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Walden's Help & Hope Team
Celebrating those with the courage to change
Do you know someone who is a survivor of domestic violence, sexual assault, rape or traumatic crisis? Are you a survivor yourself? Do you know someone in recovery from addictive disease, or someone with a drug or alcohol problem? Are you in recovery yourself? Chances are most of us can answer yes to one of these questions! Join our team to be a part of "help for today; hope for tomorrow" at Walden, a behavioral health and crisis program located in Southern Maryland. From our 24 hour hotline to our crisis, trauma and addiction counseling programs, Walden's staff and volunteers work tirelessly to partner with courageous individuals seeking freedom from trauma and addiction. Please join our campaign to celebrate their courage and pass on help and hope today! You can also join us at the Walden 5K Run/Walk on May 21st at Greenwell State Park!

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