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Kiting Open Ocean from Little Cayman to Grand Cayman to Raise Funds for the Cancer Society
100 miles. 100% Dedication.

Thank you for supporting the 'Kiting for Cancer' fundraiser for the Cayman Island's Cancer Society! Kiteboarding can change lives! Check out KitingForCancer.com for more information on the event.

Please enter the Kiter's name above to donate directly to their campaign. Each rider has set a personal goal for this event so let's give them the motivation they need to succeed!

We gladly accept donations online as well as in person at the CICS office (which saves us the 6.5% online processing fee!).

*** If you have trouble selecting your country code when entering contributor information, please look it up here. Cayman Islands = CYM.
*** NOTE: If you are using a Butterfield debit card, you may be blocked from making an online donation due to their anti-fraud measures. You will need to call their card services department on +1 (345) 815-7527 to get them to allow the transaction.

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Total Donations: $136,451

Goal: $150,000

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