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What a difference a day makes!
2000 People. 75 Volunteer Projects. One Amazing Day.
On October 14, 2006, over 2,000 volunteers around the Bay Area will roll up their sleeves to transform their communities.

How can you support us? Two easy ways. You can DONATE through the secure form below, or you can click on the link above to BECOME A FUNDRAISER! This site will help you customize your own fundraising page and make it easy for you to reach out to your family and friends.

Just imagine if each of us, all 2,000, were also able to raise just $20. Then, imagine if those who could, raised a little more...

If 2,000 Hands On Bay Area Day volunteers could give or raise:
  • $20 – 175 low-income youth would have help with their homework
  • $50 – 460 children and adults with special needs would learn a new skill
  • $100 – 600 lonely seniors would have someone other than their doctor to visit them
  • $1,000 – 25,000 homeless families could sit down to a warm dinner
We can’t do it alone! Help us transform these amazing possibilities into reality by making a donation to Hands On Bay Area Day or start your own fundraising campaign.

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Total Donations: $22,358

Goal: $25,000

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