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2011 Holiday Triple Threat: benefiting the Great Guys Group
Bringing Hope Home to local families battling cancer this holiday season

Thank you for joining the force for greatness this holiday season by getting involved in the Holiday Triple Threat - a great holiday race, put on by the great guys and gals at the Chester County Running Store. This race will benefit the Great Guys Group to support local families battling cancer this holiday season. Check out the inspiring video below to see how you can truly make an impact this holiday season.


The Great Guys Group is a non-profit organization that alleviates the burdens of cancer by providing a light of hope to local families through emotional and financial support. Great Guys Group relieves some of the financial stress that cancer brings by Bringing Hope Home to these families. Great Guys Group directly pays household bills for families during their hard time to keep them:

  • In their homes
  • With the lights on
  • Heat & air pumped up
  • Phones working
  • Food on the table

Bring Hope Home with us this holiday season:

There are over 106,000 families in the Greater Philadelphia Area alone that are fighting cancer today! We need to all come together to be able to spread holiday cheer to families battling cancer right here in our very own community. We are urging all STOMP-ers to set a fundraising goal of $106.00 to honor the 106,000 people in our community that need our help!

Please donate to the greatness:

  • To honor a cancer survivor
  • In memory of a loved on
  • To inspire a friend, family member, or neighbor that is going through their cancer journey
  • To Bring Hope Home
  • ______________________ (your reason for supporting our cause goes here!)

Thanks for Bringing Hope Home with us this holiday season!

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Total Donations: $30

Goal: $2,500

$0 1% $2,500

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