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JT Moore Middle School's NF Walk
Steps to finding a cure
Since birth, Noah Hester has battled Neurofibromatosis (NF), a genetic disorder that causes tumors to grow anywhere in the nervous system. It can present numerous problems including deafness, blindness, learning disabilities, brain tumors and disfigurement. There is no cure or treatment.

Since his diagnosis Noahs has had two strokes, surgeries to remove tumors on his face and has a lesion on his brain stem as well as other complications and learning differences.

Through it all, Noah has been a constant inspiration to everyone he meets. His attitude - always positive. His mood – always happy. His smile never fades. He loves basketball, music and his friends at JT Moore. All proceeds from this walk will go directly to NF research. Please consider supporting the students in their effort to find a cure for NF. No amount is too small.

Noah's family feels it is equally important for our community to learn about this disease and what Noah has gone through since birth.

To learn more about Noah, NF and the Children's Tumor Foundation visit www.ctf.org

Contact Cynthia Hester, 297-6185 email: cdhester@bellsouth.net for further information.

Total Donations: $3,495

Goal: $10,000

$0 35% $10,000

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