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Hiking to save lives...

Thank you for visiting my Hike for Discovery webpage.
I'm very excited to be part of this event. For 14 weeks, I'll be training with Hike for Discovery to raise funds for The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society(LLS), and to hike The Grand Canyon! Through fundraising events such as this, the LLS has invested over $550 million in research, with $64.7 million invested in fiscal year 2007 alone. In return for the training and guidance I'll receive, I have commited to raising money for the LLS to fund blood cancer research and provide patient education and services.
As you may know, I am a Registered Nurse, with Oncology being the area of healthcare in which I chose to work. While I haven't worked since the birth of my last child, I still carry the memories of many amazing patients with me. It is in honor of those patients, as well as the Hike for Discovery Honored Heroes, that I will train and raise funds.
Every 5 minutes someone is newly diagnosed with a blood cancer, and an estimated 55,100 patients will die this year from blood cancers. I am blessed with the opportunity to help a wonderful organization and cause. You can help, too by donating to the LLS through this website (left sidebar). Your contribution will support reserach for new treatments and cures for blood cancers.

Thank you so much,


Below, I'll be posting regular training updates, so check in often if you like. I'll delete a previous entry as each new one is added.

1/25/08-Today I felt like running, so I grabbed "Peppah" (my trusty pepper spray and training companion) and did some trail-running for 30 minutes. Tomorrow is another dya of rest according to my pre-training training schedule. I'll try and take a camera along for photos the next time I go out.

1/27/08-This morning Peppah and I headed to Friedrich Park for a 1.5 hour hike. Man, I love that park! The Fern Del Trail is always the highlight of a hike at Friedrich for me. I hiked with pack and boots, and ran across a few hikers using trecking poles...mine arrive on Tuesday, so I'll be able to test them out next week!

1/29/08- The trecking pole delivery was "rescheduled" for tomorrow : ( This morning's workout was on the elliptical for 40 minutes. I hope to get outside for a little hike tomorrow.

1/30/08- Peppah and I hiked to, around, and back home from, the nearby park. I'm so thankful to live in a hilly area...it makes for great training!

1/31/08- Friedrich Park was today's park of choice. I'm always amazed that such wonderful trails are so close-by. I've been hiking at Friedrich since 1984 (on and off), and I still get lost. Oh, I tried out my new trekking poles today. They saved me from a fall since we had rain last night and the rocky parts of the trails were slippery. hiking with poles is like always having a tree to grab hold of. I love 'em!

2/2/08- Today was our official kick-off for the program. I met my mentor, Bonnie, and our honore hero(ine) Harriet, who is a lymphoma survivor and a great inspiration. She'll be training and doing the Grand Canyon hike with us.

2/3/08-Peppah and I hiked for 1 hour and 20 minutes today near my home. I was a bit overdressed since I've gotten used to layering on the tops, but by the time I returned home my clothes were soaked all the way through. After a shower, we headed up to Boerne for a yummy brunch at Blue Moon Cafe....all in all a great day!

2/5/08-This morning I walked (with boots and weighted backpack) in the hills near my home for 1 hour and 20 minutes. I feel too silly to take the trekking poles along when I'm training in residential areas, but I did miss them. Last night was our gear clinic at Whole Earth Provisions....I picked up a pair of official hiking socks and a new hat!

2/09/08- Today was our first group hike. We walked at MacAlister Park for 2 hours. What a great group of people I get to train with! This is my first event of this sort, but many of the other participants do at least 1 fundraising event for LLS or another charity each year. I'll be mostly writing about my group hikes from now on since my daily hikes are a bit redundant.

2/16/08-We hiked at Eisenhower Park for 2.5 hours today. It was a cold, wet day, but that made the hike envigorating! The trekking poles are fantastic on slippery conditions, and the new hat kept my glasses clean and dry.

2/24/08- We hiked at Medina River natural area today....a new to me park. The trails are basically one big loop with smaller loops that comes off of the main one, and we hiked the loops a couple of times to get in our 3 hours. Tomorrow is my fundraising night at Mr. Gattis Pizza, so wish me luck!

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