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Hike For A Cure - TEXAS! 2013
Our goal: To fund a cure for all histiocytic disorders
In 2003 our daughter Brooke was diagnosed with hemophagocytic lympho histiocytosis (HLH). Histiocytosis is an “orphan disease”, meaning it strikes too few individuals to garner any significant public funding for research. We were very fortunate that Brooke responded to her bone marrow transplant. After Brooke’s experience we decided we had to help others fighting histiocytosis by raising funds for research into a cure.

Now is the time to focus funds on specific research initiatives that have the most promise of finding a cure. To accomplish this we have joined with other passionate Histio families and have formed The Histio CURE Foundation. This allows us to funnel 100% of the donations you raise directly to selected research projects.

Our goal is to raise $20,000, all of which will go to The Histio CURE Foundation, our non-profit. In turn, the HCF will pass all of the donations raised by Hike for A Cure Texas and by many other events held around the country this year directly to these research initiatives. Visit our website at www.histiocure.org for more information.

Thank you for your support of the families affected by this disease.
Toby, Billi Jo, Tatum and Brooke Hausman

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Fundraising has ended.

Total Donations: $13,918

Goal: $20,000

$0 70% $20,000

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