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Even before getting to know Ted, Robbie, and the entire King family, I was involved with the Krempels Center.

One winter, one of my teammates (Ben Carbonetti) on the UNH cycling team went out for a ride when it was around 20 degrees. His helmet didn't fit over his hat, so he rode only with his winter riding hat.

Our coach, Ed Spuler, saw Ben riding down the road without a helmet, pulled over, and "enthusiastically" told my teammate that he had to wear a helmet. Ed gave Ben and his bike a ride back to campus and then Ed enacted a strict helmet rule - if you were riding without a helmet (even to class), you weren't allowed to race the following weekend and you had to donate $100 to the Krempels Center.

Unfortunately, I don't think UNH donated much money to the Krempels Center as the fear of Spuler was only matched by the weight of his warnings. Also, we were broke college kids, and $100 is a fair amount of money to a broke college bike racer.

But today, I'm happy to fundraise and ride in support of the Krempels Center. And Ed certainly won't be pulling me off the road for not wearing a helmet!


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