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Making Strides Towards The Cures

After 7 hours hiking we had the great pleasure of lunching with some of our honorees. Those guys will put up with almost anything for the cause - even a closed room full of sweaty, muddy hikers. :)
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Training is going well and we are on a count down to our final hike in the Grand Canyon. Our last team hike was 7 hours, followed by lunch with some of our honorees.

Please consider making a donation NOW. Our fundraising deadline is here. Any donations after the deadline will still be fully apreciated and well utilized, so don't hesitate even if you think you're late. :)

Good news has been coming in from some of our honorees. Those who have recently been fully cleared during their regular check ups, and one who just received his 5 year all clear. 5 years is an all important marker for most cancer survivors as it is as close to "cured" as you get. We do not have a recent update from our youngest honoree who is still undergoing her initial treatment protocols. Our thoughts are with her and her family.