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Lee Conner's Fundraising Page
Racing to Support Addiction Recovery
I used to have addictions. I used to be aimed at disability and a short life. Now I have good health and a good life. One of the things I'm good at is running very far. At first I used sports to keep myself healthy, to keep myself motivated. Now I want to use my running to fund treatment for other people who want to change. This is why I am running almost 160 miles across Iceland to raise funds for Runwell.
This is a Runwell fundraising page that is raising awareness to eliminate global stigmas surrounding drug and alcohol addictions while promoting treatment and long-term recovery. Runwell’s moto: “If you can see it, you can do it. If you believe it, it will happen … so DREAM BIG!
Doing something I love!!

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Total Donations: $9,900.00
Goal: $10,000

$0 99% $10,000

Contributor Amount Comment
Amy Schultz $50.00 "Best of luck!"
Natalie Riedel-Wille $100.00 "You're amazing! Wish I had that energy!"
Lin Danes $25.00 "Inspiring, always! "
Luke Baum $100.00 "If anyone ever accused me of running like a girl, I would say... "You mean like Lee?!" You are one of the most dedicated runners I have ever met, and eventhough I don't have any addictions myself...or at least any that I would publically admit too..ha ha.. I know people who do, and I think you are doing a great thing! Good Luck!"
Brian King $100.00 "Great cause. Good luck in the race!"
Anonymous Hidden "Best of luck! "
Vagn Steen Hidden "I'm glad I've met you. We've all had our addictions in some way, shape or form. Take heart knowing you are inspiring your friends to run well. You are running what sounds to be a most amazing journey. Run fast and run safe. You and Gabe will be in my mind. Best, Vagn"
Amy Maddock $100.00 "So happy to support you and a great cause! Go Lee!!!"
Benjamin Morrow $25.00 "Much love and admiration!"
Zach McCardel $25.00 "YOU ARE AMAZING"
Kathryn Schuller $25.00 "You're an inspiration, and I love meeting runners with a similar philosophy. Good luck!"
Crystal Shinosky $50.00 "Best wishes in Iceland. I really enjoy reading about your running adventures."
Michael Dowdell $50.00 "in honour of our friends and family struggling with addiction and in memory of those we have lost to it."
Kathy Rasch $50.00 "Best of luck!"
Simon Rennocks $25.00 "Good luck Lee!"
Andrea Chisnell $30.00 "Hugs and best of luck to my dear friend!!!"
Mikki Kast $25.00 "Run fast, take chances and have a blast! "
Lori Bellman $25.00 "Great charity tie-in, Lee. Run safe!"
Anne McClain $25.00 "Keep inspiring!"
Renee Watson $25.00 "Best of luck, Lee and enjoy the journey! "
Jill Malusky $25.00 "You're an inspiration! Have an amazing time out there."
Behnam Kamrani $25.00 "Enjoy! :)"
Katie Sullivan $50.00 "Good luck and have fun, Lee!"
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