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Kevin Facklam's Melanoma Fundraising Page
Inspired and In Memory of My Father, Paul M. Facklam Sr.
I encourage you to explore the Jack's Fund web page to learn more about melanoma. http://www.jacksfund.org/aboutmel.asp Unfortunately, my family learned too well about this persistent cancer during and after my father's over three year battle against it. My Dad's melanoma was a result of his military service to our country in Vietnam and frequent exposure to Agent Orange. However, melanoma is the fastest growing cancer in the United States and projected to affect 1 in 50 by 2010. Learn the facts and protect yourself. I'm running this marathon in my Dad’s honor and will need to train very hard to make sure I reach the finish line for him. My commitment to this run, although a challenge, can not match the challenge with which my Dad courageously fought against melanoma nor the commitment he had for his family. I have created a detailed training plan that includes over 555 miles and includes the trilogy of LaSalle Bank Chicago races; (1) Shamrock Shuffle 8K/5mile completed on April 2, (2) Chicago Distance Classic 13 mile in August, (3) Chicago Marathon Oct. 22. My training distance of 555 miles is significant because it equals the distance from my home in Chicago to Grand Island, NY; where I was raised and where Dad lived and Mom still does. Consider supporting me by donating to the melanoma fund per training mile. $0.05 * 555 miles = $27.75. $0.10 * 555 miles = $55.50. $0.25 * 555 miles = $138.74. Alternatively, consider supporting based on the trilogy of race miles; such as 5 + 13 + 26.2 = 44.2 miles or $44.20. Lastly, consider a donation amount within your financial means symbolizing one of your goals. And finally, if you can’t support with a financial contribution, consider contacting me periodically to ask how my training is progressing. This type of discussion helps to insure my success and might inspire one of your goals. Don’t laugh; it inspired me when my friend Stephanie ran NYC marathon last year in honor of my father. Here we are in the left after completing the Shamrock Shuffle. On the right I'm with Kari from my CARA pace group after completing the 1/2 marathon in Chicago.
Chicago Distance Classic 1/2 Marathon completed 8/13/2006

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Total Donations: $1,306.00
Goal: $2,000

$0 65% $2,000

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