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2013 Catalina Classic JMMF Wounded Warrior Paddle Relay
Paddeling the Channel for Wounded Warriors

The JMMF is so proud of our Wounded Warrior Ocean Therapy Program and the amazing participants and volunteers. To celebrate their accomplishments and inspire more participants we have again been give the chance to be the only relay team invited to participate in the prestigious 32 mile Catalina Classic Paddleboard Race for 2013.

We are honored to be included in the race and to help bring awareness to our Wounded Warriors. For this year we have amazing 5 Marines paddling with us, three of which paddled last year. We have one Marine who is flying back from Washington just to do the paddle. He has commented that the "JMMF has inspired him in so many social aspects that there are good people in the world and they are people he can trust to support him and inspire him." He also said that "the JMMF has taught him to challenge himself in so many incredible ways...socially, athletically, emotionally...the paddle is an extension of that and one of the greatest testaments of what he's learned from the JMMF family and Ocean Therapy program."

The Catalina Classic will be on Sunday August 25th 2013 and starts at the Isthmus on Catalina Island and ends at the Manhattan Beach Pier. Lots of JMMF friends, volunteers and supporters including recent event winners Adam Buckley, Brad Thomas and Kyle Daniels have completed this waterman tradition and we are stoked to help support some Wounded Marines from Camp Pendleton accomplish their goals and recovery. We hope you can join us at the Pier around 11:00am to cheer the team as they arrive.

The Catalina Classic has an amazing tradition and heritage. It was also one of Jimmy's favorite events that he finished 4 times. We have had many friends tackle the challenge in support of the JMMF and in memory of Jimmy and know what a commitment it is. For more race info please go to www.facebook.com/pages/Catalina-Classic-Paddleboard-Race-Page/220647309159.

Please help support the amazing crew of Wounded Warriors from Camp Pendleton and all-star JMMF volunteers in their quest. The photo above is from the 2012 team with the Marine Color Guard and other JMMF volunteers and supporters.

The Jimmy Miller Memorial Foundation is a non-profit 501(c) 3 Foundation dedicated to honoring the life of our inspiration, Jim Miller, by supporting the healing of mental and physical illness through surfing and ocean related activities. Through recreational, educational and mentoring programs, the Jimmy Miller Memorial Foundation will bring together surfers, educators, therapists, lifeguards and friends to help people affected by mental and physical illness feel the joy and healing power of the ocean and surfing.

The Foundation also supports other charities that support the protection, preservation, appreciation and safe enjoyment of the oceans, beaches and marine environment. Our mission is to carry on the legacy of Jim's pure love of surfing by showing the ocean's power to heal. Through your generous support of the Jimmy Miller Memorial Foundation we will be able to assist many more organizations and impact the lives of many.

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