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ING Run For Something Better

Hi everyone - Thanks for visiting my fundraising page. On Sunday, November 7, I'll be teaming up with ING and the New York Road Runners to take on my next athletic challenge - the 26.2 mile ING New York City Marathon.

I'm really excited to be serving as an ambassador for the ING Run For Something Better program, a charitable initiative that promotes youth fitness through school-based running programs across the country.

During the marathon, I'll be wearing a pair of ING’s signature orange shoelaces as a symbol of my support. Orange laces are given to those who make a donation of $10 or more, so please join me in the fight against childhood obesity and contribute today.

Learn more about the program by checking out the website or watching the video below. Thanks again for your help.

ING Run For Something Better funds free school-based youth running programs for kids in our race markets and nationally to teach kids the benefits of a healthy lifestyle and help them avoid childhood obesity.

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Total Donations: $4,025.00
Contributor Amount Comment
Pam Dzierzanowski $200.00 "Run Andy Run!"
Bernadette Skipper $25.00 "Thanks Andy for all that you do for Navy Medicine, children, The Got Your Back Network, our beloved country of America and even other countries. GO ANDY!!!! :)"
Vicki Rebel $40.00 "Andy, Run long and hard.!!! Remember it's the HARD that matters!!!!"
Robert Hanson $10.00 "HOOYAH Deep Sea!"
Chrisanna Johnson $100.00 "Enjoy the run and the other fun!"
Rose Mary Griffin $10.00 "Thanks for all you do for the kids! Good Luck!"
Ellen Stiefler $262.00 "$10 for every mile...happy to support you as you raise money to make us all healthier. Go Andy!"
Lexi Frank Hidden "My run club money to help others......Love Lexi"
Cathy Hedge $10.00 "Good luck Andy!"
Denise Hildebrandt $20.00 "Crush it Andy!!!"
Kara Sell $10.00 "Goodluck in your race Andy! Happy to support a good cause! : )"
Caitlin Sause $262.00 "Another 10 for every mile. Such a great cause! My sister will be wearing them while running the Flying Monkey Marathon in Nashville."
Janelle Marra $20.00 "I know you'll rock it! Run Hard!"
Katie Carter $10.00 "Good luck, Andy!!!! "
Attila Vajas $10.00 "Go "Orange Beef Cake""
marion spano $25.00 "Good Luck Andy!!! Wish I could be there!! Hugs!!!"
Raj Doshi $50.00 "Gold teeth, orange laces!!"
Andrea Moore $10.00 "Run like the wind, Andy!"
Richard Andersen $25.00 "From Arnold's Pizza Shop: Maybe I'll staple the money to you. Go kill some pepperoni!!"
Bea Martin $50.00 "Dr. B! Enjoy the race... and NYC!"
Blake Marvin $15.00 "Shmerpies! Good luck dude!"
Joyce Wright $50.00 "Andy = Running Down a Dream. Cool Running, Kiddo."
Donna Reddingius $25.00 ""To give anything less then your best is to sacrifice the gift""
Melinda Hersh $10.00 "“Dreams do come true, if we only wish hard enough.You can have anything in life if you will sacrifice everything else for it.” WISH! KID! RUN!"
Michelle Oeltmann $100.00 "Good luck Andy! Enjoy NYC!"
JoAnn Carruego $10.00 "Have fun in New York Dr. Baldwin!"
Audrey Mundell $50.00 "Love the orange!!...Love the kids!! Run, Andy, Run! Will be thinking of you on the 7th & sending good vibes your way! <3"
Imelda Dimalanta $25.00 "I am so glad that you are doing this. Do your best because this is for the kids. Run Andy run!!!"
Salvatore Slies Hidden "Andy' I really do wish I could Give more . They say every little bit Helps. I don't want the orange laces dammit. I just thank you for tolerating me and All you do for others :-) Please if could not to forget adults with disabilities ."
Tamara Hoover $40.00 "This puts you to the $2000 mark! Congrats!"
Ali Koppel $15.00 "Gooooo Andy!! Thanks for doing it for the kids. <3"
Dennis Estrada $10.00 "Have a great run Andy! It was awesome meeting and running with you and #teamworldvision @ChicagoMarathon. Keep up the good work. You are changing many lives for the better. You have been a definite inspiration to me and others and have helped us to think outside of ourmselves to get up and do something. I can't believe I finished a marathon, spoke on stage at the team dinner and helped raise over $2000 for clean water projects in Africa. Thanks for the support. Have a great run in NYC! -Dennis"
Anonymous $20.00 "From Amelia -- she doubled her contribution out of her first of the month allowance! Not sure it wasn't mostly self- or at least double-serving but not bad from a 10 year old anyway! The orange lace headband has made it to NYC! Enjoy and have good runs including with the kids! ~ CJ"
Audrey Morgan $25.00 "Run...Run...Run! Go Andy! You have my support!"
Gwendolyn Allen $10.00 "Go Andy Go!"
Anonymous $10.00 "This is from Teresa, our Team 1 & 2 NHCP housekeeper! She couldn't resist a cause for the kids and someone nice doing it! ~ CJ"
Maria Dorfner $10.00 "Go Andy!!!"
Gwen Gioia $40.00 "Go Andy! Do it for the kids! You look great in ORANGE - it's your color!"
Melinda Reiner $25.00 "Good luck...you will do great!"
Scott Zagarino $100.00 "Rising Tide Grant from the Sportsgrants Foundation"
Anonymous $25.00 "One of the greatest things you model to kids (and the kid inside adults) is that exercise and fitness can be fun! Thanks for all you do and have fun out there!!"
todd gothberg $25.00 "Get it done Andy! Great cause, thanks for your example. "
Kyle Wagner Hidden "Thanks, Andy, for your passion and love for people and life!"
Marc Adelman $120.00 "Andy, I cannot believe that Jared beat me today in the ING NYC Marathon. For that I will donate enough to get you to 3k for your Orange Laces Campaign. Go ING Run For Something Better!"
wahaj abdulrazzak $35.00 "good luck"
wahaj abdulrazzak $450.00 "good luck my lovely husband......"
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