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Racing to Save the Ta-Ta's
Mataya, Jamie, Melissa, Nicole, Sarah
We are racing in celebration of the survivors and in memory of the fighters.
Total Donations Collected:$960.00
Goal: $1,000
$0 96% $1,000
Contributor Amount Comment
Jaycie Allen $10.00 "Good Luck Jamie!! You're awesome."
Christy Martindale $10.00 "Good luck!! I think you should make Jim Steele run with you."
Ken Harris $25.00 "Good Luck from Ken Harris Architect"
Lynn Steele $15.00 "You go girls!!! Good Luck!"
Monica Valerio $5.00 ""We can't do everything for everyone everywhere, but we can do something for someone somewhere." Great Luck Ladies!!"
Steve Kondrick $25.00 "$teve loves your rockin' tatas...and thinks that you ladies are doing a great thing. Hopefully this helps out a little bit."
Heather Hansen $20.00 "Sarah is rockin in every way: working with leather in various forms, saying hello to little fras, dealing with spumoni ice cream, and especially with making Clyde Becker feel welcome."
Tara Thompson $10.00 "Good luck girls! Jamie you're fabulous! I'm sad I can't run the race! My stupid brother... getting married! "
Brit Ellsworth $101.95 "THINK PINK! I'm behind you 99.99% Nicole! I Love You!"
Mark & Amy Fietkau $25.05 "GO Nikki! you tall glass O' water! Saving the Ta Ta's is something we can all ralley around."
Kari Pedersen $15.00 "Way to contribute guys!! Good luck!"
Grant Ellsworth $10.00 "What a great cause!"
Priscilla Kieber Hidden "Sarah ~ Way to go! Run for all of us! much love, Aunt Priscilla"
sally fridy $100.00 "Dear Sarah, This is to honor you and your friends! I also want to honor your mother who had great courage, humor and love. All the best. Sally"
Johanna Guldan $15.00 "Sarah - You inspire me every day. Team - Thank you sincerely for doing this, it's so important to be advocates for research. "
Henry Bohe $158.00 "Sosh, Your mom would would be proud or your efforts."
Kay kowallis $25.00 "Thank you Nicole for running in honor of me. I am a survivor for 11 years now and so happy I had the chance to raise my children. I was so afraid for that reason. I was truely blessed Ladies, get those mamogram checks yearly, it is what saved my life. I am so grateful for this cause and the number of peoples lives it will save. Thank you again to you all that ran and thank you to my dear daughter, I love you. Mom "
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