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Karl Stutelberg's run for Karno Kids
30 miles for his 30th birthday!
I am turning 30 this year. My birthday is on July 3rd, 2009. My wife and I are planning an event around my birthday on July 5th (a Sunday). I will be running 30 miles that morning and am inviting family and friends to join me on different length loops that will always end by my house to pick up more runners/cyclists. I live in Quartz Hill, CA (near Lancaster/Palmdale). I have run 6 marathons but this will be the farthest that I have ever run at one time. I decided that instead of gifts I would ask people to make a donation to a charity for my birthday and picked Karno Kids as my organization. I have always thought this program was a great idea and now as a father of 2 boys it has become more important to me. Karno Kids provides financial support to organizations and programs that are focused on improving the health and wellness of our youth and restoring and preserving the environment and urban open-spaces.
Please join us in our mission. Kids across the country will thank you!

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Total Donations: $240.00
Goal: $500

$0 48% $500

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