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Jason T's Rock For Reading Donation Page
Running far for literacy...
Several months back I was approached by an acquaintance that's associated with R4R about running in the Chicago Marathon. "Yes," was my answer. Zero hesitation. Raising money for a worthy organization that promotes literacy AND being able to check "run marathon" off the list? I'm in! I'd actually met one of the founders on several occasions, and knowing that Paul Natkin is such a cool dude, it made the zero-hesitation, "yes" decision even easier, if that's even possible. Also, the radio station I work for, WXRT, has been involved with R4R for several years, so again, another factor that contributed to a slam-dunk decision. One of my colleagues, Lin Brehmer, has hosted R4R events in the past. That guy's got infinite reserves of wit and charm, which he's been more than eager to use while donating his time hosting events that raise money and awareness for the R4R cause in the past. Can I entertain a room full of people for hours at a time like some of my co-workers seem to be able to do so effortlessly? Uh, no. But I can run far. This sounds a little cheesy, but knowing that people are actually taking the time to visit this page and to kick in a few bucks for a worthy cause is more than enough to keep me going strong through mile 8, 10, 12, and hopefully all the way through 26.2. Any help is appreciated and thanks for caring enough to stop by!

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Total Donations: $750

Goal: $750

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