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In summer 2010 our international team of whitewater kayakers will attempt first descents of steep rivers along the volcanic spine of Siberia's wild Kamchatka Peninsula in an effort to raise awareness of the complex relationships between the place, its people, and its fisheries.

We're primarily funding the expedition and research through generous grants from National Geographic and Outdoor Research, and small donations from people like you.

Our 501c3 status and fundraising platform were kindly furnished by the Sportsgrants Foundation, an organization dedicated to streamlining the fundraising process for athletic teams and individuals aiming to do amazing things. Check them out at www.sportsgrants.org.

We're hoping to raise $20,000 from small donors, and are well on our way there. Join over two hundred individuals who have joined the Kamchatka Project community with 100% tax-deductible donations of $25 or more. Your contribution will help the team meet its goals and will enable us to spread the word about one of the Earth's last great ecosystems.

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