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Peyton's Cure Crew
Peyton's Cure Crew is challenging you to give every child a chance at life
Thank you for taking the time to come to the Peyton's Cure Crew fundraising page. Our daughter Peyton was diagnosed with Leukemia at age 2 and has spent the last 2 years fighting bravely. There is such a critical need for research money to fund the fight for a cure. Pediatric cancers receive the least amount of funding from our government. This is not good enough. Peyton is beating her cancer, too many children won't.

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Total Donations: $1,074.00
Goal: $7,500

$0 14% $7,500

Contributor Amount Comment
Kevin McKeever Hidden "Kick cancer's butt, Peyton!"
Susan Chabot Hidden "We're all praying for you, Peyton! (....and sending lot of hugs!!)"
Rick Bucich $50.00 "Good luck reaching your goal! Great site! Rick Tiny Prints"
Brent Caldwell $100.00 "Hang in there Peyton. Beat this cancer up, like it were a boxer on your WII game. We love you. Brent, Mary, and Adam"
Sharon Mayhew $100.00 "What joy to celebrate the life of my precious 4 year-old granddaughter. Lots of love, Grandma Sharon"
Dan Cohen $54.00 "In honor of Her Majesty Princess Peyton, with love from Dan Cohen."
Connie Runkle $25.00 "May God bless you and your family every day of your lives."
Tammie Wagner Hidden "Came over from Rocks in my Dryer. Go get 'em Peyton!"
Jean Laurie $50.00 "I also came over from Rocks In My Dryer and I truly wish you guys the Best! God Bless!"
Lauren Coe $50.00 "Our hearts and prayers are with you and every child battling a life threatening disease. God bless you all. Sincerely, Lauren, Jay, and Lily Coe"
Jan Reynolds $25.00 "Peyton, you are such an awesome kid. Me and my daughters want to help you and all the other kids win this battle!!! You go girl!"
Marissa Nomakeo Hidden "So proud of the whole Mayhew family! Best of luck in everything, I'm praying for you!"
Holly Ambrose $10.00 "Best wishes for a cure...."
Kay Bertoch Hidden "We love you sweet girl! You and your family are amazing. Love, Kay, Dan, Dana and Cody"
Heather Miller Hidden "I am so happy that Peyton is beating cancer...may all the kids be so lucky! "
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