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Joan Lund Memorial Cash for Cancer Drive
Welcome to our site. On September 9th, 2012, family and friends were saddened by the loss of Joan Lund, an amazing woman who was stricken with a vary rare form of biliary cancer. Joan fought cancer hard, flying all over the country seeking help. As she went through her battle she saw how much families dealing with cancer are spending on the fight themselves and made a determined effort to help raise money to aid these families. On September 7, 2013, the Hilltop Bar and Grill in Woodville, WI will be hosting the Joan Lund Memorial Cash for Cancer Drive. The day's event will include a 5k run, live band, silent auction, raffle, restaurant tour, food, drinks, and plenty of fun. Our goal is to raise money in Joan's memory to help these families in their fight. Please join us for fun, and fund raising.

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Total Donations: $1,850

Goal: $15,000

$0 12% $15,000

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