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Wimp or Warrior, Joel Gilmore Benefit Ride
Joel Gilmore is anything but a wimp.
Joel Gilmore is anything but a wimp. In true warrior form, this young dad and husband was was an avid cyclist and in hard training for a Tough Mudder obstacle race just last summer. Today he battles a different front. Fatigue, tremors, fevers, joint inflammation, pain, and chronic infections may strike his body at any time. Why? No one really knows. After a year of failed treatments and worsening symptoms, Joel went to Mayo Clinic in Arizona for a week of diagnostic testing in August. To date, results remain inconclusive. But there are some indisputable facts. Joel’s quality of life and ability to spend time with his wife and children is tremendously diminished. He is unable to work, greatly reducing their family income. None of the work at Mayo is covered by their insurance. Medical bills continue to flood into the Gilmore home. Financial output is greater than what’s coming in. You can make a difference with your donation. Thank you supporting the Gilmore Family.

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Total Donations: $1,810

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