanaii and Stryker too!"
Sarah Winge $25.00 "Beautiful picture of two strong beautiful ladies! Have a wonderful walk!"
Barb Shillings $75.00 "We will be thinking of you!! Marissa and Barb"
Kevin Ranagan $30.00 "Great job Kathy, behind you all the way!"
Brad Langlais $50.00 "Get those tennis ready - Go Pink Power - Love you Christine!"
Eira Dungey $50.00 "Best of Luck for the walk. We will be thinking of you all.Hope Jack will be well enough to join you. Lots of love to you all Mummy and Daddy xxx"
Linda Bialick $40.00 "27 years ago, my mother was diagnosed with breast cancer. She will be celebrating her 90th birthday in July and still going strong! Kudos to you and your mom, Steph, for spreading the word of early detection. Have fun at the race! Linda Bialick"
Laura Kube Hidden "Thank you so much for walking for my mom and soooo many others!! I will be cheering you on!!!"
Joy McFarlane $30.00 "Cash donations given to me by Leslie Grays, Brenda Olson & the McFarlane's. "
Miri Lawrence $100.00 "Good luck Emma! xxxx"
Judy Zuzek $50.00 "Thanks Becky for committing yourself to such an important cause."
Donna Taylor $50.00 "Thanks for walking for such a special cause. Please include my mom Alice Taylor who died from cancer in 2009. Thanks much!"
Mary Jo Corson $100.00 "Good luck on the walk."
Saralyn Crock $100.00 "So excited to be a part of Team K2! Kathy - you're such an inspiration to others. Your "glass" is always at least 1/2 full!! May it runneth over. "
Myra Sandoval $25.00 "Good for you. Love Myra"
Jennifer Rose $5.00 "Hope it's a nice day Abby...Here is a dollar from everyone in the Rose family... ~Robert, Jenny, Anthony, Daniel, and Zachy :)"
Kristi Huettl $25.00 "Pam - Go Vigs! Great way to show your support. Thanks for including us. "
Jennifer Rose $5.00 "Hi Jake! Have fun on the walk :) Here is a dollar from each of us! ~Robert, Jenny, Anthony, Daniel, and Zachy :) "
Nancy Osgood $50.00 "You go girls! We are so proud of you!"
Clarence Johnson $100.00 "On behalf of Bruce Faulken who is traveling."
Caty Krauter $10.00 "Thank you for supporting all those in the fight against breast cancer. "
VIRGINIA ROYSE $30.00 "I hope the weather turns nice for all of you."
Christine Thorsen $25.00 "So awesome that you are doing this. It's a great thing you do! Wish I could be there to join you in the celebration of life!"
Amy Gunderson $50.00 "I love the name of your crew! Go Cathy!!!! "
Heidi Watson $25.00 "With LOVE to my beautiful cousin!!!"
sue kumpula $135.00 "Be strong Cathy! We are with you all the way!"
Jeremy Zabel $100.00 "If katie can donate to your cause I will also GL and hope your weather on the day is delightful and the walk memorable jeremy"
kate hale $25.00 "Good Luck Emma, will be thinking of you all, hope you all can do it again, Love Kate, Ollie and Whisper xxxxx"
Nancy MacCready $101.00 "Dear Steph, I am glad to honor your mom and you with this donation. I am so thankful that she is a survivor so that I will have the pleasure of meeting her and humbly thanking her for loving Katie through all these years. xoxo, Nancy P.S. I had to do at least $1.00 more than my favorite cousin, Jeremy. Wish I had way more cousins so they could "out give" me. :)"
Lynne Boiarsky $25.00 "A wonderful cause and I hope you guys have fun, too!"
Rebekah Backman $25.00 "In honor of both of my wonderful Grandmas, great influences on my life, and who both died of breast cancer. Thanks for doing this Lynnae!"
Susan Gilbey $50.00 "Good luck to everyone....I wish it was ten times the amount, but every little bit helps!"
Carol Renich $25.00 "I am so proud of you and Ron for doing the walk. You two are the best!! Thanks for doing it each year."
Kathy & Phil Postlewaite $25.00 "Good luck with your fund-raising and have fun walking Samantha!"
David Higgins $40.00 "Amber and I are cheering for you and the team! Go get em'! Hope it's a wonderful day. "
Jaye Sela Hidden "L'chaim, Tobi!"
Nancy Barker $100.00 "Will be walking with you with Bibi and Clifton remotely!!! "
Susan Clauson $50.00 "Tami, you are the best for doing this! What a great cause."
Laura Poulsen $25.00 "Go Hanke family!!"
Trudi Schirmeister $15.00 "Good luck to you and your family. You and your family do this every year and I think it is pretty amazing!"
Jodi Blair Loder $25.00 "Hey Moose! Thanks for your dedication to this cause. Have a good run! Blair "
Lynette Phernetton Hidden "Good luck Tracy. Thank you for running to support my sister Julie and others like her."
Bob Frazzini $100.00 "Happy to help Gwen :)"
george jacoby $50.00 "For a special girl!"
Paul Fischer $50.00 "Deb, Good luck on the Run! We'll be thinking about you on race day. Love, Paul & Cameron"
Cynthia Rykken $25.00 "Have a great day! So fun to finally meet your sister! I'm going to sleep in and stay close to the bathroom :( That's a whole 'nother cure...)"
Bridget Christianson $50.00 "God Bless you Mary! I love and admire you!"
Julie Suilmann $10.00 "Tobi-Good luck on the walk, I'll be thinking and praying for you!"
Sandy Haegele $25.00 "Thank you for your loving commitment to this cause!"
Heather Sande $25.00 "So honored to contribute to a cause sponsored by one of the most amazing women in my life and the woman who gave her life. It has been an absolute honor to call you my friend, Steph. I watched you so gracefully and courageously stand by your mom through an intense fight against this horrific disease. Cathy, I pray for your recovery each day. Much love to you both! "
Brian & Cherish Clough $50.00 "Good luck Tony!"
debi mcgrury $20.00 "Have a good time:)"
Philip Lucas $100.00 "Best wishes for a speedy recovery for your sister."
Twin City Twisters $100.00 "Thanks for walking and supporting a great cause!"
Bob and Kathy Gillum $25.00 "Shine on Tracy!"
Patty Barrow $50.00 "Hi Bree, I have always been proud of your for how you hold yourself in the gym. You are a natural leader and mature beyond your years. You have always demonstrated what an incredible athlete you are and to me you are an even more incredible person. Thank you for being you! Patty"
Stephanie Green $50.00 "So proud of you. Congrats on being DONE! Go Denise! Hope to see you when Im back in ND in July Steph"
Jenine Severson $25.00 "Enjoy the walk! I am glad to support such a great cause! "
Anonymous Hidden "Walk your buns off, girl!"
Cindy Dulon $25.00 "Here's to another year of good health! Looking forward to walking with you, your family and friends again. Love, Cindy"
shirley powers Hidden "Stay well, Cousin! "
Michael Farrington $25.00 "Jessica and crew, thanks so much to all of you for working to help this cause. On Mother's Day, I will think of you all when I visit with my mom, who has been a survivor of breast cancer since 1992. Thanks for doing what you can to help others and work to find a cure."
Mallory Marko $25.00 "Jocelyn, That is SO awesome to hear that your mom is a survivor!!! I will keep her, and your family in my prayers! -LOTS of LOVE! XOXO Mal"
Sally Hansen $25.00 "You go, girl!! You can relax with some yoga moves after the race. Don't want to hear any noises though. :-)"
Jeanie Seehof Hidden "Hi Maggie, I won't be walking but my son, Cole, is drumming with his Sheltered Reality group during the walk so look for me cheering for you near the drummers! God Bless!"
Lonnie Jeeves $10.00 "Good luck. You're a good man!"
Robbin Hanuszek $25.00 "I will be cheering for you from Dallas!!!"
George Roopy $20.00 "Happy Mother's Day Mama!! Your Son, Georgie Porgie"
Aries Aries Hidden "Good luck!"
Patricia Norby $25.00 "In honor of my mother, Helen, a breast cancer survivor."
Jenny Mansavage $25.00 "Go !! Katie !! Go "
Kimberly Thomas $25.00 "Go Perkins girls! So proud of you! "
Rosemary Tufon Hidden "Becky you will beat this. Stay positive as always. lots of love Rosemary"
Jamie Borne $10.00 "Good luck!"
Julie Lemish $100.00 "glad to hear Kath is doing well go team K2 Julie"
Clarice Anderson $30.00 "cash donations from HTC employees"
Barbara Szaflarski Hidden " Prince William asked me to give the money I was going to spend on his wedding gift to a charity.... so.... here you go! Be good to your feet!"
Mary McGuire $50.00 "I'll be thinking about you, Maggie!"
Alyson Olthoff $25.00 "Go Erin!!"
Scott Kiester $50.00 "I miss my "cubicle" buddy. Good luck with fundraiser."
Carol Tollefsrud $100.00 "Thank you, Leta, for representing the non-Bookies in this fundraiser to win the fight against breast cancer. Kathleen will be with you all the way!"
Kay Rensink $100.00 "Good luck, Jill! What a great cause and what an honor for Kathy! What is the date? Larry & Kay"
Julie Smith $25.00 "Love, Kevin & Julie Smith"
Leann Huseth $25.00 "Go Sweetie!"
Susan Hedtke $25.00 "So proud of you, Breanna!"
Roxanne Oswald $25.00 "Glad to contribute to this important cause and event. Go, Tracy!"
Constance Winterfeld $50.00 "THANK YOU for walking for all of us!! PEACE & BLESSINGS to YOU!!"
Donna Bening $25.00 "I won't be in MN to join your team on the walk, but grateful survivors want to support your efforts. "
Gina Steffensen $25.00 "Hoping for a beautiful spring day on Sunday and your continued good health!"
Steve & Monica Luckhardt $25.00 "Your courage, determination, and positive attitude has been and inspiration to many. Thanks for the reminder to keep going no matter how hard the hill is to climb. "
Bev Sorensen $50.00 "go girl (and Joel too)"
linda neraasen $10.00 "Good Job Mac, keep it going. love sis"
John Ford $100.00 "John & Mary Ford"
David Rugg $50.00 "We are behind you all the way...David, Jane and Lauren"
Gloria Toyli $25.00 "Hooray for almost being done with chemo! "
Elaine Mielke $50.00 "Way to go Deb. Love, Mom."
Kristin Warfeld $25.00 "So glad you have such a great teammate for the walk, and for life (your hubby). Let yourself be open that day. Sending thoughts of healing, love and support to you always and the day of the walk, Kristin and Charissa"
Barb Hedberg $25.00 "We'll be cheering you on from afar. Be safe --- have fun!"
Sharon Wildman $50.00 "Rita, this is something I've always wanted to do but we are never in town. I will be with you in thoughts, prayers and spirit that you continue on to perfect health."
Cindy Beaulieu $25.00 "Have a great run. What a great cause. Have fun."
Janine Tysk Hidden "This donation is made in memory of my great aunt Margaret. This donation is made in honor of my cousin Kathleen,and co-workers Brenda,Mary and Kelly who have shown great courage and strength."
Cathrine Hagen $50.00 "In memory of Lorraine Cole."
Daniella Teuber $15.00 "Kick some ass lady! :)"
Connie Beneke $50.00 "You're an inspiration to many! Wear that pink proudly!!"
Valerie Henry $25.00 "What a great thing you're doing Ms. Shelby - I'm backing you!!"
Mike & Patty Leighton $50.00 "good luck jenny hope you dont have to carry Todd....."
James James $25.00 "Kathy, Thank you for making the effort to support this cause on behalf of Karen and all others dealing with cancer. Good Luck! Jim"
LAUREL PREM $25.00 "Maggie, you are a fighter, survivor, hero in this victory - may God bless you with ALL of your deserved years of good health... Laurie & Tim"
Jill Thiesfeld $20.00 "Good Luck Karen! "
lisa stitt $20.00 "Jessica, This is so wonderful that you do this even though it hasn't affected our family yet - we all know people with breast cancer, and hopefully we can wipe it out in our lifetime. Thank you With love Lisa"
Lynsie Miller $25.00 "We'll be rooting for you!"
Nancy Fagely Hidden "Hope you have a wonderful Mothers day! We will be thinking of you all. Terry, Nancy, Jessie & Jamie."
Cathy Farley $250.00 "Thank you for time and support for the cause!"
Norrine Howard $15.00 "Go Debbie Go!"
marsha pearson $25.00 "Mary-we are proud of your participation in this great event."
Alexandra Zieman $25.00 "It's wonderful that you're doing this! Miss you. xo, alex"
Faith Wisland $25.00 "Walk strong, Liz! We'll both beat this! Luv, Faith"
Maria Davidson $50.00 "Wishing you a great day for the race! So proud! xoxo"
Lisa Hardy $40.00 "Putting my money where my mouth is."
Stephanie McGrane $25.00 "I'm so proud of you! Keep up the great work!"
Susan Stratta $50.00 "Go Team!"
Teri Klaehn $100.00 "For my mother, for my aunt, for all the other women who have been impacted by breast cancer."
Arlene Schneller $100.00 "Michelle, Have a great run, hope the weather is perfect for you! I figured I'd better hurry up and send a donation to the Susan Komen race before you insist I run with you -- ha ha. I haven't done a 5K in three years...too short of notice, maybe next year : ) Love ya, Ar "
Sheree Seaver $50.00 "Good job Tobi! Have a great day."
Jamie & Andrea Allred $25.00 "Such a great thing you and your family are doing. Keep Jammin'!!"
Bev Valascho $25.00 "Go Debbie!!Love you"
Daniel Schivone $25.00 "Good Luck, Dionne. We salute your willingness to go on the walk. Love, Mom and Dad"
Stacy Haugen $25.00 "Hi Carol, Have a great day next weekend. We have another friend walking in the walk next week too! If you do it again next year let me know and I'll walk with you! I'm still deciding which walk I'm going to do this Fall, Join the Journey or Great Strides. "
Janet Cogburn $25.00 "Good luck Lori! Ad Godspeed to Momma Donna:)"
Marianne Ashley $50.00 "thinking of our sister . . ."
Lisa Lawrence $10.00 "Maybe I'll see you there!!"
Thomas Smith $50.00 "You go girl nice job 5 years great cause I'am sure todd will be wright beside you on his bike "
Mom & Dad Lindahl $100.00 "Congratulations!!"
Ryan and Jody Carns $100.00 "So proud of you for doing this! You are amazing! :)"
Gloria Wahl Hidden "Go girl"
Robbie McDonald Hidden "Wish I could join you; I so appreciate your dedication and commitment."
Charles Frey $15.00 "Thanks for doing this! Hope for a sunny day."
Melissa Bird $25.00 "Enjoy the experience - good luck!"
Rebecca Carroll $50.00 "We love you Pam!"
Janelle McNally $10.00 "Enjoy every step! Janelle"
Marge Ball $25.00 "Glad you & Mike are running in honor of your Mom. Good luck! "
Rebecca Engelhart Hidden "Have a great Mother's Day walk!"
Cynthia & Brad Chandler $100.00 "Thanks for all you do, Mark!a"
Matt and Laurie Kania $50.00 "Go Judy! You're a trooper! "
Kathy Kohner $20.00 "Good luck BriAnn--we are all very proud of you and your family!"
Debbie Wessman $25.00 "Kudos to you for walking the walk!"
Tony Wirz $100.00 "I won't be able to make the walk but my thoughts and prayers are with you Gayle"
Jill Fisher $50.00 "Hi Christine! I continue to root for you and pray for you! You go girl!"
Jim & Deb Ostroot $100.00 "You go girl, we are praying for Jacks full recovery Our Love"
Helen Vincent $25.00 "I am very proud of your accomplishments and wish you happiness always. Love Auntie Helen"
jessica dodge $25.00 "Emma, you are a superior survivor! Our thoughts and prayers are with Jack as he joins the fight against cancer. Lots of Love, Jessica & family"
Brooke Knight $100.00 "Darling Lesa Brooke, Sent a personal note & goodie for your celebration next week. Miss & love you..... Brooke & Tom"
Sandie Behrens $50.00 "better late than never. "
Sharon & Richard Wilsnack $150.00 "Go, Team Autumn Meadows! This is a great cause! We will be cheering you on. :)"
Joy Gorder $30.00 "Way to Joe! So proud of you on your choice to get healthy and help save lives on the way! Joy&Dwight"
Dana Sahlin $25.00 "Cancer does suck- praying for your whole family all the time."
Tammy Phillips $25.00 "We are expecting you to come in first place. Don't disappoint us! LOL At least have fun with it."
Noelle Hackenmiller $25.00 "Go Amber! Go Amber! Go Amber!"
Kate Henehan $50.00 "Glad to donate to this great cause!"
Kristin & Tom Berry $25.00 "Wow! You are an inspiration and fundraising master! We'll be thinking of you on Mother's Day!"
Pat Lindquist $25.00 "Go Ta Ta Girls!!!"
Michelle Klamm $100.00 "I celebrate YOU and thank you for being a great friend! You go girl!"
Jami Hegrenes $25.00 "Good luck with the walk, Amber! Wish I was in town and could join you! Jami"
Christine Stuart $25.00 "So glad to know Kathy is doing well!! Continued good health! Go Team K2!!!!!!!!! :~)"
Debbie Clare $25.00 "You go girls, we are with you all the way."
Dave Hinnenkamp $100.00 "Lori - Great cause - you have my support!"
Carol Taylor $25.00 "Good luck, Sue! "
Carol Franck $20.00 "Hi Maggie, We are unable to do the walk this year. Congratulations on 2 years! Wish we could be there with you. Kendra & Carol"
Marci Rahne $25.00 "Sending all our best wishes! You rock, Paula!!"
Mary Muirhead $50.00 "Good for you and our team!! I hope you have a spectacular three days—weather-wise and all ways. I'll be thinking of you."
Judith Meyer $50.00 "H Rita, You go girl!!!! Hugs, Judy"
Debra Homan $50.00 "This is a great thing you guys are doing. Wish we could be there."
Laura Van Zeyl Hidden "Looks like you've already blown away your goal--way to go!! We're all pulling for you to do the same against the cancer."
Jill Boogren $25.00 "Becky, you're the greatest and we're all rooting for you!! So much love, xox Jill"
Carmen Brooks Hidden "You're pretty awesome Christine! We'll be cheering you on!"
Anonymous $100.00 "Way to go Laura! Good luck and have fun with your sisters."
Lisa Krause $50.00 "Way to go Jif! xo, Skippy"
Jennifer Butterfield $25.00 "Good luck! :)"
Sara Schlanger $50.00 "You go girl! Will be thinking of you on Sunday!"
Ryan Ellsworth Hidden "Happy Birthday, have fun running with Team K2!"
Yetzer Rebekah $25.00 "Have fun out there!"
Rollie Renstrom Hidden "Cathy, Knock it out of the park !!"
Dorene Myhre $25.00 "Good luck, Deb"
Larry and Alyce Mannausau $100.00 "We are so proud of you and your team for doing this. Keep up the good work. We need a cure for cancer!!!!!"
Deborah Peterson $50.00 "Jen - this is such a reflection of your caring for others and your committment to a great cause. Have a great run! Luff you~"
Dawn Wuest $15.00 "Good Luck, Kerrie!!"
Terri Schneider $100.00 "This is for Aunt Kathy! May the sun shine, your legs be strong and the wind at your back as you all walk for the cure! Love to you all...Terri & Brian"
Karen Huberty $30.00 "Donation from Jim's auntie Jeanie! Thank you!!!!!"
Dee Stephenson $25.00 "Good Luck! "
Candyce Mros $10.00 "Good luck Kathy and God bless your Mom!"
Debra Norman $50.00 "Thanks for doing this, Linda!! "
Kathy Lewis $50.00 "Thanks for your efforts Kyle."
Greg and Jacquie Gozdowiak $100.00 "Thanks for continuing the fight. Blessings to all participants!"
Linda Quimby $25.00 "Thank you for doing this, Kathy. Have a wonderful Mother's Day! "
Susan Stillman $25.00 "Christine, you are an inspiration to us all. Happy Mother's Day. I am hoping and wishing for some actual wonderful spring weather for us all on Sunday. You are in our thoughts often. Hugs, Susan and Scott Stillman"
Timothy Farley Hidden "Run Forest Run. Way to go girl."
Danielle Aronson $25.00 "Gwen, you are an amazing, strong woman and it was very inspiring how courageous you were throughout your battle with breast cancer!! Hope you girls enjoy your mothers day together at the race! Much love, Danie, Shawn & Ayden"
Dale Shores $50.00 "You and Jack are in my prayers. Hope you have a good walk."
Elona Graff $25.00 "Lori & Connie, we'll be walking with you in spirit! Prayers for Connie... Have a great day!! Love, Elona & Your Uncle Bruce"
Julie Smith $100.00 "Good luck Dianne! We'll be thinking of you!"
Nancy Schrupp Hidden "Thanks for running Mike and Eric!"
Grace Edin $10.00 "Have a great day, Mary!"
Margaret Schumacher $25.00 "I am so proud of you, my Dana. I only wish that I was there running, or in my case, walking, with you. xxoo"
Anonymous $50.00 "We won't be able to make the walk this year. We are taking Grandma Jean to the cabin for Mother's Day. Congrats on 2 years!!! "
Jessica Lundgren $25.00 "You go girl!!!!!"
Lori Long $100.00 "This has become one of the best days of the year for me. Each year I think it can't be better than the last and it always is! It is amazing to experience such a humbling event and feel such strength, hope and perseverance surround everyone. Amy you are a true hero and it is an honor to participate in this event with such a SUPER team. I look forward to helping you make a difference year after year after year!"
McKenzie Hall $25.00 "Go Dana! Allynne and I will be cheering you on from DC!"
Rosellen Fairall $25.00 "Hope it is a morning of sun rays for everyone participating in this great event."
Donna Pierce $100.00 "Go Girl..... thanks for participating in this very very important event....!!"
Maggie Grube $25.00 "Thank you for walking for such a great cause!"
Anna Labedz $50.00 "You go, Girls! Best wishes for great weather and a successful walk!"
Cynthia Ingersoll $25.00 "Go, Nancy, go!"
Karen Scherschligt $25.00 "You are courageous - blessings."
MaryLee Olsen $25.00 "I am thinking of you Emma...... hope you and Elizabeth have a great walk! "
Dave Dickson $50.00 "Becky I can't let Amy and Allison walk with you with out supporting them too. I hope you have a great time and Thanks for doing this. My little sister Beth is doing the run that morning along with her sister-in-law Nancy who is a breast cancer survivor."
Stacia VanHeuklon $50.00 "Thanks Bobbette for walking and supporting The Race for the Cure!!!"
Erin Hall $25.00 "Gooooooo Dana!"
Shelley Kerber $50.00 "Thanks for doing this, Team TEMPO! "
Marlene Nelson Hidden "Go Liz!"
Pamela Hall $25.00 "This is a great cause Caroline and I support you and will pray that you have lots of energy to not only walk the walk, but continually give kudos and encouragement to all the women walking with you. We are all joined as sisters in this fight against breast cancer!!"
Mike & Laura Zoretich $50.00 "Adriana, we are glad to know you are doing well. Keep up the fight. Good luck with your walk. Laura and Mike Zoretich"
Laura Volk $50.00 "Dana and Barb, Pink for Hope - so proud that the two of you can attend this event together - keep strong and we will find a cure. 12 Year survivor. Laura Volk "
Eugene Bud Schmidt $25.00 "Sue keep up the good fight! Your positive attitude is an inspiration to us all. "
Maggie Fossum $10.00 "Good Luck Jenny! We will be thinking of all of you on Sunday!"
Sandra Luedtke Hidden "Tawnya: Enjoy the race, and stay healthy!"
Mari Wilson $25.00 "Thank you for taking the time to get involved in such a worthy cause Phyllis."
Reid Roebbeke $50.00 "Good Luck Tawnya -- I am srue you will do great !"
Alison Petrie $50.00 "All the very best to all of you.Lots of Love, Ali, Justin, Kate and Sophie"
Tim and Mindy Widiker $50.00 "For all our friends and family who have been affected by cancer. You are in our thoughts and prayers."
Gretchen Rosa $50.00 "Maggie- So great to see you today! Congrats on 2 years cancer-free. You are the best!!!!"
Matt Hackman $40.00 "Good luck Lindsay, I am proud of you and Nick taking on this fun challenge."
Mike & Pat Larson $50.00 "Love you!!"
Denise Fries $25.00 "You're my hero Deb! "
Joseph Seifert $25.00 "Your doing a great service."
Marilyn Ranelle $25.00 "Good luck, Paula. Hope you have a great day and the sun is shining! "
Reanne Viken $3.00 "Good luck!"
Anonymous $25.00 "Wish I could be with you on Sunday. Always thinking about you and wish you the best. Gail"
Anonymous $900.00 "Donation from Team Flip for a Cure"
Anonymous $100.00 "Donation from Team Flip for a Cure"
Marilyn Hobbs $50.00 "Sorry I cannot be with you on Mother's Day for the walk. SOOO proud of you. MOM"
Rhonda Reinen $25.00 "Good luck Jean and have fun on your walk. It is a worthy cause."
M Kelly $50.00 "Go, Kelly's Angels! Hope you have a beautiful day for the run."
Gail Fischer $50.00 "Two years and counting! I love you. Gail :)"
Laura Gaines $100.00 "Jody, I have known you for a very long time (hard to believe, at least 30 years), so please continue our friendship for another 30 years at least. Good luck on your run."
Debra Johnson $50.00 "Good Job Karen, Dad and I are so proud of you."
Gayle Tudahl $50.00 "In memory of John Brokken"
Kevin and Bonnie Mold $25.00 "Prayers and love to Linda from one of her Dads former students. You're gonna beat this!!"
Pearl Devenow $10.00 "Tawnya, I ran my first Komen Race 20 years ago in California and it was amazing to be a part of a cause. You will feel it. Have fun!"
Debi Prozinski $50.00 "Way to go, Pat!"
Marleen Johnson $50.00 "Please have a good time on the walk and thanks for remembering me on this special day! The Boobs Team rocks!"
Linda Legare $50.00 "Sorry we can't walk this year. I was looking forward to it. But we really have too many Bride things to do this year. Have a strong walk!"
Sarah Schlagel $10.00 "We will be thinking of you and your family as you run. Love, Sarah and Aaron"
Katie Sauvageau $25.00 "Thinking of you Hollie. Sending hugs to you this Mother's Day!"
Andrea Ahlers $100.00 "I wish I could be apart of the walk on Sunday! I am so proud of my Gilly Girls for raising money for this amazing cause! Way to go!!! Andi Ahlers"
Denise Landis Hidden "So great you're doing the walk! Good luck to you and lots of love to you and Gretchen!!"
Louise Kinzer $25.00 "In honor of your mother and my friends who have passed from breast cancer, I thank you. Thank you for taking the time to make a difference in the life of many !"
Gregg & Heather Huberty $25.00 "Rock on Lesa!!! The Hubertys"
KIM MAHLUM $25.00 "Briann - I am so proud of you. What a nice way to spend Mother's Day. I know McKenzie was my biggest supporter - we are blessed to have great daughters. As a cancer survivor, I appreciate all you are doing to fight for a cure. Walk proudly with your mom. Kim Mahlum "
Katie Fears Hidden "Thank you for walking Lexi!"
Mary Jo Partida $27.00 "Wishing you good weather for your walk! We'll be thinking of you!"
Erik Husvold $100.00 "You guys rock! Have a great time!!!"
Ellen Itskovich $50.00 "Best wishes on the walk!! Kick Cancer to the Curb! "
Darii Wohlers Hidden "We hope you have beautiful day for the walk!"
Katherine Gunal $100.00 "Happy Mother's Day Mom! I love you so much!"
Jenny Holte $25.00 "I hope MN can deliver you some gorgeous weather. Take care of your feet. :)"
Denise Jones $25.00 "I am so greatful that you are partof my LIFE. Love Denise :)"
Mickey Gahlon $25.00 "Kyle, Good luck on your walk. What a good cause! Mickey"
Thomas Daly $50.00 "Go Jean, Go!"
Tim & Dianne Koltes $50.00 "Sandy, We are amazed at your strength and faith and will continue to keep you in our prayers. Stay strong! Tim & Dianne"
Barbara Lupient $250.00 "Since we can't walk this year, we will sleep in to support the Race!"
John Gougeon $50.00 "Good Luck Adriana!"
Elizabeth Branca $50.00 "Go Deb!!"
gregory nelson $25.00 "25.00 donation from Bill and Georgieana Nelson were proud of you"
Jan Jacobson $50.00 "Go Pink Ponies! ;)"
Alicen Foresman $51.00 "My uncles are weird. Go Mom!"
Jennifer Way $100.00 "Good luck with the walk! This is a great cause!!"
Karen Svihel $50.00 "Happy walking . . . this is a great thing!"
ELeanor MURPHY $50.00 " MARY we love you Mom and Dad"
Sarah, Tim and Ireland Murphy $50.00 "Here's to you Kari!"
Sue Guenther $25.00 "What a great way to spend Mother's Day with your children! Thank you for doing this!"
Mary Conroy $25.00 "Girls and Wendy, What a wonderful way to honor your teacher. She is an amazing person. Mrs. C."
Mark Heller $30.00 "Tootie, This should put you right at your goal. Have a great time and good luck. Love you both. M & M (toots)"
Kris pawlowski $10.00 "Go Sue Go!"
Jeff Sillman $50.00 "Congrats on walking for a very worthy cause!!!"
Lori Beasley $100.00 "Good Luck Becky, hope it's a beautiful day!"
Valerie Platt $25.00 "In honor of Lynn Struck"
Tara Thompson $50.00 "Thanks for doing this Kelli!"
Debi Higgins $25.00 "Happy to participate even from a distance - on my calendar to make sure to be out walkin' for Auntie Joan!!! "
Anonymous $50.00 " good luck Vicki, with your walk on mother's day for the cure. I am also a 2 year survivor of breast . Kathy Johnson St timothy choir member"
Lori Robinson $50.00 "Have a great race Deb! I'm sorry I couldn't do the event as well. What a wonderful mother's day activity!"
Sue & Dennis Kaneski Hidden "Stacey and Carley thank you for participating and helping to raise money to find a cure for cancer! "
Rebecca Turner $100.00 "Thank you for your commitment for the fight against this disease. It is too common and has affected many people in my life. Good Luck on your walk. - Becky T."
kimberli malecha $50.00 "Thanks you for supporting this great cause"
Anonymous $25.00 " Glad you are able to do the walk, good luck!!! "
Carol Ault $25.00 "Lisa, As you know, I've admired how you've handled this past year and want to support you in anyway I can. Hope you all enjoy the walk. See you soon. Carol"
Susan Green $25.00 "Everyone Deserves a Lifetime. We must defeat this disease. It has touched our family in so many ways. Thank you for participating."
Dee Hobbie $20.00 ""If we had no winter, the spring would not be so pleasant: if we did not sometimes taste of adversity, prosperity would not be so welcome." So proud to know you are doing this, Dody"
Sheri Peterson $15.00 "Good Luck!"
debbie tait $100.00 "Hi Girlfriend! For the life of me, I can't figure out how to "join" your team, so I'm going to just donate instead for my family. Good luck and love you! Love to Mama Judy too!! Debbie Tait"
Alexandra Neira $25.00 "Good Luck Juli ! What you are doing is amazing !"
Nicole Brubaker $25.00 "Run your little booty off"
John Aber $25.00 "Thanks honey for doing this for MOM & others.. She was a VERY special person and will be remembered for a LONG time.. Smile, God loves youi and we do too !!! Love, Dad & Jean"
Vince Wissink Hidden "Thank you for your time and energy for this worhtwhile cause."
Glen Stoever $25.00 "Good luck to the two of you on the walk. G"
Deb Milberger $25.00 "Good luck - have a great walk!"
Lori Peterson $25.00 "Thanks Sarah for participating in this fundraiser!"
Stacey Huebner Hidden "Hope it's all downhill! "
David Meissner $50.00 "Wishing you a lovely walk on Sunday with no snow! Gene and David"
Michelle Kevelin $50.00 "Thanks for walking Alicia! Michelle and Jeff"
Carmen Sauvageau $25.00 "Sorry I can't be there to walk this year! I'll be thinking of you guys! "
Nancy Fish $50.00 "Go, girl!"
Bill & MaryAnn Fellman $100.00 "We are proud of you supporting this great cause! Love, Bill & MA"
Anonymous $10.00 "You Go Girl! "
Janet Watkins Hidden "I'm proud of you Mum"
Mary Olson $50.00 "Go Team Olga!"
Randall McKinnis $50.00 "Diane, Sunday is our oldest grandson's first communion so we are headed to exotic Hastings- church and green mill (his choice) for Mother's Day pizza. Oh boy! Hope the weather is good. Greet everyone for me. Thanks, RM"
Sandy Myers $25.00 "Good luck to all the Pink Ladies! I hope I can join sometime when I don't have mutliple committments. While I didn't loose my mom to breast cancner, this is our first mother's day without her, so in her memeory, I am happy to suport my dear friend Lori! "
Nancy Henke Hidden "Hi Maggie- I don't want to cry so I think I'll stay home. JK--I'm going to spend some time with my mom since she seems to be getting into the "sick" phase of her cancer. You know I'm always with you in spirit my friend! Love you, Nancy"
Anonymous $25.00 "I bet you'll get 30,000+ clicks this day!!! Way to go!!!!!"
Sara Vukich $100.00 "Thinking of you ladies on race day and always! Love, Sara"
Serina Gomez $25.00 "Lots of love! serina and david"
Vicky Cherne $30.00 "Thank you for what you are doing! "
Karen Parsons $25.00 "Go Mom!"
annette glamos $25.00 "Yeah Debbie! Walk On!"
Colleen Tappe $20.00 "Please ride in memory of my cousin Mary Crownhart too. Thanks for doing the walk!"
Debbie Chmielewski $50.00 "Love you Cathy! I know that you are going to kick cancer's ass!! See you Sunday"
Patricia Thielen $50.00 "Jane - Good Luck to you and your family on the walk. I'm so happy your mom can join you! Pat T"
Marcus Watson $25.00 "Kristi, Sorry I won't be around, but hopefully this will help you meet your goal. Good luck! Marcus and Nichole Watson"
Lynn Miland $100.00 "Have a great time!!!"
Evelyn Wallace $25.00 "Wish we could walk with you - but you have our moral support all the way. Love, Dad and Mom"
Mary Simonson Hidden "Hi Pam, I'm choosing to sleep in this Sunday morning and golf later with my Mom. Congratulations on your first race for the cure. I hope it is a fantastic experience all the way!"
Brie Smith $25.00 "Love you Donna!"
Anonymous $20.00 "Have a great race, Angie! We're proud of you. Love, Tom and Jane"
Mary Simonson Hidden "Go Kari Go!"
Linda Marder $25.00 "Good luck Claire!"
Diane Suter $25.00 "Amanda: You are doing a wonderful thing for the Cancer Society. I am proud of you. Your Mom-in-Law :)"
Allison Landers $25.00 "Good Luck!!"
Sandy Perkins $50.00 "Money donated by Jaci"
Michelle Johnson $25.00 "Sorry it took me so long to do this! Good luck and have fun!"
Barbara Spurrier $100.00 "Way to go, team! I will miss you this year! xxoo"
Pamela Alsbury $50.00 "Dearest Em, special prayers sent up on Jack's and your behalf. Much love sent your way and hopes for a clean bill of health for both of you this coming year. Pam Alsbury "
JET Construction $50.00 "Go Pete! Go!"
Kerri Guehrer Kealey $25.00 "Hugs - Kerri & Dan"
Timothy M Clare $25.00 "Thanks for keeping me posted, and here is my pledge to help the Race for the Cure"
Tonya Cone $25.00 "You are in our prayers. "
Patty Hanson $25.00 "You go girl!!!!!"
Celinda Jeter $25.00 "You made it!! Go have fun and tell Kathy Hi for me."
Katherine Martin Hidden "You go Aunt Janelle! I am so proud of you for your continued positive outlook and how you truly embody grace and trust in God's good plan. "
Chris` Braun $100.00 "Go Sabrina!!!"
Kristen Palyan $25.00 "Best wishes for a beautiful day in honor of your sister-in-law."
Angela Harbaugh $50.00 "We will be thinking of you during your walk, girl!!! We are so proud of you!!"
Pat Vickerman Hidden "Patti Hope to see you and your troop on Sunday, May 8th!"
Robert MacKean $25.00 "Hey Deb, Looking forward to your year of recovery! Love, Rob"
Joe Haus $50.00 "Charlie, your the best!"
Linda and Stan Lundell $50.00 "Enjoy the day! And a Happy Mothers' Day to you!"
Thomas Austin Jr $100.00 "This is to Honor all the ones who have won and lost the fight with cancer!!!!!!"
Jennifr Morgan $25.00 "Way to go MOA Gilly Girls!!! "
Amy Henry $40.00 "Happy Mother's Day! We wish you good weather for the race - I hope you and Phil have a good time. I'm so happy that you are doing this! You're the best and we love you lots!!! Amy, Ryan, Jake and Tanner"
Judy Kaul $10.00 "Thanks for representing us so well. It is great that you do this."
David & Candace Kragthorpe $100.00 "We'll join you all for the walk on Sunday! Love, Dad & Mom K"
Amy Carew $100.00 "Good Luck Jen!!!!!!"
Rhonda Johnson $25.00 "We can't be there in person but will be walking with you in spirit!"
Kelley Erickson $50.00 "I hope you ladies make it this year ;) Good luck!!!"
jane boerboom $25.00 "Adriana have a Happy Mothers Day with Laura and Melissa!!!!!! My heart is with you and what a great way to enjoy each others company. Thanks for being such a great friend."
Rachel Foster $10.00 "Good luck on Sunday! You will do fantastic! Hope to run with you soon! :)"
Angel Benes $50.00 "Glad you are walking to support Terri & others who have been touched by this disease. Thank you Angel"
Angie Wilson $25.00 "Your a very strong person Julie! I hope the cure is there for you and every other woman who is touched by cancer. The Wilsons"
Anonymous Hidden "Go Logan! Go London! You're too little Leyton but I'm sure you'll be there too! :)"
Amira Holden $50.00 "You are inspiring! "
Julie Overbye-Ledy $250.00 "We love you Maggie!!"
Christopher Flack $25.00 "Go Dana!!!!! - Audrey and Chris"
Jeremiah Conlon $10.00 "have fun"
Rachel Borsellino $25.00 "You guys are doing a great thing! Thank you so much for representing Gilly Hicks in such a positive fashion! Your walking for peoples mothers, daughters, sisters, grandmothers, aunts, ect. And I think that is just incredible. Have a blast :) "
Jenny Olson $25.00 "Good luck team! "
Stevie Fava $100.00 "In memory of my friend Vicki. You go girls! Wish I was there to walk also."
Walt Lortz $25.00 "Finish 1st or you will have two choices. Head or Gut."
kate schmitz $50.00 "Wishing you a fabulous walk ! You are an amazing woman with a world of energy and talent to share where ever you are . Go Carol !!!"
Sarah Johnston Hidden "I know it is not your intent to raise funds, nor did you solicit any. However, I've been thinking so much about cancer these days, and I wanted to do something for Mother's Day. So, I'd like to honor you, Valerie, as well as my mom this coming Sunday. - Sarah"
Patricia Eichten $25.00 "Good Luck! Love- Mom"
Mike & Connie Kava Hidden "Good Luck on your run!!"
carine bajda $20.00 "Good luck and Great job Robin! I hope Mother Nature is on your side race day and No Blisters! "
Bobbie-Jo Kanakares $25.00 "In Honor of my Great Grandma Redding. Thank you Marit!! Love, Kaden"
Kristin Powell $25.00 "I'll be thinking about you on Sunday! What an INCREDIBLE cause, with my mom having breast cancer before her lung cancer I continue to wish for a cure!"
Jeremy Bodlovick $100.00 "So proud of you Babe! A new better, stronger, cancer free Phuong!!!!!!"
Andrea Gair $25.00 "Go Boobies!"
Emily Hellerich $25.00 "Thanks for walking for the cure Andy! Wish we could come!"
Laura Redish $25.00 "You're a real trooper to spend your Mother's Day on this! :-D"
Emily Hellerich $25.00 "Thanks for being so involved with the race for the cure! You're awesome! Love you sis! Wish we could be there with you guys!"
Cindy Myers $100.00 "Good luck on your walk! This donation in memory of my Aunt Darlene."
Monica Gunderson $25.00 "Good Luck Kriegel's Keepers! "
Elizabeth Emerson $50.00 "Thanks for doing this, CT! Means so much to so many. Have a great day!"
Carey Greenwald $25.00 "Good luck with the walk Dawn."
Carey Greenwald $25.00 "Have fun!"
Kevin & Linda Meissner $25.00 "Hi Pam, Thanks much for letting us know. Ameriprise will be matching so actual donation is $50. Happy Mother's Day! K&L"
Amy Atkinson $30.00 "Way to go Abigail!"
Elissa Hendrickson $25.00 "For Mrs. Kriegel. We miss you lots!!"
Kaye Olson $100.00 "Good luck, Beth ~ Thanks for taking part in this wonderful event!"
Colleen Oliver $10.00 "Good luck ladies! You look fabulous!"
Gerald Bulisco $25.00 "Run for those who can't!"
Marchelle Lyons $25.00 "Good luck at the walk! I will be thinking of you!"
Rebecca Satoskar $50.00 "Thank you, Julie!"
Michelle Johnson $25.00 "Rachel, You have the most amazingly giving spirit, you brighten my day. Thanks for doing this for your mom's friend. Love Michelle"
Gretchen McCuskey $50.00 "Thanks for running for all of us, Cole"
Candice Oelkers $50.00 " !!!! GO JO GO !!!!"
Marcia Smith $25.00 "Glad I could help, we gotta keep Sandy on her 'toes" LOL Marcia & family"
Jill Ettesvold Hidden "Your courage and strength are amazing! We are so proud of you and happy to support you and the many others through this excellent cause. Happy Mothers Day! Love, David & JIll"
Arlis Esnough $50.00 "In Memory of Margaret Kirk and in support of Phyllis Swanson"
kathleen eager $25.00 "GO JO"
Scott Luepke $10.00 "Hope you and Jadyn have a great day for the great cause! Happy Mother's Day! --Love, Scott, Heather, Isaiah, and Micah"
steven mark lukas Hidden "Run Anne Run! Loveya POP"
LESLIE LIEDL $50.00 "Kim - in honor of you and Julie Liedl and all Women! Go Get Em! Leslie"
Becky Beyers $25.00 "Go Kathy!"
Mary Kjornes $50.00 "Thank you for helping with such a great cause!!"
Larry Murphy $50.00 "Good luck Tammy on your run for the Cure! Love, Dad"
Audrey Trieschman $25.00 "Good going, Bailey, and great you got your mom to go with you!"
Audrey Trieschman $25.00 "happy mother's day!"
Kathryn Kristofik $50.00 "Go gettum Marcie!"
Melissa Cappello $25.00 "Good luck Erin & Olivia! Love, Aaron & Melissa"
Kathryn Kristofik $50.00 "Go Bailey!"
James Anderson $50.00 "Wishing you a sunny day. Thank you for walking. "
Larry Murphy $25.00 "Good luck Joey on your race for the cure! Love, Larry"
keith keith $10.00 "Great cause Riley. That is so nice of you to help others. Good job!"
Larry Murphy $25.00 "Good Luck Liddy on your race for the cure! Love, Uncle Larry"
keith keith $10.00 "Great cause Bec. I think it's so cool you and Riley are doing this together."
Abigail Wyckoff $30.00 "Good luck with the walk! I am hoping for a sunny, warm, gorgeous day for you!!! Xo. Abby"
Thomas Austin Jr $20.00 "This was a donation collected from Jake Kline for Team Austin........"
Deanna Thompson $100.00 "You go girl!!!!!"
Paige Szymczak $100.00 "Good luck Aunt Annette!!"
Joy Stoleson $25.00 "Good Luck :) :) :) :)"
Melissa Sauter $25.00 "Good luck , we will be thinking of you on Sunday !"
Amanda Bell $25.00 "Congratulations to your mom being cancer free for three years! What a wonderful cause and a great thing you ladies are doing. Have a great day together on Mother's Day!!!! Love Ya!"
Anne Jackson $50.00 "No matter the weather, it will be a beautiful day for a walk! Go Kellys!"
Michael Gordon $50.00 "Good luck Dee! Beware of snow obstacles and simply overcome them. "
patricia Schreiber $50.00 "So happy for you, glad to be supporting you in this way - xoxo!"
Ann Oellrich $25.00 "Thanks for taking this on Jodi! You ROCK! Tracy is now in my prayers. :) Ann"
Aaron Tureson $10.00 "You're an amazing woman! Good luck with everything :)"
Margaret Riehm Hidden "Thanks for doing this Erica! Love ya. Peg & Harry"
Duraye Marshelle $25.00 "Team Boobie Buddies, you ROCK!"
kate roos $25.00 "Run strong! We love you! Kate & Tony"
Sandy Fields $50.00 "Breast Cancer hits close to home for me. You never know when ones you love will be touched by this disease. Amy you have an inner strength that glows and radiates. I have never seen you without a smile. You Go Girl!!!!!!"
Randy Riley $10.00 "Enjoy your day! "
Debbie Freiberg $25.00 "GO SHELLEY! Congratulations and best wishes "
Jina Lee $10.00 "have fun lady~"
Theresa McEnaney $50.00 "You're an inspiration!"
LeeAnn Carlson $25.00 "Thank you Linda for doing a wonderful thing for a very important cause! Lee "
Sheila Hendrickson $25.00 "Hey KimmieB! I hope you and your mom have an awesome time again this year!! Hugs! Stella"
The Bletzer Family bletzer $100.00 "Great job Mark keep up the amazing work"
Amy Reid $10.00 "Good Luck Jodi!! "
Daryl & PJ Thompson $50.00 "Go Girl!"
Maureen Scholl $100.00 "Terri - This donation is in honor of your mother. I hope you and your family enjoy the "Race for the Cure" on Mother's Day. I'm going to want to hear all about it. One of Your Forever Friends - You make me a better person, just being with you. Maureen"
Melissa Cowles $15.00 "In honor of my Grandma Arlene, and to support the Hendrickson girls."
Jessi Howard $25.00 "Go Michelle!"
Mary Palmer $50.00 "Go Boobies~"
LuAnn Dvorak $25.00 "What a great activity to do on Mother's Day!"
Heidi Miller $25.00 "Karen, Thank you for honoring all those that are suffering or have suffered with breast cancer."
Sandy Miller $50.00 "Way to go-have a great day! Jan-thanks for organizing a team."
Sue Thibedeau $25.00 "Go, Mary, Go...hope it's a nice day!"
Debora Swier $25.00 "So proud for you for doing the walk. I have done it a couple times in the past. Good luck and I will pray for great weather."
Tom & Carol McFarlane $25.00 "You go girl!!! What a wonderful thing to do!"
Mary Ann Gunville $25.00 "Good luck Joyce! I'll be thinking of you, and will hope for a sunny day!! Mary Ann"
John Wooden $25.00 "Congratulations Jill! Have fantastic race!"
Jennifer Paidosh $100.00 "Gayle, My thoughts and prayers for your walkers on Sunday. Jennifer"
Debra Kloehn $50.00 "Lesa, we are so happy that you and the family are participating in this terrific event. Have fun and enjoy your good health!"
Sid Levin $50.00 "Good luck, Petroleum! ~Sid & Rob, Revolution Design and Build"
Staci Blix $10.00 "Hope you have a great day for the walk! "
Rebecca Potter $25.00 "Thanks so much Pete!!! My mom, Susan Potter, is a breast cancer survivor :) So I donate in her honor!!"
Ashling Gilligan $50.00 "Your Mum was, is and always will be very proud of you."
Chip Nielsen $25.00 "Go Beth!!! "
Brian and Vicki Volp $35.00 "Go Deb!! Thanks for all your support for our charities. "
Sharon Pirkl $50.00 "Way to go Cheryl. I will be cheering you on!!!"
Michael Vayda $25.00 "My mother passed away three years ago, this Friday, of cancer. My wife goes in for surgery this Friday at Mass.Gen. We have been fighting her cancer now for about ten years now. This is her fourth operation and we have all the faith in the world that it will be her last. That S.O.B. just keeps coming back. It has been a black cloud over us for a long time and we are hoping that this operation will be the last. It really is getting hard to keep her spirits up so if you can ... through a little prayer our way. Thanks, Mike "
Anonymous $25.00 "From your friends @ Sioux Falls GU!"
Debra Steinkraus $100.00 "Best of Luck in the race. We will be there cheering you on to the finish line. "
Susie Senkbeil $25.00 "Greek - you are an inspiration to all of us !!!!!! Keep on walking for the cure Susie , Scott, Aaron , Adam and Boone "
Traci Hamilton $50.00 "Lisa, you rock!"
Elisa Logan $25.00 "Happy Birthday and much luck on your run. Sorry I didn't get the money in sooner, but it's there now. Love you, proud of you!!! Lisa, fellow red."
Carol Huss $100.00 "Thanks for walking, Beth. I find it really hard to do it myself, but I'm happy that you are taking on the challenge!"
LuAnn Kathman $25.00 "Good job - proud of you. LuAnn"
Pat Frenz $25.00 "What great thing to do!"
Julie Lehr Hidden "Congrats on the 10-year milestone! Julie & Ed"
Holly Stange $25.00 "Cheers to the Pink Ponies... Will be with you in spirit this year and walking with you next!!!"
Starla Inman $25.00 "What a great cause - enjoy the event - you are doing a TON of good!"
Gayle Mueller $25.00 "Save the TATAs! I'm proud of you for doing this. Thank You!"
Gina Dormanen $50.00 "Renee~ You are an amazing person - good luck with the walk! Go BOOBS! "
Ashley Ochsner $50.00 "I hope you have as much, if not more, fun at the walk than we did last year! Hope it is beautiful with sunshine and happy spirits. You continue to be an inspiration -- fighting for the cause always!"
Sharon VanMoer $25.00 "Hope you all have a fabulous day for the walk!"
John and Diane Boake $25.00 "Good luck Dee. We are so proud of you and love you very much! You can do it!!"
Marianne Berkopec $25.00 "Have fun, guys! Wish we could join you for such an important cause! Bob and Marianne"
Gary Kristensen $25.00 "Good Luck Team K2!!!! Have Fun!!!!"
Donna Waldhauser $25.00 "Hello, Angie.....walk for your mom and my friend Marion!!!!!!"
ann horvath-mcguire $50.00 "Way to go Laura! We've been praying and rooting for you all the way! XOXO, The McGuire's: Annie, Scott, Maddie, Bridget, and Ryan"
nina serio $50.00 "Wish I could be there with you."
Dan Meister $500.00 "In memory of Connie Meister"
Catherine Kodet $109.00 "For my fellow survivors in the hopes that we will outnumber the sisters we have lost."
Rhonda Erickson $10.00 "Good luck with the walk, Brian!"
joyce zablocki $50.00 "Go Kelli, Go Kelli, Go Kelli, GO!! Make sure Mark rubs your tootsies when done. I am proud of all of you Dibble creatures! Love, Aunt Joyce"
Mike & Pat Kerber Hidden "Jean, You're upbeat attitude and positive outlook is inspirational. You really are my hero. I love you. Pat"
Tina Riner $20.00 "Good Luck, From Sue & Gwen"
Steve Dahlberg $30.00 "Deb, Have a great walk on Sunday and wear that survivor shirt proudly! Steve"
Robert MacKean $25.00 "Way to go Becky! Congratulations on your 8th year of recovery. Love, Rob"
Steven Dahlberg $30.00 "Becky, Thank you for walking again! Enjoy this amazing day! Steve"
Janet & Nicole Tako $100.00 "Hope you have a great Mother's Day, Barb! Love, Jan & Nicole "
Teresa Hyk-Knutson $25.00 "Denise, you are amazing!"
Sue Petrelli $25.00 "Laura and Johnny, So happy that Laura is on the road to recovery and praying for continual great health and happiness for both of you. Hope you have a great day for the walk!!!! Lots of love and big hugs Sue, Rich, Kristin and Nicholas"
Barb Ahlgren $50.00 "Love you so much dear Sister! Blessings, Barb & Ron"
Leslie McCRaney $25.00 "In honor of Nettie, who is one amazing lady. Keep fighting the good fight!!"
Melinda Tucker $20.00 "Jeanne, I am so extremely happy that your 'run-in" with the aweful breast cancer turned out not to be a life sentence. I plan to know you for another 30 years! Melinda"
Keith Langham $25.00 "Hope the Weather cooperates"
Daniela Hofer Johnson $25.00 "Go Christine!"
Linda Weber $10.00 "Emilee, I am Carol's cousin on her mother's side. Thank you so much for doing this walk for her."
Marsha Flom $50.00 "Good Luck! Love, Marsha and Melanie"
Marsha Flom $50.00 "Good Luck Kari :) Love, Marsha and Melanie :)"
Judy & John Jourdan $50.00 "Lots of success with the run"
Susie & Pman Panitz $10.00 "Good luck and enjoy the race"
Elizabeth Merryman $25.00 "GO CHRISTINE! My entire family is cheering for you!"
Marlene Phelps Gross $25.00 "You go Olga, you have always been such a go getter. Thinking of you. Marlene Phelps Gross"
Heather Stupsky $25.00 "What lies behind you and what lies before you are small matters compared to what lies within you! Go Julie!"
Katy Dale $20.00 "Pretty in're my hero ! Love Katy"
Lori Berg $25.00 "Yay Pink Perfection!!"
Kim Drews $25.00 "Judy-You have been an inspiration to us all. Congrats on beating it. Love the new hair. Kim"
LuAnn Fransen $25.00 "We support you Donna! Heal Natalie!"
Sherry Richert Belul $15.00 "Yay Marcie and Bailey!!!! Way to go. :-)"
Arlene & Jack Elliott $25.00 "our thoughts and prayers, especially for Laurie you!"
Jan Luchetti $50.00 "Good luck Denise!! xoxo"
Pat Watson $25.00 "Deb: Keep doing FIMtastic things for the world! Pat W"
Jill Murphy $25.00 "Jocelyn and Barbie - Glad you are walking! I am donated $ in my mom's honor - she caught her cancer in time and got thru it no problems! Love you both - Jill, Maddie and Olivia (Mike too!) GO HESTERS! "
Veronica Campbell $25.00 "Go for it Meghan!!!!!!"
Julie Marcotte $50.00 "Have Fun!"
Shelly Herry $25.00 "Run, Di, Run!! Save the tatas!"
Nancy Van Gieson $100.00 "Way to go, Anna! It's awesome that you are supporting your mom in this cause."
Molly Cheney $20.00 "Sorry I can't join you!! "
Pat DeCabooter Hidden "Good job Katie. We are proud of your commitment. Phil & Pat"
Jennifer Hansen $25.00 "I think this is an awesome thing your doing Denise!!! Good luck."
Pat Holmes $10.00 "Jeanne - I'm so happy we continue to be friends after our ordeal at our previous employer. You are such a positive person and wish you the best in your fight against this disease. Pat"
Robert Hodges $25.00 "You Rock!"
Randy Kroshus $25.00 "Keep up the great work, it is a nobel cause"
Beth Mustar $25.00 "You are amazing Gwenny! Thanks for walking for all of us! Love ya!"
Rod Henry $100.00 "I am very proud of you Shelby for how you've turned things around over the past few years. Participating in this event is an example of what a great person you are. I'll be cheering you on :)"
Beth Clinton $10.00 "Go Jason!!!!"
Sherri LaCasse $25.00 "You two are AWESOME!"
Karol Nielsen $50.00 "Brad: Keep on walking!!! What a great cause."
Stacy Meehan $25.00 ":-) Good Luck Cheryl! "
Tom Butler $25.00 "Go Dawn and little Miss Ella!!"
Arlene Crane $30.00 "You are a fighter. So glad you are doing so well. "
Jeff Peterson $50.00 "Thanks for all you do, Julie! "
Michael Hunger $100.00 "Good luck with the walk. Love Great Grandma Millie"
Amanda Schlemme $25.00 "Go Katie!"
Bill Torodor $25.00 "In honor of "Cookie" who does such a great job"
Marcie Brodersen $25.00 "GO Team Shelly!!!!"
Nancy VandenBerghe $50.00 "Cindy, We are so proud of you! U CANCERvive! Mark, Nancy, Brady & Alison VandenBerghe"
kimberly whiting $25.00 "You walk the walk Karen --or in this case, run the run! Enjoy!"
wendy halverson $10.00 "So glad you are doing this. It is for such a good cause. I'm proud of you. Love Mom"
Jen Chrisien $15.00 "Thanks to you and your mom for doing this! :)"
Jaqlyn Darling $25.00 "Way to go Kell Belle! I love you!"
Jim Hyvare $25.00 "Good luck with the race and I hope you have a great Mother's Day!"
Ashley Maiers $50.00 "Good for you Denise! Best of luck on your 30 minute goal!"
Diane Melnychuk $50.00 "Enjoy the day Kathy! I am sure your Mom would be so proud of you. "
Thomas Junkert $25.00 "Julie and family...God bring you blessings and peace as you remember Peggy on your walk! Pastor Tom & Jane Junkert"
cathy obrien $200.00 "Dear Olga, I wish u great weather,good friends and loving family on this special day! Lov cat "
Anonymous $100.00 "Thank you......thank you......thank you!"
Jill and Matt Meyer Tired Ol' Belts Hidden "We're friends of Christin's! THANK YOU for walking for a great cause!"
Susan White $20.00 "Way to go Teresa!! I'll be cheering for you :)"
Jill Angen $20.00 "Go Elaine and Kim!"
Sarah Olson $50.00 "I think it's so awesome that you guys are doing this! My family has been touched by breast cancer in so many ways, so I'm donating in memory of them and to cheer y'all on for your aunt. Love you Rach!! Have fun!!! : )"
Tiffany Ottopal $25.00 "Go Schiber's Go!"
Stirling Cousins $25.00 "I'm so proud of you Deb - you are awesome!"
Julie Gallagher $25.00 "I wish I could be there walking beside you again this year, Kim! I'm sorry I'm missing it - but enjoy! :) XOXO, Julie"
Jodi Trost $100.00 "Go Katie! Love: Jodi, Brad, Norah, Brady"
Basia Elmore $20.00 "You go Girl!!!! Save the Ta-Ta's!"
Kirsten Gregerson $50.00 "Good luck on Sunday, Michelle! You have such a giving heart!"
Tom & Cyndee Harrington $100.00 "You guys are terriffic for doing this -- have a great walk for the cure...."
Deborah Rannow $20.00 "Thanks for taking the time to help find a cure."
Lisa McCullough $10.00 "Good luck! The McCulloughs"
Sheri Hanson $25.00 "Love you!! "
Paul Jeannotte $25.00 "I hope you have a great race. You're an inspiration! "
Amy Irwin $25.00 "I hope this is a wonderful day for you!"
Heather Vietz $10.00 "Good luck Cindy!"
Ann Neidermire Hidden "Hope you have a great day with your sister, family and friends. Thanks for running/walking for the Cure."
Sandy Leppanen $50.00 "We pray this disease can someday be eradicated!"
Susan Neubauer $50.00 "Wish I could walk with you guys ; )"
Bernadette Jensen $25.00 "Congratulations, Linda, on being 20 years cancer free!"
Quistad Tom $1.00 "I am proud of you Pete for doing this instead of playing golf!"
Randall Stoykewich $50.00 "Good Luck with a good cause."
Tom Quistad $50.00 "Hope my previous contribution put a smile on your face! You are such a nice son to do this with your mom on Mothers Day!"
jane sawyer $25.00 "love you glo!"
Anthony Tibor $25.00 "congrats in advance! i'm expecting 8 minute miles at least:) "
Anonymous Hidden "Dang, Laura! What a way to start your 40's! "
Amanda Essig $25.00 "You all are wonderful for doing this! Sometimes just the support alone of knowing people are thinking about you is an amazing thing! Deb is a lucky woman to have you!"
Suzanne Wester $20.00 "your my inspiration-Love Sue"
David Seivert $100.00 "Deb- best wishes to you, Roan, and Andy. What a great team!"
Kelly Larsen $25.00 "Rich - Thank you for your participation in such an important fundraising event - you guys are saving lives!!"
Pam Dorholt $25.00 "I am humbled and grateful to be your friend. Keep the fight going Jeanne! "
Elizabeth Taylor $25.00 "Good luck and I wish you energy, Yvette!"
Sally Sullivan $50.00 "Go Team Lisa! "
Sharon Helwig $50.00 "Girls: HAPPY MOM'S DAY--thanks for putting the cause above self---you're all awesome!!! Hope you are able to meet your goal & have good weather for the walk! Love, Sharon (Jan's sis)"
Susan Langfeldt $30.00 "Congratulations on your first ten years - here's to the next ten!"
Ellen Karow $20.00 "GOOO BriAnn!!! "
Crystal Lutz $100.00 "I am VERY PROUD of you BriAnn. You have been very supportive of your mom! Keep up the Great work!!! Love ya!!! P.S. Make sure you guys take pictures for me to see!!!"
Crystal Lutz $50.00 "Way to go Barret! Very proud of you for walking and supporting your mom! Love ya, Auntie Crystal"
Sarah Krizmanic $50.00 "Happy Walking! I hope the weather is nice, too."
Bonnie Jean Flom $50.00 "Thank you for your dedication and enthusiasm! Wish I could join in the fun!"
Jean Witbeck Hidden "Enjoy the walk! ~ Jean and Ralph"
Candi & John Theis $10.00 "Have a great walk Kaylee! Thanks for doing this! xoxo Gramma Candi and Papa John"
Dawn Rose $50.00 "Great cause, hope it's a nice day for you!"
Christie Wenzel $20.00 "Way to go ladies!"
Dee Turner $25.00 "Praying for a Cure for all Cansers!"
Jan Seidman $25.00 "Good luck and have fun! "
Kelly Balaski $25.00 "What a great cause! Wish we didn't have a need for it and a cure would be found."
Sandra Hirsch Hidden "Dear Pat, Thanks so much for "racing" in the Race for the Cure----how great that you're doing this! Love, Sandra Hirsch"
John Hanna $50.00 "Hope the walk goes well. Thanks for doing this!"
Tayana Whiteford $25.00 "Have fun!! Thanks for you time!!!!"
Sherry Goodman $50.00 "We love love love our Karen... She's the famous "back rubber" at our church. She is ALWAYS positive and full of the spirit... we are praying for her recovery and know that she is making a difference every day of her life!!!!! xoxoxoxox bill and sherry"
Dennis Walsh $50.00 "Looking forward to participating in my first-ever Race For The Cure on Sunday. Pam was a wonderful person and this is a great way to honor the memory of our friend and colleague. "
Nancy Styles $50.00 "Hey Denise, I'll be praying for you Sunday. Good luck! You can do this. You are a trooper. Love You, NANCY "
Jennifer Smith $10.00 "Thanks for walking!!"
Karen Wiederholt $50.00 "I'm supporting you BriAnn, so you better make the whole thing! See you in a few weeks for camp. Love, Karen"
Ken Fairbanks $25.00 "Very good think you are doing."
Michael Hartung $500.00 "Good luck girls and thanks"
Kathleen Evans $25.00 "You go Sis!"
Carina Miller $50.00 "Go Team Wuollet Warriors! :) sending lots of love and best wishes."
Tina Eskro $100.00 "Michelle - you go girl!!! I think you are an amazing woman and kudos to you for supporting your friend and co-worker!!! God Bless you!!!"
Anne Lund $25.00 "You are awesome and I am so proud of you that you are doing this - have a blast! Love you tons - Anne"
Martin & Ellen Paulsen $20.00 "Gayle, Thanks for walking in support of this great cause"
Kristy Corley $50.00 "Very proud of you Toni...Love you Aunt Kris"
Lyn & Brian Rajala Hidden "We have a parent's love for our daughter and are very proud of the way she's fighting this battle. It's been a learning experience for all of us. "
Sarah Bergamo $25.00 "Lindsay, Good luck and have fun. Give your Grandma and extra tight hug this weekend. Have a safe trip. Sarah"
molly sanders $50.00 "Good luck! "
Billy Swarts III $50.00 "We are pleased to be contributing to Mamas Mounds! Walk Good my family and friends! May the wind be at your backs and the cure just ahead! With Love, Billy and Ciara "
Sue Winters $50.00 "Good luck with the race! It is so awesome how you and your fellow Otters can bring such strength and support for Kris! Just like teachers - you aren't going to sit around and feel bad or complain - you're doing something! Way to go!"
Sue Hansen $25.00 "Very proud of you. Seriously."
Jamie Tomlin $50.00 "Emma- We are thinking of you and your family."
Mary Ann Ford $50.00 "from La Dona Aniceta for her baby girl"
julie birchem $50.00 "god bless your determination to fight this AWEFUL disease. julie (JAB)"
Tiffany Hupp $25.00 "Good Luck Julie!!! Aunt Kathy says Good Luck too!!!"
David and Ann Jones $50.00 "I LOVE the Pink Ponies and all that you are doing to fight this awful thing (the hat ROCKS too by the way!!). I know that Mona is loving all that you are doing and I just hate that I never met her because I know I would have really liked her!! With Sincere Gratitude to your fight against cancer, Ann Jones"
David Bills Hidden "Go team Ito"
Michael Ellis $100.00 "Good luck Jina and team!"
Kim Wolf $100.00 "Adele (& Ann), So proud of you for taking the time to do the Walk for the Cure on Mother's Day. I am making a donation on behalf of Mom (Vangie) & Peg; [your two Grandmas] and OMA. Cancer (whether breast cancer or any other type of cancer - a cure must be found). Have a terrific walk and I will see you on Sunday at GPAs! Your loving Aunt Kimmy"
Tailor Larson $25.00 "We miss you Mrs. Kriegel and you are in our thoughts and prayers."
Tammy Taylor $25.00 "I'm so proud of you, Shelby! Good luck today!"
Dean Uselman $100.00 "Sarah, You are always finding a way to give to others and this is a wonderful way for you and Lily to share Mother's Day, honoring your mother's memory! Sarah you are an amazing woman and I am so happy and fortunate to be able to call you a friend. Happy Birthday, Happy Mother's Day, and I hope you and Lily have a great day together on Sunday. PS share pics! Dean"
Julie & Ben Safratowich $27.00 "Thank you for walking from team Don't Give a hOOt!"
Ben & Julie Safratowich $50.00 "Thank you for walking....and RUNNING... from 3 day team Don't Give a hOOt!!"
Dave Laurenson $101.00 "Good Luck Moose."
Jennifer Cullen $100.00 "Good luck with the race!"
Kimberly Barth $25.00 "Happy Mother's Day! We feel very blessed to have a healthly mom/grandma! We love you! Kim, Matt, Megan and Aaron"
Molly Schwartz $25.00 "you go, girl!"
Chris Weegman $25.00 "Good Luck With Your Race! "
Joe and Jill DeCarolis $25.00 "Anything to help, Mike. Good luck.. "
William Putney Hidden "Jeanne, Good luck on the walk and your continued fight.....we will be praying for your family, great weather and a wonderful day for the walk. God Bless!"
Denise Peyton $50.00 "Really wish I was there with you! Sending all my love and best wishes!!!!"
Melissa Barth $25.00 "Happy Mother's Day, have fun! : )"
Tara Henderson $25.00 "Becky - I'm so sorry to hear about your diagnosis. You'll beat it though! Hugs. Tara"
Cris Anderson $25.00 "Happy Walking!!"
Scot Becker $100.00 "Glad to be there with you for another year, Mother Fischer!"
Susan & Bill Batchelder & Beim $100.00 "Go Jill and Ashley!!!"
Eileen HIntze $50.00 "Good luck on the walk. We'll be thinking about you & your family. WE LOVE YOU!!"
Brian Bedrosian $100.00 "Go Moose Go! "
janet von Gillern $30.00 "Sorry I can't join you this year, hope to be there next year. I will be thinking of the Gretchen Girls. x"
Elizabeth Lemay $50.00 "Good luck on "sleeping in" I remember at my apartment, you laying in bed with your eyes wide open like Tweety Bird! Love ya"
Lisa Gunderson $25.00 "We are proud of you!"
Julie Jiracek $50.00 "Good Luck guys! Hope the weather cooperates for you!"
Beth DePoint $20.00 "You go, girl!"
Roy Anderson $25.00 "Go Big Guy, 5K is a marathon for a guy you size and age!"
Danielle Ratike $25.00 "Best of luck with the race! This is such a great cause, I admire your commitment to it!"
Jim and Jane Gross $25.00 "Have a great day."
Josh Greenwald Hidden "Jeanne I wish you the best of luck and no blisters"
Barbara Hester $20.00 "Donation from Tina Keating"
Tami Edwards $20.00 "Love you Gloria- Have a great day!"
Toweya Brown-Ochs $25.00 "In honor of Rochelle Ochs"
Sandra Doruff $25.00 "Cheering you on Moose!!!! You go girl!"
Jan and Brian Bymers $100.00 "Hurray for you! Blessed to have you as neighbors. Walk on, Denise. Walk on..."
Laura Masica $100.00 "With some of our greatest challenges, come inspiration....thanks for your commitment to the cause!"
Anonymous $36.00 "For Laurie!"
Nancy Goerne $50.00 "You've got my support . . . enjoy the day! Nancy"
Laura Nelson $50.00 "I wish I could be there to walk with you and cheer you on, but I will be with you in thought every step of the way. Go Christine!!"
David Borgschatz $10.00 "Have a great walk for a great cause. Love, Mother and Dad"
Sarah Richter $25.00 "To all lives affected by breast cancer."
Michelle Haaland $50.00 "Go Becky!! "
Molly Saxton $25.00 "Walk your bootie off!! Go Shannon!"
Hollie Schroeder $50.00 "We have the best team ever, we passed our goal! Think of the impact - even if it helps one woman get a mammogram and detect Breast Cancer early enough to treat it and save her life, we’ve just saved an entire family! I am so proud to be a part of the team. "
Stacia Hanson $25.00 "I am grateful to know you Jessica and think you are an incredible inspiration. I think of you often and especially this week before the walk!"
Sheridan Reese Hidden "Have fun on the walk with the girls!! HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY to you!!!! XOXOXOXOXOXOXOOX!!!!"
Richard Lampert $1.05 "Dear Mrs. Komen, Please enjoy this buck o' five. Fondly, Rich "
Vickie Heggen $20.00 "Love you, girlfriend!"
Kelly Friesen $25.00 "You are a ROCK star Rachael! (just like me) :) Love, Kel (& Mel) "
The Guzzo's $100.00 "Keep on truckin, Theresa!! "
Susan Geitzenauer $350.00 "Happy 70th Birthday, Mom and Oma!!! 70 years x 5 years cancer free = $350 We love you! Susan, Greg, Claire and Evy"
Monica Carson $25.00 "Good Luck! In honor of you, Nancy and my Mom.... "
Kari Ellis Hidden "I am proud of you for doing this, and I look forward to walking with you!!!"
Mary Emanuelson $100.00 "Thank you for walking Laura. You have lots of angel's watching over you and cheering you on."
Janice Konerza $50.00 "Congratulations Jennifer for your 6th year of participation. Your time and dedication is priceless. Wish we could be there with you! Janice, Chelsea and Casey Konerza "
Keith & Lynette Rohde $50.00 "We're so proud of your dedication to this cause! So sorry to hear of the loss of your friend. "
Nancy Tarbox Hidden "Sorry I can't join you for the walk. Have fun and continue getting better!"
Leslie Phidd $50.00 "Great job Katrina for very worthy cause! Continue to use your talents to help in our world! Love, Mutti"
Linda and Scott Cloud $25.00 "Thanks gals for doing the walk! Happy Mother's Day to all!!"
Breanna Sroka $40.00 "Go Jen!!"
Karen Huberty $10.00 "Thanks Bernie for donating to our team!"
Lisa Quiring $100.00 "Go Eagan's Wings!!! Sorry we will not be able to join you for the walk! Your family continues to be an inspiration to us all! Love, The Pszybylski's"
John Franceschelli $25.00 "One step in front of the other. Strive to stay alive! Good luck. John"
Nancy Pope TruGreen LandCare $250.00 "With the very best of wishes from all of us at TruGreen LandCare!"
Angerise Carter Hidden "Thank you for participating in such a worthy cause."
Christine and John Brady $50.00 "We'll be thinking of you...good luck!! We love you!"
Heidi Wollschlager $10.00 "Thank you for walking! I'm proud of you!"
Cecile Goyette $50.00 "Rock on, valiant warrior-esses!"
Anne Haber $50.00 "Best of luck, Logan and London!!"
Robby Lockler $50.00 "Terry I mam so honored you would think of me. You're such an amazing woman and an awesome neighbor. Love you, Robby"
Mark Johnsrud $25.00 "Run Forrest Run"
Rana Campbell-Beams $50.00 "Congratulations on TEN awesome YEARS! Here's to many many more, and to finding a cure! -Rana & Grant"
Jan Grymala $25.00 "'GET 'ER DONE!" Have a great time."
Thomas Albrecht $100.00 "Run Fast Chris, Albrecht Sign Company supports you! "
Rhonda Hubbard (Fitzgerald) $25.00 "Great cause, Julie."
Kim Mitlyng $50.00 "Hi Madden! I can't wait to be with you on the walk for Breast Cancer! This means alot to me, and thousands of others. They have to find a cure soon, and they will!!! I want this donation in honor of Auntie Marlene, who is a breast cancer survivor! O.K? We will have fun, and go to the toy store too!. I love you sooooooo much Madden! Thank You, Thank You!!!! Luv, Grama Kim"
Devin Schiltz $20.00 "Best of luck with the walk, Linda!"
debra schultz $25.00 "Proud of you and your team! Have fun!! Mom and Arthur"
Marlene Bang $20.00 "Hi Madden, You and your grama and your nana and mommy have a great day at the walk! Thank you for doing this in honor of your grama Kim. You are such a big boy! They will find a cure for Breast Cancer! Love, Auntie Marlene"
Amy Belisle-Keith $50.00 "In honor of Laura V (survivor), Brenda L (survivor), and Pam S (surviving"
Suzanne Winkel $25.00 "This is a very good cause and I'm happy to contribute. Good luck!"
Lisa Savoy Hidden "You go girl!"
Jacqueline Mathiason $50.00 "Walk on, Lisa. This is a great cause!!!"
Janet Dokken $20.00 "Hi Madden, You have fun with everybody on Sunday at the Breast Cancer Walk. I am so proud of you for doing this in honor of your grama Kim. They will find a cure for this horrible Breast Cancer! You are such a big boy, and we love you lots!!! grandma Janet"
Mika, Jacob & Noa Simms $50.00 "Happy Mother's Day!"
vicki andersen $20.00 "Good for you Diana !! Good luck!"
Kim Mitlyng $10.00 "Hi Madden, I am donating this in honor of Auntie Janet Hillstrom, who is a Breast Cancer Survivor, See you soon! I luv you!!!!! Grama Kim"
Pam Teiken $25.00 "Brenda you are an inspiration to many, keep up the good fight!!!!"
Michele Cady $20.00 "Thanks Steve for supporting this cause! Run your buns off!"
Mary Brand $50.00 "God Bless all the Anderson Girls for doing the Walk. Karen, I have you in my daily prayers and my sisiter Suzanne in Houston has you in a prayers chain at her church. I'll be walking with you all in spirit. Mary Brand"
Wendy Suddard-Bangsund Hidden "This is awesome that you are doing this.... I hope you have great weather!"
Lisa Harlow $25.00 "You go girl!!! Have fun and what a great cause! Sorry for late donation, I missed the initial email for some reason? Lisa Harlow"
Don Muff $25.00 "Great thing you are doing in honor of Kathy! Very glad to hear she is doing well! Good luck!"
Kim Mitlyng $10.00 "Hi Madden, I am donating this in honor of Auntie Delores Kottwitz, who is also a Breast Cancer Survivor! Luv ya, Grama Kim"
George Booth $25.00 "Rock it out! :-)"
Kathryn Ellis $25.00 "Hi Kari- hope you have good weather on Sunday! Sorry for the late donation...I was waiting to see if a team formed for my neighbor, Kathy. Hope you can have some laughs with your family during the walk. : ) Katie"
jane Jasperson Hidden "Go Team Deb Miller: Run for Hope, Courage, and Healing for Deb and all who face this disease"
Kristine Neumann $25.00 "You go girl!"
SHARK INDUSTRIES LTD $250.00 "We honor your support of such a worthy cause. Enjoy your day with the family."
Donna Hauer $25.00 "Signe and Erin, Wishing you strong health, joy and love. THanks for walking and staying strong! Best, Donna"
Kim Mitlyng $5.00 "Hi Madden, Have fun on the Breast Cancer Walk with your family. We support you all! See you soon! Love, Linda Trauba"
Tom Fidler Hidden "We were signing up to join the event on Sunday with Team Mrs Werwie then realized that we're going to be in Green Bay for Mary's dad's birthday. Have a great day on Sunday. You're in our thoughts and prayers, Tom, Mary, Madeline, Ella, and Will Fidler"
Suzanne Dahm $60.00 "Sandy...Bob keeps me posted on your recovery. I am so thankful it was a successful surgery. Keep getting stronger and I look forward to seeing you at the shop soon. Good luck on your walk. I hope the weather holds up for you. "
Nancee Melby $100.00 "In honor of all the bar east cancer warriors and those who lost the fight."
Sara Daly $25.00 "Congratulations on 10 years Barb. What a great way for the two of you to celebrate!"
Kris Miller $25.00 "Sorry I'm not able to make it this year! I'll be praying that you all have a great day! :)"
Doug Miner $100.00 "Hugs and love."
Lori Winters $50.00 "Fight Like a Girl!"
Mary McGovern $25.00 "Can't wait till Sunday!"
Doug Plath $25.00 "Mr. Plath's 5th grade is proud to sponsor Kriegel's Keepers in thier efforts . . . "
Robert Bridges $100.00 "Happy Mother's Day Amy and Sharon. Have a great walk."
james nelson $20.00 "You got it!"
Claudia Revermann $40.00 "Wish I could join you. Go team Bollum! xoxo"
Diane Larson $10.00 "Go, Kelly! I admire your strength, determination and can-do attitude. The way you face everything in life is an inspiration to me. God bless you greatly! Diane"
Tom Hunter $50.00 "Go Mark! "
AndreaSonju MaxZweber $25.00 "So glad that Sandy is 5 years cancer free!!!"
Christine Rowe $25.00 "Way to go Ray!"
Susan Bakken $50.00 "In honor of Tami and Amy participating in the Breast Buddies walk/run"
Nicole Pudifin and Sandy Sturm $25.00 "GO TEAM MANKA!"
Walmart Change Jar $157.00 "Thanks to associates that donated from 2087 and 3364!!"
Aimee Zytcer Hidden "Good Luck Meg!"
Patricia McCormack $15.00 "Vicki-hope you have good weather! You go, girl! Pat McC"
Laurel Vasko $25.00 "I hope the run goes well! "
Nancy Hoglund $100.00 "We are very proud of you for many reasons. Thank you for caring enough to participate with me every year. It's a very special time. We love you! Mom & Dad"
Anonymous $100.00 "Thanks to you and Angie for doing the Race for a Cure and supporting Gretchen in her fight. "
Dianne Burns $20.00 "Hope this helps Becky! Our Race is just around the corner too. You Rock & Roll! ~Dianne~"
Carole Kuznia $25.00 "Go Shanny Go!!!!"
Jennifer Andrews $25.00 "With Love and Support. Jennifer & Amy Andrews and children"
Cindy Sweeney $25.00 "Great reason to walk, thank you! Have fun!"
Jenny Branger $25.00 "I've always admired your courage and strenth, Monica! Hope the weather is beautiful for the 5k run and walk on Sunday. I'll be thinking of all of you, and I'll honor all you beautiful ladies on Sunday by wearing something pink. Have fun! I'll be shouting 2 in spirit when you round that corner and they ask how many years you've been a survivor. Love you!! Jen"
Joann Braun $20.00 "Thank you, Scott!"
Sean & Sheryl Pearson $25.00 "Enjoy the walk on Sunday - You have earned it!!!! "
Jenn and Joe Dziedzic $100.00 "We're thinking of you and wishing you all the best!"
Cathy Weller Hidden "Andi - Thanks for participating and bringing your energy & sunshine to a wonderful event & a great cause. Proud of you for doing this, especially so soon after your ankle surgery! Be careful & have fun! Love, Cathy"
Barb&jerry Peterson $50.00 "So proud of you,let's wipe out this desease!"
Maureen Coslett $50.00 "Becky, so sorry to hear about this. Sending positive thoughts your way! Mo "
Natalie Punto $100.00 "Have fun and Happy Mothers Day!!!!!"
Heather Farley $25.00 "Walk you feet off Marit! "
Mary Durdall $25.00 "Good for you Vicki. This is a great cause. Take care and don't over do it."
Mary Finnerty $25.00 "Go Becky!! You'll win this race for sure. thinking of you! Mary, Patrick, and Conor Finnerty-Esmonde"
Kristin Olson $25.00 "Good Luck at the walk!! We will be thinking about you!"
Nona Miland $25.00 "Best of luck for a successful day."
Martha Batzner $100.00 "You go girls! I'll be there with you in spirit."
Jen Hoglund $25.00 "Go Kim and Nancy!!!!!"
Carol Oster $25.00 "Glad you are doing so well Brenda. We support you and all those who have had the Cancer fight! "
Nancee Melby $100.00 "In honor of those who are just beginning the fight and to all of us who already fought the beast."
Carole Cragg $25.00 "May each step be a step closer to a cure - THANK YOU!"
Sue Mellett Hidden "Hey Kathy, We'll be thinking about you during the walk. Have a great time! - Sue and Jeanne"
Sarah Cunningham $50.00 "Sucha strong family, good luck on your walk!!"
Annemarie Leonard $20.00 "Have fun on the walk - enjoy your family time!"
Hannah Jirsa $185.00 "Thanks to the hard work of the kids at HNOJ school!"
Faith Goenner $50.00 "Go Team Laura V!!!!! Race for the Cure!"
Jenn and Rick Graner Hidden "Have a great Race day!"
Lois Posusta $50.00 "Your 6th year of participation and Kyler's 1st year - congratulations Jennifer! Enjoy the event and best wishes to all the participants! We will be thinking of you and Kyler tomorrow! Lois, Glen & Megan"
Peggy Kortuem $25.00 "Walk in the memory of those we have lost & Hope for those that are fighting! Show Cancer that they have messed with the wrong BITCHES!!! "
Wendy Peterson $50.00 "Dear Sue, Thank you for generously giving your time to this important Mother's Day event. Love, Wendy"
David Meyer Hidden "Brenda - Wendy and I wish your team the best tomorrow!! We're there with you in mind and spirit and wish you the absolute best!"
Diane Lindgren $50.00 "Ladies, you have my support, enjoy the run/walk. I will join you again next year. Diane"
Roxanne Soth $50.00 "You go, girls! Thinking of you with love, hope and encouragement."
PAYCHEX RFTC BBQ & RAFFLE $375.00 "We raised $375 in cash/checks at our Paychex RFTC BBQ & Raffle Fundraiser! Thanks to all of the Paychex Minneapolis employees that donated!!"
Elizabeth Willis $50.00 "Sending positive thoughts, prayers and all good wishes your way! Beth Willis"
Therese Hoffman $100.00 "Yeah Kim!!!!!!!!"
Amy Bernard Hidden "Way to go, Tobi!"
Dawn Dibley $25.00 "Have fun Jocelyn! When you are 16, you can do the 3-Day with us."
Alan McDonald $250.00 "Donna, We are so proud of your achievement, you are a true Rock Star! Enjoy the walk and the day with your family and friends. We are sorry that we are going to miss it. Alan & Vicki "
JoAnne Cody Hidden "Have a great day."
Denise Specht $100.00 "Thank you for doing the Race! "
Diane Peterreins $25.00 "Good Luck! Rick, Diane and Jess"
Terri Ferrise $25.00 "Thank you for your efforts to this cause."
Sandy Grebe $50.00 "Maggie.....Thanks so much for the info on the walk. Although I won't be able to join you this year, I'll be with you in thought and spirit. Wishing you a great day and continued good health!!! Hugs.....Sandy &Les "
Marisa Andrews $50.00 "Congratulations Lisa and all the best! This is a great cause and I commend you for staying committed for the last 8 years! You are making a difference for so many people!"
Diane Heinlen $20.00 " On this Mother's Day, I honor my sister Mary."
Richard Clausen $25.00 "Have a great day and Kathy and I will mbe praying for you"
Jen Stewart $20.00 "Go you Lunachic! :)"
Benjamin Ross $100.00 "You go girls! Miss you guys. Love, Ben, Gigi, Evan, and Eric"
William & Georgina McCann $50.00 "We are proud of you! Your committment is Awesome!"
Aaron Burke $50.00 "Happy Mother's Day! Love, Aaron"
Bonita Wylie $20.00 "Good luck! Hope you reach your goal. Love, Mom"
Angela Banaszewski $50.00 "I am so proud to represent Gilly Hicks and to be apart of this great team!"
William Regan $25.00 "Go, Go Peterson Women!!!!"
Matt & Amy Jung $10.00 "Have Fun! :-)"
Amy Jung $10.00 "Have Fun! :-)"
Judith Durfey $25.00 "Happy Mother's Day, Running Daughter!"
Tracy Langheinrich $50.00 "Let's kick Cancer's butt! Looking forward to spending themorning with you for a very worthy cause."
Nola Borg $30.00 "Love you, Dear! We're so glad you're doing well. Nola & Dan"
Kelly Kelly $25.00 "Have fun, Marit! I'm proud of you! :) "
Mary Vanden Branden $25.00 "HI, Karen! Hugs and prayers to you:-) Love, Mary VB"
Ingrid Nelson-Krafve $25.00 "Good Luck! We will be with you in spirit!"
Wendy Barlow $35.00 "Good Luck and have fun!!"
Sarah Haydu $15.00 "Good luck tomorrow!!"
Susan Palmer $35.00 "Will be think ofyou and your mom!"
Annette Clark $50.00 "Go Team Riverside!! :) Thinking about you all and cheering you on!"
Kevin Reuss $10.00 "We are very proud of you Debbie! V & K"
David Jourdan $50.00 "You go girl!"
Eftychia Koehn $50.00 "Dear Deb, Enjoy the run tomorrow in the company of family and friends. You are in my thoughts and prayers! Love, Effie"
Jerry Van Cleave $100.00 "Sue - your positive attitude is an inspiration to all. March on!!"
Marie Oreskovich $50.00 "For the love of Dody and for the love of all the beautiful women of this world!"
Sheila Perry $50.00 "I lost my mom to breast cancer 29 years ago. I still miss her! Happy Mother's Day Mom!!!!"
Elizabeth Wilhelmi $100.00 "You are an amazing women"
anita pagel Hidden "Thanks for walking"
Chris and Diane Schoenherr $25.00 "Thanks Gals for the Walk!! "
Diana Carlson $25.00 "Wishing you a good run and a great Mother's Day!"
Susan Luchetti $500.00 "You're admirable ! Xo Susan"
chris polydoroff $25.00 "you go, girl!"
nancy wheelock $50.00 "Hi denise. This is really a special time for you. I am so happy and proud that you have made it though such a hard time.Our prayers have been with you though this times and will continue to be there. I wish i could be walking with you tomorrow. We have been experiencing such troubles with our e-mail so i am so glad that that it is finally fixed . I have been wanting to donate but just have not been able to do so! Love you lots! Nancy, fran and david"
Lisa Mitchell $40.00 "Good luck, run hard...and have fun!"
Cheryl Rowan $25.00 "Way To Go Cindy! Keep The Spirit! You're An Inspiration :) Love - Cheryl, Jon, Nate, Jared & Josh Rowan"
Judie LaBarre $25.00 "Go Julie!!! Hope you have fabulous weather!"
Pieter Jagersma $100.00 "Excited to start mothers day with a race for the cure for the fifth year in a row now. Proud of you!"
Bryce Johnson $25.00 "We'll be thinking of you and your team Sunday. ~ Bryce and Jody"
Michelle Sherrill $5.00 "I don't have much, but I'm going to give what I can! My Dad and Sister both passed away from cancer, and I have a sister, who is fighting mouth cancer right now and it breaks my heart, because cancer is everywhere and we have to do what we can to eventually put it in the prehistoric ages!"
Suzi Quaderer $25.00 "Good luck, have a great walk, and enjoy the day!"
Sara Kotrba $100.00 "Celebrating your health Tammy! With love, the Kotrbas"
Greg Belknap $120.00 "For My Lovely Wife Catherine and her sister Peg."
merilee holm $25.00 "Annie - I think its great your doing this. Have fun good luck. Love ya Auntie "
Melanie & Vic Greenstein $100.00 "We wish you the best of luck in the walk!!! Most of all we all pray for a cure for this terrible disease!!! Love, Mel and Vic"
Sue and Jim Flipp $100.00 "Thanks for working so hard for the cause. "
Michael and Janet Malkiewicz $50.00 "In celebration of 3 years cancer free! Michael and Janet "
Erica Aber $25.00 "Hi Sheryl, thanks you for your commitment to the Susan G. Komen Foundation! Erica"
Joan Kruse $50.00 "Dear Judy: My heart and thoughts are with you all the time. I have also put your name in our church prayer box where many people will be praying for you. Namaste Joan Kruse"
Pete & Jocelyn Jourdan $25.00 "If only we had a jogging stroller, Jocelyn would run with you. Best of luck!"
Jill Steeves $25.00 "Horray. Have a great walk!!!"
Edward & Barbara Wink $100.00 "Josh, Thank you for running in memory of Aunt Sharon."
Cyndi Graves $50.00 "Congratulations and thanks, Stacy!"
Melissa Shuba $20.00 "Happy Mother's Day!"
Gene and Nicole Martens Hidden "Danna, We're praying you through this. That bright smile continues to inspire. Many blessings. Gene, Nicole, Selah, Levi and Chase Martens"
Richard Bukrey $20.00 "Thanks for doing the walk!"
Ashley Kreischer $25.00 "Go team J La!"
Jill Ahnen $100.00 "Have a great walk!!"
Anonymous $25.00 "Donation from Lee and Loray Edenloff"
Kelly & Meagan Osborne $25.00 "You Go Girl! Save Second Base! Love the tee shirt campaign! Seriously, Great Cause and keep it up!"
Anonymous $50.00 "Donation from Kathy Patton"
Anonymous $30.00 "Donation from Corinne Stinton"
Dawn Newbrough $100.00 "janet is my super hero!!! "
Amy and Pete Scheid $25.00 "This is a wonderful event Marit! Great job at raising money!"
Sree Mouli Majji $76.00 "Best wishes!"
Lisa Sinclair $25.00 "Go Janet! You are amazing and there are a ton of people rooting for you!"
Magda & Robert Kersting $25.00 "Have a great race, Ladies! Go Beth!"
Gina Palandri $50.00 "I am so glad you are doing this. Love you guys. Gina"
Monica Haller $50.00 "Happy Mother's Day, Mom. Your generosity is thorough even on the day celebrating you! Thinking of Grandma and Maimi, too. Love, Monica "
Gretchen Faust $200.00 "Thanks for everything Jen! I feel so blessed to have such a wonderful friend. I look forward to doing the walk with you tomorrow! -Gretchen"
Gary and Linda Sigler $50.00 "We are so proud of you, Nikki! Wish we could be there to see you. Mary will be smiling down on you and cheering you on to the finish!"
David Moschkau $195.00 "Walk your buns off woman! I'm proud of you to take part in this cause. "
Bob Richardson $25.00 "Amy, it's an honor to support you in this. As you know, this is what my Mother had too so I would like to do this in her honor as well. Love you my friend!"
Kristin basinger $25.00 "My heart is touched that you are walking in honor of such an extraordinary woman"
Anonymous $20.00 "Tnaks to Linnett for the donation tonight."
Naura Anderson $25.00 "Sorry we'll miss walking with you, but we'll be thinking about you! See you at the zoo!"
Naura Anderson $25.00 "Sorry we can't make it to join you on for a great walk this morning. We'll be thinking about you, your mom and your team. Thanks for putting this together! See you at the zoo this afternoon!"
Kyung Thorson $50.00 "We are very proud of you! Enjoy and have fun!! Love...Chad, Kyung, Ally and Lily"
Sheryl Beck $100.00 "T.O.M"
Missy Courteau $25.00 "Happy Mother's Day Michelle! Good luck in the walk today!"
Tammy Root $25.00 "Happy Mothers' Day! In honor of my mother in law, who is a breast cancer survivor, and in memory of my cousin, who is watching her children and grandchildren from heaven. Thanks, Jill!"
Linda Tillman $25.00 "Hope it all adds up to a cure!"
Lisa Jurek $25.00 "HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY, JENNIFER=) We'll be thinking of you as you walk today to support ALL women (and men, too...)...we'll be with you in thought and prayer, cheering you on, as you journey together with thousands of others to race for a cure!!! Way to go!!! Wishing you a beautiful day, a beautiful experience; wishing you the BEST!!! Love, Brad, Lisa, Dusty & Megan"
Shala Benson $50.00 "Michelle - It's a BEAUTIFUL day for a run, and I know you'll do it!!! I wish you my BEST, and will be looking forward to your success!! I did the 60-mile (3-day) walk 4 summers ago, and it was amazing!!! I hope you have the same experience today with the amazing people you will meet!!! :)"
Tammi Timm $10.00 "Have a GREAT walk on this BEAUTIFUL day!! Tammi"
Steven Dreyer $25.00 "Nice job Mark!!!"
louise seeba $50.00 "Good luck Annette!"
Lynne Carper $70.00 "Go Granny Go !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
Michele Bloes $50.00 "Have a great walk you guys!"
Jillian Hornbaker $50.00 "Love ya! Do well today! Wish I was there."
Betty & Bill K rause Hidden "Have fun on the walk and good luck"
nan faust $500.00 "Love you, Mom and Dad"
David Scherer $50.00 " we are proud of you for doing this for a very worthy cause Michelle. Love, David and Mom"
Renee Engelhart $10.00 "Way to go Mark! You are truly an ispiration and a wonderful person!"
Anonymous $50.00 "You are SO beautiful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
Peggy Moore $100.00 "Gayle - Congratulations on all your victories over the last few months! Wish I could be there in person at the race to cheer you on - but know that I'm there in spirit with you all the way from Colorado! Peggy"
Dori Seegar $25.00 "Congratulations on this great accomplishment Tawyna!"
Deb Young $25.00 "Thanks Bree!!"
Daniel Haller $50.00 "Happy Mother's Day Mom!"
janeece oatman $50.00 "Good luck sis!"
Nicole Eller Peploe $25.00 "Love Ya!!!"
janeece Oatman $25.00 "Go Heche Jay!"
Julie Hulm $100.00 "Good luck Hollie and thanks for all that you do!"
Liz Oie $25.00 "Happy Mothers Day Kim. Continued thoughts and prayers with you. Stay strong beautiful friend. -Liz"
Rita Waughtel $25.00 "Happy Walking!"
Tracey Luchetti $100.00 "Denise, Wow you are truly amazing!! I am so honored that you ran your race in memory of Jenn. You should be so proud of yourself- Happy Mother's Day to you!! Love Mike and Tracey Luchetti"
Julie Wendolek $50.00 "Best Wishes Jennifer and Kyler on your 1st Mothers Day and Congratulation on your new tradition together. Cheers to you for every footstep in the Walk for a Cure! Have a beautiful day. Dean, Julie, Cole, Lucas and Logan "
T.J. Berg $50.00 "Way to go, Helen!"
Lee Leibig $102.00 "This ones for you Moose!!!"
Anonymous Hidden "In celebration of Mary B."
Shari Peddicord $50.00 "Have a wonderful walk! -- Look forward to next year when she can maybe run."
Darcy Tinnes $25.00 "Brian, thanks for inviting me to make another donation to this great cause. My wife's aunt and her aunt's sister-in-law have both beat it and are in remission. Send me another invite next year. Darcy"
Joy Sand $25.00 "Love you, Annie! "
Jody Iverson Hidden "Sorry I'm late getting this to you...thanks for running this race! Donating on behalf of my Mom, a breast cancer survivor!"
Helen Bernardino $50.00 "Hope you"
Norma Angell $60.00 "Cash for Rich Mavis"
Rosemary Lenc $25.00 "Thanks, Linda, for doing this for a cure someday. Mom "
Jammie Rehak $1.00 "Baby Brayden was a champ!!"
Jessica Brower $25.00 "Love you Addie! "
Jammie Rehak $1.00 "Samantha Jo made $4,000.00 way to go walking today honey mommy loves you"
kathryn katz $50.00 "congratulations -- a little late."
Theresa Laumeyer, $25.00 "Awesome for you that you are able to do the walk. I am praying for you all the time."
Don Caruth $100.00 "Love, Donny your brother"
Elaine Strike $25.00 "Linda, you are an amazing woman and an inspiration to everyone who knows you and more. We continue to pray for you and Brian as you wage this fight against breast cancer. We love you."
Leokadia Christine Wydra $25.00 "Peggy you are awesome! "
Diane Klem $20.00 "I also would like to support this event! Good luck~ Diane Klem (Dayton's Auntie)"
Daniel Pauly $100.00 "Laura, We hope you, John, and Marina had a good run / walk today. It sounds like turnout was phenomenal. - Dan and Laura"
Jack and Peggy Anderson $50.00 "Hi Katie, sorry we are a little late but we are so proud of you and Julie! You both did a great job for a great cause! Love, Peggy & Jack"
Denise Wintheiser $100.00 "Hi Darcy, so proud of you!!! Hope this puts you over the top! Love, Denise"
Susan Pursey $25.00 "Sorry my donation is a little late. Hope your Run/walk went well yesterday."
Julie Jensen $50.00 "I'm sorry this is late. I hope you had a great time and that your health is continually improving. Take Care."
heidi bailey $25.00 "you go girl!"
Lisa McNulty $50.00 "Go you fabulous broads! xx, Jo & Lisa"
Tonya Maurer $50.00 "Awesome artwork!~ Great Job! "
Tonya Maurer $50.00 "Awesome Job!!!!"
Jeff Olejnik $50.00 "Julie Winters Matching Gift"
Mary Jo Calvin $25.00 "God Bless you for participating in such an awesome event. I will keep Cindy in my prayers."
helen sullinger $100.00 "Helen, you are my heroine in all things "survivor-with-flair". "
Deanna Heski $25.00 "Hope the race went well! Happy Belated Mom's Day!"
Elle Newman $25.00 "Way to Go Becky, I love you!"
James Benson $50.00 "In memory of Eleanor Benson, Clara Gordon & Alyce Newberger"
Anonymous Hidden "Well done, Becky and daughters!"
Dan Rogers $100.00 "Good luck!"
Troy Sinykin $25.00 "Way to Go Pete JB"
Mark Stowman $25.00 "Hi Becky, thanks for your work with this wonderful event!"
michael sweeney $100.00 "Elizabeth and I are very happy to support your effort."
Linda Freiboth $50.00 "Good luck Michelle! "
Brad Liska $25.00 "dont pull a muscle "
Barbara Raport $100.00 "Every little bit counts."
Shannon Duffy Peterson $50.00 "Lynn (and Kaitlyn and Aunt Dee) you rock keep up the great work! Uncle Tom would be so proud of you all! Shannon"
Heidi Ziman $25.00 "I'm praying that my Aunt gets good results on her tests tomorrow!"
Tonya Cornish $25.00 "I you had a great time!"
Jill Daneu $25.00 "Way to go, Moose! "
Lee and Carole Hillestad $100.00 "In loving memory of my sister Noreen Joy."
Janell Toles $250.00 "Thanks to all the I heart booby supporters!"
Mary O'Shea $50.00 "See you at Lunds MaryO"
Judy & Chuck Golla $80.00 "We're very Proud of this Awesome Team! ! ! It's a priviledge to participate in this very special cause ! ! "
debra icenogle Hidden "Thank you Susan and Lauren--Love to you!!!"
Kathy Tauer $25.00 "Hi Rhonda! "
Mom & Dad $250.00 "In loving memory of your Aunt Susan"
Kristian Van Meteren $50.00 "Hey Katie...been meaning to get to this. Sorry for the delay and best of luck with the fundraiser. I too lost a cousin just last year to breast cancer (she fought it for 16 years and finally lost) and an aunt was diagnosed just within the past 8-9 months. So it hits close to home. Thanks for fitting this very important cause into what I can only imagine is an extremely hectic schedule. Kris V."
Aaron Trost $100.00 "Go Katie Go! I'm running a half-marathon this week....and I've been sick, so basically if you are awake this Saturday between 7:30 and 9:00 AM please say a desperate prayer for me because I will need them to survive... :)"
Jody A Kramer $100.00 "Katie, The entire Kramer family congratulates you on your efforts for such a worthy cause. Jody, Dick, Jay and Libby"
Anonymous $15.00 "Janell's donation"
Margaret Foss $25.00 "Hope I'm not too late! Thanks for making the walk. Marg"
Joan Ritchey $25.00 "Your example provides such hope to others! Richest blessings to you and all those supported by these efforts!"
Taylors Falls Elementary $94.00 "This pledge was collected by the students and staff at Taylors Falls Elementary by donating $1 to wear their hat for the day during school. "
Rita Cole $15.00 "In honor of my dear friend Michele Beighley and in memory of Beverly Owens - my husband's aunt who passed away yesterday after being a 22 yr survivor of breast cancer! Thanks for walking!"
Nancy Luchetti $50.00 "Incredible feat Denise!! Thank you for running for Jenn too! Nancy Luchetti"
Anonymous $25.00 "Hope you had a good walk"
Jo Tampas $100.00 "This is for the Friends of T team, and for my Mom, Pat, who is a survivor."
Patty Chouanard $100.00 "For Amy's mom, my sister, and all of the moms, sisters, daughers out there fighting this terrible disease."
from others donations $40.00 "This is a combination of donations from Angerise, Rob, Diane and Don; my generous co-workers.s"
Reid Gibson $100.00 "Thanks, Love you all!"
Sheri Lynn (Johnson) $100.00 "We need to lick this family has been touched by this evil as well. Go Amy!!!"
Sara Socwell $50.00 "Thank you for being you, Amy."
Joyce Trepanier $50.00 "To my "Sisto", and JoJo..... I am soooooo proud of the two of you!!!!! Hopefully next year we can make it a family affair, how fun will that be! Let's start planning now!! LOVE YA! Your ,''SISTO" AND "AUNTIE""
Barbara Danger $25.00 "I have known too many women who have dealt with breast cancer, but they are all still alive today! That is the good news. My stepdaughter is awaiting her biopsy results right now, so it continues to devastate people's lives. So glad you are doing well, Vicki!"
Ryan McDonald $35.00 "Here's to knocking this out!"
Carol Thomas $25.00 "Better late than never! Thanks for doing this Phyllis it is a wonderful cause."
Kathryn Biber $50.00 "You are awesome Katie!"
sally sibbitt $25.00 "congrats and celebrate!!!"
Anonymous Hidden "Hey Signe, I so sorry to hear that your partner Erin and you are dealing with this monster called cancer. I was wondering about you. I have really missed you at the New Vic. Here I'm sending my little contribution to the fight. All my love and best wishes to Erin and you. Peace, Javier"